The signs as animals

 Aries: elephant // loud, have a large presence, courageous, look out for their friends, adventurous.

Taurus: bear // dependable, chill and persistent, sometimes territorial, very fond of it’s home, strong, independent.

Gemini: chameleon // adaptable, colorful, unique, in a state of constant change, creative.

Cancer: stag or deer // gentle, deep, pensive, extremely loyal to those they’ve bonded with, adaptive and responsive to situations emotional and physical.

Leo: peacock // proud, unique, have a bold presence, and aren’t afraid to make an impact when they walk in the room, 

Virgo: fox // shy, independent, enjoy peace and quiet, strong familial bonds, and above all clever.

Libra: otter // playful, fun, kind and open to others, adventurous, enjoy company, graceful.

Scorpio: jaguar // mysterious, captivating, observant, can keep to themselves, distinct, fierce. 

Sagittarius: tiger // strong willed, independent, unafraid of new people and environments, raw wisdom.

Capricorn: owl // patient, wise, solitary, large capacity for concentration, cautious.

Aquarius: dolphin // clever, very witty, love to have fun and are fun to be around, stubborn.

Pisces: dove // compassionate, in tune with emotions, imaginative and free spirited, devoted to the people they care about, accepting. 



I don’t see Pearl’s treatment of Connie as a ‘disdainful of humans’ thing?

Like… Connie is the one bringing up her humanity as a detriment.

Pearl, on the other hand, is treating Connie that way because she sees herself in Connie and this is the way Pearl treats herself.

It’s made really clear in the flashbacks, and the way she conflates herself and Rose with Connie and Steven. This is hardly the first time Pearl’s had trouble separating her feelings about herself from others’ feelings about themselves; in On The Run, we see Pearl believes Amethyst is proud of rising above her origin because Pearl is proud of rising above her own. (Rising above heritage is also evident as a parallel between herself and Connie - ‘deep down you know you’re not meant for fighting’.)

It has nothing to do with Pearl’s views on humanity and everything to do with Pearl’s view of herself, and the result of seeing herself in Connie.

Like… Pearl absolutely needs to keep an eye on herself and, ideally, have someone else keep an eye on her while she works with Connie. But it’s not because Connie’s a human. (Well, aside from the difference in severity between Gem injury and human injury anyway.)

Even more about Uta.

@enigmaluce said: On Ishida-sensei’s Twitter there was a post about TG playing cards (I think) in the works, Hide and Rize matched their tarot cards The magician (I) and The Emperess (III). What about Uta? Is there any specific meaning or tarot card he (number 8) is associated with? 

I assume you mean this:

Every character has a playing card now; you can check that here (they haven’t updated the page in ages, though). Once we know all the cards and characters I’ll be doing a post with them. Right now I’ll only answer about Uta.

So, Eight of Diamonds. It represents taking charge of a situation, recognition, responsibility and success, but also indecisiveness, trouble finding people to trust and “often choosing the wrong person”.

This card is also related to the Eight of Coins (from the Minor Arcana).It represents work, skill in craft and patience, but also ambition, cupidity and exaction.

Now, based on what we’ve recently seen, it could mean that Uta joined the Clowns for power, but might have realised he had made a mistake (thus, becoming a spy for Anteiku).

Anon said: This is an extremely unimportant question that has been bothering me - how do you think Uta got his tattoos? If ghouls can’t be pierced by most human weapons, that would apply to needles. And if he took rc suppressants to do it conventionally, that means the clowns had access to that?? Good luck on your last exam!

To be honest, I don’t even know how I did (it was English, though, so I guess I did fine); thanks though. Now, we know normal weapons can’t hurt ghouls, so metal needles wouldn’t be able to pierce through a ghoul’s skin; still, there could be needles of other materials, like Quinque Steel or maybe even Kagune. For instance, they need to give RC suppressants to the prisoners in Cochlea; it’d be pretty hard to pierce them all in the eye, especially the dangerous ones (they may use gas, now that I think about it). 

Anon said: I’ve started reading TG since it first came out and recently finished watching both seasons of TG. One thing that caught my eye in one of the episodes of the 2nd season is that during the ending credits, there is one drawing of Uta making a mask for the One Eyed King. I think that this is a hint for all readers by Ishida Sui that Uta - since he makes masks for all ghouls (?) - knows the identity of the OEK (if it isn’t Eto/Takatsuki Sen). What do you think about this?

That’s not a mask for the One-Eyed King, that’s Kaneki’s mask. Based on the latest chapter, if the mask Sasaki got is not the original one, I’d say this is Uta making the one he got (he looks quite sad; maybe he does care). 

Still, it’d be interesting if he knew the identity of the One-Eyed King (didn’t look like any of the Clowns knew, though).

Anon said: I swear, Ishida Sui never draws anything without reason and I feel like during this arc, the appearance of Uta and his somber faces whenever Kaneki was involved kind of makes me feel like he still cares and ISN’T actually a part of the Clowns. And then there’s still the mystery about why he told Tooru during the auction that her teammates weren’t coming… idk he is so confusing but Im sure sensei has some ulterior plot twist involving Uta in mind!!!

We recently saw that he is sort of a spy working for Anteiku, but it might all be a facade. Guess we’ll need to wait to know his real intentions. Still, I do believe he cares for Kaneki.

don't spread this please but

k anyway difference between minor waiting to give receipts for an adult vs an adult waiting to do the same for a minor is that the minor is in the position of disadvantage because the adult OBVIOUSLY has the power over them to like idk……..humiliate them and invalidate their concerns bc of age

whereas an adult waiting is dangerous and fairly creepy like. you have the power to call them out or address them you’re the adult in the situation the responsibility falls on you and just waiting to provide “receipts” shows a calculated motive to wait until a minor is vulnerable and then you pounce and you make me sick

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Tessa smiled; Jem and Will continued their conversation, completely oblivious to her ghost.

[I know it is against the rules of the meme but I’m going to adjust the pov on this for angst reasons. Set after the automaton explosion in Clockwork Prince].

Jem dropped down into the chair beside his bed. He was haggared, looking infinitely older than Will had ever seen him. He was battleworn and his hair a nest of silver like he had been running his hands through it. There was blood on his face. Just a smear on his cheek. Will blinked at him with bleary eyes. He was waiting on Silent Brothers to come and pull metal shards out of his back so the oratzes would work. He swam in a haze of pain and bloodloss.

Tessa was there behind Jem’s shoulder and he had to force down the urge to smile at her. He’d caught her as the automaton had exploded, had pulled her down and tried to keep the worst of it away from her. She was already up and walking around, still wearing the ripped and bloodsoaked suit of boy’s clothing. She had been so still before he’d passed out, he had worried.

Jem was talking but Will could clear his thoughts enough to listen and then everything was dark.


Will found a note from Magnus when he woke up and he looked up and down the empty infirmary before he opened it. His heart skittered and he stood before asking himself if he was strong enough for it. He wasn’t. He sat back down the feverish heat of the iratzes making his skin prickle.

It was getting colder. He blinked open his eyes and Tessa was sitting on the bed opposite him. She hadn’t changed her clothes and her hair was loose. He couldn’t hold her in focus. Perhaps he needed to see Magnus tomorrow. Perhaps he was too weak.

She reached for him but her hand stopped shy of touching his face. When he blinked he must have lost consciousness for longer than a moment because she was gone and his fever was climbing again.

He lay back down.


Sophie woke him with food and a serious face. She hadn’t slept well and he wanted desperately to ask her what was wrong but that would be more concern than he could safely show. He took a piece of food off the tray and ate it without checking to see what it was. He was starving and he fell on the food.

Tessa followed Sophie in and she must have left a door open because a draft followed her. She was still in the jacket and the pants that showed off far more of her legs than he’d ever allowed himself to imagine seeing. She was still bloody and bedraggled.

“You need to change, that ensemble is dreadful,” he said. Her expression was somehow serene and puzzled all at once but she said nothing. Sophie sighed in annoyance and stomped away. Will watched her go without bothering to explain or apologize and when he looked back Tessa had slipped away too. Probably offended by his rudeness. That was probably for the best. He sighed to the empty room.


Will had left the tray and gone down to wash and change and check himself for new scars. He shoved his door open already planning his trip to see Magnus. He stopped in the door. Jem sat in the middle of his bed with his feet crossed and a book held in his hands. Will started to say something saecastic but Jem’s expression was empty.

“What happened?” Will asked in a voice he didn’t use for anyone else. Jem’s expression creased into a frown and then emptied out again. He held the book flat between his palms, pressed together like in prayer or supplication.

“You don’t know,” Jem said.

Jem shivered and Will saw her fade in over his shoulder. He didn’t seem to notice the change in temperature.

She had been too still.

There had been too much blood.

He’d known that but he’d seen her so he hadn’t thought to worry.

The impression of a tattered girl over Jem’s shoulder wavered. She wavered but Will could see the shadow on her side where thw wound was. Then she disappeared.

Vanished into the air like a figment of his imagination. No, like a ghost.

“She didn’t survive it,” Will said and his voice had as much expression as Jem’s face.

“I know you won’t care or you’ll pretend you don’t care but William, I care,” Jem said with a sharp note of warning in his voice. Will didn’t say a word. He looked at the book between Jem’s hands, A Tale of Two Cities. Tessa was probably reading it. Had been. She had been reading it, he corrected.

“I care,” Will breathed out falling backwards into the bed and closing his eyes though he could feel Jem’s attention on him. He ignored it. He was cursed but he had thought he could protect people from it. He was a child. Naive and careless and dangerously stupid. He let out a shaking breath and pulled in another and pretended that neither of them were a sob. Jem lay back so their shoulders touched but he was silent too.

He felt the chill and opened his eyes to catch sight of her frowning but solid. She blurred at the edges like she was painted in watercolours but her features were defined. The colours were indistinct but his memory filled in the blue gray of her eyes and the colour of her skin.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Not everything is your fault, William,” Jem said and Tessa looked at him but Will knew he wouldn’t see her. Her expression was all agreement but they were both wrong.

She had loved him.

He had killed her.

All who love you will die.

  • me when shipping french revolutionaries:aw look how cute and devoted and faithful they are to one another and the republic awwwww
  • me when shipping ancient romans:did someone say trainwreck of infidelity and/or civil war

Im told that people don’t talk to me because I don’t talk to them first, but then I’m told that people who don’t bother to talk to me at all aren’t worth my time. I literally don’t even understand how any of this works anymore

Why does everyone hate Shinji so much?? He’s closest to the best representation of anxiety and mental illness teens/kids none the less imho????

Schizophrenia / Psychosis Early Warning Signs

Source: British Columbia Schizophrenia Society

This list of warning signs was developed by people whose relatives have schizophrenia or other serious mental illness.Many behaviours are within the range of normal responses to situations. Yet family members sense—even when symptoms are mild—that behaviour is “unusual”; that the person is “not the same”. Click on these links for more information on psychosis and schizophrenia:

The number and severity of these symptoms differ from person to person—although almost everyone mentions noticeable social withdrawal.

  • Deterioration of personal hygiene
  • Depression
  • Bizarre behaviour
  • Irrational statements
  • Sleeping excessively or inability to sleep
  • Social withdrawal, isolation, and reclusiveness
  • Shift in basic personality
  • Unexpected hostility
  • Deterioration of social relationships
  • Hyperactivity or inactivity—or alternating between the two
  • Inability to concentrate or to cope with minor problems
  • Extreme preoccupation with religion or with the occult
  • Excessive writing without meaning
  • Indifference
  • Dropping out of activities—or out of life in general
  • Decline in academic or athletic interests
  • Forgetting things
  • Losing possessions
  • Extreme reactions to criticism
  • Inability to express joy
  • Inability to cry, or excessive crying
  • Inappropriate laughter
  • Unusual sensitivity to stimuli (noise, light, colours, textures)
  • Attempts to escape through frequent moves or hitchhiking trips
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Fainting
  • Strange posturing
  • Refusal to touch persons or objects; wearing gloves, etc.
  • Shaving head or body hair
  • Cutting oneself; threats of self-mutilation
  • Staring without blinking—or blinking incessantly
  • Flat, reptile-like gaze
  • Rigid stubbornness
  • Peculiar use of words or odd language structures
  • Sensitivity and irritability when touched by others.


Ya know I was thinking maybe gem fusions have
Two sets of eyes because they see things differently
Two sets of arms because of how they handle things differently
Two mouths because of how they respond differently
As individuals they all have different responses to situations and while fused maybe that response doesn’t go away. So while fused the multiple body parts don’t indicate a perfect or imperfect form but more of the fusions readiness to face different problems together.

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What would an ISFP who's being a bully look like? How are they likely to act?

ISFP (Fi-Se-Ni-Te) This is a tough question as it depends on why they are being a bully, meaning that there could be other factors outside of type that are influencing their behavior (such as past experience, stress, history of abuse, etc.). It also depends on how extreme their bullying is.

For just the type related factors, I will look at the functions in more general/abstract terms:

Unhealthy Fi: They would see everything from only their own perspective, i.e., they would be completely closed-off to other points of view. They would be extremely defensive against anything or anyone who tried to exert control over them. They would be extremely rebellious and oversensitive to perceived threats to themselves. They would consider themselves above the rules. They would be likely to see themselves as the victim in every situation and never take responsibility for their actions (often deflecting blame onto others). They might purposely try to make other people uncomfortable or push their buttons to get them to react.

Defensive Se: They would not be in touch with reality. They would not be adaptable to changes or surprises. They might become extremely concerned about losing face in front of others. They would make decisions impulsively and never consider the consequences of their actions. They would appear short-tempered and impatient.

Defensive Ni: They would have inaccurate “intuitions” about cause and effect. Thus, they would misattribute meaning to events or other people’s actions. They would misjudge people as having ill intentions when they really did not. This would make them appear quite paranoid.

Defensive Te: They would try to control people in a very self-righteous way. They would constantly blame or accuse people of being irrational or incompetent. They would excessively criticize, mock, or nitpick people’s flaws or shortcomings. They would feel the urge to punish people harshly for perceived transgressions. They would have really low self-esteem and try to overcompensate for that by desperately trying to control everything around themselves, but usually failing to achieve satisfying results.

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I'm an enfj no matter how many times I test and sometimes it surprises people. I understand that acting different for each situation is part of the type itself but I don't like throwing people of so much. Any advice?

More on #2–learning more about the cognitive functions is really helpful. You may have a weakness in one of these areas that is throwing people off.

ENFJ Cognitive Functions: Fe>Ni>Se>Ti
Fe (Extroverted Feeling) is dominant. This means, most experiences will be filtered through this preference. Fe is concerned with harmony, and relies heavily on emotional data absorbed through social interaction and personal response to situations.
Ni (introverted intuition) is auxiliary, so it’s the second strongest function for an ENFJ. This is where ENFJs get their “quickness.” This is how they pick up skills in a way that might seem effortless to others.
Se (extroverted sensing) is tertiary, so this function is weaker when the ENFJ is operating in a happy, healthy way. Healthy Se behavior would be the absorption of sensory detail in bulk, processed most effectively in a sensory environment the ENFJ knows. For example, an ENFJ who plays an instrument will be extremely flexible and adaptable within their instrument, extremely quick to react to changes. Unhealthy Se will express itself in binge-comfort-food-eating.
Ti (introverted thinking) is the inferior function. The name “inferior” itself gives a hint to the fact that it is the weakest out of the four functions. Healthy functioning of this will be an ear for precision and detail in thought and speech. Unhealthy functioning will be extreme criticism of everything/everyone around. 

i like that they showed malachite as unhealthy for both lapis and jasper. jasper, because she was manipulated into giving in her physical autonomy because she thought she did the same thing to lapis and now is stuck as something she finds “weak”, and lapis, for believing that keeping herself in the fusion, using all the weight of the ocean to keep jasper down, despite the chance that she would have an advantage if they had unfused by using the ocean against her, and the strain she’s putting herself through because of it, is the best solution, and she believes that it would be safer for steven in that situation.

it’s a relationship both of them want to get out of, but one of them believes it’s for the better so the other doesn’t hurt people, and it’s absolutely messed up and is likely going to create a disaster if malachite gets out (or, worse, they unfuse but become corrupted). it’s not a straightforward example where lapis the innocent victim and jasper the evil person keeping her away from everyone, or vice versa. both of them are getting fucked over because of malachite, with lapis pressuring herself to keep herself in malachite for the sake of keeping jasper away from steven (among other likely motivations because it couldn’t be steven alone, even if she’s grateful to him), and jasper being stuck trapped in a situation she ended up creating by trying to make lapis give her consent to the fusion, with both of them tired, worn out, and having their anger and hatred boil into malachite’s personality, and the high chance that when they unfuse, something horrible is going to happen to them.

to quote garnet: “yikes, they are really bad for each other.”

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I don't think lizardastrology has cancer I bet she is faking the whole thing


It is not in anyone’s place to judge what happened. First off, I highly doubt she would fake anything so serious. And since it was such a serious situation, the ONLY appropriate response is to treat it like an emergency and assume it’s true. This message is completely unnecessary and honestly disgusting.

Please unfollow me.

Rachel Dolezal; race as a social construct

I am seeing many tumblr users chastising Rachel Dolezal but because I am normally not one to follow the crowd without applying my own thoughts and logic first I will share what I think about this situation. 

My immediate response, at first, was one of “wtf” and “why would she misrepresent her ethnicity/race for so many years?” It was not until I saw the word “transracial” that I began to feel like many of us may be jumping to conclusions. Of course, the word ‘transracial’ immediately makes me think of ‘transgender,’ and I realize that many of those rebuking the idea of ‘transracial’ are the same people who would never question or criticize one’s transgender identity (I am a huge supporter of the transgender community and I personally do not believe that the transracial identity delegitimizes the transgender identity in any way).

Now, forgive me if I state anything incorrectly here, but isn’t gender a social construct? Those among us who are more progressive recognize that anyone should have access to any gender identity, as gender is a fluid socially-constructed idea that one can subscribe to in any way that they like. Criticisms of transgender identities normally involve those who say things like “you were born a woman and now you want to identify as a man because you want access to a class of privileged folk. Join the feminist cause and forget this transgender business.” We would be quick to label people like as ignorant or uneducated, right?

I have always understood race to be a social construct as well. I mean, and correct me if I’m wrong, but genetically we all originate from a woman (Mitochondrial Eve) from a land now known as Africa, right? So we are all the same because we all have the same insides and functionalities as humans but we are categorized socially by our unique bodily characteristics and skin pigments - race. Race, a social construct. 

A person born with a penis is raised in society in a particular way and is treated by all people in a way very differently from those who are not born with a penis. Those who are born with white skin are raised in society in a particular way and they are treated by all people in a way very differently from those who do not have white skin. In the same way that we find it acceptable for that person who was born with a penis to identify with the gender associated with those who were raised with vaginas, should it not be acceptable for a white person to identify with the race associated with those who have black skin and grew up with ‘black music’ or ‘black foods’? 

Many of us would never think of telling a transman that he has no right to identify as a man because he did not grow up with the experiences of being a man or with the genitals of a man or with the social treatment of a man etc etc. We would never say that the absence of a penis on his body means that he is not a man. Then why is it OK to say that the absence of black skin means that Ms. Dolezal has no right to have access to the black identity? 

I am still in the process of figuring out my stance on this. I welcome anyone who has a legitimate argument to challenge me on my thoughts here. My view is that both race and gender are social constructs. If we treat one trans-social-construct-identity with praise and we rebuke the other, does that not make us hypocrites? 

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                    【】 ▌ ▌ Though the girl may be slight and quiet on her feet, it meant nothing to a supernatural being with the ears of a feline. Rosy slits instantly begin to seek out the source of the noise, ready for anything that might present itself. 

                                               Killer Queen was prepared for a deadly fight —- - - So when he saw a small, blonde girl instead, he was unsure how to approach the situation. So his response? Stand stock-still and stare the little one down;; Her next move would determine his reaction.

like im such a 6 year old its overwhelming like i need to be removed from all social situations and responsibilities for a little while,,,,,, like,,,,,,,,,,,,,