ok i know some people are talking about how zeref loved mavis so much that it literally killed her despite the curse, and that this means that he loved mavis more then mavis loved him ex. ex..

but all I can think about is how this manga is called fairy tail.

and how in fairy tales, what breaks a spell is true love’s kiss

and how it was zeref who kissed mavis

and how when the ‘girl’ is kissed by her ‘prince’ it breaks her curse.

only her curse. 

my uni tutor: for the last time, you cannot right your film dissertation on Taylor Swift music videos.

me: lol just fucking watch me cuz, um, have you seen wildest dreams???????? like, do you not know a full blown masterpiece of a short film when you see one or???>>????

him: but you––

me: i’m fucking doing it.

Time to feed the fandom a bit. Sorry.

I’m not lowkey about my love of Ashlyn Harris as a player and a person on here. At all, really. So it’s to be expected that if there was anyone I was dead set on meeting tonight after the game it was her. Fortunately that was accomplished and honestly it was one the coolest things ever in my opinion. It’s not every day you get to meet your favorite player and I really appreciate that she took the time to meet with a few of us for autographs and pictures.

That being said, the circumstances were interesting to say the least. I was with a few other people (who were also determined) waiting for players to come out when someone we had been talking to came over and said that Ash and Ali had left through a different exit. She pointed them out to us (both wearing their Louis Vuitton bags of course) and we went on a mission. We caught up (they were still at the stadium, just outside) and tried to, as politely as possible considering we were kind of barging in, ask for autographs/pictures. Ash seemed somewhat annoyed at first when she turned around but humored us and signed our jerseys and took pictures with us and she was really nice about it so I’m thankful. Ali kind of hung out a few feet away and honestly she seemed pretty irritated. She had her hoodie up all the way over her head and never really looked in our direction beyond a few sideways glances. I wanted to go say hi but I figured it’d be best to leave her alone. I don’t know if she was irritated we interrupted them (probably) or if she was trying to be lowkey or what. I do feel bad about kind of intruding because they were trying to leave the stadium quietly but it was spur of the moment and it is what it is. I would have wished for better circumstances and a happier Ali because she’s my second favorite player but what can you do. I still think she’s great and hoping I’ll get a second chance to meet both of them on much better terms.

Tl;dr - Ash and Ali tried to lowkey leave the stadium and I’m kind of a dick because I intruded but it worked…kind of. So now I have an autograph, picture, and guilt. Also Ash smells really nice.
Random Kdrama Observations

I haven’t been watching for long but there are some weirdly specific and inexplicable things that keep cropping up over and over again in my Kdramas. Usually these things go completely unremarked upon by the characters.

So I’m starting a list and if anyone can explain any of this shit to me, even a little, I would much appreciate it:

1. It is apparently perfectly socially acceptable to have GIGANTIC portraits of oneself in one’s bedroom, provided you are even mildly famous, or rather good looking. In some cases, like, ceiling to floor glamour shots. And nobody ever comments on this.

2. Characters in Kdramas will park wherever. Even on those narrow ass residential roads where you can hardly drive one car safely, or just stop their cars in the aisles of parking lots with no regard for the fact that try are blocking 2 or 3 cars in. They will also pull right in front of a bus stops and get out of the car and have a long conversation. No fucks given.

3. Somewhat related to number 2, a character in a Kdrama, will flip a bitch in the middle of busy Seoul traffic at the drop of a hat. Have you made a dramatic decision while driving? Realized you love someone? Realized you HATE someone? Forgot your hat? DRAMATIC U-turn through 6 lanes of traffic! Screw potential collateral damage. You got shit to do back that other direction.

4. You can pretty much guarantee that everyone in a given show will have the exact same brand and model of cellphone in different colors. I realize this is a product placement thing, but it’s seriously distracting and noticeable when cell phones are such huge parts of the plots. This is regardless of socio-economic status as well, because even if it is addressed that the super poor, working 3 jobs, heroine can’t afford that $500 cellphone, the MMC will probably buy her one by the episode 5 mark.

5. ZERO SITUATIONAL AWARENESS! So many problems could be solved in Kdramaland if a) people were aware of loud they were talking and b) they had peripheral vision and could identify that they were not actually alone. But perhaps the Kdrama universe would collapse on itself if the characters that live there ceased to be so absorbed in whatever it is that their doing that they noticed someone is stalking them, watching from the bushes or the parking lot or a little ways down the hallway in full view if anyone bothered to look around.

Hmm, actually # 5 might explain a little bit about the driving/parking things.

anonymous asked:

i have a friend who brags a lot about the money her dad has and all her achievements and small things she does. i never say anything and i support her. but it's exhausting. i dont want her to think im jealous, im just really tired of her bragging.

Get an education, and then get a job where you make more money than her dad. End the patriarchy.





things im grateful for during the storm + power outage 

  • i went to the nightmarket 🍡 the night before, before literally all the stands got destroyed by the wind 
  • my yard’s tree snapped in two into my neighbors yard, but @ least it didn’t snap into my home 
  • they ended up cutting the entire tree down 💧 but i think its better for the new grass because the tree eats up all the water for it 
  • i went out to eat chicken
  • my cats were all safe @ home
  • my entire fucking freezer flooded !!!! but it gave me the time to clean it and get rid of a lot of frozen food i never eat 
  • coincidently my friend sleptover the first night of the power outage so i didn’t have to shit my pants about sleeping alone during the storm 
  • my phone is impeccable battery life and a torch as bright as the sun 
  • had good ole brother sister bonding time during the power outage and we talked about life without the disturbance of technology 👍

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"Tfw trade outside on the couch and your water still murky." I DON'T GET IT DAN PLEASE HELP.

Okay let’s parse this out for MAXIMUM CLARITY

tfw - that face when

trade - refers to “rough trade” gay speak for masculine, working-class aesthetic kind of guy.  Like truck stop gloryhole type guy.

outside on your couch - this seems simple but that means the guy is in your living room while you’re somewhere else but still inside you’re own house.  where are you??

and your water still murky - you are in your bathroom, your water is the despairing liquid pouring out of your ass after repeated enemas, still murky is night soil if you will

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At the used bookstore

Matt: Find anything?

Me: Of course! *shows him a book*

Matt: …….

Me: What?

Matt: Did you hear about this one on NPR?

Me: Nope. Just saw it on the shelf and thought it looked interesting.

Matt: And it’s a Victorian crime novel with a guy on the cover that looks vaguely like the detective guy from Ripper Street?

Me: Reid.  The one that wears the hat like the guy on the cover of this book is Reid….I mean…..huh, that’s an interesting coincidence.