At the queer cafe
  • Me: hey yeah I'll get a medium "Turbo Virgin" siv oo play
  • The skinny girl with ugly glasses next to me: ummm barista? Op isn't ace and just used an ace slur?
  • Me: but it's on the men-
  • The barista: *pulls out a gun and points it at me* ma'am I'm gonna need you to prove ur an asexy before I can give u this drink, now answer honestly and I'll know if you're lying, have you ever done the frickle-frackle?
  • Me: ya know what there's a puddle outside I'll just slurp some of that up to quench my thirst
  • Everyone in the cafe simultaneously: that's valid

things i’ll never get over:

  • tarjei getting absolutely pissed and disappearing in the first 10 minutes
  • henrik’s jacket
  • ulrikke falch taking her shoes off to walk down the stairs
  • lisa’s face
  • cengiz wanting to marry everyone and fuck even
  • julie andem dancing in the front row and singing fy faen
  • siv calling isak (tarjei) son in law
  • iman meskini in general
  • herman’s dance moves

New Video is out! WELCOME TO YOUTUBE COMMENTS (2016)!

Watch several guest voices read terrible comments you all left on my videos, featuring KaiserNeko and Antfish of Team Four Star, Scott Falco, Gaijin Goombah, ProZD, Caleb Hyles, Brennan Williams (aka Great Black Otaku from WWE), Shippiddge, and many more!

The other half of this video will be released either next week or the following week. On an unrelated note it was really fun to redraw the Welcome to Tumblr girl so she doesn’t look completely fucking unacceptable.

(Disclaimer: Due to the nature of YouTube comments this video contains adult language and themes. Viewer discretion is advised.)


T h e  B l a c k  B r o t h e r s

I hated the lot of them: my parents with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal… my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them… that’s him. He was younger than me, and a much better son, as I was constantly reminded.

—Sirius Black