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Headcanon: Funzo was also one of the board games Frank brought

Ummm excuse you, Frank actually likes the people in that house, there’s no way he would subject them to Funzo. 


[Never Have I Ever…]
     Sam Making Caitriona Laugh
          a.k.a. SamCait being  G o o b e r s

Princess Zelda medieval fashion


Riverwalk in San Antonio

We went down to SA on Monday to watch the Spurs and Warriors play.(I don’t even fuck with bball like that but it was dope).👌🏾 Decided to show her around town before the game started and ended up on the Riverwalk. It was supposed to rain but we got there at a decent time. I threatened to push her in the water. She wasn’t having that lmaooo. “You play too much, Reginald.” You know it’s serious when she use the whole name.💀Anyway, it was a great day. Was too busy enjoying it to post these.
Reylo 101: Why Reylo Belongs in Star Wars
In this episode of our Reylo 101 podcast series we overview the signs supporting the idea that Rey and Kylo Ren will have a romantic arc in the Sequel Trilogy, and compare Reylo to canon romances featured in previous SW films. We discuss fairy tale elements found in the dynamics between Kylo and Rey, and also speculate as to the directions Reylo could take on screen. Lastly, we share our Reylo Wish List (preview: "lots of kissing", "future Force babies").

Reylo 101 | Reylo Fandom: The New Star Wars Rebels

In this final installment of our Reylo101 podcast series, we share our thoughts on the Reylo fandom. We discuss prejudice, sexism, misogyny and simple misunderstanding often aimed at Reylo fans. We discuss the curious and often painful phenomenon of segregation among the general Star Wars fandom, which unexpectedly led to unity and the forging of friendships, networks and new creative projects which are changing the landscape of the Star Wars fandom.

I have a theory about Jamilla and Sana’s mysterious other brother that we never see or hear about and we only know he exists because of one text that Sana gave Vilde.

There is no other brother.  Jamilla used to be engaged to Elias but they broke up.

And maybe Sana was partially to blame for the break up, but Elias doesn’t know that.

[Ask RPedia] Anxious About My Writing: Help?

Anonymous asked: I know this is normal for writers and that there isn’t a real solution but I’m gonna ask anyway: Any advice on how to stop feeling insecure about what/how I write?

Oh man, this is gonna sound like such an asshole move, but my favorite way to help myself is to write to spite everyone else. Seriously. Write like you hate everyone else in the world. Write like they mean fucking nothing to you. Write because they’re gonna get what you write, and they’re gonna like it, if they know what’s good for them. Write to make that mental editor representing the ‘them’ in your head mad as hell.

It’s always energized me to flippantly declare to myself that if people don’t like something I like, they can go fuck themselves in some fancy new way, because I’m busy writing and I don’t see them getting off their ass! They’re reading anyways ain’t they? Then they god damn don’t have anything better to do than let me shove words, and ideas, and mental pictures into their heads rapidly. Them complaining? Hah, you mean leaving impassioned responses because I hit a nerve. I CONTROL them. 𝕀 𝔸𝕄 𝔸𝕊 𝔸 𝔾𝕆𝔻.

…ahem. There’s other things to think about. I just, really like getting pumped about that concept because getting pumped makes it really awesome. Lemme uh… lemme try talking about … other things… next. Instead of declaring my godhood, wow, that is so ‘famous last words’ material for a character to say.

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Welp I’m already on a slowboat to hell why not continue.. Imagine Finn telling you sit on his face.. *sighs*

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Sori, mut mitä terf tarkoittaa?

Trans-exclusionist radical feminist eli “"feministej䔓 joiden mielestä transnaiset on vain miehiä jotka haluu pukeutua naisiks ja pakottaa lesbonaiset kontaktiin ällöjen penisten kanssa. Yleinen argumentti on, että ei naisena oleminen ole vain mekkoon pukeutumista ja että transnaiset vahvistaa haitallisia sukupuolirooleja, ihan kuin se ei ois yhteiskunta ja transpolit, jotka vaatii transnaisilta mahdollisimman stereotyyppistä naiseutta että ne hyväksyttäis. Terfit näkee naiseuden jostain syystä lähes pelkkien ongelmien kautta, eli transnaisena ei voi olla oikea nainen jos ei ole jo lapsena seksuaalisesti häiritty ja koska ei tiedä mitä kärsimystä kohdunomistaminen on, vaikka todellakaan kaikki cisnaiset ei koe niitä asioita noin (tai ollenkaan). Olen nähnyt joidenkin jopa iloitsevan transnaisten kokemasta seksuaalisesta häirinnästä, koska “sitähän ne halusi”.

Transmiehet taas ovat terfien mielestä vain eksyneitä naisparkoja, jotka sisäistetyn naisvihansa takia kuvittelee olevansa miehiä. Niitä kohtaan ne kuitenkin suhtautuu vähemmän vihamielisesti, koska nehän voi vielä pelastaa kauhistuttavalta miehenä olemiselta.

tl;dr Transfobista roskaa, älä lähesty.