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Excuses 💐

A/N: This is a part II of Braids. Please please please read that first so you may understand the intimacy of their close friendship. I really hope you all like it - please send me your feedback here. Thank you, love you, and happy reading :)

Harry doesn’t remember the last time he felt this giddy.

He thinks it was the time you had finally agreed to see him perform, and he had found a bouquet of flowers in his dressing room with a small card that read “If you were a flower, you’d be a damndelion”. There was no signature on the card, but he immediately recognized your scribbled handwriting. He had worn a grin for the rest of the night, feeling utterly enamoured by your silent act of kindness, wondering how someone with that much heart fell into his crazy life.

Now that he was thinking about it, he had always been showered by your good nature. It was what had attracted him to you in the first place. Your gentle personality had the ability to touch others in a way that made them feel like the most important person on the earth. And now that Harry’s watched your kindness spread through the hearts of the ones he loved most, he promised himself to finally be honest with you … even if it meant crossing the blurred lines of your close friendship.  

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Hog the washers? We'll see about that

So I live in an apartment building that has a shared laundry in the basement. There are 10 washers and 10 dryers. I had a single load of laundry to do before a flight tomorrow morning. So I headed downstairs with my basket.

Two machines are running when I get down there. There’s also a single couple taking up EIGHT washers to sort their laundry.

I asked politely if they could divide one of them up into 1/7ths and put it in with their others so I can use a machine. They decline (apparently they have a system…) and tell me to wait however long it takes for the next person to claim their stuff to get the next machine.

At this point I realize it’s time to get petty.

I wait until they leave and then go hit the pause button on all of their machines. I need to stall. Then I wait for the next washer to free up. I transfer this innocent bystanders ratty old towels immediately, pay for their dryer and leave a note to which dryer it’s in. Then I start my washer, and I hit “run” on my machine. I wait a few more minutes, and then resume all of their washers.

They come back down in the 40mins it takes to run and are mildly confused by why their machines are taking longer than usual. They suspect no foul play. By this point my washer is finishing up, so I grab a laundry cart and empty it out. I then proceed to take my laundry and divide it into 8 different dryers (like 2 shirts and a couple socks per dryer lol) and set them all running, one by one, as they watch in bitter disbelief.

And then I settle down in a chair to watch my $12.50 of petty revenge spin.

Tl;dr person took up all the washers in the laundry room, so I made them watch as I took all the dryers.

EDIT: y'all are real hung up on the towels I put in the dryer, so:

No, the towels did not belong to the jerks. Yes, I moved someone else’s stuff. The towels were sitting, damp, in the washer and I needed to use it. Yes, I could have just waited, but I didn’t. I tossed them in the dryer instead, because if someone took my towels out and left them to get musty, I would be pissed. In any case, I feel like it worked out, because no one ever came to claim them in the time that I was down there, so the owner clearly either forgot or didn’t give a fuck. They got free dry towels out of the deal, and I got petty revenge ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Give Me Love, 4

Throne Of Glass High School AU

Summary: He thinks she wants nothing to do with him. She thinks he can’t remember her. Aelin and Rowan were friends once upon a time. But high school drove them apart. However, one night - one party - is about to change not only their lives, but the lives of their friend as well.

Chapters: XXX


Friday Night:

“Remember. If you’re going drinking, don’t drink and drive. Watch your drink at all times. And Aunt Alision and Uncle Gavriel are home tonight. They said if you need anything, anything at all, to just give them a call.”

“Mom,” Aelin crossed her arms as she leaned against the doorframe of the kitchen. “I’ll be fine. You say basically the same thing every time I go out.”

“Because I worry about you,” Evalin fixed her daughter a pointed look before looking down to double check the contents in her purse, again. “I can’t stop you from drinking, even though you are underage, but I can try and make sure you stay safe.”

Aelin pushed herself off the doorframe. She walked over to the island in the middle of the kitchen, standing across from her mother.

“Stop worrying. You have nothing to worry about.” Aelin reassured her. “It’s just a house party. It’s not like we’re actually going to a club or anything.”

“And whose house party did you say it was again?” Evalin asked, still digging through her purse.

“I didn’t…” When Aelin told her mother just a few hours ago that was she going to a party tonight, she purposely didn’t tell her who’s party it was. But as Evalin looked up, giving her daughter a raised eyebrow, Aelin sighed. Her mother wasn’t going to go anywhere until Aelin told her. After all, Aelin had to get her stubbornness from somewhere.

After clearing her throat slightly, she said, “Rowan Whitethorn.”

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If you happened it walk into the same one that they were at, you wouldn’t have noticed them. They didn’t stand out in the crowd. They didn’t have a neon sign over their head that screamed ‘look at me!’ They looked like you and me. Normal. Average. Nothing like the murderers that the media tried to make them out to be.

The taller one would most likely have a book in his hands, the spine broken from being read so many times. Traveling as much as he did, he wasn’t able to bring that many books with him, only that one that he had in his hands. The same book that his brother had gotten him so many years ago because he was bored out of his mind at another laundromat that was very much like this one.

Rows and rows of washers and dryers, all rumbling and clanking together as they grow older washing the clothes of people whom didn’t have one of their own.

And the older one, the one with green eyes, would be sitting on top of the washers despite the disapproving glances from the old lady who sat up front who ran the place. He would watch his brother read the pages that he’s read so many times. He would watch the storefront, watching people pass on by, carrying on with their lives.

When the washing machine would finally rumble to a stop, either one of the boys, the tall one would dog ear his book or the eldest one would climb down from his seat, and they would move the armfuls of plaid and denim that had been worn soft from years of being washing in these machines that had been used one too many times.

The bloodstains and dirt that had previously stained the fabric would be washed away in that dirty water.

Only to be worn again that night, stretched across those broad shoulders that had too many scars to count, just waiting to be covered in red again.


A Man Worth Fighting For-15

Summary: Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement. Sequel to “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2757
Warnings: Language, graphic depictions of violence, blood and gore
Tags at the end

AN: Please let me know if you’re not being tagged and you’ve asked me to, ‘cause I’m a giant mess and I’ve been cleaning up my tags. Also, I apologize for this chapter. You’ll see why.

Part 14   Masterlist

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Cold air crept up the back of your neck, wrapping around you like an unwelcome blanket. The stars above twinkled against the ocean of black sky, the gentle trickle of water from an earlier rain draining down the gutters below you. The roof was slick and you nearly slipped, but settled easily with your legs dangling over the side as you pulled a cigarette to your lips. The nicotine did little to calm your nerves as you leaned back, shivering as the water seeped into the back of your shirt.

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urban-barbarian said: Hi, big fan of your work. For a prompt - derek/stiles - “It’s 2 am and we’re both doing laundry and I can see you checking out my hello kitty pajamas”

Thank you!  So I wrote this for you today and it went a little bit out of control, sorry :)

Stiles has a legit reason why he owns Hello Kitty pajama bottoms, and it has to do with Lydia and a bet—and is exactly why Stiles should never make a bet with Lydia—but they sometimes come in super handy on laundry day. Because Stiles likes to stretch his resources to the limit, he tries to go approximately two weeks without having to wash his clothes, and he has exactly fifteen pairs of boxer briefs. Today is day number sixteen, so Stiles is free-balling it, but at least the pajama pants are nice and fleecy.

It isn’t always this dire. Usually, Stiles can borrow a pair of shorts from Scott for his bi-monthly laundry extravaganza, but Scott’s down to his skivvies, too, and is staying with Kira for the weekend. Stiles weighed the pros and cons of wearing the suspect pair of basketball shorts he found under Scott’s bed with the chances of seeing anyone that would actually care what he was wearing at 2 am on a Saturday night at the 24 hour laundromat. He decided the pjs were the less gross option.

He regrets this almost instantly when he sees that Hot Angry Tank Top Dude is sitting on top of a washer and glaring down at his copy of Emma like it’s personally offended him. His tank top is a soft dove gray today and Stiles tries to maneuver his way through all the machines without flashing his kitty-covered ass.

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Appliance Delivery

so this was requested by @ihaveabadreputation ​ because she really likes appliance shawn

You were scrolling through Instagram when the doorbell rang, scaring you. “I got it!” Shawn called, walking down the bare hall and opening the front door.

“Hi, I’m here to deliver the washer and everything, if you wanna show me where they’re gonna be before we get ‘em off of the truck.” A man in a navy blue shirt smiled, holding a clipboard.

“Yeah, yeah,” Shawn nodded, walking down the hall and showing him where the laundry room was. The man nodded before measuring the width of the doorway, to make sure the washer and dryer would fit. In the short span since you and Shawn had decided on the appliances, the roof to the house had been finished, and the house was nearly done. All that was left was to be furnished and painted.

You walked over and stood next to Shawn, looping your arms around his waist. “Hey, darling.” He smiled, turning his head to the side. “Are you excited to finally have a washer and dryer?” He asked.

You laughed, watching as two men hauled the washer into the house. “Yeah, we don’t have to hand wash everything.” You joked, replying to a text from a friend. “Um,” You looked at Shawn. “Hope you’re ready to learn how to set everything up and use the washer.”

“I was born ready.” He laughed, eyes darting down the hall when he heard a crash. “What was that?” He asked, walking down the hall.

One of the delivery men was laughing, the other one had a red face. “The- you guys wanted both doors to open the same way, right?” The laughing man asked, and you nodded. “Well, dumbass over here, he didn’t let me finish tightening the bolts to the door before he tried to load the dryer on top,” The man nodded to the dryer sitting next to washer at the moment. “And the door almost fell off.” He pointed to the dryer’s open door. “Nothing’s damaged, don’t worry. But it was just funny.”

You didn’t seem impressed, but Shawn held back a laugh, and he sighed. “Just don’t break anything.” He joked, and you two waited until they stacked the dryer on top of the washer.

After the two delivery men showed you and Shawn how the washer and dryer connected to the wall and turned them on to make sure they started, they left. You held the instruction manuals to the washer and dryer, and looked at your boyfriend. “Let’s learn how to do some laundry.” You spoke, opening one of the manuals.

a/n: let me know if appliance shawn is a thing u guys like, because i have some ideas planned tbh. edit: i tried to post this 3 times it wouldn’t schedule it properly i hate my life

keith headcanons just ‘cause i’ve been staring at his goofy mullet for so long in photoshop lately:

  • dog person, but is a cat at heart
  • really sensitive movie/tv watcher, if he cares about the movie/show he doesn’t want to miss anything. he’ll get frustrated with others when he can’t hear a joke or he’s distracted during an important plot point
  • prefers to watch with closed captions on
  • smiles to himself every time he reads [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING]
  • has gotten into multiple altercations at more than one fast food restaurant
  • (usually the local 24-hour mcdonalds)
  • when he chews gum he pops it, loudly, without remorse, doesn’t even realize he’s doing it
  • has never paid more than $15 for any article of clothing, ever
  • maybe it’s maybelline, maybe it’s that he only can be bothered to wash his hair once a week
  • he doesn’t give even half a shit about what people think of his hair but just for his own sanity + to keep it out of the way when he hasn’t had the time to get to it, he has a bunch of hats… baseball caps and beanies mostly. he throws it up in a low pony/bun, slaps on the hat and he outtie. but that’s only when he gets so grody even he can’t handle it
  • always has at least (1) one hair tie on him at any given time. just in case. all the girls at school knew they could hit up keith if they needed one
  • goes to a family-owned corner store for all his lowkey shopping needs because major corporations (+ capitalism in general) give him hives
  • does his laundry at the laundromat. he’s the dude who waits until he has nothing but the clothes on his back and sits on the washer in his grimy black undershirt and boxer briefs while the little old ladies tut at him and offer him butterscotch candies
  • doesn’t drink any soda except for fanta
  • hardcore netflix binger. keith, it’s been 72+ hours. house of cards can wait. please go to bed
  • gets that Warm Fuzzy Feeling® whenever someone shows him casual verbal or physical affection because he is love-starved okay he needs that Platonic Good Good™ pat his shoulder call him pal he needs it to survive
  • vending machine junkie, he’ll eat anything out of those things
  • (also they’re easy to get quick food from for cheap… a Must on his budget)
  • can and will get an attitude if u interrupt him when he’s in the middle of something. u should have known better
  • zero to savage in .3 seconds
  • watched teletubbies as a kid
Mr. & Mrs. Reus + 3

Laundry day in the Reus’ household was always a mess. In fact, every Sunday it was. I had to sort through all of the dirty clothes that were accumulated over the last week and with three children and a husband who tossed clothes aside to the floor every five seconds, that meant hours of shifting through Adidas track pants and onesies covered in stains.

I had my second load of clothes sitting in front of the washer, shifting through the various colors and tossing the lights in first. The sight of my husband passing the door to the laundry room caused me to stand up and yell after him.

“Do you ever put clothes on?” Of course he was currently without a shirt and only remained in his pants from earlier. I assumed he had tossed the shirt into the pile of clothes to be washed at some point today.

It didn’t take long before he reappeared, peering into the room where I was before inviting himself further inside. “Around you? Nope.” He wrapped his arms comfortably around my waist and placed a kiss to my jaw. “You know what would make a great ending to my weekend?”

“What is that, Marco?”

“Think you could spare 10 minutes?” With his tone alone, I already knew what he was insinuating and when his cool fingers slid under my shirt sneakily, I needed no more confirmation.

I quickly squirmed out of his convincing touch. “No, Marco. I need to finish the laundry.”

“We can do the laundry at the same time, no? I can toss a shirt in every few minutes.”

“It’s not happening,” I laughed. I opened the dryer and quickly grabbed for a shirt, tossing it into his direction. “Put that on. Thanks,” I winked. He didn’t have much time to object before the sound of quick, small footsteps echoed throughout the hallway until our daughter arrived at the door.

“Daddy! Johnny won’t help me with my work!” Kendall whined. It wasn’t unusual for her and her brother to get into little tifts, especially considering how close they were in age with Jay being 7 and she 5.

Marco let out a sigh, already knowing he would have to play mediator for at least the next 30 minutes. “Jonathan!” It was always serious when he referred to his son by his full name and not one of his many nicknames which explained Jay’s quick arrival.

“Yes?” He questioned, already knowing the complaints he was about to hear. He looked to me for backup but I quickly raised both of my hands, as if to signal I had no parts in this. I turned to focus back on the laundry, only listening in to the ongoing conversation.

“Why won’t you help your sister with her work?”

It was so obvious who was on whose “side” you could say. Kendall clung to Marco’s side as much as she could. Who did she want tucking her into bed every night? Marco. Who did she want to sit with her in the kitchen to eat ice cream and brownies every Saturday night? Marco. Oh and if he was away? She’d just make him FaceTime her before bed as if he was there by her side. On the other side was Jay who found comfort by my side when he was sick or just wanted to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. Cassie was still a baby who had yet to pledge her allegiance.

I was still trying to recruit her to my side. The good side.

It seemed Jonathan had a counter for his dad’s questioning. “What does it matter? It’s not like she even gets a grade on it.” He was careful to mutter the last portion of his statement but Marco could hear just as clearly regardless.

“Excuse me?” Marco challenged him to repeat the sly remark.

“Nothing,” the young child groaned.

“Help your sister or hand over your iPad for the day. It’s your choice.”

Jonathan let out another frustrated groan before uttering a “Fine” and trotting off, followed closely behind by his satisfied sister who donned a proud smile.

Daddy always comes in and saves the day.

“Why does he always have an attitude?” Marco complained, pointing behind him to reference his child who had just walked out.

“Reminds you of someone, doesn’t it?” I smirked, tossing the last item inside and starting the cycle of the washer.

“Ha. Ha. You want to sleep on the couch so bad tonight,” he joked.

I couldn’t help but laugh at his joke, pushing his chest playfully before leaving the room and heading towards the living room. I gladly plopped down on the couch for a moment to take a breather, my eyes drifting to a still sleeping Cassie who was nestled into her crib.

The other troublesome pair were spread out on the floor with Kendall’s work which probably revolved around her writing her letters. Jay’s yelling in frustration answered my question on that.

“Noooo, you don’t write it like that.” He quickly reached over and grabbed for his sister’s pencil.

“Be patient with her, Jay,” Marco warned. He hopped onto the couch with me, gently pushing me forward some so that he could lay behind me. His hand immediately wrapped around my waist to pull me tighter and his face fell into my hair, probably filling his nostrils with my mango scented shampoo as he cuddled me close. “Being a parent is so exhausting,” he uttered, his face still practically buried in my hair.

And that it was. 24 hours filled with sibling fights, the mess of a 6 month old and most importantly, love.

gif credit to lilarose79

I am currently abroad in Europe and will have limited access to the net. This one-shot is set to automatically post. I will respond to all messages when I return.

Nayeon: [Doing laundry]

Nayeon: Jihyo?! I need your help! 

Jihyo: What happened? 

Nayeon: I put bleach in the wrong thingy and I need you to fix it. 

Jihyo: … 

Nayeon: Like, right now. 

Jihyo: Fine.. 

Nayeon: [Remembers that time she forgot to add detergent and washed a whole load of clothes in softener and then left them sitting in the washer for too long and they smelled like mold]

Nayeon: [Whispers to herself] Why am I allowed to be an adult? 

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Dex walking in on Nursey soflty singing in the morning and it may just be the most beautiful thing he's ever seen/heard. (BTW you're writing is amazing!!!!!!)

wow thank you so much!!! here’s some idiots in love for u!!!! (ps the song nursey’s singing to is the twenty one pilots cover of can’t help falling in love, because i am trash and nursey is trash and it’s something that would happen, ok)

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Originally posted by sexycliffconda

Pairing: Luke + Y/N

Rating: I mean, do you really need a rating if you read the summary?

Requested: @mrshemmings26 -  Hello!Can u please write a long imagine where Luke and I are a couple but we break up because he kisses another girl at a party and he tries to apologize to me but i don’t take his apology so he starts hating me and i hate him too but in the end we get back together? SOrry if it’s weird but I saw it in my dream XD

TW: Some bitterness, hangovers, swearing, etc. Food mention.

A/N: PAAAAART 2. MORE DRAMA, AHAHAHAH *cough cough* and some cute make up stuff at the end. Yes. It was coming. This is a long read because everything will wrap up in this one. I was too lazy to separate this in 3 parts so if it seems rushed, sorrrry/ And another person guest stars in this story, WHOOP!
Sorry this took longer than expected, distractions. But nonetheless, let’s get right to it!

Part 1 :-)


You’ll have some birds that you’ll appreciate and you’ll have some birds that are mindless and total dicks. Well today, today is one of the latter days.

Stupid bird. Pecking on my window as if their “singing” a tune every human understands, fucking up my sleeping schedule in the process. No creature in their right state of mind would be this happy so early in the goddamn morning. Jesus, my head hurts and I thanked the man himself for window screens because otherwise, I’d deal with another bathroom incident. If you must know what happened, birds have no concept of privacy, that’s all I’m going to say.

The pounding in my head seemed to increase quite rapidly and I let out a guttural groan, pushing the pillow further on top of my head as if it’ll cure this insane hangover. I dreaded this part the most because it felt like my brain was mush and every little thing irritated me. It’s like I’m on my period with very bad migraines except this time, I basically asked for it by drinking the night away. 

I was about to drift off, wanting to lose myself in dreams when someone yanked the pillow from my head. I sat up, about to yell at whoever was in my house, when it came. More thumping. Grabbing my forehead as softly as I could manage, I shut my eyes, hoping it’ll go away.

“Shit, oh my god.”

“Here, you need this.” Slowly opening my eyes, I see Michael offering me two aspirins and a glass of water. Taking it from him, I swallowed the medicine when he said “Bottoms up!” Oh, that smirk. I’m not a very violent person but that stupid smirk was annoying me at the moment.

“You’re so good to me Mikey. What did I ever do to deserve a friend like you?”

“I don’t know. How are you feeling though?”

“Are you a magic 8 ball?” I smiled, seeing him roll his eyes. He knew this was coming. “Because ask again later.”

“That’s so bad, stop.”

“A stupid question gets a stupid answer.”

“I take my friendship back.”

“Sorry hun, no takebacks. You’re stuck with me forever.” Giving me the finger, I stuck my tongue at him and laid back down, throwing the blanket over me. “Thanks for taking me home, you can leave now.”

“You’re not home though?” That caught my attention.

“What?” Sitting back up once more, I look at my surroundings and realized he was right. I wasn’t at home. I was in Michael’s room. I mean, how can you not tell? He had posters of video games and bands, his gaming systems is in the corner, and the room was covered in a black and white backdrop. Unlike my room, his room was neat. There was no clothes littering the floor and no make up on the vanity. How did I not notice this? Was I that fucked? “Why did you take me here?”

“I took you home at first but your keys were at Calum’s and I didn’t want to make a return trip after that big fiasco. I also couldn’t find your spare key under the fake rock in your potted plant so here you are!” That’s right. I used my spare key and forgot to put it back. I should do that once I get home.

“Big fiasco? What happened? Did it involve me? Did anyone got hurt?”

“Oh princess, I’ll tell you over breakfast.”

“Did it involve me? Anyon-”

“You know where the spare toothbrush and towels are. I put some clothes on the toilet seat for you and once you’re done washing that reek off you, we’ll talk in the kitchen. Sound good?” Before I could answer, he got up and left, leaving me to panic. What the fuck happened yesterday?


Arriving in the kitchen, freshly showered thirty minutes later, I see Mikey setting up one last plate and handing it over to me.

“Hope you don’t mind take out from iHop.”

“I’m not complaining. At least it’s not leftover pizza. You think you love it but when you have it for over two weeks, you get sick of it for awhile. Hope you don’t mind but I put my clothes in the washer.” Sitting at the table, he takes his plate and joins me, eating his food in silence. It was one of those moments where you can actually feel the tension and awkwardness. I’ve had better times on this table than what was happening now and it made my mind race even more. “So you’re gonna tell me what happened yesterday?” I whispered as he mumbled contently, enjoying a piece of bacon.

“Want to hear every single detail or the whole gist of it?”

“Which one is less worse?”

“Basically, you were super drunk, lightweight-”

“Stop saying that!” I whined as he chuckled warmly, looking at me with amusement. 

“Shut up, I’m recapping. Anyway, so what happened was that Luke broke this unspoken rule of unofficial dating and you ranted off about it and it was all a big mess as he was trying to apologize but you wouldn’t take his shit.” A light bulb went off in my head and although I don’t remember much at the moment, I did remember something.

“Being unofficial means other people still throw yourself at you because despite saying you like another person, it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a stupid label that proves what you say is true. It doesn’t work like that if nothing is done over a long period of time. Also, once you cross that unspoken line, break the ‘no touching others’ rule, unofficial is as good as dead. Aren’t you tired of not being able to call someone yours? Does it ever occur to you that what you think we have is hurting me? Saying you don’t want us to be really known and lying to everyone else about it, that’s fucking hurtful. It’s like rejection.”

Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit. Oh my god. 

“Princess, relax. Maybe what you said to him last night will knock some sense into him. Do you want to hear the rest of the details?” He asked and I nodded my head, slightly unsure.

“I kind of don’t want to but you need too so I can face the humiliation and consequences of my actions.” As he explained in very grave detail of what happened last night and what spilled from my mouth, I nodded my head disapprovingly, hiding my face in the palm of my hands. “Can I avoid him forever?”

“Afraid not. You have to talk to him.”


“No buts, the more you avoid your problems, even worse shit will happen.”

“It already did.” As I heard keys jingling, I instinctively stood up and looked at Michael with a horrified expression. If I was in Michael’s flat, it also meant I’m in Luke’s flat. Oh my god, I wasn’t ready. With Michael about to take another bite of his food, I grabbed his arm and dragged him to the bathroom, closing it.

“Mikey, I can’t face him now. Please don’t make me! I need to get out now!”

“Your clothes are in the washer. Don’t you think he’ll see them?”

“He doesn’t do laundry on Saturday and I can pick it up next time or you can drop them off later! I’m serious! I need to get out!” I whisper yelled as he crossed his arms. Oh, I’m meeting a very stubborn sass monster today. Hang around Calum and he’ll rub off on you. Glancing around, I remember the window in Michael’s room and looked at him.

“Do you think I can escape through your window?”

“Princess, I know you’re still dealing with the aftereffects of drinking because you do remember that we live in an apartment, high from the ground right? You try to escape through the window and the boys and I will have to visit your comatose body in the hospital.”

“Graphic.” I mumbled as he shook his head and uncrossed his arm.

“Go out there and talk to him. When you’re done, we’ll go over to Calum’s to grab your key and car and then you can avoid Luke all you want.” As he pushed me out of the bathroom, I was making my way to Michael’s room when I heard him.

“Michael? What’s she doing here? In your clothes?” Looking down at one of Michael’s shirts and a pair of skinny jeans I left behind after the last sleepover, I sheepishly turned around and faced them, both looking annoyed at what was currently happening. Although, Michael did look more amused than the grouch standing next to him.

“It’s actually Ashton’s and it’s just a shirt dude.”

“Why is she here? I don’t want her here.” Glancing at Luke, my chest tightened and the nervousness that surrounded me evaporated which was soon replaced by hurt and anger.

“Wow, I know that I told you off yesterday but you don’t have to be a dick about it. You did enough of that last night.” I retaliated as Michael walked away, leaving us two in the hallway. As he glared at me, he stood tall and crossed his arms, trying to make me feel small from his authoritative posture. Don’t tell him but it was working.

“You made it obvious you didn’t like me anymore because if you did, you would have accepted my apology.” 

What. fucking. bullshit

What kind of next level shit is this?

“Are you serious? Tell me you’re fucking joking.” With him still standing tall and mighty, I laughed and looked at him, walking closer. “You are such a neanderthal! Just because I don’t accept your apology doesn’t mean I don’t like you any less! I basically said I love you somewhere and you’re taking this differently!?”

“Normal people forgive and forget.”

“No Luke, normal people forgive but they never forget. This all happened yesterday and you expect me to run towards you with hugs and kisses? Wake up Luke, this is real life. Not some stupid fantasy you made up in your head!” He stayed quiet and the glares we gave each other were very harsh and vengeful. “I told you how I felt about our situation and you’re twisting every little thing around! Are you that idiotic?”

“I don’t know why we liked each other in the first place. You don’t deserve me.” Feeling my heart stop, tears started welling up in my eyes and I looked at the ground, hoping the feelings went away. Glancing back up a minute later, I saw him tense up a little but still keeping that straight face on. He was being such an asshole right now.

“All I wanted was for you to understand what I felt like this entire time and for you to- Screw it. What we had was nothing. You’re right, I don’t deserve you. I deserve someone better.”

“Well congrats on coming to that conclusion sweetheart! It makes it easier for me so I didn’t have to tell you!” Scoffing, I looked him dead him in the eyes and if Michael wouldn’t pop in to diffuse the situation, all hell would break loose. “So you think Calum or Michael likes you? You’re basically throwing yourselves at them. But wow, first you flirt with Calum and now you’re wearing Michael’s shirt! That’s a record compared to how much guys actually approach you!” That was the one that killed me. He knew I was sore on the subject, that insecurity of not being good enough or too intimidating and he stooped so goddamn low that if he was playing limbo and the stick was left on the ground, he’d pass it.

“For the last time, this is Ashton’s shirt you fuck face! I wasn’t flirting with Calum, I was upset with how you kissed the girl and even if I said those things to him last night, he and I both know I wasn’t in the right state of mind! Michael is also a very good friend and what he did for me, he’d do that for anyone else he cares about and you know that! Wow, how could you throw your friends under bus like that. Tell me Luke, were you insinuating that I was a slut when you were the one who committed a mistake? How can I be one anyway if you said no guy talks to me? Obviously, you do which means something is wrong with you, not me.” He scoffed and rudely bumped shoulders with me, heading towards his room. Turning to face him, I took off my necklace and called after him.

“Yo, jackass. If you hate me, I’ll hate you ten times more!” He turned to flick me off when I threw the object near his feet. That necklace was special to me because he gave it to me when we were still friends and it symbolized that if we pursued our feelings for each other, we would still be the same even if things turned to shit. Looks like we were both wrong and naive on that one; I was anyway. He looked at the necklace and back up at me when I crossed my arms and huffed. “Unlike some people, I actually hope you’re happy and if I’m lucky enough to land a guy or girl, I’ll let you know how it goes. Goodbye Luke.” With that, I left to hang out with Michael to finish eating so I could leave right after. It wasn’t a dramatic exit but I did hear a door slamming and that was enough for me to finally break down.


It’s been a month, three weeks and two days since that “talk” happened and to say the confrontation changed things is an understatement. Whenever Luke and I were in the same room, we’d be glaring at each other and spitting insults that everyone was getting sick and tired of it, even myself. I stopped hanging out with the boys two weeks ago simply because I hated the fighting and the tension wasn’t doing any good for anyone, including myself. It was emotionally draining and I didn’t want to make the others feel uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure Luke felt the same way from the times we flat out ignored each other but I wouldn’t know. We never had a decent conversation.

Anyway, today was one of those days were I had a day off and as I was grocery shopping, I had bumped into an old friend. We had talked for a while until he decided to tag along with me and I didn’t mind so I agreed. We were currently eating at local eatery when my cellphone started ringing. It was playing the most obnoxious ring tone I had which meant that it was one person calling. 


“Are you going to answer that?” Glancing up at my friend, I nodded my head no and rejected the call. Besides, it’s considered rude to be talking on the phone at the table when you’re eating with someone else. 

“It’s not important, trust me.”

“I don’t know Y/N. It sounds pretty important if it rang about four times now.”

“So how’s life Niall? Golfing getting any fun?”

“It’s always been fun now stop changing the topic. Who’s calling you?” Ignoring his question, I decided to take a bite out of my food when my cellphone rang again. Jesus, why is he calling me!? Before I could grab it, Niall reached over and took my phone and I looked away in shame. “Oh hey! It’s Luke!”

“Give it back Niall. Don’t answer it!”

“Why not? Are you guys fighting?”

“Who told you that?”

“You just did.” Seeing him smile in victory, I sighed and threw my napkin at him, hitting him right at his face. He could be nosy sometimes but that’s one of the many things I love about him. “Seriously Niall. Who told you?”

“It’s kind of obvious-” Giving him a look, he shrugged and handed my phone back. “Alright, I’ll spill the beans. He did.”

“Wow, that so gave me an answer. Tell me, who did? Was it Michael? Ashton? Calum? Or maybe it wa-” Cut off by another call, I closed my eyes in frustration. Someone better be dying if he’s calling me constantly. Or maybe he wanted to salt the wound even more. Whatever it was, I wasn’t going to answer it anytime soon.

“The guy who’s blowing up your phone. That’s who told me.” Opening my eyes in shock, he laughed as I shook my head in disbelief.

“Are you serious!? What did he say?”

“Ah, ah. Bro code, I can’t say anything. I was sworn to secrecy!” Seeing him laugh, I grabbed a fry and chucked it at his face. It hit him square in the nose and I couldn’t help but let out a few giggles. He looked so surprised I even did that as he offered me a grin. “Why are you throwing stuff at me?”

“Is it really my fault you couldn’t catch that with your mouth?”

“You dirty cheater! I wasn’t aware of that!”

“All is fair in love and war! Now come on, if you’re telling me Luke told you we’re having this spat, which in my defense, is overdone and tiresome, I want to know what he said! Don’t you want to hear my side?”

“I can pretty much understand how you’re feeling. I stayed neutral throughout his whole rant and I’ve never seen a man misunderstand his feelings of love for hate.”

“Care to elaborate?” Hearing him sigh playfully, I rolled my eyes as he crossed his arms on the table and leaned forward.

“He’s being an arse because he loves you.”

“Yeah, nothing screams out romance like being a dick to the person you supposedly love.”

“You have to understand where he’s coming from.” As he looked at me pleadingly, I let him continue as he grinned like he knew something I didn’t know. Well technically, he did but that’s not the point. “You guys are fighting because of some big problem that happened at a party right?”


“And then you guys tried to talk out the day after yeah?”

“Your point? I don’t need a recap.”

“From my understandings, from the time you caught him kissing another girl, both of you were so emotionally charged up, more specifically by the alcohol that things got even more heated than they needed to be. He’s aware he made a HUGE mistake and he knows he fucked up but when he tried to apologize and make sense of what just happened and also trying not to lose you in the process, no one was letting him and it became even more frustrating at this point. Everything happened so fast that by the time you explained how you felt, he felt even more lost, confused and angry; he probably needed to time to cool off.”

“Well okay, he had a few hours to cool off but when he came back home, he said it right to my face that he didn’t want me there.”

“You even said so yourself, it’s only been a few hours. He’s a guy, we don’t process shit until days later. Have you ever considered that he didn’t want you there because he knows he’ll react and if you didn’t leave, you’d guys get the fight you got?” Damn him. Damn Niall for being too smart for his own good. He made sense and it was making my skin crawl. “What did he say to you after?”

“Something about me not liking him anymore because I hadn’t accepted his apology and normal people forgive and forget.”

“Yeah, how’d you respond?”

“I admit, I did say some harsh stuff when I should’ve stopped at saying normal people forgive but never forget but I can’t take that back now.”

“Sweetheart, you two aren’t normal.”


“What else was mentioned?” Groaning, I took a sip of my drink as he did the same. I’m surprised I’m talking about this with someone other than the boys. It’s refreshing to hear another perspective but I’m totally being creamed at the moment.

“He said something along the lines of you don’t deserve me and I retaliated by saying that we had nothing, he was right, and I agreed with him saying I deserved someone better. Then he said I made it easier for him for saying that and then he hit me with a low blow by assuming I’m some slut for ‘flirting’ with the boys and then stating my insecurity.”

“I admit, that is a low blow but you do realize you’re his insecurity right?”

“What?” As he took a bite out his food, I looked at our surroundings and noted that people weren’t eavesdropping which was a good thing. It was shocking yet relieving.

“Face it, he knows you’re gorgeous and you can have any guy at the snap of your fingers which is why he said those things to you. He’s scared he’d lose you to someone else and seeing how you interact with the other lads didn’t help him at all. Even if he said you’re better with someone else, that doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it. Hurting you at the time was like saying, ‘I can say those things to her and it won’t affect me’ but poor Luke only realized too late he was hurting himself especially when you literally, threw your friendship/relationship at his feet.”

“Okay Dr. Phil, I get it. But can you explain why we kept fighting after?”

“Misplaced anger. He’s angry at himself, he couldn’t lash out on himself so why not get mad at someone else who’s involved?”

“Ugh, you’re right. This whole thing wouldn’t have blown way out of proportion if were actually dating instead of going out. There’s a difference you know.”

“I’m guessing that’s why he’s calling you. Maybe he finally realized what he needed to do.” Rubbing my head, I continued to drink my beverage when the waiter came over. I asked for a to-go plate and looked back at Niall who was finishing some of the food he had left on his plate. “What should I do?”

“Talk to him in person.”

“Did you have anything to do with today? Or why he’s calling me?”

“I told you, guys don’t process shit until days later. Sometimes weeks. I had this conversation with him a week and a half ago. You’re welcome.”

“You should become a therapist or something.” He laughed.

“Yeah, or something.”


Arriving at Michael and Luke’s apartment, I knocked on the door and was greeted by Michael who looked startled by my appearance. Pushing past him to enter, I saw Calum and Luke playing Fifa as Ashton was on his phone.


“Sorry for the sudden intrusion but I brought boxes of donuts and pizzas as gifts. It’s downstairs with Niall. He parked somewhere across the street but you better hurry. You know how the security is over here.” As Michael whistled for Calum and Luke to help him, I looked over at Ashton and smiled. “Oh, Ash. Niall said he needed to talk to you about something important.”

“Right.” As he stood up, all four of them were headed out the door, into the hallway, when I grabbed Luke’s hand to keep him back. He looked at me suspiciously and was about to say something when I gave him a look to shut it. He looked appalled and was going to speak anyway when I dragged him back into the apartment and looked out the doorway to make sure the other three got into the elevator. When they did, Michael finally realized we weren’t with them and started shouting what we were doing and not to break anything when the elevators closed. Giving myself a pat on the back, I shut the door and locked it, making Luke look at me like I was crazy,

“What are y-”

“You got about five minutes to explain why you’ve been calling me before they realized I sent them down there for nothing. Fifteen minutes if Niall decides to join them on this bro fest and presses all the buttons on the elevator to give us space. Time is ticking.”

“I- I take it Niall told you everything?”

“He made me realize it wasn’t all about me. Go. I’m giving us a chance to work things out and for you to explain things before Michael kills me when he realizes I didn’t actually buy pizza. Or donuts.”

“This is crazy! I don’t do well under pressure!”

“You perform in front of thousands of people!”

“That’s different!”

“How is it different!?”

“Because if I fuck up at a concert, the fans wouldn’t really care as much and would still be there for me at the end of the day. If I say the wrong things to you, you’ll be gone forever.”

“Do you really believe that after all the hurtful shit we said to each other in the past month? If you said the wrong thing to me before, I wouldn’t be here now.”

“You stopped hanging out with the guys for two weeks.”

“I have a life you know and I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by our fights. I’m tired of it. Can’t we just solve whatever it is between us?” He sighed and I knew that he knew I was right.

“You mean like start over?”

“In a way, yeah. Before all this unofficial shit happened. Don’t get me wrong, I did love the dates we went on before but it just hurts you know? I want to be with you and let the world know how happy you make me but how can I do that if we’re just friends who go on dates and make out in private?”

“You don’t think I wanted that? To call you mine?”

“You sure didn’t voice that to me.”

“It kills me inside that I can’t. Besides the fans, I have a contract with the record label and the bands management team who dictate most of my life so even if I were to scream how much I love you to the world, it’s going to get covered up somehow.” It was my turn to sigh. He was right.

“But like I told you before, we shouldn’t let other people’s word affect us. And if management tries to cover it up or tells me to break things off, I’m not going to let them have that power. I don’t want that.” Is he really saying what I think he’s saying? As he’s walking towards me, he wraps his arms around my waist as I wrap my arms around his neck.

“Would you, Y/N Y/L/N, take this necklace back and be my girlfriend?” Taking out the necklace I ‘returned’, I nodded my head yes and grinned so big, he just had to lay one on me. As he puts my necklace back in his pocket, he grabs my hand, leading me out of the apartment and towards the fire exit.

“I’ll put it on after we go out on our date.”

“Fair enough. But where are you taking me on short notice? How are we even getting to where you’re planning?”

“I can always call an uber.” Running down the stairs, he grips my hand tightly and turns around as my body collided with his front.

“What now?”

“We have a lot of making up to do.” Watching him raise his eyebrows flirtatiously, I couldn’t help but laugh at his cheek statement.

“I have to make it up to Michael, Calum, Ashton and Niall. Get in line buddy.”


A/N: OI. IT’S FINISHED. I know it fell flat towards the end but what I can do? I tried hard to get this done before reality happened. If there were any errors, I’m sorry. I didn’t know editing this one would take hours. I literally fell asleep on the floor, hahah. I’m used to it, don’t worry. But I hope you enjoyed this and now, onto other requests :-) OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY FUCKING GOD. ROACHES EVERYWHERE. I’M DEAD.

dinomite-notreally  asked:

Hiya! I don't know how to phrase this,but I have a prompt idea. Would a continuation of The Pink Bag be possible? Like a couple days later FInn asks Rae to show him leading to him telling her how beautiful she is and fluff and smut kind of.. I don't know. its just an idea.

I hope this is kind of what you had in mind! Let me know what you think! :)
Pink Bag part 2

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Pregnant Fight (Liam) -REQUESTED

“Liam!” you called for the 80th time from bed. “(Y/N) I TOLD YOU I’M ON A WORK CALL,” he said, getting annoyed. He had been on a ‘work call’ for 2 hours and you weren’t feeling good. Not to mention you were 9 months pregnant and due next week. He told you he took the day off to take care of you but so far today you had made your own breakfast and did 3 loads of laundry. You told him he didn’t need to take off and that you’d be fine but he insisted. Look how well that turned out. 

When you could barely stand you decided to lay in bed for a little while. Liam promised to make you some tea…2 hours ago when you first laid down. “I’ll do it my damn self,” you muttered bitterly to the empty room. You hobbled down stairs and past Liam toward the kitchen. “Yeah alright thanks. Bye,” he said into the phone. “What the hell are you doing? You’ve already done a weeks worth of moving today you need to go rest,” he scolded. “Oh you’re right. I’ll just go back to bed and you can take another call. Can I expect my tea in the next 5 hours? Or is that so much to ask?” you said rudely. His eyes widened and then he lowered his head. He forgot he promised you tea.

“I’m sorry. Let me make it for you,” he said apologetically now. “I’m already down here. I’ll do it,” you told him. “(Y/N) don’t be so damn stubborn. Just go to bed! I’ll make it!” he said, raising his voice now. “Liam! You should’ve made it two hours ago! Just leave me the hell alone!” you screamed now. “Fine!” he said. Before he could say something he’d regret, he stormed out the front door. 

Your hormones were crazy, he knew that. He just wished you weren’t so angry and irritable all the time. There was never anything he could do to make it better. The only thing he could do was give the two of you space. 

What felt like the second the door closed, you felt a sharp pain in your stomach. You dropped the mug of tea onto the counter and doubled over. Sweat broke out on your forehead and liquid ran down your leg. Your water broke. “Oh no…Oh no, oh no,” you said to yourself. Liam left his phone on the table and god knows where he stormed off too. You reached for his phone and dialed Eleanor. At least Louis lived close so someone there could drive you to the hospital. “Liam?” she answered confused. “El? It’s me. My water broke. Liam left and I—“ you told her. “I’ll be right there,” she said, hanging up the phone quickly. After 5 of the most uncomfortable minutes of your life, Eleanor walked through the door with Louis behind her. You were sitting up against the dish washer on the floor when she found you. “(Y/N)! Oh my gosh! Let’s get you to the hospital. Louis will go find Liam,” she told you as they pulled you to your feet. That’s when you told them about the fight and how Liam stormed out. “It’s okay. Lou will get him,” she reassured you. 

You were admitted to the hospital and were given a room. Eleanor stayed with you while Louis texted her updates on Liam. “They’re on their way,” she said rubbing your arm soothingly. You nodded and gave her a weak smile. 

15 minutes later, Liam burst through the door and moved quickly to your side. “Oh god baby I’m so sorry,” he said over and over while kissing your hands and your cheeks and your forehead and finally your lips. “Li it’s fine—“ “No it’s not fine. I’m such an idiot! You’re 9 months pregnant and I left you alone?” he said, beating himself up. “Liam I forgive you. Hey c’mere” you said taking his head in your dainty hands. “We’re gonna be parents,” you said biting your lip smiling. He smiled back. “Were gonna be parents!” he said kissing you over and over. 

I just picked Liam because I knew it would be long. lol thanks to the anon for requesting! xx

in my bones and under my skin: Chapter 2 Sneak Peak

Hopefully I’ll be able to post the full update soon. For now, though, enjoy this much!

“Hey, wait a minute. You’re that guy from the elevator this morning, the one reciting those bones. I had to look that up.”

“Oh…um. Yeah. It kept me awake.” Will says. He’s still rooted to the spot in the door, looking at the stranger and taking in every detail. He hopes that no one else has to use the washers and dryers because they wouldn’t be able to squeeze past him.

“You a doctor or something, then?” The stranger asks, pushing himself up to sit on the washer behind him by his pile of missing posters and his stapler.

“Well, actually, I’m a surgeon. Well, sort of. I’m still in my residency. But I’m almost done with schooling. So yeah. A doctor.” Will blushes. Apparently hot, suave strangers take away all of his tact. The stranger raises a perfectly plucked eyebrow and Will is struck with how odd of a thing that is to notice.

“You must have steady hands.” The stranger laughs. Will can feel all the blood left in his body rush to his head so fast it almost makes him a little queasy. He’s trying to formulate an opinion, but gives up, instead closing his mouth to stop himself from looking like too much of an idiot and walking over to one of the washers the stranger isn’t sitting on.

“Awe, hey, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” The stranger says, kicking his legs lightly against the washer he’s perched on, “I’m Nico, by the way.”

“Will.” Will says, throwing his laundry in the machine a little more forcefully than usual.