wow this has just been sitting in my queue for forever so
here it is my lotf college AU in full form

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-college freshman
-just trying to avoid all the weirdos
-majoring in political science
-leader of the “conch club” a politics/debate club
-researching the lord of the flies phenomena that the college is famous for
-confuzzled by every professor and non-freshman who have accepted the craziness of the campus
-trying to get his way and lead half the time

-trying to get in Ralph’s pants half the time
-always trying to impress people
-head boy of the choir
-secretly a satanist
-believes satan is a beheaded pig that has just kinda sat on a stick in the quad since the late 1800’s
-calls him the lord of the flies and just kind of sacrifices his pig brethren to him occasionally
-the tallest
-majoring in anthropology
-wants to rule the world someday

-reluctantly in choir
-sings a lot, just scared of Jack for the most part
-v christian
-despises the idea of the lotf
-obsessed with animals, esp. reptiles
-innocent gay loner
-wants nothing to do with the lotf
-def wants to be a vet
-majoring in zoology

-no one knows his real name and they don’t really care
-Ralph’s advisor for everything
-actually hates politics
-majoring in psychology to be a therapist
-studies religion on the side
-atheist fo lief
-monitors relationships from afar
-always the one who sets everybody up together
-never not the middleman in anything
-straight as a stick and will rub it in your face
-sees right through all your lies
-the smallest

-sad emo loser
-jack’s right hand man
-been in choir longer than Jack and high key jealous of him being head boy
-probably more obssesed with lotf than Jack but doesn’t let on
-bi babe
-low key hates everybody
-except Jack who he basically tolerates
-falls asleep with evanescence and mcr playing in his earbuds
-laments over his ex (jack) but no one actually knows or cares about who he’s talking about

      (Sky) Shaymin healer/nurse
(This idea has been in my head for months)
I just want to design a bunch of random shaymin tbh.

They are are an expert of the move Aromatherapy.

I based their color palette off nurse Joy if you couldn’t tell.

(This has been sitting in my queue forever)


All I can say is if Malcolm’s instructions to Ollie are based on how Malcolm himself generally goes about leaking policies, then you’d really think he’d be the most popular man in Whitehall*. 

Also, I suspect Malcolm is giving Ollie far more credit than he really should in re: his ability to rock Emma’s world.

(This has been sitting in my queue forever and since I’ve just spent all that time on the Rise of the Nutters timeline – time very well spent! – why not post it now, since this is the leak that led directly to the PM’s unexpected resignation and the Nutters taking power months and months before they were expected to.)

*At least among the ladies. Of course, if he’s as flexible about his pronouns as 95% of TTOI fanfiction assumes he is, then his popularity should really know no bounds.