I don’t want to be tonight the night that I snap, but if I see one more person try to claim Zayn’s stress as an “excuse,” I will snap. 

Hey there, I’m Isaac puppysoft and I’m currently in the process of moving back to California after a year in Washington. My partner is helping me a ton; I have a place to live, food to eat, and whatnot. But the problem is we have to go up and get my stuff and come back and in the process, I’m going to have to give away a lot of my belongings because I cannot afford to ship them/a lot of my clothes are ill fitting. 

I need to get a job after about a month of living here just so I can start to save and get situated with support systems for my physical and mental health after these past couple of years that have been especially grueling in those respects. In order to get a job, I will need to cover up my forearm tattoo and get some clothes to work in so I can feel comfortable and not dysphoric during the day. I have an injury in my wrist/forearm that makes it hard for me to grip and causes constant pain throughout the day and I’d rather not risk making it worse during work. 

I am set with money for the most part until I get a job because I am selling my car but that money is going towards travel to and from CA and WA. I am not asking for money, these are things that will help me transition back into the workforce so I can get my life back on track.

Here is my wishlist. 

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what annoys me about this is like yeh zayn and nb wants to release new music but can they not just chill for like 5 seconds and make a burito to let the fans deal and cope with the fact that they've just lost one of their idols for not even a week yet ??????

yeah it was all too quick

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It must be difficult for zayn fans because even if the drama is mostly promo and manufactured ... well the intent is for Zayn to get rid of his current fans, to get an older fanbase. Like.. he's embarassaed of his fans. He wants credibility. But to get rid of his fans he acts like a douche.. it's really not cool

exactly what i think. it seems like he doesn’t want them to stay, he doesn’t want his fans to remind anyone that he was a boyband member before. that’s what it looks like to me and if that’s the case it’s really ungrateful

“At last my dear friend you are free from the burden you had to carry. I guided your steps to grow, now I guide you for one last road. Hand in hand.

My dear friend, you never were alone - even if the whole World turned from you, you always had me within your soul and heart.”

Vent art. 

Oberon’s spirit half last words before his last breath. Very personal piece, very personal OC, very personal reasons…

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How would the GoM + Takao + Izuki be on having a very affectionate friend they secretly have feelings for? :)

Akashi: he’d smile at them a lot and even return their hugs, eventually telling them when he believed the time was right.

Aomine: he’d deny his feelings for the longest time, but wouldn’t want to tell them about it (he’d take joy in their affectionate actions, though).

Izuki: would win them through his superior punning skills that never ever fail to woo people. like ever.

Kise: he’d be very affectionate back, wanting to spend all his spare time with them and being upset when they weren’t around.

Kuroko: he’d tell them to calm down a bit, especially in public, but wouldn’t be too against it. If he realised he had feelings for them, he wouldn’t say much in fear of ruining their friendship.

Midorima: he wouldn’t be very good with dealing with affectionate acts, but he’d give them their lucky item for the day and suggest things that would bring their luck up.

Murasakibara: he’d share his sweets with them, but it would take him ages to actually realise that he liked them like that.

Takao: he’d give physical gestures like touching their shoulder or poking them affectionately to show he was interested.

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How quick would Hiro be to turn on his team? ( obviously darkpathau ) Like Wasabi was once under his control, but not anymore. So if Hiro had the chance to kill him, would he? Or is he still a softy for friends?

I really don’t think he’d hurt his friends, even after all that’s happened. He’s not the most mentally stable, but he still has soft spots for his friends, so he still tries to protect them and keep them safe since they’re technically all he has. Mostly, he’s angry at Tadashi, given he still thinks he’s not real. He thinks he stole Wasabi away from him, one of his best friends, and he wants him back.

  • *my mother, who asks for things often, asking me to make her a sandwich in her nicest voice without actually using those words*
  • Mother:Laura, can you get me two pieces of lunch meat....
  • Me:Ok.
  • Mother:Joe (my dad), are there any buns left?
  • Father:Yeah.
  • Mother:Laura, could you please put those two pieces of lunch meat on a bun?
  • Me:...
  • Mother:And a piece of cheese?
  • Me:
  • Mother:And then put mayo on one side of that bun...?
  • Me & Father burst out laughing for five straight minutes

jeff’s face, tho

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Cngratulartions for recover your computer and let's start April foal anticipated, also you are the coolest human being in tumblr.

Eeeeeeeh don’t get your hopes up too much there, bud! My computer still isn’t fixed. I have the parts, yeah, buuut … the parts need to go IN the computer, which I need someone else to do and they might not have the time this week. And then I need to reload all my programs and reload all my files.