sitting waiting wishing

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in order to appreciate
we must go through
—  diaryofaniqaabi

Sitting, Wishing, Waiting
By Lexi Colt

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I say your name like a prayer 
every night, a soft whisper
that I somehow think 
will be strong enough 
to pull you back beside me.
But no one is listening,
my wishes sit waiting 
to be heard and I know
that these clasped hands 
will only ever hold 
each other.
—  1 new voicemail message || O.L.
Welcome To the A-team [Carter, Jade, Todd]

Carter sat in the interrogation room, handcuffed. He sat with his eyes closed rubbing his forehead. He knew was his captain was leaving him in here, why Todd couldn’t help him out–of they did then he whole cover would be blown. How he had landed in handcuffs Carter wasn’t even completely sure of, apparently he was being held as a murder suspect. Yes, the man had died through the Kingsley family but Carter hadn’t been the one to pull the trigger. Now all he could was sit and wait, wishing someone would get him the hell out of this room. All he could hope for was that his friends were coming up with a plan.


Down in the morgue, the only place that seemed to have any privacy–for a detective, a writer and two cons– what should have been the group working together was turning into havoc.

“Why the hell can’t we just sneak him out of here? Suspects get out of the precinct all the time!” Jade growled, “If we leave him in there he will go to jail. We all know Carter isn’t going to talk, one because he didn’t do it and two because Kingsley probably already know they have him in custody so doing anything to help himself would being signing his death certificate.”

“Sneaking him out? That’s your bright idea?” Todd asked nearly yelling, “All that will do is make him look more like a suspect and have the department putting a spotlight on John Wemmick. But you’re right, if we don’t figure out something out quickly he will go to jail. Someone has set him up, Carter doesn’t think it’s Kingsley though.” 


Coming soon...

A father. A dad. He had dreamed of this for years, made lists with baby names and tried picturing what his son or daughter would look like a million times. He imagined taking his kid to the park on Sundays. He imagined himself sewing Halloween costumes and dresses for dolls and uniforms for the baseball team. He imagined Christmas - the way his kid’s face would light up with the magic of it, how they would make snowmen and bake cookies together. He imagined bedtime stories and cuddling on the couch watching Disney movies…

Kurt kept imagining more and more scenarios, and his smile went bigger and bigger with each of them. He wanted to be a dad. It was time. Even if he had no one to share it with.

Stay tuned for Chapter 1 of Sitting Waiting Wishing, coming very very soon…