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During battles General Stirling liked to stay really close to the fighting lines. So close, his aides that were brought with him were always in constant danger; it’s also why James Monroe at the Battle of Brandywine while working as Stirling’s battlefield aid saw Lafayette get shot in the leg with front row seating. 

Revolutions & Ramblings

Last year, I bought a computerized Solar Revolution report from Cafe Astrology. 

When I got the report, I wrote it off because I didn’t like what it said. 

Astrology works on a curve of possibilities; there are no absolutes. Right? We’re human. Free will is integral to the human experience. I decided to beat the odds and choose different experiences than what the universe had in store.

If only it were that simple.

Long story short: despite my best efforts, pretty much everything the report predicted happened. There were lots of twelfth house placements; I spent the year tired, isolated, and depressed- no matter how much I tried to be healthy, positive, and social. 


It was a real bummer.

I learned the hard way that the Solar Revolution does not fuck around. Solar Return charts are popular predictive tools because they work. Don’t be fatalistic, but try to keep an open mind when the universe speaks to you, even if you don’t like the message.

Looking back, I realize: the universe chose experiences that helped me grow way more than the experiences I would have chosen for myself. With depression, boredom, depression, loneliness, and did I mention depression? Yes? Okay, cool. Where was I…

Right, depression- I’ve been stuck in the dark with no way out. I could either give up (die) or create my own light. Writing stories and blog posts became a crucial to my survival. So, that’s what I did. 

Hopefully, you’ve noticed a huge improvement between early and current blog posts, both in quality of writing and actual content. If you look at how I respond to asks over time, you might also notice a gradual increase in maturity. 

This whole time, I resented the universe for putting me in a shitty situation and forcing me to make the best of it. 

Now, here’s the kicker: my Return chart for next year strongly favors writing, writing, and more writing, with a good chance for public recognition of some sort. In other words, I’ve been ‘forced’ to write in private all year, so that I can share something with the world next year. 

The universe pretended to screw me over while setting me up for success. 

That’s just how it operates. It’s not cruel, evil, or apathetic to your plight. The universe knows what you need, and that you deserve more than you’re willing to settle for. 

TL;DR- If you’re having a rough time, hang in there. When reading Solar Return/Revolution charts, look two years ahead so that you know what the universe is preparing you for.

if you need me, I’ll be over here watching the new Black Panther trailer over and over

Female interns and law graduates, stage a sit-in which lasted for a week at Tehran central courthouse (1978)

The sit-in was done to protest the new Islamic government ban on female judges, which the new government considered it to be against Sharia law. Iranian women could become judges before the revolution but they lost that right after the revolution. The sit-in ended after a week when the government forced the participators out.

Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian nobel peace prize winner was one of the female judges who lost her job after the Islamic revolution. 

I dig tons of Diplo tunes, but I must say, Revolution still sits pretty right at the top of that list. New producer Absence suddenly emerges from the shadows with a stunning remix of Revolution that takes the track right back to the forefront of EDM music. It’s Mad Decent approved and re-posted, which says a lot. The newly updated Revolution is a coup de deep, melodic, and future house. It’s a strong statement from a new act, and I predict that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Absence shortly. 

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we are the ferocious, cutthroat vocal
talking above one another, imminent vices and the prickling endless gush of youth
years 16 to 22
we see something and say
I want to write that on my body
behind my neck above my collarbone inside my wrist
or, we say
that should be on a t-shirt

bold-black letters
and watch as baby-boomers fumble over reading glasses, they are nostalgic for the wrong reasons
a broad smile when buying a camera for the first time
and no, smiling again, they’ll say
no, it was not digital

we are the
24-hour news reports opened on six different tabs while catching up on the latest episode of
that fucking medieval show, the one with the incest, right?

98,000 notes on a text post about waiting for a revolution

dreamers, sitting on our arses no-good for the community, no-good to your grandparents
eyes off the phone, they say
stern, exasperated, shaking their heads
kids these days never learn
they don’t know what it’s like
they don’t know
they don’t know

signed up for job alert emails
we are the
marked as read

open arms, wide
there is an embrace for all things fleeting
and yet still we yearn for
to say one day, fuck your hashtag
I’m writing that on a t-shirt

there’s a tremor in the air we are here
we are the
influx of voicemails no one even listens to anymore
grinding our palms against a looming wall of
no, we have not exhausted the limits
get the hell off our property

we are

—  17/12/14 generation selfie, by r.f

EUREKA | 3.08 | From Fear to Eternity

It has a remote trigger.



What if I’ve gotta go face to face with him?

madame-vashtranerada  asked:

I just imagined Les Amis going to IKEA, and getting like 50 chairs on a giant trolley and Enjolras passionately trying to convince the cashier to join the revolution when they politely inquire why Enjolras and his group of friends just bought 50 chairs

“Citizen, won’t you stand alongside us?”

“Sir, I work the till, I have to sit.”

“But the revolution needs you!”

“My lunch break is at 10 and my Mama packed me a tuna sandwich. Now are you paying by cash or card?”

“… Card.”