“Ahem yes, well poppycock to all that I say.”

Guys guys I’ve delved into full nerdom, but Critical Role is so good. I’m not super far in the show but I love Tiberius. Plus I needed an excuse to do non-school art, sooooo bonus. 

cleared my biggest hurdle which was math yesterday (ง'̀-‘́)ง (peter, you owe me 10 marks m8) revising English for Monday now. all the best and good luck everyone!~

(in the middle of Os and I’m addicted to yuri on ice. send help (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`))

You know, the real struggle of being a multishipper is that I’ll think of some scenario for one ship but then make the mistake of substituting one of the characters and then the cycle never ends. So just now I was thinking about klance and it suddenly spiralled into hance, allurance, pance, shance…like OK BRAIN I get it, you’re a filthy ship slut, but can we just make up our mind here please

i’m going to be gone from here / twitter / skype until friday, i have a midterm to focus on & im not in a place mental health wise to deal with the current drama in any capacity. i’ve got too much going on personally but i hope for the best for everyone in my absence. 

Pokemon Sun & Moon impressions

+Looks amazing
+Ui is waaay better looking
+Cars and streets
+Pokedex/finder being a Rotom is so neat!
+Full scale people & buildings
+3D models for regular npc trainers

-Runs kinda iffy (I have an og 3DS)
-Can’t sit in chairs
-Ash Greninja is dumb
-Still uses hideous X/Y sound effects for the interface
-Pikachu still has the super jarring real voice saying “Pikachu” cry.

So I went out and got breakfast with my folks and little brother. The cute dude seating us thought I was a kid too (I’m 4′10, wasn’t wearing makeup, and was wearing a fucking Super Mario tshirt) and almost gave me a kid’s menu until I said was twenty-three. 

The subtle shock on the guy’s face made me want to laugh..but also die inside..

@engineeringmonkeywiz | cont’d from here.

Jemma looked at him with an odd expression. He just didn’t know when to quit, did he? A frown pulled at the corners of her lips and she crossed her arms indignantly over her chest. “You don’t think I know how to swim because I study too much? That’s rich! I didn’t take you as a member of the swim team yourself!”