asriel’s protests

(undertale spoilers)

coercion, by definition, is the practice of forcing or persuading someone to do something they do not want. the force that is used does not have to be physical. with words alone, chara is able to force asriel into acting against his morals and instead cooperate with chara. 

this analysis is in no way trying to absolve asriel of responsibility or blame for his part in the plan. after all, being an accomplice to a crime is still a criminal act. however, it is important to acknowledge the degree to which asriel consented to this plan, and the pressure he faced to go along with it.

the first protest

after chara explains their plan, asriel is quick to protest it. right off the bat, he states that he doesn’t “like this idea.” instead of giving an answer, chara deflects and says something that causes asriel to deny he is crying, which appears to be a source of shame for him. 

by not acknowledging asriel’s doubts and instead calling attention to his weakness, asriel is put on the defense. the pressure to be a “big kid” seems to be of importance to asriel, and he shows this by trying not to cry. of course, not crying means not letting the plan upset him, and the best way to prove he is not upset is by agreeing to it. ultimately, asriel feels obligated to go along with this plan in order to protect his own sense of self-worth.

once asriel says chara is “right,” chara must ask if he doubts them. asriel vehemently denies this, saying he would “never doubt” chara. by calling asriel’s loyalty into question, asriel once again is put on the defensive. asriel feels the need to express that not only does he not doubt chara, but he would never doubt them. this unconditional vow means asriel is, once again, obliged to cooperate with chara.

after asriel defends himself – denying the tears and reaffirming his loyalty to chara – asriel makes a hesitant affirmative: “y… yeah!” while it’s unknown what chara said before this, it’s probable that chara made their most compelling argument: that together they should be strong enough to free all monsters. this is the most positive aspect of the mission, and one that is difficult to oppose. after all, who would be against the virtues of strength and freedom? however, it’s interesting that chara stresses this only after asriel is forced to defend himself. by putting asriel on the defense, asriel is compelled to find a reason to agree with the plan. by agreeing with these noble goals, he can prove that he is not a crybaby and not disloyal to chara.

this is when asriel takes his first active role in the plan: despite his misgivings, he gets the flowers. this implies his consenting assistance with the plan, but this consenting assistance comes from a position of emotional coercion. while this does not absolve him of blame for what would later happen, it does indicate that perhaps a greater portion of the responsibility should be placed on chara here; not only for coming up with the idea in the first place, but also for dismissing, deflecting, and rejecting asriel’s justifiable concerns and using unfair tactics to ensure he cooperated.

the second protest

after chara has been poisoned, asriel admits he is against the plan again, but he realises it is too late: chara is too far gone to save. 

asriel psychs himself up to finish the plan he didn’t want to agree to. the alternative would be to let chara die for nothing, a decision that asriel would likely struggle to live with. he once again recalls that he said he’d never doubt chara, and this vow and partnership seems to be the only thing forcing asriel to carry out the final steps of chara’s plan. chara later refers to this plan as “our plan” because asriel ultimately went along with it. this is a way to put the onus on asriel, and to distance chara from being wholly responsible.

the final protest

the final time asriel disagrees with chara leads to both of their deaths. chara endeavours to physically force asriel to kill, but he does everything in his power to resist

asriel felt so strongly against chara’s plan to kill that when finally faced with it, he opted to be killed rather than kill. asriel’s actions speak for themselves: despite going along with chara’s plan, he could not will himself to carry it out to the point of murder, even in self-defense. (had asriel killed in self-defense, this still would have been something he was forced into: another example of manipulation.) in the end, asriel admits that resisting chara and not killing was the “right thing.”

if someone is put in a situation where they cannot say no without there being negative consequences, then their cooperation is not truly their choice. asriel disagreed with chara’s plan, even to the point of tears, but cooperated because he did not want to be ridiculed by chara or have his friendship or loyalty called into question. none of these reasons are because he actually wanted to follow chara’s plan. 

based on asriel’s behaviour: the denial, tears, doubt, protests, and physical resistance, it’s clear that asriel was manipulated by chara to participate in a plan he wanted no part of. however, asriel must still be held accountable for his actions, after all, the plan could not be completed without his hand in it. that said, it’s important to acknowledge the context in which his decision to participate was made. while asriel did cooperate in the end, coercion is still not consent.

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tua and nick stay up late finishing a case one summer night;

ellie’s gone upstairs to sleep. the air is warm, drowsy with cigarette smoke and something slow on the radio

nick stops writing - listens. he puts down his pencil. seeming to taste what he does next. at length he stands and goes to tua’s desk and offers a hand - his good one -

tua looks up - sees the hand - greets his mona lisa smile with one of her own. soundless but for the radio. he guides her to her feet, and they adopt something thoughtful and quiet, dancing by the light of the desk lamps -

the paperwork can wait.

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#callout post for the wardrobe department of Spiderman Homecoming. My heart cannot take Hello Kitty pajamas on top of all of Peter Parker's ridiculous t-shirts and Mathletes sweater!! It's too damn much! (which is to say it's perfect omg it's like they read our collective minds and I just get more and more excited!!)

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Hello Ridia-san! Just saw the other Misaki kills Niki scenario and I wanted to say since it's kinda unlikely a kid would be sent for life in prison, a more likely version would be that his powers awoken while he was fighting Niki and that killed him

Yeah I don’t think I could see him actually going to prison for life unless there was some kind of behind the scenes creepiness going on or his powers ended up killing Niki in a way that was brutal enough it made people think Yata was like some kind of terrible sadistic killer. I’m thinking maybe in that scenario Yata ends up fighting Niki and his powers awaken, accidentally killing Niki and then Yata’s all shocked and traumatized in the aftermath. He’s taken to jail pending trial but then he either ends up with no trial or some kind of rigged one that leads to him being transferred to Scepter 4, like if we play with the timeline a little so Fushimi can end up there sooner and Munakata is aware of Yata’s existence so he tries to get his hands on Fushimi’s precious friend as soon as possible. Ooh or maybe the Rabbits show up and wipe Yata’s mind on the premise that if he can’t remember his powers they won’t go wild again but of course this ends up wiping Fushimi from his mind too. Then they run into each other some time years later when Fushimi’s in Scepter 4, like Yata gets caught in the middle of some kind of dangerous situation and Fushimi spots him being held hostage or something. He’s so shocked he can’t even fight back against the bad guys and Yata’s powers end up activating again to try and save him, that jolts his memory and suddenly he remembers Fushimi again, which is good, but he also remembers killing Niki and is traumatized all over again.

Yes, I do know what happened and I cannot advise you strongly enough, for your own health and safety, to stay the hell away from that person. You are free to do whatever you please, of course, but truly, just reading this filled me with some anxiety because I just want to wrap you in a safety net and keep you protected. That person did all these things and more to me of their own choice and while it is possible for people to change, I can attest to you that this person has not changed at all. I know this because of how they treated one of my friends. When I answer anons ((like these, for example: One and Two)) I’m not doing so because I read advice like that in a book, I write it straight from the heart because one single person made it their objective to try and bury me, even try to get me to kill myself. ((Which they say they “don’t remember” but then admitted to doing it on purpose when they were drunk so….)) You can see more behaviors here, too. 

There is a reason I cut that out of my life and it was, honestly, one of my best decisions. I’m so fucking happy now, I can’t even begin to explain all the positive changes that happened once I had that person well and truly out of my life. I don’t even get anxious thinking about it anymore and rarely even think about it at all unless I get an ask asking for advice on abuse or something. Toxic people are draining and I truly think you’ll be doing yourself a favor by not seeking that kind of person out.

You’re more than welcome to message me off anon and talk to me if you’d like! If you really want the info, I’ll give it to you! I wouldn’t withhold anything from you if it’s what you really want and I do believe people can change, I just know that this one hasn’t ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

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prompt: flutter

rating: none (707 name spoilers)

notes: so. this damn prompt. i did an idea change three different times. sigh. so it took a while to get out because i just couldn’t get anything out. additionally, i wanted to use an equation for the title, but… math is not my forte, lol. i also have been in unknown-land the past couple days so, i’m squinting at my main man here. /shot

also, it’s not entirely based off it or really related but i listened to nagi yanagi’s vidro moyou on repeat while writing this. anyway, i hope you guys enjoy~ :3

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