siubhan harrison
Joyous revival of Guys and Dolls is a perfect antidote to the January blues - review
January is the cruellest month – its iron post-Yule grey far from mitigated by the spirit-shrivelling prospect of yet again filling out that self-assessment tax return. So though it may have taken a year and a quarter for this exhilarating Chichester Festival Theatre production of Guys and Dolls to make its way to the West End, its arrival now comes as the perfect antidote to those Last Noel withdrawal symptoms and back-to-work blues.

Of the central quartet, Jamie Parker seems to me to give the best and most complete performance.  He portrays Sky Masterson, the doyen of gamblers, with a sly smile of amused of self-mockery at his own sexual charisma.  After he’s fallen in love with Sarah, he delivers a beautifully fervent and faintly incrudulous  version of “My Time of Day” in which he lowers his guard and admits that she’s only doll with whom he’s ever wanted to share this special “couple of deals before dawn”- New York experience.