sitting on washer

Nayeon: [Doing laundry]

Nayeon: Jihyo?! I need your help! 

Jihyo: What happened? 

Nayeon: I put bleach in the wrong thingy and I need you to fix it. 

Jihyo: … 

Nayeon: Like, right now. 

Jihyo: Fine.. 

Nayeon: [Remembers that time she forgot to add detergent and washed a whole load of clothes in softener and then left them sitting in the washer for too long and they smelled like mold]

Nayeon: [Whispers to herself] Why am I allowed to be an adult? 

Mr. & Mrs. Reus + 3

Laundry day in the Reus’ household was always a mess. In fact, every Sunday it was. I had to sort through all of the dirty clothes that were accumulated over the last week and with three children and a husband who tossed clothes aside to the floor every five seconds, that meant hours of shifting through Adidas track pants and onesies covered in stains.

I had my second load of clothes sitting in front of the washer, shifting through the various colors and tossing the lights in first. The sight of my husband passing the door to the laundry room caused me to stand up and yell after him.

“Do you ever put clothes on?” Of course he was currently without a shirt and only remained in his pants from earlier. I assumed he had tossed the shirt into the pile of clothes to be washed at some point today.

It didn’t take long before he reappeared, peering into the room where I was before inviting himself further inside. “Around you? Nope.” He wrapped his arms comfortably around my waist and placed a kiss to my jaw. “You know what would make a great ending to my weekend?”

“What is that, Marco?”

“Think you could spare 10 minutes?” With his tone alone, I already knew what he was insinuating and when his cool fingers slid under my shirt sneakily, I needed no more confirmation.

I quickly squirmed out of his convincing touch. “No, Marco. I need to finish the laundry.”

“We can do the laundry at the same time, no? I can toss a shirt in every few minutes.”

“It’s not happening,” I laughed. I opened the dryer and quickly grabbed for a shirt, tossing it into his direction. “Put that on. Thanks,” I winked. He didn’t have much time to object before the sound of quick, small footsteps echoed throughout the hallway until our daughter arrived at the door.

“Daddy! Johnny won’t help me with my work!” Kendall whined. It wasn’t unusual for her and her brother to get into little tifts, especially considering how close they were in age with Jay being 7 and she 5.

Marco let out a sigh, already knowing he would have to play mediator for at least the next 30 minutes. “Jonathan!” It was always serious when he referred to his son by his full name and not one of his many nicknames which explained Jay’s quick arrival.

“Yes?” He questioned, already knowing the complaints he was about to hear. He looked to me for backup but I quickly raised both of my hands, as if to signal I had no parts in this. I turned to focus back on the laundry, only listening in to the ongoing conversation.

“Why won’t you help your sister with her work?”

It was so obvious who was on whose “side” you could say. Kendall clung to Marco’s side as much as she could. Who did she want tucking her into bed every night? Marco. Who did she want to sit with her in the kitchen to eat ice cream and brownies every Saturday night? Marco. Oh and if he was away? She’d just make him FaceTime her before bed as if he was there by her side. On the other side was Jay who found comfort by my side when he was sick or just wanted to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. Cassie was still a baby who had yet to pledge her allegiance.

I was still trying to recruit her to my side. The good side.

It seemed Jonathan had a counter for his dad’s questioning. “What does it matter? It’s not like she even gets a grade on it.” He was careful to mutter the last portion of his statement but Marco could hear just as clearly regardless.

“Excuse me?” Marco challenged him to repeat the sly remark.

“Nothing,” the young child groaned.

“Help your sister or hand over your iPad for the day. It’s your choice.”

Jonathan let out another frustrated groan before uttering a “Fine” and trotting off, followed closely behind by his satisfied sister who donned a proud smile.

Daddy always comes in and saves the day.

“Why does he always have an attitude?” Marco complained, pointing behind him to reference his child who had just walked out.

“Reminds you of someone, doesn’t it?” I smirked, tossing the last item inside and starting the cycle of the washer.

“Ha. Ha. You want to sleep on the couch so bad tonight,” he joked.

I couldn’t help but laugh at his joke, pushing his chest playfully before leaving the room and heading towards the living room. I gladly plopped down on the couch for a moment to take a breather, my eyes drifting to a still sleeping Cassie who was nestled into her crib.

The other troublesome pair were spread out on the floor with Kendall’s work which probably revolved around her writing her letters. Jay’s yelling in frustration answered my question on that.

“Noooo, you don’t write it like that.” He quickly reached over and grabbed for his sister’s pencil.

“Be patient with her, Jay,” Marco warned. He hopped onto the couch with me, gently pushing me forward some so that he could lay behind me. His hand immediately wrapped around my waist to pull me tighter and his face fell into my hair, probably filling his nostrils with my mango scented shampoo as he cuddled me close. “Being a parent is so exhausting,” he uttered, his face still practically buried in my hair.

And that it was. 24 hours filled with sibling fights, the mess of a 6 month old and most importantly, love.

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