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After watching the Fox version of Rocky Horror I can't help but think about Laura singing "Toucha Toucha Touch Me" to Carmilla. Probably because of the "creature of the night" line. (I'll go sit in my shame box now)

I’m just gonna… join you in the shame box because I was listening to the soundtrack last night and I thought literally the same thing lmao rip


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aim for pyjama nirvana

Recommend Me A Blog

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Recommend to me who I should be RPing with - your favorite partner, a person who’s writing you think would compliment mine, a pairing you want to see happen.

Do it on anon, or do it off anon. Recommend yourself, or someone else.

Just let me know - who should I be RPing with?


Look at these dorks //literally literally everyone is looking pls stop


Have Funko dolls, Will travel(s).

This has been hanging out in my sketchbook for quite a while now - finally got around to scanning it! Ink sketch from beginning to end, plus a chance to try out my awesome new opaque white pen :)

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Another prompt: This has probably been done so many times. But Cas and Dean being super domestic and coupley, but not realizing it and wondering why everyone assumes they are together. Thank you for the other ficlet :) I loved it!

The bunker doesn’t have enough plates. That’s the only reason they’re doing this.  

It’s been a slow week. No hunts, no demons or angels wreaking havoc—and the general air of listlessness in the bunker had Dean itching. Men of Letters they may have been, but they didn’t have jack squat in way of culinary supplies. And they can’t exactly get shit delivered to their super secret Batcave.

So that’s how Dean finds himself standing in the dinnerware section of Ikea, squabbling with Cas over the color of some crappy pieces of porcelain.

“No way, dude. No. Just—no.”

Cas, for some reason, is dead set on these ugly-as-fuck green ones, which Dean will absolutely not tolerate in his kitchen. 

He narrows his eyes at Dean, crossing his arms.

"They’re completely satisfactory,” he growls. “You said we just needed more, I don’t understand why the color is important—”

"It just is, Cas, Jesus.”

Then Cas starts doing that thing. The thing where his eyes get all round and big and Dean can actually feel himself wilting, under that stupid, fucking—

"Blue,” Dean grits out, a last ditch effort. 

“Green,” Cas shoots back.


Dean grabs the appropriate box, making no effort to hide his scowl.

“We’ll get the damn green.”

And Cas, the bastard—he full on smirks. Dean huffs, turning his back on the fallen angel, stomping up to the cash register. He drops the box none-too-gently on the counter, childishly hoping he breaks a couple. 

"Apartment shopping?”

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Loft Bed Set

I made a little set for you space saving simmers. It includes the bed frame, desk, chair & book shelves. The desk, bed frame & shelves are new meshes by me (with books stolen from EA) & the chair is a conversion & retexture by me of Spaik’s Sintesi office chair. Download below the cut.

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