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sheith adopted brothers au, pt 1

(aka broganes done right)

  • Keith was adopted by the Shirogane family in elementary school
  • he and Shiro, who’s 2 years older, were always really close. Keith looked up to him a lot
  • they get older, and feelings between them develop naturally 
  • they both know it’s not really okay because they’re “brothers” but they’re not actually blood-related so…it’s not that bad, right?
  • regardless they try not to act on it
  • except it all comes to a head Shiro’s senior year of high school. He’s the star of the baseball or football or soccer team or something and after a party with his team where he got a little too drunk he comes stumbling home to find Keith in his bed
  • (this is a common occurrence in the Shirogane household, and no one thinks it’s strange)
  • Shiro wakes Keith, and then, completely intoxicated, kisses him 
  • it’s Keith’s first kiss. He’s happy.
  • at first they both try to pretend it didn’t happen, but they’re two hormonal teenagers who’ve been dancing around feelings and attraction for too long
  • things escalate, slowly but surely. They start to experiment with each other
  • they sleep in the same bed more often than not. Their parents know but think it’s just a close sibling relationship. Shiro and Keith do their best to keep what they’re up to a secret.
  • the summer before Shiro leaves for college things change between them. They confess to having feelings for each other, and when they’re alone they act as if they’re in a relationship, though they still keep it a secret.
  • Shiro goes to school in the fall, but he still talks to Keith every day
  • he doesn’t go home for Thanksgiving break, instead choosing to hang out with his friends the Holts, who live closer to where he goes to school. Keith’s sad but before he leaves school for the weekend Shiro makes sure to call Keith and tell him he loves him and that he’ll see him soon. 
  • on the way to the Holts’, the car that Shiro is being driven in by Sam with Matt is hit by a drunk driver. The accident is really bad. Shiro loses and arm and hits his head. He remembers nothing of the past 6 months. 

part 2

My oc Teagan in H2 from this post . 

Thanks for requesting her @solicoolios

Sit Still, Look Pretty

I could wear expensive

diamond rings, dress


wear makeup,

and pretend to be


but I’m not a 

Barbie girl.

I’m not some 

man’s trophy wife.

I refuse to be

your puppet.

An if you’re just going to be

nice for

one night

I’d rather be single.

I may smell like


but don’t be fooled

I’m not that

sugar sweet.

I want to rule

the world

so if you want to

stick around

you better be


to be with a woman who’s 

not going to

sit still, and

look pretty.


“Sit Still, Look Pretty” - Daya

just a mini reminder that just because you see a political/social justice/opinion/pretty much anything post on tumblr with a lot of notes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right

tumblr has a ridiculously prevalent mob mentality which can manipulate you into thinking you’re bad or wrong for having a different opinion than what’s popular on tumblr - but please don’t let it take away your own sense of freedom of opinion.

of course, that’s not to say that all of these posts are wrong, i mean, i support nearly all of the ones i come across… but just remember that you’re allowed to have your own views too.