my town has been fighting with whether or not to let people in the town limits keep chickens and they finally decided that people could keep chickens but they have to be documented and something about people being busted for “undocumented chickens” is so absurd to me. Like the wording and the the whole situations is just idk

A little artist PSA post here, adding to 50 thousand posts just like it on this site

DO NOT. I repeat do not trace, copy, edit/ etc someone else’s work and then post (or use in any way) as your own.  My art is for ME, my characters are for ME, and my stories are for ME.  If it does not say “use with credit”, “if you use it please credit” or anything like that in the art’s description.You DO NOT use it. unless you have permission from me. Especially if it’s my (or someone elses) OCs. Again I have to say it: That was not cool.

I don’t care how “It looks exactly like my OC!” ,I don’t care how you didn’t post it directly and how it might not have been a “big deal” to you. I’m sure you thought that I would never see but guess what, I saw it. And it bothered me. 

The reasons are A. you went directly to my blog and saw it and said “I want this” and took it without even considering how i’d feel. B. You then edited my art (poorly) to make it your character, your art, your blog’s face, when it wasn’t in the first place. C. the fact you didn’t post it directly (yet) tells me how much you knew it wasn’t okay. You coward =).

Anyways that’s all I have to say on the matter (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
*leans into the mic* Please do not copy, trace, repost, edit/etc any of my art (or OCs) K thanks!

Katie McGrath to save Supergirl

216 disaster episode had the worst ratings.

208 and 212, Lena centric’s episodes had the highest ratings.

Somehow, someone remembered this important detail

Today: Katie gorgeous McGrath will be a regular in season 3

Futur: Kara, Alex, Maggie and Lena, that’s some kind of wonderful

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what's happened with seungkwan?

It’s explained well right over here; the entire situation just doesn’t make sense to me. The response itself could be interpreted negatively but, that’s honestly such a stretch of a route to take. It’s not something that deserved the attention it got and the fact that it could affect Seungkwan and Seventeen negatively is annoying. I don’t want to invalidate anyone’s feelings but it’s something that could be reasoned out of easily.

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So like, I'm currently with someone in a long distance relationship but like, I am also falling for someone else.. And I really like them both and I have no idea what to do please help! All of my irl friends said different things and I am really in a pinch rn..

I feel like you should know if your current someone is ok with this and if not either cut this relationship or cut that other person you have feeling for :\

i’m still salty about those posts from december going around like “trans people go get paperwork/forms/etc. for gender change before trump is sworn in” as if 1. i can just go to the secretary of state and be done 2. if i have a piece of paper that says “Gender: F” suddenly all transphobia goes away and 3. transitioning is just a thing you can quick do one weekend and not a long process

Love bites,kills,stabs,etc.

I’m a bi highschooler residing in a small township. Love is really hard to find because I’m a male who prefers other males. It’s hard to deal with attraction and whatnot because the “straight guys” love teasing me. Two days ago a guy was humping me while we were crowded at the lunch line….so I punched him in the dick. Point is, how do I find or wait for the love that the people on this website are telling me that I’ll find?

MOD EDIT: I’d say choose a metropolitan college/career/future because the area you’re in now sounds like there’s a large homophobic base of people. You will find someone, and it will be fantastic. 💜 - Casper

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Do you ever just hear Joon Gi's perfectly smooth and deep voice inside your head saying, "Soo-ya."

every single day lol

just kidding

but I always hear his Soo-ya when I listen to Forgetting You and in the end that scene from the last episode plays in my head with Wang So saying “If we are not from the same world, I’ll find you… My Soo-ya.”

yes, I hit another level of trashiness