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kimheenim: Firstly I’m writing this post with sorry heart to the members whom I’ve promised to not write post that are full of meaning on SNS. The people who knows will know that due to the car accident that I had 11 years ago, I’m haven’t been able to use my left leg properly. But even so. I’ve been having fun doing activities enjoyably so far and no matter how much pain I was in, I would do it while smiling. I’m not sure if it’s because time has passed, but I’ve also started to be easily frightened. Like what I said on Life bar not too long ago, the severe pain on my ankles has become worse and has been happening more frequently.

Once in a while, people around me would jokingly say “aye~ it’s probably healed after 10 years~”. Are you lying on purpose just because you don’t want to dance?” and I would just lest pass while forcing a smile. I did variety since before I debuted and in some ways, because I’ve been living a smooth and happy life through doing variety program. I thought that I should always smile and show image like I wasnt affected.

Seriously this is how humans are like If you tried to fight it with a mind control of saying ‘i am okay’’, ít will get better’ but your body wont be able to follow, you will will fell even more pain fronthe inverse proportion of your positive thinking

In conclusion, Super Junior will have a comeback on 6th of November, Because it’s been a long time since we have a comeback, all the members and the fans are all excited and I’m as expected is excited too. But it seems like I’ll be probably not be able to do activities normally. I would like to convey how sorry i am once again to members and fans who have waited for a long time.. I have absolutely no confidence at all.. as someone who have such thoughts all these time in my heart, I’m ashamed to face the members and the fans now. I ask for understanding for the excuse of ‘I have to work hard on doing variety program and promote the album!’ And if i’m able to receive your forgiveness, I will be even more thankful and I will smile while receiving the rehabilitation treatment and try to gain strength

For the people who might be displeased  after reading my long post that was filled with selfishness, I would like to apologize to them while ending my post here..Everyone please be careful not to catch a cold and even if it’s annoying, please put on  your seat belt while in the car. 

Thank you.

eunhyukee44: hyung try searching well for the road that we will be able to walk together. ©

queeniecatart  asked:

Keith nearly died twice (on his mission when the Galra ship exploded and when he was going to sacrifice himself to save everyone in the last epi) and the Voltron team has no idea and they treated him so horribly. I have so many feelings, mostly anger lol.

Tbh?? Keith probably almost died a lot more often than that, these were just 2 examples we saw on screen. He was on a months long mission with the Blade (that we saw nothing of) while team Voltron performed shows to gain new allies. I seriously doubt that he only came close to death these 2 times.

About team Voltron… I think what people don’t see is that both sides are kind of at fault here. Look at how Keith acted in episode 1 - he just disappeared from time to time without regard for his friends. The team would have died had Shiro not managed to pilot the black lion and in comparison to the times where Keith almost died on the BoM missions, the team did not choose it.

However, as you said here, the team is also at fault. They didn’t listen to Keith’s concerns ((probably because he said the same things for months already. Keith mentioned that they hadn’t seen Lotor in months in episode 1)). When he came back from a mission, they didn’t even try to understand why he went there or what he went through. Remember the “I don’t need a lecture, Allura”? And Allura was like “no, I heard what happened on your mission, I’m sorry” but then proceeded to lecture him anyways? 

The team treated Keith unfair. Keith treated the team unfair too. There was a serious lack of communication between them. The team never listened to Keith and Keith never listened to them. I think what we saw in e1 was an accumulation of many similar but smaller events that happened over the months that passed between seasons. At the end of s3 the team wasn’t perfect but they were closer than they were at the beginning of s4. 

Just. Yeah. Both parties are at fault here. It just hurts more because on one side there’s the team and on the other side there is Keith, alone, without any understanding of his worth as a person :’) They really need to make an effort to understand each other even when someone isn’t on the verge of a breakdown - because when there’s a breakdown, it’s already too late. 




Not gonna lie…

Made a scrub with coconut oil, lemon juice, honey, white sugar, brown sugar, and some of the Himalayan pink salt we have and like…

my skiiin is sooooo soft.

I washed my face with it because it needed a good scrub and like..

I can’t stop touching my faaace!

Aph Anko Family with Baby Iceland

Denmark: Hey buddy, what’s wrong?

Baby Iceland: M-my fish…

Norway: Tell Dan what you told me, Ice.

Baby Iceland: H-his ghost fell out.

Norway: *whispering* His fish died.

Denmark: …oh…