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//crashes in here Ok but would Hades show up kinda randomly to his fav son to give advice or something like that making everyone else gape in astonishment cus "wait gods are not supposed to do that??? you're like breaking ALL the rules???" (PJO!vld)

I gotchu buddy. Let’s do this! Because loving Hades is the best.

They were all dining at the pavilion, eating breakfast. Usually, demigods were supposed to sit in their designated tables but that would mean Keith and Shiro would be alone in their own tables. Keith didn’t care about the rules so he invites Shiro to sit with him in the Hades table.

Eating peacefully while trying to get rid of their sleepiness with Shiro nudging Keith from time to time because he looked like he was gonna pass out, suddenly dark shadows and dark smoke appeared in the center and there stood, the tall and mighty Hades in his godly form. Looking regal and ominous as ever. Everyone gasped because it was so rare for a god to visit them, much more one of the Big Three and Hades at that. Gods only appeared when something important was going to happen. So Hades being there in Camp Half Blood was SUCH A BIG DEAL.

Everyone bowed down to Lord Hades (mostly in fear because gods this was The Lord of The Underworld in their presence!) but Hades’ eyes began wandering around the area, until he spots a certain raven haired boy who had his back turned at him. Two boys completely oblivious of their surroundings. Hades crept behind them and tapped Keith. It started the boy, making him jolt forward. 

Keith’s eyes widened in surprise. “Dad?! What are you doing here?”

“Can’t I just see how my son’s doing?” Hades smiled as he opened his arms to which Keith immediately stood up to hug his really huge Dad. 

Keith shook his head. “It’s just that, it’s too early, y’know? Don’t you have some Underworld stuff to attend to?”

Hades hummed. “That can wait. I left Alecto there to settle some stuff while I visit you.” He spotted Shiro in the table. “I’d like to borrow my son for a while if you don’t mind, Shirogane?”

“Oh! By all means, go ahead, Lord Hades.” Shiro smiled while waving both his hands in front. “It was nice to see you again.”

“You, too, my boy.” Hades nodded. He turned back to Keith, offering his hand. “Let’s go shall we?”

Keith nodded as he took his Dad’s hand and together they walked out of the pavilion. They all could see how animated Keith was talking to Hades and Hades would pat the hand of his son that he held, smiling in amusement at the updates Keith was giving him. As soon as Keith leaned his head towards Hades’ side, shadows enveloped them and the father and son disappeared.

“What the hell just happened?” Pidge asked, like everyone, she just stared at the events unfolding in front of her. She turned towards Shiro and looked at him expectantly. “What just happened?” 

Shiro looked around them and they were all staring at him. “Uh, Hades randomly visits Keith? Is that not normal?”

“No, it isn’t.” Allura spoke up as she stood up. “Gods just don’t appear in front of everyone unless something terrible is about to happen.”

“Not necessarily.”

“You seem to be antiquated with Lord Hades, son of Zeus” Allura squinted suspiciously. “What’s your deal?”

Shiro sighed. “I told you, it’s because Lord Hades had been doing that for years. He’s appeared a couple of times before Keith and I even made it here to camp. He’s pretty chill and—”

“Like I said, gods don’t do that,” Allura sneered. “None of our godly parents here have done that. Except in our dreams. The god of the Underworld is breaking a lot of rules. They are not supposed to have contact with their children. It has always been like that.”

Shiro was starting to get irritated. It was true. Hades had been visiting them for years and nothing really terrible has happened. He had even helped them sometime when they were in danger from monsters. “Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, Keith is his only son for a while and he’d like to spend time with him?”

“Like I said, gods don’t do that. They’re not supposed to do that. Something is amiss.” Allura looked around.

“Well, Lord Hades is different!” Shiro snapped and suddenly they were all surprised that Hades materialized in front of them with Keith, causing everyone to gasp. 

Hades looked at Shiro and smirked. He let go of Keith’s hand and let him walk back towards his table. Hades placed both of his hands behind him and spoke with a looming voice, “If anyone has a problem with me visiting my son, well, I can always speed up your days when we meet in The Underworld.” 

Everyone just went white and Hades smirked. Keith rolled his eyes because Dad’s at it again. Hades turned towards him. “Goodbye, my little bat. I’ll see you again soon.” He looked at Shiro. “And you too, son of Zeus. Take good care of my little trouble maker.”

“Dad,” Keith groaned.

Tutor (M) - Zhang Yixing

A/N: I loved this request so much! It was so much fun to write this. Hope everyone likes it! -Admin Grace

Genre: Smut, fluff

Length: 1.7k

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Trust Me

Admin Marie

A/N: I’m back with Chapter two! I hope you all like it! My goal is to have chapter three done by tomorrow, I’ll do my best!

Word Count: 1865

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Single Parent!AU

Member: Mark (Got7)

Summary:  You became a mother of a beautiful girl named Jisoo at just 16 years old. After her father ran out on the two of you, you wrote your love life off and devoted everything you had to your daughter. Everything changes when you meet a gorgeous stranger who takes interest in Jisoo and your lives.

Warnings: Language

Chapter 1

Originally posted by sxy-jmn

Mark had become a regular. You would park your car behind the café, walk inside and see him, sitting at his usual table and sipping on his chai tea latte. Part of you was weirded out by this new customer, but the other part smiled proudly when you would see him in the corner, writing on paper or typing on a laptop. Of course, every time you showed up, he would come to the front and get a refill on his latte, smiling sweetly and innocently at you, which was something that astonished and irked you. How could such a perfect man come to the cozy café you treated as your second home.

A week passed since you first met Mark. Everyday he was unfailingly sitting at the table he always sat at. When the cafe became empty around 3 like it did every day, he would ask you about yourself and Jisoo. Today was no exception and for some reason, you found comfort in the routine you two had unknowingly fallen into.

“What’s Jisoo’s favourite colour?” He asks you while you make him another latte.

“Purple. Not the really dark shades or the almost pink shade, the lighter purple colours,” You reply. A soft smile falls onto his face and he looks at you, almost longingly.

“You really love your daughter don’t you?” He asks.

“Of course I do. She’s all I have,” You reply. “At the start it was really hard to get a hang of the whole parenting thing, because I was really young, but eventually I figured it out,” You admit.

“You were 16 when you had her, right?” Mark asks. You place the latte on his table and sit across from him.

“How did you know?” You ask.

“When I first met Jisoo she said she was four, and you said you are 20 so I just thought you must’ve been 16,” He says. “Is it okay if I ask about her dad?” He asks hesitantly. You sigh, nodding.

“What do you want to know?” You ask.

“When did he leave?” He asks.

“As soon as I told him I was pregnant. He disappeared the next day,” You reply.

“What a dick,” Mark says, shaking his head.

“At the time I was sure i was in love with him, now I know I was being irrational and I didn’t know was love was,” You reply. “I am glad he left. If he didn’t, somewhere down the line he would’ve and it would’ve hurt Jisoo,” You say.

“Does she know anything about her father?” He asks.

“No, nothing. I’ll tell her the truth when she’s older and can understand it wasn’t because of her he left,” You say. Mark nods, thinking about something.

“Can I have your number?” He asks. “I was going to ask you sooner… I just didn’t have the guts,” He laughs.

“Yeah sure. Can I have your phone?” You ask. He hands you his phone. You open contacts and type your number in. You save the contact and send yourself a text. “There,” You say. He smiles gratefully at you. A customer walks in and you run to the till, taking their order and making their drink. Yu get off your shift an hour later and you grab your stuff and exit the cafe, making your way to your car. You drive to your parent’s house to pick Jisoo up and then you go home. You make spaghetti and cut up some carrots. You cut the noodles really hort and place the plate in front of your daughter.

You two eat supper and between bites, Jisoo tells you about her day at her Grandma’s house. “Gramma and I did a really big puzzle! You came before we finished, but Gramma say we can finish next week,” She says, smiling happily and slurping on her spaghetti. After you both finish supper, you make her wipe off her face because she has red sauce everywhere on it. You turn on the kids channel and she colours while watching her favourite children’s show. Your phone buzzes and you pick it up, it’s a text from Mark.

Mark: Hey, Y/N. When is your next day off?

Y/N: Tomorrow actually.

Mark: Do you want to hang out? I was thinking we could take Jisoo to the park or to get ice cream. It’s totally fine if you don’t want to though.

Y/N: That actually sounds great. I would love to, and thanks for thinking about Jisoo. She’ll be really excited.

“Soo,” You say. Your daughter turns from the TV and looks at you. “Do you remember Mark?” You ask. She scrunches her eyebrows together, concentrating.

“The man from mommy’s work?” She asks. You nod. She nods vigorously. “I like Mark,” She proclaims.

“Mark is going to take us to the park tomorrow,” You say. She smiles widely.

“Really?!” She exclaims. You nod and pick her up, turning off the television.

“Bath time and then bed?” You ask. She nods. You bathe your daughter and then tuck her in and she falls asleep as you read her another bedtime story. When you walk out of her room and grab your phone, you have another text.

Mark: It’s really no problem. I want to get to know both of you.

Y/N: I want to get to know you too.

You tell Mark where Jisoo and you live so he can pick you two up tomorrow.

Mark: Seriously? Wait give me a sec.

His response to your text with your address and apartment number confuses you. Seconds later someone knocks softly on your door. You walk to the door, opening it and are met with Mark’s smiling face. You’re perplexed. How did he get here so fast?

“I live in that apartment,” He says, pointing across the hall to the apartment directly opposite of yours. You burst out laughing. “I have a roommate though that is really loud all the time and it makes me want to stab my eyes out,” He says.

“Is he being loud right now?” You ask.

“Oh god yes,” He replies.

“You can come in for a while. We have to be quiet because Jisoo is asleep but you can chill here until he shuts up,” You offer.

“A-are you sure? I don’t want to intrude or-” You cut him off.

“Oh shut up and come inside,” You say, walking away from the door and into the living room. Mark hesitantly follows you, shutting the door behind him. You flop into a chair and gesture for him to sit on the couch. He obeys and admires Jisoo’s drawing that’ lying on the table.

“Does Jisoo like to colour?” He asks. You nod.

“She loves it, it’s basically all she does,” You reply. “For her birthday all she wants are pencil crayons, crayons and markers,” You say, smiling at the memory. A smile finds its way onto Mark’s face.

“You raised a really sweet girl, you know that, right?” He asks.

“I am very proud of her,” You reply.

“The guy who left missed out. Big time,” Mark says.

“Il-sung. Jisoo’s father, his name is Il-sung,” You say.

Mark leaves about two hours later. You decide to clean up the apartment a little and then you go to bed. The next day, Mark exts you, telling you he’ll be at your apartment by 11 and that he’s excited to see you and Jisoo. Jisoo is bouncing off the walls from excitement. She adores going to the park and she’s excited to see Mark for some reason beyond you. You get her dressed and fed with much difficulty because she won’t sit still long enough for you to get anything done.

At exactly 11, a knock at your door sounds and Jisoo runs to the door, squealing in excitement. You open the door and Mark is standing there, smiling.

“Mark!” Your daughter screams, grabbing onto his leg. Mark looks as shocked as you feel. Jisoo has never been so open around a stranger, she’s usually so shy. Mark ruffles her hair and crouches down to her level.

“How are you, Jisoo?” He asks.

“Good! You can call me Soo, that’s what mommy calls me,” She says. Mark looks up at you unsurely. You nod encouragingly.

“Okay, Soo. Are you ready to do to the park?” He asks. Jisoo nods. Mark stands up and you shut and lock the door of your apartment. You three begin walking and take the elevator to get to the main floor. When you all get outside, you decide to walk to the park that’s not far away. Jisoo walks in the middle of you and Mark, holding both of your hands as you and Mark pick her up off the ground and swing her gently. She squeals happily and you two let her down again and she sees the park, running across the grass to go to the play structure. You and Mark walk side by side, following idly after her.

“She really likes you,” You say as you both sit down on a park bench.

“She’s such a sweet girl,” He says. You both watch as she climbs around on the play structure.

“Mark! Come push me!” She exclaims, pointing at a swing.  Mark gets up and walks over to her, setting her in the toddler swing and pushing her.

“You have a beautiful family,” An older lady says. You smile at her.

“Thank you,” You reply, bowing. She smiles at continues walking. Watching Mark with your daughter makes you wish that he was Jisoo’s father, not Il-sung. Just the thought of the name leaves a sour taste in your mouth. He was a coward who was too scared to take responsability of something he helped create. If you saw hm now, you would thank him. You would thank him for giving you your beautiful daughter. If he stayed, maybe Jisoo wouldn’t even be the same as she is today, maybe she wouldn’t even be named Jisoo which is a thought you don’t even want to ponder. You love Jisoo exactly how she is and you wouldn’t want her any other way.

“Y/N! Come over here!” Mark exclaims, holding your laughing daughter. You stand up and walk over to them. For the rest of the afternoon, you play games with Jisoo and Mark and for the first time, you feel like the three of you are a family. The day ends with the three of you going out for supper. Mark paid, much to your protesting. When you reach your apartment door, Jisoo is asleep in Mark’s arms. You unlock your apartment door and Mark sets the sleeping toddler in her bed, pulling her shoes off gently and placing her under the covers.

Mark stays for a few hours but eventually goes back to his apartment. You are braiding you hair when someone knocks on the door and you go and answer it. Standing on the other side of the dor is someone you want to punch straight in the face.

“Y/N,” He says. You stare at him in disbelief.

“Il-sung?” You stammer. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

i keep seeing pictures from house shows of Roman and Sami Zayn tagging and I’m just imagining like. Dean calling up Sami before the show like SAMI I NEED YOU TO DO ME A SOLID– ALL OF ROMAN’S FRIENDS ARE EITHER INJURED OR ON SMACKDOWN SO PLEASE BE HIS FRIEND

sami just like COME ON NOW HE’S A GROWN MAN THIS CAN’T BE SO SERIOUS THAT YOU’D NEED ME TO– sami walks into catering to see roman like. literally sitting at a table all alone in the corner like this is some awful teen movie. and sami just whispers OH GOD IT’S WORSE THAN I THOUGHT

Daydream Believer

Avengers x Reader

Word Count: 1,207

Warnings: None, just some basic action

Author: Katy

Request: Can I have one where reader is learning how to control some of her powers (elements) so she meditates at home, let’s her mind wander thinking what it would be like to be an avenger. She opens her eyes to find herself sitting on a table in front of all the avengers while they were eating breakfast. All looking at her like ‘wtf just happened ’ She just laughs and gets all star struck

A/N: Hello! Kate and I are so sorry for not posting in awhile, we’ve been super busy with school, band, and friend drama! We hope to get back onto things and finish some requests! Thank you for all your patience, hope you like this one it’s from a while ago, but I felt I needed to finish it before moving to the new requests (P.S. I changed it from the request just a little, sorry)

You quickly strode through the living room and kitchen to your room. You prayed that no one would discover you had arrived home. Today had been absolutely horrible. Things had, well, gotten out-of-hand at school. You may or may not have accidentally flooded the bathrooms when someone had slammed you against a locker. The school had to deal with your little ‘outbursts’ for quite some time now. Books bursting into flames, strong breezes toppling stacks of papers, carnivorous plants biting people, you know, the usual for you. This time, like every other time, they had no proof it was you. Although, people still glared and mocked you. You knew you needed to take control of these unique powers, so you often meditated to help. Although the meditation’s effect usually didn’t last long.

You crossed your legs and set your hands gently onto your knees. Taking deep, constant breaths your heart slowed down and you felt complete calm.

As your head cleared of all memories and thoughts, a new world began to develop in front of you. Your dream world opened and you saw a forest surrounding you. Large maple and pine trees stretched up to the sky. You breathed in the amazing natural scent. This place felt faintly familiar. Maybe you’d been there before, yes, you definitely had. It took you minute, but you knew this was the quiet forest you had spent many days wandering. A slight buzzing noise snapped you out of your pondering. You turned to your left where you saw a small break in the trees; out of the clearing appeared a gray Harley-Davidson driven by a muscular man. Your brain made the connection slower than expected, it was…Steve Rogers?! The bike stopped near you.

“Want a ride, kid?” Steve raised his eyebrow and offered you a seat. You weren’t sure why you accepted, but it felt right. You straddled the motorcycle and off you went. The large, green trees flew by you.

“You’re going to want to hold on tight,” Steve shouted over the engine noise. You wrapped your arms around Roger’s waist, just as the bike hit a few bumps. Your senses felt overloaded, but it was amazing.

After a short drive, a wide clearing revealed a nicely sized house and a shabby old barn. Nothing seemed out of place until the the bike turned around the barn. A large helicopter sat on the grass, the blades began to spin.

“Looks like they’re all ready to go,” Steve offered you a hand off the bike and the two of you approached the copter. A man with styled black hair opened the wide door. A memory popped into your head and you recognized the man as Tony Stark.

“Hey Rogers, I can see you’ve found Y/N,” he smirked and helped you step into the aircraft. Once you were settled into a seat and given headphones, you finally decided to speak up. You bent the microphone attached to the headset towards your mouth and spoke.

“Uh, so why did you bring me here?”

“What do mean, Y/n? You’re an Avenger, this is just a routine mission,” Tony’s voice sounded through the headphones.

“What will this mission involve?” You wondered, also, why in the world you would be an Avenger?

“Well, there’s a secret group we’ve been tracking for months, and they’ve finally come out of hiding. We’re hoping to catch ‘em before they get into serious trouble. We were also hoping that you could use your…,” he paused and you just gave him a confused look, “your, powers.” For a second you were unsure what he meant, but a sudden burst of memories struck you. Oh, those powers, the ones you had used thousands of times and gotten yourself into trouble with. Tony saw the understanding bloom on you face and decided to leave it at that.

The helicopter landed on a fairly tall building near the edge of a big city. The surrounding buildings looked pretty sketchy. Tony, Steve, and you exited the helicopter. Steve equipped with his shield, and Tony with a briefcase. Tony laid the case on the ground and stepped on it. The case moved around his feet and built up into a full Iron Man suit. For some odd reason this suit assembly didn’t even faze you. The three of you took a set of dirty stairs to the main floor of the building. Steve led the team outside and through a few small alleyways. Finally, you reached an old warehouse. Steve crept inside first and motioned for you and Stark to follow. From behind a few crates you could see a large group of masked people, they carried massive weapons. They seemed to be testing the weapons, and you realized why you’d be helpful during this mission. A burly man was fitted with a large backpack with gas tanks, hooked up to a hose like piece. He pointed the nozzle to one of the bare, concrete walls and a bright stream of fire burst out.

Steve turned towards you. “We were hoping you’d be able to hold that one off while we took care of the others.” You swallowed the lump forming in your throat and nodded. “Okay on the count of three be ready to control those flames, don’t worry about anything else and you’ll be fine. One… Two… Three!” The two of them sprinted towards the dark clothed enemies. There attention was turned from the man with a flamethrower and they all launched into action. Steve took on two at a time, deflecting bullets and getting a few kicks in. Tony blasted those running near him. The large ‘flamethrower man’ also joined in the fight, but as fire flickered out towards Steve, you concentrated all of your willpower into moving the flames aside. The man was severely confused and continued pursuing Steve, but to no avail. After the rest of the people had been ‘taken care of’, Tony nodded in your direction. You took the signal as a queue to turn the flames off entirely. You closed your eyes and managed to conjure enough strength to extinguish the fire altogether.

Woah, that’s all you could say. You couldn’t remember ever feeling so alive and useful. Tony and Steve approached you with smiles and patted you on the back.

“Y/n! It’s time for dinner, we got some Shawarma!” A distant voice called you from your dream. You had almost forgotten that the battle that had taken place in that abandoned warehouse was just your imagination. You hopped off your bed and walked towards the kitchen. Your memories of getting busted at school came back and you felt upset again. You rounded the corner and seated at the table was… Steve Rogers! Tony Stark?! Natasha Romanoff??  You stood in the hallway with your jaw closer to the floor than it should have been.

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” Natasha asked after taking a small bite of her food.

“Um, um nothing… I just forgot…”

“Forgot what…?” Steve looked concerned with your current expression.

“Oh, it’s nothing, nevermind,” you looked down and blushed. How in the world had you forgotten that you weren’t just an Avenger in your day dreams, but in real life too?



A Game with Fate [KHR]

Summary: Tsuna tells Reborn he’s going to save him. He doesn’t say how. (Crossover with Hand of Fate.)


“So, you have arrived at last, Tsunayoshi.”

Tsuna smiles at the man sitting at the scarred oak table. “Hello Fate,” he says, and tries not to give away how very nervous he is. “I’ve come for a Game.”

“I suspected as much.” The milky white eyes stare at him. He might appear blind, but Fate can still see with the best of them, when he wants to. “Tell me, does he truly mean so much to you, that man? Him, and all the others? Or just him in particular?”

Tsuna swallows down his nerves. He had resolved even before coming here tonight he would be open and honest. Even if he lost his soul tonight, he would do so without regrets. “All of them. But Reborn has… been the kindest to me. I can’t let him just fade away without trying.”

Fate tilts his head, the robes covering his face rustling. “Even if it results in your demise?” he asks, softly.

“Even then.” Tsuna lifts his chin. “Will you accept my offering and play against me or not?”

“Oh, I will play with you, Tsunayoshi.” Long, spindly hands, weather-worn and ancient from the passing of time, lift. Cards appear from beneath their shadows, and stack high on the table. Two decks, red and blue. They form one deck, and they scatter into rows of four each, before finally shuffling together once again. “Come, and sit at my table child. T’will be a long night yet, and you’ve much work to do before the sun arrives.”

Tsuna sits, rubbing the palms of his hands against his knees. Now at last he feels the pressure of an invasion, of an opponent that is showing their true power, and he knows he cannot stop here. He must push through, all the way to the end. He has to save Reborn. 

“Now,” Fate says, and gestures. The cards align themselves across the table in a pattern, and the tiny token representing Tsuna appears on the starting spot. “Let us see how very favored you are.”

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this is like the third prompt I've given you so far and I don't plan on stopping(the first was the Hamilton and then the homeless) ANYWAY so Klance Au where Keith is a mute and Lance learns to read and speak sign language to understand what Keith is saying, so F L U F F

Never stop sending me prompts anon ilysm

I’m going through some shit rn and all that’s giving me motivation to not break down is responding to asks/prompts, so you’re helping me here more than you know.

ANYWAYS, hope you enjoy!


Lance was sitting at their regular table at lunch, with Hunk and Pidge across from him as per usual. He was telling them about the latest episode of Doctor Who he had watched, and they listened with open ears. None of them hadn’t even noticed that Shiro wasn’t with them as per usual. Sometimes he would leave to go sit with his girlfriend, Allura, but he normally sat with them on Wednesdays.

So when Shiro cleared his throat to stop Lance in the middle of his rant, he spun around to tell him off for not only being late, but cutting him off. He quickly stopped himself when he saw Shiro wasn’t alone. There was a boy standing beside him with a black mullet, a red jacket, and fingerless gloves. Lance already didn’t like this kid, but he ignored him.

“What the hell, Shiro? You’re late!”

Shiro smiled apologetically. He was a year older than everyone, other than Pidge, who was a freshman. Shiro was the senior, but so was Allura whenever she decided to hang out with them.

“I’m sorry. I had to show Keith around.” Shiro gave Keith a smile, who hesitantly returned it, “Can we sit?”

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The Constant 

1772 words 

May and Fitz have a talk about Daisy leaving. 

takes place in 4a, after Daisy gets back 

for aos brotp week day 2 - fanon brotp! filled with mayfitz goodness (and a side helping of daisyfitz)

read on AO3 

“Sorry,” Daisy gasps, her whole body clenching in a brief panic. Fitz had surprised her in the kitchen—she’d flinched, sloshing coffee on his shirt.

He huffs out a sigh, looking down at the stain. But May could clearly see that the frustration on his face had been there before the spill. “It’s alright—”

“No, no, I- I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean- You just- I-I’ll go, sorry.”

Daisy quickly moves out of the kitchen, head ducked, coffee gripped tight between her hands. Perhaps luckily, there was no one around to witness the scene, besides May, who sits at the table, sipping tea.

Fitz growls something beneath his breath, rips a paper towel from the holder a little too forcefully. He wets it in the sink and starts dabbing at his shirt, all the while muttering. About what, May can’t hear.

Resigned, May stands. It pains her to get involved, but there’s clearly something wrong here. She hasn’t seen Daisy so skittish in a long time. Maybe ever. And Fitz—well, he’s always grumpy. But something about this doesn’t sit right on her tongue.

May first makes her way to the cupboard, pulls out a bottle of vinegar, and pours some on a washcloth. Fitz crinkles his nose when she offers it over.

“I hate the smell of vinegar.”

She offers it again. “You want that stain to come out?”

He takes the cloth reluctantly, face pinched in disgust as he dabs his shirt.

May leans back against the counter, watching him for a moment. “So what exactly did you say to her?”

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Unexpected Love: 1st Cause

Pairing: Solace x Ain (EE) (I blame random-elsword-stuff for making me ship them now lol :D)
Summary: Modern AU with Alpha/Beta/Omega. Solace is Perihart (Alpha) in this story as well as Ain’s (Omega) mentor, who’s one year younger. 
Title: Each Chapter would be a Cause. 

(plz don’t hurt me ;;)(no nsfw as of right now if you’re wondering lol)(A bit of fluff though)

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I’m not gonna stay off tumblr, nor am I blackliting anything, but I will not watch the new clips/necessarily read new spoiler until after tonight’s episode, simply because it’s my brothers birthday and I’m forced to sit at a table, eat cake and pretend to be a normal human being, so I’m still gonna be freaking out with yu guys, just trying to ignore any new spoilers cause I need all of this to come at me tonight.

An Almost Straightforward letter.

Oklin sits in silent contemplation in his treasure room. Small boxes of gems and gold sit upon decorated tables with finely crafted weaponry leaned up against them. Twas an odd site for someone like him to keep such a room though it looked as though it was not used as a means to keep pride or such in trophies more as a storage room for old worthless things as the dust and webs would tell anyone….however there was one item that seemed to be kept in near pristine condition, a small amulet depicting an etching of a Naaru. Oklin took note of it as he glimpsed it from his seat. “Ah…Ranes. Wish you could be by my side now. I could use the help of a vindicator, heh.” With a sigh, he closes his eyes and leans back until a spark goes through his mind. “Though you may be able to aid me in a sense my very old friend.” He would spring up and grab the amulet before heading to his office where he would set up his pen set like he had so many times beforehand. He kept the amulet clutched in his hand as he said a small prayer to infuse it with the Light. “Light hear me in this humble prayer, make this amulet glow with your warmth so that it may go on to protect that which I am to bestow it upon, keep them in your touch and keep them with a warmth of heart.” The etching began to glow and steady gold as the Light fused into the amulet as a whole, giving off a warmth and a light.”Ah perfect.” Oklin would say before he began to write. 

“Dear Kazlarah Molniya

I am sending you this letter in order to make a bit of talk with you in the sense, I would rather like it if you were to keep me informed of my ladies health in this time. I would like it if you were the one to write such since I would not want to out the strain on Lady Tayela nor on Lady Davington. However, this is also my way of communication to them since of course, I am unable to attened them or you in Ravengarde.

I have also enclosed a favor for you and thanks in the form of a gift I would hope that is to your liking since during our last actual meeting I heard you say something about missing a certain touch. I do hope this item will help in giving you what you need.

Sincerely Oak”

Oklin smiles as he finishes his letter and seals it in an envelope along with the amulet, making the paper glow as he put it in, to which he included and silver chain. After he set his seal upon it, he went the to the ravens and sent one off to Ravengarde. “Make haste Bilberry, I do wish to get a response.” Oklin watched the raven fly off into the night sky.


Kai felt like a star going down the red carpet beside neir boyfriend. Ne waved at some of the journalists and fans ne saw along with posing for photos with neir boyfriend. Kissing, smiling, laughing – ne tried to stand out. Bad enough ne was wearing a cotton candy suit, ne wanted to make neir presence known. Kai was soon in the hall, sitting down at the table ne was assigned at. Ne waved at a few friends before deciding to grab some champagne.

Dating sucks (antisemetic edition)

So I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this and I’m still not sure I can wrap my head around what happened.

Last week at the library, I met a gal. She was sitting at the same table as I was, and I noticed the book she was writing her essay on and we started talking. I love meeting people like that, except, I should never meet people cause I have SHIT FUCKING LUCK meeting people…

sorry, back to the story..

We got to talking, and I mentioned my buddy was playing a show this afternoon and we made plans to meet up and see him and his band.

8 mins… one of the worlds shortest fucking dates, cause all it lasted was EIGHT FUCKING MINUTES….

What happened in 8 minutes? How could things go wrong THAT FAST?? Well the title topic at the top might give you a hint.

We sit down, start talking, and she asks if she can add me on facebook. I said sure! That’d be a great way to keep in touch and stuff, and as soon as she saw my page, she saw that I was also part of the Hillel Transfer Students group and all she did was look at me with such hatred and yell “You’re a JEW?!?!?!!”

um…. yup… She grabbed her stuff, spit at me, and stormed out.

8 Mins.

Fucking hell. This magnet is gonna be the death of me