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the news that seb used to work as a waiter has given me the mental imagine of smol, twinky 18/19 yo seb falling hard for this gorgeous guy who's a regular at the place he works. who's beautiful and smart and gorgeous and is getting a diploma at juilliard!!! it is a beautiful mental image


does he pour hot coffee into Mackie’s lap because he’s so distracted by his eyelashes OF COURSE HE DOES

is he the smollest most idiot twink in existence? We’ve all seen photos of bb Seb, we know he is

SMOKING CIGARETTES AND NECKING VODKA LIKE THAT’LL HELP WITH THE EMBARRASSMENT, sitting out on the fire escape of his shitty apartment and crying to his roommates about his terrible hopeless painful crush at the end of another ten-hour shift

he’s so beautiful, he says dismally, I bet he’s, like, the most talented guy in the world, did I tell you he’s studying at Juilliard

yes, Seb, you told everyone he’s studying at Juilliard, you told them like ten times

out the back of the café having a cigarette and his twentieth iced coffee of the day, someone behind him says hey, and he gets a fright and drops coffee on HIMSELF this time because he is absolutely just the hottest mess in the goddamn world. Just looks down at the black coffee sticking his white uniform shirt to his chest and sighs and shrugs because how much worse can it get

Mackie totally invites him to a Juilliard party and Seb is paralysed by how much cooler everyone else is, he wears nothing but black and skinny jeans and motorcycle boots and everyone still tells him how cute he is. someone at the party literally pinches his cheeks. he hates them.

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Wiz khalifa had beef with taeyeon because he thought she backed out of their performance last minute and he wrote a tweet and had a typo in her name 😂😂 but she explained that it was mnets fault and mnet said to wiz that it was her fault soooo

wow.. moral of the story: always blame someone else.. lmao but seriously this is a mess!

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What do you mean nishiki is the only one kurona has agreed to work with? Unless you're talking about something said in this chapter that i haven't seen yet I'm going to assume you're talking about the chapter where black goat was formed and she said i only have one ally. If that's ehat you're referring to she was obviously referring to nashiro wasn't she? But if you're not talking about that then my bad.

I was talking about her telling Nishiki that she’ll work with him to kill Kanou, and then repeating to Kaneki later (in that scene when she referred to Nashiro, yes), “I only agreed to help kill Kanou”. I should have perhaps said “just one thing she agreed to work on”, not “one person”.

the likelihood of me going to treatment is pretty high right now, and it’s really making me want to restrict and use behaviors until then, which is a problem to begin with, but it’s especially bad since i might not get to start treatment until after the holidays are over

just reiterating something i’ve thought about  ( tv sherry, how she coped with losing dwight & the rest of the wives — we know she sacrificed herself willingly to be negan’s wife in order for him not to kill dwight, which he didn’t but he still got the iron. painful as it was for her to watch this happen and of course the pain of losing tina; she evidently coped for a while by wallowing in her own self pity  (ex: how mopey she was in the episode ‘the cell.’ )  though sherry didn’t allow herself to become consumed with her depression for too long, instead she focused on making the group of wives who joined her a little tight-knit group. no, they weren’t braiding one another’s hair, but making sure everyone was mentally okay, eating and feeling alright. as she said in the comics “the transition isn’t easy for us,”  ( hope she says this in the show tbh )  — it’s why they all leaned on her for support. it’s why she was there for amber while mark was getting the iron, she wanted to help make this new way of life as seamless as it could it  ( what better way to do it than with a friend? )   sherry’s role as number one wasn’t just the title, she genuinely looked out for all the other girls. she was like a mother-wife, so to speak. 

When my hair is slowing swallowing my existence