spencer, 2001.

the practice of skateboarding seems to radically invert the logic and experience of urban capitalism and its abstract and contradictory space. where contradictory space rationally zones the city into discrete spaces of work and commerce, the skateboarder ‘drifts’ through the urban, in the fashion of the situationist ’psychogeographer’, seeking out adventure, opportunity and pleasure. where the city builds functional paths, ramps and stairways, the skateboarder submits these to a ludic reinvention as elements in an ad hoc adventure playground. today’s skateboarder would seem to embody, even if not 'consciously’, the theories and practice developed by lefebvre and the situationist, in order to challenge the bureaucratic rationalism of urban planning, and refuse its attendant boredom and impoverishment of everyday life.

* douglas cunningham spencer on iain borden’s skateboarding, space and the city: architecture and the body.