sitting on the floor like a bum

Reggie x Reader: Strip Study

Warnings: mentions of sexual things
Requested: yes

*your POV*

Reggie Mantle, the big football star of Riverdale High might be great on the field, but he wasn’t so great on the academic papers. Reggie had a big chemistry exam on Wednesday and if he didn’t pass he would fail Chemistry for the semester, possibly ruining any scholarships he would ever get. I however, was somehow a chemistry scholar, and instead of snuggling and drinking milkshakes on a Saturday night, I was teaching Reggie “how to chemistry.”

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Strangers No More

“Friendship arises out of mere Companionship when two or more of the companions discover that they have in common some insight or interest or even taste which the others do not share and which, till that moment, each believed to be his own unique treasure (or burden). The typical expression of opening Friendship would be something like, “What? You too? I thought I was the only one.”
… It is when two such persons discover one another, when, whether with immense difficulties and semi-articulate fumblings or with what would seem to us amazing and elliptical speed, they share their vision - it is then that Friendship is born. And instantly they stand together in an immense solitude.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

For those who don’t know, a little history…

@caitcrumbcake was the second Tumblr blogger I ever made contact with. She was here for the SamCait ship (a Cait passenger for the most part) back in the very early days of innocent tomfoolery. She was funny, I thought, and wrote some fun fanfic. Most importantly, she was the one still awake and on Tumblr late at night when I couldn’t sleep. I needed a friend and I found one. There are times in life when what you need most is a stranger with a strange perspective and it was one of those times for me in life. We got along quite well. 

As things around here got more and more ridiculous, she stopped playing in the fandom. Also she relocated to Bum Fuck, other side of planet Earth. I’m not kidding. Literally. Other side of the planet. 16 hour time difference in the winter. It became quite a challenge to stay in touch. But stay in touch we did. We have made the effort. 

So yesterday….

I woke up and shared my coffee with crumbcake. In person. She was sitting in my ladies’ lounge and we chatted while her wee bairn played on the floor. We talked like we always do about everything and nothing. I made her oatmeal for breakfast. 

While I was waiting for my bath to run, I pulled up Tumblr to see what was on the agenda for the day. I saw the ridiculous post. I laughed. I rolled my eyes. I said hey to eternity and then went about my day. Crumbcake and I didn’t waste a second discussing that picture. I didn’t bring it up. I didn’t know if she’d seen it or not, but in my mind that is for Tumblr. 

What happens on Tumblr, stays on Tumblr. Usually. Sometimes though…..

What happens on Tumblr is that someone flies 8000 miles to attend a family wedding with three small children in tow and then drives 600 miles out of thier way just to spend 24 hours hanging out with you. 600 miles! That’s insane! I still can’t believe she did that. 

I see so many friendships on here amongst the bloggers and everyone says that’s why they stick around. What are you guys waiting for? Go meet your crumbcakes! 

i miss the way your hands felt
on my shoulder blades,
the way you’d gesture me
to rest my head on your chest,
the way we’d kiss each other empty
under a light summer and heavy sheets,
until our chests were heaving,
using our emotions like energy.

i miss your room,
sitting cross-legged on your bed,
laughing about the people
who made our shins weak.
i miss how you’d pause and say
“i like you” when i said
something out of line and
the way i couldn’t stop smiling.

i miss sneaking into your house
in the middle of the night,
tip-toeing over the mess
on your floor, the way
you’d shush me when i got
too loud, the way every time
i learned how to be quieter.

i miss walking to the bar
with your friends, the way
we never held hands,
bumming cigarettes and
lighting them with the exhale
between your lips.

i miss the way you’d laugh
with your cheekbones kissing
your eyelids, when this
didn’t feel so dark blue and
empty and meaningless
and we could talk like friends
without our knuckles shaking
around our empty promises.

but mostly, i miss the way
you treated me like i was
a person with flaws and feelings,
like my existence to this world
is important, like i shouldn’t
be afraid to scream,

i am still standing.
just now it’s without you
and i miss everything.

—  i miss when you actually gave a shit that i missed you

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You know how sometimes when you're just doing something a weirdly sexual moan slips out and you're like wtf? Well imagine that happening to zayn when he's with his bro liam and liam getting flushed and popping a halfie and zayn teasing him.






“Like what you see there bro?”


“Um, pardon?”


“Bro, did you shove your water bottle down your pants or are you just happy to see me?”


“Why don’t you find out for yourself? Bro


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Can you share the most dirty "humiliated" sex experience with your son? Like position, words.

Most dirty humiliated……………hmmm…………I guess when we first did Ass to Mouth after we had the internet poll (see earlier on in the blog - no points for guessing how the public voted, tee hee).

Position - when he face plants me on the floor with my bum in the air and reams my holes, grabbing my love handles to spread my asscheeks apart.

but other than that the thing I like the most is the casualness with which he just grabs me and uses me. For example, I’ll be sitting at the dining table having my morning cup of tea and he’ll walk in totally naked, and just grab my head and stuff his cock into my mouth……no good morning, no hi, just cock. That sort of casual abuse really got me off.

May I Have This Dance? - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by sidmalkin

You sighed and looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked beautiful. Your hair was styled just how you wanted it, your well-done make up helped give you a glow, and your dress make you look so much like the princess you had always dreamed of being since you were a little girl. But, if you were a princess, you were a very lonely one.

Your boyfriend, Auston, was sadly far away from you in Zurich, Switzerland like how he was for most of the year. Off playing hockey like how he always dreamed of doing while you were at home.

You weren’t mad at him. Never ever. You were always so proud of him and how incredible he was. You just kind of wished that he wasn’t so far away sometimes. Specifically tonight. You always dreamed of going to prom with Auston and you knew how much he had wished he could go and take you as his date, but he couldn’t seem to find the time in his schedule to make it. He felt awful about not being able to go and leaving you alone since all of your other friends had dates, but the schedule just didn’t match up with the date.

You bit your lip and picked your favorite necklace- a birthday gift from Auston. You wore it every chance you got- up off the dresser’s table as your mom walked in. You could see tears well up in her eyes as she looked at you.

“Oh (Y/N),” your mom said, sounding choked up. “Oh honey, you look so beautiful.”

You smiled and hooked the necklace around your neck. “Thank you, mom. I wanted to look good tonight. Even if I’m going solo, I gotta look at least a little decent.’

“You look like a princess, baby girl. A true Disney princess.” She noticed the sad look in your eyes. “Oh honey, don’t look so sad. I know how badly you wanted Auston to be able to go. He wanted to come with you, too. But-”

“Switzerland. I know.” you said, voice tinted with sadness. “I just wish he wasn’t so far away.”

“I know you do, sweetheart.” she sighed. “Come on. I want to take pictures before you go.”

You nodded and grabbed your hand purse as you fixed yourself before hearing your dad from downstairs.

“(Y/N)! Sweetheart!” you heard him say. “There’s someone here to see you!”

“See me?” you questioned. “What?”

“We may as well go see who is asking for you.” you mom said. “We have to go down for pictures anyways.”

You nodded and went down the hall and down the stairs to see a well-dressed familiar figure talking with your dad by the stairs.

Your eyes widened. “A-Auston?”

The figures’ head whipped around and you saw none other than your boyfriend standing there at the base of the stairs dressed sharply in a tux.

His eyes grew wide and his mouth gaped as his warm brown eyes scanned over you. “(Y/N)… Oh my god. You… You look so so beautiful.”

You saw your dad beam with pride as you made your way down steps to him and Auston. “You look incredible, sweetheart.”

“Thanks dad.” you said, smiling honestly for the first time in what must’ve been weeks before looking at Auston. “When… How did… I’m so happy right now, Aus.”

“I am too.” he grinned. “I asked my coach for time off. He said no at first until I told him what prom was and how big of a deal it is. Specifically for you and me. So, after a few days of begging and him thinking about it, he let me go. But I have to go back on the next flight or connecting flights I can get tomorrow night. I wish I could stay for longer though.”

“It’s fine.” You grinned, hugging him. “You’re here now. That’s what matters.”

He smiles and hugged you back before pulling away.

“I got you this.” he said, taking a small, see-through box from your father with a red rose inside. “Figured that, if I’m going to do this for my girl, I’m going to do it and make it perfect. My girl deserves the best, after all.”

You blushed and held our your wrist as he took the red rose corsage from the box. “That’s really sweet of you, babe.”

He smiled and put the corsage on your wrist. “I want to make it perfect for you, baby.”

“You are.” you grinned in response. “I love you.”

“I love you more.” he said. You responded this time by pecking him quickly on the lips before your mom urged you and your surprise date over to the living room for pictures.


The prom was being held in the ball room of a really prestigious hotel in the city. It seemed like the whole senior class and then some went. The music was loud but danceable, the ballroom looked beautiful after the hours and hours ASB had spent putting the decorations up and getting things together, and all of your friends were so happy to see Auston had been able to make it and even happier to see you happy. They knew how much it bummed you out when he said he couldn’t come.

You sighed happily and sat down in a chair at one of the tables, your boyfriend at your side after escaping the dance floor. The night was going to be over soon. It was almost 11:30 and the prom ended at midnight.

You looked around at the people- your fellow classmates- dancing on the dance floor or sitting down like you and Auston and sighed. Only a few more weeks of seeing these same faces before graduation. After that, you likely would never see any of them again. You tried not to think too much about that, though as you felt a pair of eyes on you. You turned your head to find your boyfriend staring back.

“Hey.” You grinned. “What?”

“Nothing.” he said, grinning back at you. “You’re beautiful.”

You blushed and kissed his cheek. “Thank you.”

“Anytime, babe.” he said. “So. How are you enjoying tonight so far?”

“It’s perfect.” you replied. “Auston, everything is perfect. It’s like how I always dreamed it would be as a kid.”

“I’m glad I could help make it perfect for you.” he grinned. “I’m glad I found the time.”

“I’m glad you did too.” you smiled. “I missed you, Auston.”

“I missed you more, (Y/N).” he said as the DJ stopped the music.

“Alright alright ladies and gents.” the DJ said into the mic. “I’m going to go ahead and start with the slow ones. Lovers, grab your significant others. These ones are for you guys.”

You blushed as the DJ started playing “XO” by Beyonce and you saw Auston get up from his seat next to you.


He smiled down at you. “You heard the man. All the lovers. I think that means us too, my dear.”

You blushed once more and smiled back at him. “So?”

“So,” he offered his hand to you, “may I have this dance?”

You grinned and took his hand as you stood up.

“You may.”

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can you please write a reaction - GD reacts to his GF wear a super short skirt when they are backstage and he is angry and try to get her to change but she doesn't and he is annoy because she is trying to control him? So then they have sex?

This one has been sitting in my inbox for ages and I had a lot of trouble writing it so sorry to whoever asked for this and me taking so long on it.

It is a quite specific reaction and you kind of wrote how you wanted him to act in the scenario you offered. I guess I just made him angry and controlling because that is what you seemed to want? I don’t actually think he would be this aggressive - I wrote him kinda mean here. Sorry :( Also I don’t even know if this is a reaction. It got really long and I kinda just kept writing. 

Warning: This contains a lot of smut. Once again, if you’re underage or you don’t like reading smut then this isn’t the story for you. 

Your skirt was short. It was short to the point where it was distracting - you’d been flitting around the backstage room with your thighs bare for everyone to see for the past two hours. He’d tried to get you to cover up. He’d even subtly turned up the air conditioning and offered you a pair of his sweatpants on account of the cold. You’d innocently refused, but now he was beginning to wonder just how innocent you were.

‘Aish, I’m so clumsy today…’ The giggle reaches Jiyong’s ears, and he peers up just in time to see you bend over, picking up the phone you’d dropped for the fourth time. Exactly in the same spot, the perfect position to give him a full view of how much shorter your already short skirt got when you bent down. He was sure this time he’d even seen a flash of your panties - the ones he had bought for you. His face breaks into a smile, his head shaking slightly to snap himself out of the thoughts that were spinning through his head. 

You straighten quickly, your eyes meeting Jiyong’s with a silent smirk. You were teasing him, and he knew it.

‘Your skirt is far too short. I just saw your underwear,’ He locks his eyes on you, not removing them. ‘I’m sure the others have noticed how many times you’re dropping your phone, too. Put my sweatpants on, before they come back.’ Gesturing to the sweat pants on the side of the couch, he tries to make his tone authoritative, but is met by a sweet yet non-complying smile. His face contorts, his hand reaching to scratch his head in confusion. He wasn’t used to this disobedience. 

‘Make me.’ You challenge him. He is up in a flash, grabbing the sweat pants, his hands wrapping around your waist. Despite his slender frame, his muscles are powerful. Coupled with minimal resistance from you, it doesn’t take long before he has managed to drag you into the small toilet attached to the room.

‘What’s gotten in to you, y/n?’ His voice is annoyed, his face twisting.

‘The skirt isn’t coming off, Jiyong.’ You insist. It was a new trait for you. He wasn’t used to it, and he didn’t like it.

‘Baby, stop playing. The guys are going to be back any minute.,’ He thrusts the pants in your direction, watching as you let them fall to the ground. ‘Why are you playing stupid games, y/n?’ He snaps. He sees the twinkle spark in your eye, and his expression turns to dead annoyance, his lips a small, flat line of a pout. 

‘Who was playing stupid little games last night?’ The reason for your resistance dawns on him in a wave of memory. Your soft moans growing louder, panting his name in desperation, begging him not to stop. But he had. He’d pulled out at the crucial moment just to tease you. And he’d done it more than once.

‘Shit.’ He sighs, defeated.

‘I told you, the skirt isn’t coming off until you make me take it off.’ Your eyebrow raises defiantly, and he knew exactly what he needed to do to get you to exchange your skirt for the pants.

‘Jagi… y/n… the guys are going to be back any minute. I’m not going to fuck you here…’

‘Well, then… the skirt is staying.’ He didn’t like the new you. He didn’t like being put in this position. He liked control, and right now he didn’t have any of it. He glares at you, his eyes blinking slowly. 

‘Be reasonable, huh? Did you see the way Seungri was looking at you?’ He attempts to talk you around.

‘It’s staying, honey.,’ You turn, bending slightly, your hand sliding over the back of your thigh and up your ass, the skirt hitching in your hands. It exposed the round, fleshy peach shape of your ass, flashing him your underwear again. ‘Besides, judging by the bulge I saw in your jeans earlier, you were super into it.’ Your flirty smirk catches him, and he had to admit, the skirt was giving him a semi. The only reason he was so resistant to fucking you was because he was so uncomfortable with the power play going on. An idea sparks in his brain. He walks forward, pushing you towards the sink. You fall, bending at the waist, your hands reaching to support you.

‘You’re making me mad, Jagi…,’ He growls, his hands slipping up your wasit, hitching the skirt to expose your entire ass. Your skin felt soft, smooth under his touch. He gives your hips a little pinch, digging his nails in. ‘You don’t want me to fuck you when I’m mad.’ Your ass presses back against his crotch.

‘I do, Ji…,’ He can feel his dick slide against your fleshy ass through the fabric of his pants. ‘I want you to fuck me, baby.’ The words are a purr from your mouth, and Jiyong grits his teeth in restraint. He releases your hips, stepping back to fumble with the outside of his jeans. His dick pops out, almost fully erect. He begins to rub it gently on the top of your ass, it sinking slightly into the dip of your ass crack where your bum turns into your back. He listens as you let out a strangled moan. He feels his dick harden as it slips over your smooth skin.

‘Turn around. And take your panties off.’ He orders. You oblige obediently, and he feels the spark of pleasure spring inside him. This was more his style. He liked seeing you do whatever you asked him to, without hesitation. Your panties drop slowly to the floor, and you step out of them. He picks you up with little effort, sitting you on the sink. He taps your thighs lightly, and they open wide, allowing him to shift between your legs. Your arms slip around his shoulders, pulling him in for a lengthy kiss. He rubs his tongue along your lips, hoping for them to part. When they don’t, he tugs gently on your lower lip in protest. Your lips open, and he slides his tongue inside, playing softly with your own.

‘Baby…’ Your voice vibrates against his mouth as his dick slips over your pussy, rubbing against your outside. He glides it over your clit teasingly. He pauses, pulling away from your lips as he hears the door to the other room open. The loud rumble of a laugh passes through the door, and he can hear Daesung’s voice carry though the wall to the bathroom. He freezes, his eyes flicking quickly to the bathroom door. 

He leans closer to you, his voice barely above a whisper.

‘You’ve got to be dead quiet, huh?,’ He raises an eyebrow. You nod in understanding, and he feels you adjusting your hips against his groin in the hopes of more friction. It slips against your already wet pussy, and he smirks as his tip sinks in to your entrance by mistake. A low groan escapes your lips, and a hand of his snaps up to cover your mouth. The other hand reaches down, pulling his cock from you. He holds it, rubbing it again over your folds. ‘I said quiet. You don’t get this if your loud.’ He taps his penis against your swollen clit, and watches as you nod in agreement. He releases your mouth, and doesn’t hesitate to slip back inside you. He starts moving slowly, feeling an intense pleasure as your muscles flex around his thick member, your teeth biting around your lip to stifle a moan. Seungri’s voice joins the rumble from outside.

‘Faster.,’ You choke out the request after a few minutes. Jiyong chuckles, his pace slowing to tease you, watching the annoyance build on your face. He wasn’t above a little punishment for your antics with the skirt. Your legs grip around him, encasing his hips in an attempt to pull him closer. ‘Stop playing, baby. Faster.’ He shakes his head, his nose crinkling in a cheeky grin.

‘I’m in control.,’ He leans down, kissing your forehead gently. ‘Remember that, sweetie.’ His hips snap back, slapping against you abruptly. A loud gasp shoots from your mouth, and he tuts angrily, but continues on his new relentless pace, his hips rapidly moving against yours. You bounce against the sink with each thrust, your arms clinging around his shoulders to stabilize the jolting of your body. Your head buries against his neck, and he feels your teeth sink lightly into his shoulder, before the hum of another noise is muted against his skin.

‘Sorry… It just feels so… oh fuck, Ji…’ Your voice rasps into his ear as he continues, the tip of his dick grazing your insides. The noise from outside continues, the talking growing louder, but you’re both too lost in pleasure to care.

‘We have to be quick…’ Jiyong insists, one hand steadying your hip as the other reaches for your vagina, his thumb beginning to dust small circles across your clit. He feels your response instantly as your body begins to shake, and he knows you are close. He pumps faster, his hand circling your mound furiously, and you crumble against him, sagging your weight into him as he feels your muscles spasm around his cock. The noise coming from you is unstoppable as you moan loudly. He lets you ride out your orgasm, before pulling out of you quickly. He cums immediately, his aim intentional, his liquid spurting against the skirt you’ve been wearing.

‘Ji… what the fuck.’ He leans his face close to yours, his eyebrows furrowed in displeasure. 

‘Take the damn skirt off, and don’t wear it again unless I’m the only one around.’


Hey, I’d like to request a modern Murphy imagine where he and reader meet each other on their friend’s birthday party, they get drunk and things get fluffy ^^ I REALLY LIKE YOUR IMAGINES хо

You were extremely bored, sitting on the white couch in the back of the room with the only company of your glass(es) of champagne.

You didn’t really like the people who were attending this party: they were boring, and you regretted coming in the first place. Sasha’s parties were never the most… entertaining.

“You’re bumming me out” someone said, sitting next to you. You turned around to see the one and only John Murphy: he’d been Sasha’s boyfriend for such a short period of time that you hadn’t even had the time to meet him. According to your friend, he was the biggest asshole when it came to dating, but was a pretty decent friend.

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things i thought about in the tub:

  • i bet sherlock sometimes comes in and sits on the toilet and chatters away while john is in the tub and at first john thought it was annoying but now it’s more like a white noise machine and he finds it really soothing
  • i bet john has real pink flushed cheeks when he gets out of the tub and sherlock thinks they’re really cute
  • i bet sherlock took a bath a few weeks after john moved in just to see what they were all about and he really liked it but then he got embarrassed cause he’d made fun of john about it and so for a long time he takes his baths in secret
  • until john moves back in and they get together Officially
  • and then suddenly sherlock has a Thought he needs to share with john immediately so he calls out for john and john comes rushing in expecting him to be hurt or something but he’s really just lounging around in a steaming bath tub trying to tell john about this dog he saw in the park and how it reminded him of this case and john is just like. budge up i’m coming in too. even though sherlock’s too long and they don’t really fit but they make it work just fine.
  • if one of them barges in and doesn’t kiss the one in the tub, the barger gets splashed. those are the rules. 
  • it’s fine because it always ends with laughing and the barger sitting on the edge of the tub, kissing and kissing and kissing
  • they like to get in bed immediately after they get out of the tub without drying off or anything and it makes the sheets a bit wonky but they love the feel of each other wet and warm and half dry and soft skin and oh
  • now when one of them is feeling poorly or just having a bad day a bath is a thing they can do for each other, sitting next to them on the floor with their bum getting wet when the water sloshes over and occasionally washing each other’s hair or massaging each other’s hands
  • everything is softer in the bath, hazy in the steam with the light turned out and they share some of their deepest secrets over the lip of the tub, one of them safe in the water and the other safe wrapped up in the coverlet from their bed dragged in, leaning up against the wall, one wet hand and one dry with fingers stroking over each other, the rhythm of you’re okay, the promise of it’s going to be okay, the quiet of I love you for always, you know that? for always. no matter what.
MET Gala Time


MET Gala Time - One Shot

anonymous: hmm one shot about them seeing each other at MET Gala then getting back together because they miss each other

I feel self-conscious.

Of course I do. How else am I supposed to feel after reading dozens and dozens of comments about how much weight I’ve been gaining. I know that myself without all those rude comments, thank you very much.

As I’m stepping out of the limousine, I ask myself just why I decided to press my body into such a tight dress. It does flow out pretty wide in the bottom, but the colour and the fitting around my bum just wouldn’t get out of my head no matter how much I try telling myself that I shouldn’t worry.

Suddenly I’m thinking about how often I tell my fans not to worry about their sizes, to not let anyone bring them down, and I feel ashamed, walking down the red carpet, not even being able to listen to my own advice and encouraging speeches.

I force a smile on my face as the photographers klick away and shout for me to look here and there. My dress is gathered in my hand so I won’t fall, but truthfully, I wish I could just rip off the excessive material and wrap myself in it. I have never before walked down the red carpet self-consciously, since I always had a team that spent hours and hours on making me look presentable and I could hide behind their work. I don’t know what’s happening to me. Everything’s wrong.

I force the corners of my lips to raise a couple more times before I lift the dress off the ground and make my exit into the building. I must’ve ran past dozens of people I should be greeting but I don’t care. There are tears threatening to spill every second, though why, I have no idea. Something is wrong with me today. What’s happening to me?

With my dress still fisted in my hands I quickly chose the hallway with the least amount of people and just walk. I don’t have the slightest clue where I’m going—not that I care anyway. I just want out of here. The further I go, the darker it gets. It seems as if I’ve chosen the section of the building that hasn’t been stepped on by humans for years, not even by the cleaning staff, since the walls are filthy and caked with dust as well as the floor. Perfect. Nobody will come search for me here.

I lean against the wall and let myself slide to the floor, not caring that I just got my white dress dirty. There are a few doors on the opposite walls, and for a second I debate whether or not I should get myself off this disgusting floor and into one of those rooms, but of course, I’m too scared for that.

Somehow the last five minutes of me running away from my responsibilities have worn me out that much, I rip the headpiece out of my hair, and let my head lull to the side and my eyes drop close. The tears have long been rolling down my cheeks, I feel them staining my dress. All I wish for is the floor to eat me up and to rock me into sleep.

Instead a door opens up.

I rip my eyes open.

The door right across from me is open the slightest crack and laughter flows through. Panic surges through me. And just as I’m about to get off the floor, the person steps out of the room. It’s Justin.

Justin stands in front of me, his hand with his phone in it frozen by his pocket, his eyes, slightly red, staring at me.

What the hell is Justin doing in this part of the building when a party is going on on the other side?

As if he could read my thoughts, he asks, “What are you doing here when a party is going on just fifty meters down the hall?”

“I could ask the same thing.” We both cringe at my broken voice. For once I’m happy my stylists only use waterproof make-up as I think about how bad I must look if I’d be wearing the normal one.

He finally stuffs his phone into his pocket—I haven’t noticed it’s something I’ve been waiting for him to do—and smiles softly down on me. “What happened?”

“Why’d you wanna know?” I huff, rolling my eyes. How could he still want to know after everything he’s been putting me through?

Justin seats himself on the floor, too, crossing his legs at his ankles and leaning on the door he just came through. “Because I still care about you. No matter our relationship status, I will always care about you.”

I shoot him a look, the smell of weed engulfing me. “Well, that’s just too nice, isn’t it?” The sarcasm is just dripping from my voice. He doesn’t look bothered. In fact, he tilts his head to the side, and smiles at me again. Dimples and all. “What are you smiling at?” I can feel myself growing annoyed little by little.

He looks away, teeth pressed on his bottom lip to keep himself from smiling again. “You look beautiful tonight, Selena,” he says, waving his eyes back at me before looking down on his lap.

The annoyance long forgotten, I wish I could say my heart didn’t just swell up, but I can’t. The fabric of my dress seems suddenly far more interesting than Justin’s face. “Thank you,” I say so quietly I’m not too sure he heard me.

Though he laughs, and replies, “You’re very welcome.” The laugh vanishes and he looks at me with a concerned look. “Now you wanna tell me what happened?”

“Not really… I mean, it’s not because of you, I just don’t want to talk right now.” Tears threaten to spill over again. “Mind, if we just sit and not talk?”

The corners of his mouth raise the tiniest bit though I can tell the smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes. He nods and says, “Sure. But—uh… Is it okay if I sit and not talk next to you?”

My heart is hammering in my chest, and I fear it’s going to break out of my ribcage. Even sitting here, on this filthy floor, my dress and face a mess, after having broken up, he still manages to somehow force a blush on my cheeks. That was one of my favourite things about out relationship—the fact that he somehow always managed to make me feel loved and appreciated. And I figure that’s what I need the most right now, so I solely shrug.

Justin doesn’t waste a second, and immediately scoots over on his bum. “You’re gonna get your pants all dirty, you idiot!” I scold, hitting him on his arm.

“Yeah? Like you and your dress?” He smirks down on me, positioning himself so close near me, our arms and legs are pressed against each other and I can feel the heat radiating off him. He looks at me, concern in his eyes. Gosh, how I missed his eyes. Looking at his eyes always gave me the feeling of comfort and safety. A pang of sadness shoots through me as I realise that I miss him.

I miss him.

I miss this boy.

And all of the sudden, everything comes flowing out of me, every little thing, and I’m left crying uncontrollably somewhere in a building only fifty meters away from dozens and dozens of celebrities and paparazzi.

“Oh, no, Sel,” Justin whispers, “Come here.” He opens his arms for me to lay myself in to, and I think I’ve never been more happy to have him hug me. After closing his arms around me, he suddenly moves one from my head down my body to my legs and swiftly pulls me into his lap, so I’m sitting sideways on his thighs, my head lying on his shoulder, nose nuzzled near his neck. His familiar scent fills my nostrils. I try to breath it in, try to breath the good times back into my brain, but my lungs are failing and my breath is coming short and I think I’m suffocating because I can’t breathe.

Justin squeezes me so hard into his chest, we’re almost melting into each other, and I wonder how we might look right now. “Come on, Sel. Breathe,” he murmurs against my forehead. “You got this. I know you do. Just breathe.” His hand strokes my arm softly, and if I had enough energy, I would’ve slapped it away. They’ve poisoned my mind, I think.

“Selena, you’re scaring me. Please.” The hand on my arm stills and he runs it up to my neck, his fingertips intertwined with my hair. “Listen how I breathe and follow my lead.”

With my head pressed against his shoulder I listen for his breaths, but all that fills me is his heartbeat, so instead, I settle for that. Three heartbeats—in. Four heartbeats—out.  I continue doing so for what feels like eternity before Justin loosens his grip on me. His temple is lying against my forehead, his nose grazing my own temple with every shaky breath I take. “Gosh, Selena. What happened to you? Who did this?” he asks. Lifting his head slightly, I feel him kissing my head, right on my hairline.

He places his hands firmly on either side of my jaw, pulls me away from him and takes a good look at me. I can only imagine how I must look right now—waterproof make-up or not. I’m afraid to meet his eyes. Though I raise my gaze back at him suddenly, when he asks, “Can I kiss you?”

I have no control over my body. I don’t know how to move my mouth, anything. Everything feels frozen by this one question, because yes. Yes, please kiss me. I just want any kind of distraction and I want to feel loved again, I want to scream at him. My mouth keeps shut though, my eyes staring at him with longing. But he’s leaning down, so I guess I must’ve given him some kind of confirmation. I find myself raising my mouth to him, too, now that I’ve found the strength to tell my body what to do.

His lips touch mine with the softest pressure, barely connecting at all. He kisses my Cupid’s bow. I imagine I taste salty from my tears and like cherry from my lipstick. A sigh escapes him as if he had been waiting a lifetime to do that.

Suddenly the air changes. His grip on me tightens and he pulls me into him, forcing his lips on mine with so much sadness and regret, it almost hurts. My hands reach up to grab onto his wrists. I don’t want him to pull back, I don’t want him to let me go. I want us to stay like this, intertwined, forever. One of his hands travels to the back of my head, pushing at my hair, as our lips move in sync.

Justin presses one kiss on my lower lip, then pulls away from me. With all my strength, I grab onto his wrist harder. “Ouch,” he says, laughing softly at me, “Just a sec, princess.” His forehead comes to touch mine, and he removes his hand from my jaw and somehow moves my left leg to his right side so I’m straddling him. He then pushes my dress farther up my legs so it doesn’t squeezes them that much together. “There,” he whispers, “Much better.”

His arms encircle my lower waist, almost sitting on my hip bones as he pulls me against him. He looks at me, his eyes darker than usual in this poorly lit hallway. “You ready to talk, you just say so. In the meanwhile, I have nothing against doing a little bit more of this.” One of the corners of his mouth raises the tiniest bit into a smirk, causing blood to rush into my cheeks. I laugh silently at him, letting my head fall on his shoulder.

Gathering all my courage, I whisper, “I missed you.”

He kisses me on the spot right where my shoulder meets my neck. “I missed you, too,” he says. “You’re gonna be alright, yeah?” It’s not a question, but rather a statement. He kisses his way up my neck to the corner of my mouth. “I love you,” he says, placing a kiss firmly on my mouth. “Never stopped.” Another kiss.

“I love you,” I repeat against his lips, “Never stopped either.”

He pulls me away from him again, looking at me with a serious look. “If this is about those negative comments—don’t listen to them. You’re perfect, like always. And you’ll never be not perfect to me, never. Got it?” His eyes are so hard and yet so soft. Tender.

I nod, nod the tears away, nod the sadness away. “Got it,” I say, meaning it.

Our lips meet for another few seconds, as I melt against him. They part with a funny noise, and we laugh, nose bumping and such. “Come on, princess. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Somehow—I don’t know how he manages—he stands up, me in his arms and throws me my headpiece. We walk—well, he walks down the dark hallway, carrying me like I weigh next to nothing, and there’s a lump in my throat as the comments flash through my mind. “Don’t even think about it,” he scolds as if he can hear my thoughts.

“Sorry.” My voice is little.

He kisses my temple. “Perfect, alright? Just perfect.”

With Justin in his suit and me in my white dress, somehow I imagine us looking like a freshly married couple. My heart swells at that thought.

a/n somehow it always ends with selena crying. i should really try something new lol. anyways, this is not proofread so pls bear with me.

Gettin’ A Taste of Soda in the Shower ;) (Request)

A/N- Ok, this is my first smutty smutter smut. So- I ope to gog it isn’t horrible. 

Warning: S M U T. LOTS OF S M U T.

You and Soda laid on the couch, snuggled up together while you watched cartoons on TV. Ponyboy was sitting on the floor in front of you two. He was waiting for Johnny to show up, then when he’s gone, you two will have time alone to yourself.

Soda was already getting handsy. Tracing circles on your bum and pinching constantly. It’s like he hasn’t touched you in forever. You had to admit, it felt wonderful, but Pony was sitting right there so you couldn’t really make any noise.

Soda began to slide his hands up the back of your shirt, toying with the clasps on your bra. You knew what he was doing, and he thought it was pretty damn sneaky. He swiftly flicked them apart, making you jolt up with a red face. “I-I think I’m gonna go take a shower really quick. I do have work tonight.” You informed the two.

Sodapop gave a grunt, disappointingly laying back on his side. Pony only gave you a smile. “Ok, (Y/N).” He nodded to you, turning back to the television. You gave Sodapop a cheeky smirk and walked down the hall to Sodapop and Ponyboy’s room. 

Since you sometimes stayed over, you stored some of your stuff with Soda’s. You grabbed some underwear and your work outfit, dashing off to the bathroom quickly. You softly shut the door, not even locking it. You sat your things down and stripped, turning the water on.

As you stepped in, you moaned softly from the wonderful feeling of the water on your bare skin. You absolutely loved showers. They loosened you up more than any massage. 

You ran your hands through your (H/C) hair, smiling at the water that was running down your scalp. You soon flinched at the pair of arms wrapping around you. You hummed, looking over your shoulder to find your wonderful man. Sodapop.

“D’Pony leave already?” You asked, leaning back into his bare chest.

“Mhmm. Two-Bit came along with Johnny so now I definitely know we won’t be interrupted.” Soda whispered against your neck, his breath sending a cold sensation to your wet skin.

You let out a soft moan. You could tell Sodapop enjoyed that, because his lips curled into a smirk. He began to leave soft, pleasurable kisses along your neck. This time, you tried your best to hide your moans.

Sodapop quickly took notice, chuckling. He may be a big ole’ sweetheart around everyone, but when he was in the mood, he was the sexiest piece of ass you have ever even seen.

“Hey, darlin’. Why ya not moanin’ anymore? Ain’t nobody home.” He whispered in a deep, morning like voice. 

When you didn’t reply, he gave your neck a bite. You let out a pleasurable whimper, but nothing more. He noticed and bit down a bit harder, sucking as he did so. You moaned out loudly, a surprising amount of heat coming to your cheeks.

“Soda!” You cried, trying to press your legs together in attempt to show you weren’t aroused.

You moved your hands to the back of his neck, looking into his eyes with a sort of plea. He knew what you wanted, swiftly connecting your lips. The two of you moved and pressed your bodies together, almost as if you were in a dance club. Soda managed to slide his hands down to your bum, pinching here and there like he was on the couch.

You moaned against his lips. You could now feel his hardened area against your stomach. You slowly pulled back from him, looking up lustfully into his eyes. He returned the look, knowing exactly what was about to happen. 

“Eager now, aren’t we buttercup?” Soda smiled softly pecking and kissing your upper body, making you shake with delight and hug his shoulders.

He hooked his arms around your waist, hoisting you up from your feet. You instantly wrapped them around his waist, knowing the time was coming. He detached his lips from your body, moving them up to your ear.

“Get ready for a drink of this Sodapop..” He snarled playfully, pressing you down onto him.

You yelped in pain, this being the first time you two have done anything this serious. You clutched onto his body. He simply rubbed the lower half of your back, trying to calm you down. 

“Shhh… Just tell me when to go, OK?” He mumbled sweetly to you, pecking right below your ear. You nodded in reply, giving him pleasing kisses right against his collar bone.

After a few minutes of seething pain, you breathed out. “S-Soda.. Move.” You commanded.

Soda nodded in response, thrusting upward into you. You moaned out louder than you have all evening, surprising Sodapop slightly. You moved along with him, making loud slapping noises while the two of you pleased each other in the coldest, yet hottest, shower ever.

Around an hour or so, you two had finally finished, panting in Soda and Ponyboy’s shared bed. Soda had his arm wrapped around you, his quick heart beat pounding through your ears, along with your own. 

“Soda, have I ever told you how much I seriously love you?”

“And have I told you how much more I love you, (Y/N)?” He retorted, making you giggle. The two of you shared a passionate kiss, staying in the same position for quite a while.

Eventually, Ponyboy came home. The first thing he did, was go to his room to change. When he did, he saw how stained the sheets were with a dried white liquid. Pony gagged in disgust, trotting down the hall to you two.

“Next time you two get it on in the bedroom, change the damned sheets, will ya?” Pony nagged, making you and Sodapop redden completely.

“Worth it though.” Soda whispered.

“Sam? Are you even alive?” You ask your boyfriend as he lays in your bed. There’s no reply, but he’s breathing so you’re not that worried. You had been trying to wake him up for hours now. So you decide to poke him since it’s around 4:30 and you had dinner plans with the boys. He hadn’t gotten up all day, and dinner was in an hour. You decide to get him up, no matter what. This was the first time you were meeting the boys and you don’t want to be late. “I’m warning you Samuel, I’ll get you out of bed somehow. You manage find his feet in the menagerie of blankets he surrounded himself with last night. You pull hard on them, but fall flat on your bum. You sigh and try to grab his hands, then you remember; he’s ticklish. You smirk and sit on him lightly running your hands over his sides. He shifts under you, just enough for to you to know it will work. You begin to tickle him and he immediately jolts up towards you, sending you crashing to the floor. You laugh and he smirks at you. Then he lays halfway off of your bed and motions you over. You crawl over on all fours and growl like a lion, he chuckles softly and grabs you face gently, then he kisses you. "I was awake for awhile, but it was cute how tried to get me up.” You giggled and kissed him again, “Now come on and go get ready we’re meeting the boys remember?” He laughs and does as told. When you meet the boys they love you and Sam and you stay together through thick an thin.

Sunday 23rd October Show Review

Normally I make separate posts for each cover I see, and I expected this to be a short, snappy little Annabel Baldwin as Delphi post, but there were so many covers yesterday, and so many of the main cast did ridiculous, adorable, and hilarious things that I really just have to try and write about everything and everyone. Welcome to the mega post. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. 

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House Hunting

So it was brought to my attention that on my masterlist, the link for ‘House Hunting’ was sending you to a different one shot. Trying to fix it, I can’t seem to find this part on my tumblr, so here it is! xx

“Honey? I’m back,” Harry shouted carefully through the hotel room, incase Emilia was sleeping. He walked into the room and spotted you sitting on the sofa, Emilia cuddled into you nursing soundly, and you stroking her cheek as her eyes fluttered tiredly. “There’s my two favourite girls,” he smiled and walked over sitting beside you, giving the 3 month baby a kiss on her forehead and then pressing a loving kiss to your lips.

The boys were recording in Los Angeles for 3 weeks and you decided that you and Emilia would go along with them after Harry begged you to join. “I’ve been thinking,” Harry started and you knew he was proposing some sort of idea. “We come to Los Angeles a lot right? And I was thinking it would be nice, if we had a place of our own. I was thinking we could look into buying a house?” You looked up at him shocked. It had always been something you had spoke about but you didn’t think it would actually happen.

“I think that’d be a great idea. Only if you’re sure though? Maybe we could go look before we leave in a fortnight?” You questioned and he smiled. He already had a plan.

“I actually called an estate agent this morning. They have a few houses they think we’d be interested in and we’re good to go check them out today in,” he looked at his watch. “Two hours,” he smiled. You nodded and Emilia unlatched her mouth from you. You clipped your bra up again and pulled your shirt back down.

“Can we go for lunch first to Nobu? I’m starved,” you looked at Harry and he nodded and took Emilia as you passed her over.

“Hello, my darling. Are you all full and happy, huh? Daddy loves you, yes he does. Are we going to buy a new house? Should we get one with a big garden and a pool for when you grow up, yeah?” You smiled at them and kissed Harry’s forehead.

“I’ll just go change and then we can go,” you said and smiled at your daughter with her father. He nodded up at you and you walked into the bathroom. You were majorly excited to go house hunting. Especially in LA. You had always really wanted to do it, but nothing ever came of it and now you were doing it. You were actually buying a house in LA.


Harry drove up to the first home that was situated in a gated community. “I don’t know if I like that it’s not a gated house,” Harry murmured making you chuckle.

“But it’s a gated community. If it’s the house we want then we could have electronic gates put in,” you smiled over at him and he shrugged. The house was, without a doubt, beautiful. Harry brought the car to a stop in front of the house and you both climbed off. You opened the passenger, back door and lifted a sleeping Emilia out while Harry grabbed the baby bag.

Her eyes opened slightly and looked around for where she was but took one look at the house and her lip started to shake. “Do you not like it either sweetheart?” You chuckled and Harry put an arm around your shoulders. Emilia’s cries got louder as you entered the house and met the estate agent, Carrie, a 50-ish year old. “Hey sweetie. I’ll nurse you once we finish looking at this house ok. Shh, sweetheart,” you whispered to the screaming baby in your arms.

“If you need to nurse her go ahead, I’ve had 4 kids and I know how awkward it is nursing incase anyone doesn’t approve, but honestly, it’s not that big of a deal,” you thanked her profusely and lifted your shirt, unclipped your nursing bra, and allowed the baby to latch on.

“So this is the sitting room,” she led you to a room. It was completely furnished with new furniture. All of the houses were and they were all available to move into in within the week so you could move in before you left. You didn’t like the colour scheme which was a blue and purple. The colours didn’t match and the whole vibe from the house was a little outdated. You and Harry were both into modern things. And your house in London showed that. “And now looking at you in it, the house is not your taste at all,” she trailed off.

Harry smiled sympathetically and you nodded. “We’re more modern I think. We kind of keep the house in London all neutral, except Emilia’s nursery and I think we’d like to keep that vibe. Harry?” You asked for his input. Emilia unlatched and you smiled as she smacked her lips together. “Was that good baby?” You asked before fixing your bra and shirt and opening the baby bag that was over Harry’s shoulder and pulling a burp cloth free.

“Yeah, I definitely think we’re modern and neutral and I’d like to carry that over onto the house we buy here and any others in the future,” he winked at you and you rolled your eyes knowing now his mind was on overdrive thinking about where he could buy a house next.

“Ok, well in that case, the second house is in Hidden Hills and I think it might be perfect,” she smiled. Emilia let out a big burp at that moment causing you all to laugh. “She thinks so too.”


“This neighbourhood is beautiful,” you were amazed by all of the gated houses, a group of kids playing at the small little park in the neighbourhood.

“I like the idea that when we come here Little Miss would have people to play with when she’s old enough, and I like that all the houses are gated,” he added and you placed your hand on top of his on his lap since the black Mercedes SUV he had rented was automatic. “I think we should change our cars back home to automatics. A lot less stressful,” he stated and you shrugged your shoulders. A manual didn’t bother you.

The estate agent signalled she was going to the left, stopped in front of a set of gates, keyed in a code on the pad and the gates opened to reveal the most beautiful house you’d ever seen.

“Wow, this is absolutely beautiful,” you whispered and Harry nodded. Emilia made a gurgling noise from the back seat and you turned around. “You like this one beautiful girl?” She smiled at you making you chuckle.

You got out of the car and got Emilia out again while Harry got the baby bag. You placed Emilia’s back against your chest and held her bum through her legs so she could see the house.

When you walked in the estate agent was on the phone so you looked around the entry way. White marble floors, white marble staircase, and all with black accents which you loved. “So this is the entryway obviously, and it goes off to the sitting room, and then the kitchen through that door further up. This is the sitting room which as you can see is open plan with the kitchen,” she explained and then took you over to the kitchen.

Looking at the sitting room it was mostly all white, it had light grey marble floors and grey and black cushions on the white fabric sofas. A black and clear glass coffee table in the middle of the sofas. It was perfect. Going into the kitchen it was all white again. With black handles on the drawers. The huge kitchen had three islands and was perfect for any dinner parties that would possibly be happening.

“What do you think, gorgeous? Do you like it, huh? Do you like it bubba?” You cooed to the baby in your arms and she gurgled waving her arms about.

The estate agent continued to show the rest of the house, including the movie room, gym, nursery, dining room, sauna, games room, office and 8 bedrooms. The coziness of the house just made you fall in love. “And this, is the master bedroom,” she opened the door and your mouth fell opened. It was huge. There was a King bed placed against the wall to the right, a chaise in the far corner of the room beside the patio doors which led you out onto a balcony looking over the pool and back garden. “In here is the master closet,” she opened a door and your eyes turned into hearts.

“Harry, there’s room for all of my shoes!” You said excitedly and he laughed.

“But where would my stuff go?” He said jokingly and you his arm playfully. The closet was the only room with a hardwood floor and it had glass doors for the clothes wardrobes and white drawers for other things. It was more than enough space for all of your things that you would need to shop for to keep out here.

“And this, is the master bathroom,” she smiled and showed you into the room. The claw foot tub being the main attraction in the room.

“Imagine how much fun we could have in that tub,” you whispered to Harry and he coughed, choking on his gum. You sniffled a giggle and explored a little more. On the far wall there was a dressing table which was perfect and then on the right wall there was the two matching Mr & Mrs sinks with mirrors. You opened a door and was met with the shower. “Harry?” You said and he walked over. The shower had it’s own room. It was cream and brown marbled all over the walls and the inside of the door. The floor had an intricate marble pattern on it and you smiled up at Harry.

“Never mind the bath, imagine how much fun we could have in here,” he whispered and you walked out of the shower room, him hitting your bum and you yelped jumping forward.

“The only place now is the outside of the house,” Carrie said and you nodded. She led you downstairs and you both followed, Emilia still in your arms. She led you out the patio doors from the kitchen and you were met with a patio which contained sofas and a fountain, along with sun loungers by the pool. The pool was long and had mini fountains that she told you were programmable so you could turn them off. At the end of the pool, there was a stone canopy with two sofas, a little table and a fireplace. It would be a great place to just spend some time by yourself and think. There was also lots of grass to allow Emilia to play and any other kids that may come along in the future.

“Well, that’s the house. I’ll let you both discuss it, I’ll wait for you in the entryway,” Carrie said and walked inside.

“I love it,” you whispered and sat on the sofa outside, positioning Emilia to look at you.

“Me too. I think this is the house. It fits us so well, it fits Emilia and the thousand other kids we’re going to have,” he joked and sat beside you. “Let’s do it,” he whispered and took Emilia into his arms.

“Let’s do it then, Mister,” you smiled and he stood up placing Emilia onto his hip, taking your hand, and pulling you in for a kiss.

You both made your way through your soon-to-be house and faced Carrie. “We’d like to make an offer,” she smiled and nodded.

“So the asking price is currently at $4.2 million,” Harry nodded.

“I’ll do $4.5 million if it guarantees we’ll get the house,” he bargained and your eyes shot out of your head.

“Harry, let’s be reasonable,” you whispered and he shook his head.

“I want this. I want this for our family. It’s private, it’s everything we’ve ever wanted. Please, let me do this,” you nodded and sighed. It was a lot of money but if he was determined, there was no stopping him.

“Let me call the owners. If they agree, we can meet tomorrow, sign the paperwork, and I’ll hand the keys over,” he nodded and walked back over to where you had moved to.

“Don’t be mad, please,” he kissed you neck and you smiled.

“I’m not mad, it’s just a lot of money babe,” he nodded and put his arm around you, the other still carrying a babbling Emilia.

“And I’d pay double that if it kept you happy,” you smiled and kissed his lips lightly.

“I love you,” you whispered.

“I love you too. And you my little bubba,” he said to Emilia kissing her cheek.

“Good news Mr. And Mrs. Styles. The owners have agreed to take $4 million and give you the house. They agreed that by offering more they’re sure you’ll look after the house and they want me to tell you that they’re happy it’s going to a family. They actually want me to seal the deal right now and give you the keys. I always have contracts drawn up so if you could sign this and then we could sort out payment if you come down to my office say tomorrow around 3pm?” You both nodded and Harry signed the contract she held out to him.

“Congratulations. Welcome to your home,” she smiled, handed you the keys, and walked out leaving you both standing in the entry way.

“Welcome home, Missus,” you smiled and put your arms around his waist kissing Emilia’s head and then his mouth.

“Welcome home, Mister.”

Ashton Smut

Waking up, looking over next to you and seeing Ashton’s bare back, his body stretched out, wearing just a pair of tight white boxers. You wake him up by peppering small, wet kisses up his spine as you straddle and sit on his bum, massaging his toned back muscles. A grumble falls from his lips and he turns his head to look at you, his hair a mess and his eyes still struggling to open. “Hmm, morning babe” he says with his soft, raspy morning voice - as you climb off and sit cross-legged next to him. “Good morning” you say, as Ash pushes his head up and kisses you. “What do you want to do today?” you ask him, climbing off the bed and pulling Ash’s discarded t-shirt over your head. “I don’t feel like sharing you with the world today, is that selfish of me?” he questions, admiring the way you look in his tee. He bites his lip when you bend down to pick up the remaining clothes on the floor, baring your bum to him. You were tidying up after last night’s lust-filled frenzy, when you felt Ash’s large hand grab your ass and squeeze it hard. He wrapped his other arm around your waist and pulled you tight against his body. Letting go of your ass and leaving a deep red mark, he snatched your hair and pulled your body up against his. Ash ran his hands over your thighs and rested his head in the crook of your neck, his hot breath fanning over your cool skin.

“I need a shower…” you said to Ashton, moving from him and taking a towel from the cupboard. You turn the shower on, took Ash’s t-shirt off and climbed in. The hot water tingled against your skin as you let the water relax the muscles in your back. Your head was filled with memories of last night - the way Ash moaned above you as he slid in and out of you - you couldn’t help but smirk at your dirty thoughts. Just as you were about to turn the water off, the curtain was pulled back. Ashton stepped in behind you, his huge arms wrapped tight around your body and his hands rested on your wet hips. You reached forward to get the shower gel, bending slightly and your hips pushed back against Ashton’s, his already hard dick fitting in between your thighs. Ashton took his dick in his hands and used it to run through your lips, applying extra pressure against your clit. You moaned at the contact, and so Ashton repeated the action. He slowly slid himself into you, his body still behind yours and holding you tightly. He grabs your boobs and massages them slowly, and you reach round to grab the back of his thighs and grip them hard. He moves his hips as you guide him into your rhythm, running your hands up and down his back and legs. You roll your hips to meet his thrusts and he pushes against your spot with each thrust. The cool water washes the sweat off of your bodies and drops of water fall from Ash’s wet hair into your shoulders and slide down your spine. Ashton’s lips attach to your left shoulder blade and you feel him bite your hot skin, the blood rising to the surface as he sucks your skin through his teeth. A deep scarlet mark smokes through your skin, the cool water cooling it down. His hands slip down your body with the water as he pulls himself out of you before spinning you round to face him. He wraps his huge hands around the back of your thighs and urges you to jump. He rests you against the cold bathroom tiles, your legs wrapped around his waist. He’s kissing you deeply and lustfully, your tongues twisting around each other and his hand cupped around your neck. You start to kiss along his tense jawline, panting wildly. “Ash,” you breath, and he replies with “I know, me too baby”. Ash continues rocking his hips into yours, pleasure still pulsing through your veins to every cell in your body. His thrusts become sloppier and weaker, his breathing deep as the water relentlessly pounds against both of you. You hit your highs at the same time, moaning each other’s names and gasping insanely. Ashton looks down into your eyes as he sets your legs back on the ground, smiling crookedly. He takes his eyes off of you, but only to reach for the towels. He looks your body down and back up again, holding your gaze one final time; admiring your beauty before placing a soft, gentle kiss on your lips, his slim fingers supporting your chin. He wraps the towel around you before unexpectedly picking you up and running to your bedroom. He throws you on the bed and you scream, giggle and attempt to push him away when he tickles you, pure adoration in his smile. - C x

elfandbowman made this post:

modern au in which thranduil is a reclusive millionaire and legolas is homeschooled - and bard gets hired as his tutor and he’s really uncomfortable at first because he’s just a humble teacher and now he has to come to this huge mansion and deal with a little aristocrat every day and the fact that thranduil is both hot and intimidating as hell is not helping, why does he keep bringing me coffee, why did he offer me a ride home, wait is he watching me teach, what’s happening

And Lo! I did it this morning and it turned into an 8,000 word fic, ENJOY! 


Bard looked at the house, paused, then looked down at the address he had been given and back up to the house again. Only it wasn’t a house at all, even the word mansion wouldn’t really do it justice.

Bard recognised that there were rich people, and then there were rich people, the ones who made other rich people look poor. Well this place was definitely the latter kind of rich.

Bard almost turned around and left right there. Not because he didn’t want the job, no, he needed the job badly, but he wished he didn’t look quite so scruffy. 

Unfortunately he couldn’t work out if being scruffy or being late would be a deadlier sin, so he steeled himself and made his way up the drive in his worn jeans and plain shirt.

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Title: Bad Girl // Chapter 5

A/N: This is by far my favorite chapter to write! Honestly this chapter gets the fun going if you know what I mean! FYI there is smut present in this chapter so please read at your own discretion. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and laugh along like I did! Let me know what you guys think so far! ((fyi not my pics)) Also listen to the playlist while you’re reading to intensify the reading! Enjoy x

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 

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One Direction Preference- You Try To Change For Him (Liam)

“Hey babe,” you flashed a quick smile to Liam as you came bustling into the bedroom. He was tucked neatly under the covers of the king bed, reclined into the mountains of silky pillows you’d accumulated since moving in together. It wasn’t that late, only about 11, but you’d been out and about all day. From work, to your mother’s, to dinner and a bit of clubbing with the girls, you’d barely seen him.

“Hey,” he mumbled gruffly, hardly glancing at you before his eyes returned to the television across from him.

“How was your day?” you tried to stay chipper despite his lack of enthusiasm. Carefully, you unzipped your dress, letting it pool around your feet as you crossed the roof to rifle through his drawers for a t-shirt.

“Fine,” he was just as short. 

You frowned to yourself as you dug out a ratty adidas tee and pulled it over your head, “Is something wrong, love?”


You rolled your eyes, turning around and crossing your arms, “We both know that’s a lie.”

“I’m fine.”

Slowly you crossed the plush carpeted floor to the bed, climbing gently on to the puffy covers. You fell to your bum, sitting criss cross beside him, your lips falling into a little pout, “Li,” you cocked your head to the left, “I’ve been gone all day, please just fill me in. What’s got you all upset?”

His lips formed a tight line, “Exactly that.”


“You’ve been gone all day,” he looked at you, eyebrows raised, “Every single day. It’s like I don’t see you anymore. You don’t make any time for me–for us.”

“That’s unfair, Liam.”

“No. It’s not,” he shrugged, “Is this even a relationship? Do you even want to be with me?”

“What?” you frowned, pain shooting through your heart, “Of course I do.”

“Then act like it.”

You sighed, wringing your hands. You knew you were gone a lot, but you figured he didn’t care. You guys were independent, besides, you saw each other every morning and every night. You thought he was okay with that.

 Slowly, you inched closer so you were directly beside him, pressing a kiss to his temple, “I’m here now,” you offered, an idea occurring to you, “And we have all night to spend some time together…” your voice fell deeper as your lips trailed to his neck.

For a brief instant, you thought you had him, but abruptly he leaned away, “I’m not in the mood.”

You were taken aback by his refusal, “You’re always in the mood.”

“Well then I guess this is a first,” he pursed his lips, “It’s late. I need to go to bed.”

Your lip began to shake just barely–you’d never felt so rejected by him. You’d never realized he was so upset by your busy schedule. You figured he understood since he was always so wrapped up in the band, “Okay,” you nodded dejectedly, “Sleep well. I love you.”

The lights went out with no response.


“Tell her I’m so sorry–” you forced a weak cough from your throat, as you stared at the white tile floor of the master bathroom, “But I feel awful. I really would come in but I don’t want everyone else getting sick–no, no, I understand. Yeah, they’re in the blue file cabinet behind my desk. She shouldn’t have trouble finding them. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Sorry, again,” you quietly hung up the phone.

“Who was that?” you jumped at the voice through the closed bathroom door.

“I–uh, Liam!” you jumped to your feet, quickly swinging the door open, “You’re up?”

His eyes were squinted groggily, hair disheveled from sleep, “I had to take a wee,” he yawned. Some of the coldness from the previous night had dissipated, but there was still a barrier between you, “Who were you talking to?” he nodded to the cellphone cupped loosely in your hand.

“Oh, it was Jess. From work?” you nodded, rolling your lips, “I was calling out for today.”

He rubbed his hands over his face, attempting to wipe away whatever remnants of sleep still tugged at his features, “Why? Are you sick?”

“No,” you shook your head, feeling very naked in just his old shirt, “I figured we could just stay in. Do nothing today? I mean, you’re right, I have been working all the time. And I miss you. And I don’t know–” you felt your confidence fading. His rejection the night before had left you feeling vulnerable, second guessing your every move.

You saw his expression slowly shift as he understood what you were saying, “I miss you, too. And yeah, that sounds good. Doing nothing. I like that,” he shifted from foot to foot.

You felt your nerves calm, “Okay, yeah. Good,” you nodded.

He stood, squirming a bit, “I still have to–” he nodded to the bathroom behind you.

“Oh, right,” you quickly stepped out of the way, “I’ll go make coffee.

"Sounds good,” he agreed, slipping by you.

“And Liam?” you bit your lip.


“I’m sorry about this. About not making time for you. I thought you didn’t mind–it doesn’t matter, though. I missed you, too. We should spend more time together,” you nodded sheepishly.

He simply nodded, a soft smile spreading his lips, “We should–and, about last night,” his brown eyes widened ever-so-slightly, “I love you, too.”


Liam is literally the love of my life and writing this made my heart melt. That is all.

Other boys are here:

xoxo B


Life Series: You Argue (Part 1)


You and Harry had both been a bit distant lately. While you were engrossed in studying for your university exams, he was caught up in relentless tour promo activities. So for the past week or so it had been the same routine: class, work, cram at the library then come home to crash around the pool of your textbooks. Harry wouldn’t get in until well after you had already fallen asleep. Then the next morning you would already be up and out before he even budged. You went on like this living in your own respective worlds.

You were sitting in your linguistics lecture when you felt your phone vibrate in your coat pocket. Taking it out to sneak a quick look, you see a text from Harry, “Hey baby, are you still coming to dinner tonight?”

Momentarily confused, you check your calendar. Sure enough under the day’s date you see “Dinner with Harry and the boys.” You let out a small groan now remembering the plans you had made. All day you had been looking forward to spending your Friday after class catching up on much needed sleep, but you couldn’t flake on him. This group dinner had been planned for weeks now. And giving it further thought, it had been a while since you and Harry actually had the opportunity to hang out together with your busy schedules. Quickly typing out, “Of course!”, you slide your phone back into pocket and try to focus for the half hour that remained.

You pulled into the driveway of your townhouse after the exhausting hours of lecture. Relieving yourself of your schoolbooks, you made your way over to your bed which was calling your name. Figuring you could squeeze in a quick nap before the dinner you gave in and made yourself cozy on the bed. Some time later you were startled awake by his shrugging your arm. “Baby wake up,” he whispered softly. As you tried to reorient to reality he continued. “We’ve got to go in a little while.” Now propped up on the bed, you nodded to him groggily, still holding onto your pillow savoring the last moments of rest. “C’mon now love, get up I wanna show you something.”

Your interest now peaked, you took his hand as he led you down the stairs. “What is it Harry?” He smiled even wider as you inquired about the surprise. Once you were down the stairs he requested you close your eyes. You kept your eyes shut tight until you finally heard him say, “Okay open!”

Parked next to your car, you saw a sparkling new silver Audi TT convertible wrapped in an over sized red bow. Jaw nearly dropping to the ground, you stood frozen, flatly stammering, “Harry…what is this?” 

“It’s for you babe!” He dangled the keys in front of you before placing them in your free hand.

“You…you bought me a car?

“Yea! I remember one day you saying you’ve always wanted one, so I just went ahead and got it for you. You like it?”

You wiped your hand across your face trying to fathom a response without bursting his bubble. “Harry, you shouldn’t have bought this.”

Now realizing you didn’t seem excited, his tone changed as well. “What do you mean? You wanted it, so I got it for you?”

Heaving a deep sigh you let go of his hand. “I know…and that’s really sweet. But there’s nothing wrong with the car I have. I don’t really need a new car right now. And I know this is an expensive car..”

“But it’s okay. I paid for it you don’t have to worry about a thing.”

“No, it’s not okay Harry. It’s a really generous gesture but a little too generous. You spent way too much money on this.” You put the keys back in his hand.

He looked at them in confusion trying to understand your reaction. “So…what? You want me to just take it back?” his voice started to sound a bit more upset than enthusiastic now. Before you could answer him he was already speaking again, “I don’t get it Y/N, why can’t you just let me do nice things for you?”

“What are you talking about Harry?”

He ran his hand through his hair as he began to explain, and by his raised voice you could easily tell he was frustrated. “Every time I try to  do something nice for you you always cry about it being too expensive, or you go on about how I spent too much money.”

“Because there’s a difference between doing nice things for someone and being stupid and impulsive with money.”

“Oh, so buying you things makes me stupid and impulsive?”

Rolling your eyes you groaned, “You know what I mean Harry!”

He leaned back folding his arms, “Clearly I don’t think I quite do, love. Care to go on bashing me?”

Mimicking his stance you you pursed your lips, raising your voice to get your point across. “I’m not bashing you. I’m just saying you don’t always have to spend so much damn money on all these gifts for no reason.”

“I just don’t understand why you care so much about how I spend my money. You know I can afford it. Do you want me to go out and start searching for coupons to buy you cheap stuff? Is that gonna make me less stupid and impulsive?”

“No! You’re totally missing the point. I just don’t want you to buy me anything, alright!” 

“You know any other girl would love to have someone buy her nice things all the time and not be so worried about how much was paid for it!”

Shocked by his retaliation you felt around in your back pocket for your own car keys. “Well you know what then Harry, why don’t you just find one of those ‘any other girls’ and give her the stupid car then take her with you to dinner tonight because I won’t be going. I’m done here.“ You quickly stormed over to your own car driving off and leaving him standing in the small yard groaning in frustration.


It was the night of your one year anniversary with Liam. You couldn’t believe how fast the time flew by. Liam and the boys had a full day of promotion for their newest album, so you hadn’t been in contact with Liam much that day, let alone seen him since the night before. Last week you had decided on cooking a simple dinner at home together to celebrate.

While Liam was out, you decided to surprise him by cooking dinner yourself. Making a mélange of his and your favorite dishes, you called upon your best friend to help you get ready for the night. Dressed in a new slinky red dress, you leave your hair and makeup to her. Fluffing the springy curls in your hair one more time, she touches up the bright red lipstick on your lips before taking a step back to admire her work.

Clapping her hands once, she gives you a thumbs up. "Girl, you look so good! Liam won’t be able to keep his hands off you when he sees you.”

Smiling, you lean into the mirror to check your teeth for lipstick stains. “That’s the plan.”

Chuckling, she presses a quick kiss to your cheek before making her way to the door. She yells, “let me know how it goes!” with a wave over her shoulder before disappearing out the door.

Returning to the kitchen, you place two candles in the middle of the table and remove the bottle of red wine you bought earlier out of the fridge. Liam had said that he would be home around 8:30, and that was just 5 minutes away. Taking a seat at the table, you anxiously await his arrival. Five minutes quickly turned to ten, then twenty and eventually to thirty. Sighing in frustration, you pick your phone up again to see if a text or call came in that you may have missed. Nothing. Irritated that he couldn’t even call to say that he would be late, you drop your phone onto the table again. Stubborn to a fault, you decide that you wouldn’t be the one to reach out first. At 9:30 on the dot, your phone beeped, signaling a new message. Seeing that it was from Liam, you quickly read it.

Hey, love! Finished a massive day of promo and the boys and I are gonna go out for a bit. Be back around 2.

Sitting back in shock for a second, the feeling of rage quickly rose in you like a tsunami tide. Letting out an angry yell, you sweep your arm across the table, sending the cutlery and plates of food to the floor. Stepping around your mess, you stomp towards your bedroom, fumbling with your phone to call your friend.

Before she could even get out her greeting, you were already yelling into the phone. “He forgot! Get dressed, I’ll be there in 30.”

Stripping your current dress off, you squeeze into a tight black strapless leather dress that stopped just below your bum. Swapping your black heels for a pair of red ones, you grab your makeup and create a quick smokey eye before touching up your lipstick again. Scribbling out a quick note that read “Going out. Don’t wait up”, you grab your keys before making the quick trip to your friend’s home, calling in a cab as you drive.

Coming out the door at the sound of your car pulling up, you see that she is dressed similarly to you. When your cab arrives, you direct the driver to the new club across town. Quickly getting inside, you secure a table in the corner for yourselves and order four shots of tequila. Downing two each, you slither onto the dance floor, enjoying the light buzz you felt. Dancing and drinking, you barely notice the time going by. Stumbling to your table, you pull out your phone to check the time.

It was currently 2:24am, and you had 8 missed calls and 5 text messages all from Liam. Just as you were about to click on the first message, your phone buzzed in your hands as another call from him came in. Hitting ignore, you switch your phone off and drop it in your bag before ordering one last drink. Resuming your dancing, a few songs later you feel a tap on your shoulder. Spinning around, you see two smiling girls around your age.

“Hey, are you Y/N? Liam Payne’s girlfriend?”

Managing what you hoped was a nod in your drunken stupor, you move closer to them as they gestured for you to take a picture with them. Posing for a few, you wave goodbye before finding your friend. It was time to go. You know it’s only a matter for time before the pictures are posted on Twitter and Liam finds you.

Stumbling in the street, you laugh together as you just walk, no real destination in mind. After walking for what felt like ages, you see that it is near 5:30 in the morning. Passing an open coffee shop, you trudge inside and buy a large coffee, all the while ignoring the judging look the aged woman behind the counter gave the two of you. Calling a cab to bring you back to your friend’s place, you both immediately fall asleep in the back of the cab, waking up when he announces that you have arrived.

Sliding the fare into his hands, you mumble a thanks before climbing out. Digging into your purse for your phone, you pause as you hear your friend mutter a low “uh-oh” under her breath. Following her line of sight, you see Liam stand up from where he was sitting on her stoop. Folding his arms across his chest, he narrows his eyes at you as he glances at his watch, and then the outfit you currently had on. Silent, you wait for him to make the first move.

“Get in the car.” Moving around you, he takes his keys out to unlock the door. Yanking the passenger side door open, he gestures for you to get inside.

You begin pointing towards your own car in the driveway. “But what about my-”

“Y/N, get in the car!”

Jumping at his outburst, you swallow your argument and slide into the seat. You have never seen Liam this angry before. Sure, you two have had little fights throughout your year together, but nothing to this magnitude. The ride is silent as you head back towards the apartment. Safe inside the home you share, you see the mess you made in the kitchen still on the ground. Seeing the mess and remembering what lead you to this point, you begin to get angry all over again. Whipping around to face him, you try to ignore the way your vision blurred around the edges as you fold your arms across your chest, already on the defense.

Seeing your change in demeanor and the look on your face that screamed you were ready for a fight, Liam raked a hand roughly through his hair. “Would you like to explain yourself?”

Rearing your head back, you scrunch your face up. “Um would you like to pose that question again? Don’t talk to me like you’re my father.”

Rolling his eyes, he throws his hands up. “What is wrong with you? Do you know how worried I’ve been? Why would you think it would be okay to stay out all night and not tell me where you were?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a grown ass woman, Liam. I don’t need to run my plans by you, just like you don’t need to run yours by me apparently.”

“At least I told you I was going out, and what time I would be back! I walked in here at 2 in the bloody morning like I said I would, only to find an empty home, a destroyed kitchen, and this fucking note,” Reaching into his pocket, he removes the now crumpled paper and reads your words back to you in a mocking tone “‘Going out. Don’t wait up.’ What the f- what kind of message is that?! If this relationship is going to work, we need to be able to communicate with each other!”

Tossing your hands us, you roll your eyes. “Oh please, you really want to be the one to talk about making this relationship work. At least I didn’t forget our anniversary!”

“See, that’s the problem, you’re so passive! If you’re mad, tell me you’re mad, don’t go out and get shitfaced and ignore my calls all night! You and Y/f/N could have gotten hurt and you would have been too drunk off your arses to do anything about it!”

“This must be shit on Y/N night, huh?” Pulling a chair out from the kitchen table, you sit down and fold your legs, resting your elbow on your knee and propping your head up on your closed fist, nodding your head in a patronizing manner. “Anything else? Well don’t stop there, keep going Liam.”

“And this!” Pointing an agitated finger towards you, he uses the other hand to run through his hair again. “You’re so bloody sarcastic, we can’t even get through simple conversations! You let your pride get the best of you! You’re stubborn! You always think you’re right, even when you’re not!”

Your arm and jaw dropping in surprise, you blink at him in shock before slowly getting to your feet. “If I’m so awful, why are you still with me? If I’m such a terrible person, Liam, why are we even here right now? Why are we together?”

Sighing, he shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t even know.”

Blinking back the tears that started to fill your eyes, you wipe your nose on the back of your hand. “I think I’m going to go back to Y/f/N and stay there for a bit.”

Nodding, he pursed his lips. “Yeah, I think that might be for the best. I’ll call you a cab.”

Not bothering to pack any clothes, you just reach for your purse and pull the door closed behind you, fighting the urge to look back at him. Unable to hold your tears back anymore, you start crying so hard that it becomes difficult to breathe because you’re unable to fill your lungs up fast enough. Dialing Y/f/n, you try to explain but your speech is barely intelligible. Somehow she understands and says that she will have pajamas and tea waiting for you. When you finally arrive at her house, she simply leads you to the guest room and helps you get changed before crawling under the covers with you.


Pushing the door open after a long day at work, you wearily wipe the sleep out of your eye as you pull your shoes off. After pulling another double shift that week, the house was quiet at the late hour. Knowing Zayn would most likely be curled up in bed waiting for you with a movie on, you don’t bother turning on the light downstairs, deciding instead to navigate through the dark by memory.

As you are rounding the corner to go up the stairs, your foot lands into an ominous wet spot on the ground, sending you careening to the ground. Your foot sliding out from under you, your right hip and wrist take the brunt of your fall. Landing with a loud thud, you blink in surprise before the pain registers. Clutching your throbbing wrist to your chest, you blink the tears from your eyes before slowly standing to your feet, still a little dazed. Flipping on the light, you gasp at what you saw before you.

Standing in the doorway of the kitchen, you see dirty dishes overflowing in the sink. The backsplash behind the stove was soiled with what looked like dried tomato sauce. Under you and what was the cause of your fall was a spilled cup of water that was just left there. Turning towards the living room, you see soda cans and pizza boxes littering the coffee table. The throw cushions that decorated the couch now littered the floor.

Sucking in a breath, you let it out and scream Zayn’s name at the top of your lungs. His footsteps quickly coming down the stairs, he stopped at the top and peered down at you.

“Oh, hey babe. I didn’t know you were home.”

Scoffing, you point towards the mess. “What the hell happened here, Zayn?”

Rolling his eyes, he sighed as he finally came down the stairs. “It’s no big deal, Y/N, I’ll clean it tomorrow.”

Stomping over to the sink, you point a finger at the dishes. “These were there two days ago, and you said the same thing then.”

“Like I said, it’s not that big of a deal! A few dirty dishes in the sink never hurt anyone.”

“A few? Are there even any clean plates left? You obviously had the boys over, why didn’t you get them to help? And look at the living room! It’s disgusting in there.”

Muttering an “oh my god” under his breath, he rolled his eyes again and folded his arms across his chest. “Why are you nagging me? The boys and I were just hanging out, trying to relax. Listen, no one is forcing you to be here. If you don’t like the mess, you don’t have to stay here, this isn’t your house, Y/N!”

Taking a step back, your eyebrows fly up in surprise. For the past couple of weeks, you had for all intents and purposes been living at Zayn’s place. Sure, you still had your apartment in the city, but most of your clothes could be found in Zayn’s closet, and you had your own shelf in the bathroom. Feeling a slight stab in your chest, you cast your eyes to the side before nodding your head. “You’re right. This is your house, not mine. I’m just gonna go then.”

Seeing the tears brimming in your eyes, he groans to himself. Moving to grab your hand before you could walk away, he unknowingly latched onto the wrist that you fell on earlier.

Letting out a yell in pain, you push at his chest, cradling your wrist in your arms. You had totally forgotten about the fall, but now the pain was back full force and it seemed to have multiplied. Angry now, you stomp over to the side table and snatch your keys up. “I’m not complaining about the mess to nag you, Zayn. I’m complaining because someone could get hurt. I slipped on that stupid water puddle and hurt my wrist.” Ignoring the concerned look he gave you, you continue towards the door. “When you’re done being an ass, I’ll be at the emergency room getting checked out if you want to find me.” Slamming the door behind you, you angrily get in your car and drive towards to emergency room, fuming the entire time.