sitting in this car i've realized

Don’t mind me I’m just sitting here thinking about how worried Jessica was about Danny in the last two episodes and realizing the fact that he’s probably the age her brother would have been if he survived that car crash that killed her entire family and Danny survived a plane crash that killed his I’m FINE JUST FINE.

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I can dress and clean myself and even drive around and go to school, but I have issues motivating myself to do basically anything past that. Cleaning my room, doing laundry, washing my car, or even exercising seems impossible. I get caught up in my head and hours will pass by before I realize that I've been sitting in the same place staring at a wall, and I'm not exaggerating on that. I have no concept of time at all. I feel like I need help, but what help do I look for? I'm really lost.

Oh gosh, I feel this so hard. So much of my time is spent just staring at a wall, or opening something on my computer and then just staring at it wondering what to do or thinking about what I want to do without actually doing it. It’s a hard thing to deal with.

My first question would be how much do you know about executive dysfunction? If you don’t know much, that is the place that I would start looking for ideas. There’s a lot of people here on tumblr that talk about executive dysfunction and how it manifests in things like ASD, ADHD, and various other neurodivergences. It’s also common symptom of both mental and physical health issues.

Basically, executive dysfunction is a difficulty with doing things. It isn’t that you are procrastinating, but that you have a medical issue with planning and / or executing tasks. For a lot of us, it is easy when it is part of a routine - which is why some of us don’t have an issue getting dressed, going to school, etc. - but when it is outside of a routine (cleaning your room, doing homework, etc.), it becomes exceptionally difficult.

For a lot of us (like myself), it is because the tasks seem overwhelming. Right now, for example, my living room is full of empty boxes and paper. It would take me five minutes to clean up the paper, maybe less. I could get up right now and do it. So why haven’t I?

Because when I look at what I have to do, it’s more than just the paper and boxes. I have to get up and put clothes on that I can wear outside. I have to find the garbage bags, get one, and then fill it, and I have to go outside, down the stairs, and to the dumpster to throw it all away. And even if I do all of that, there’s still a dozen more empty boxes, twice as many that have to be unpacked, and to do that, I have to move everything around to make room for the shelf in the middle of my living room so I can move the shelf against the wall so I can get to the rest of the paper on the floor in the first place. I end up feeling like there’s just too much of it and I don’t even know where to start - even though if I were in someone else’s home I could probably just point and tell them where a good place to start with.

Ultimately, I get nothing done. I’ve been sitting at my computer for three hours waiting until I feel up to doing homework, instead. Of course, I’ve not done any of that, either.

So how do you beat executive dysfunction? Well, I’m still working on that. It is one of those things that is very different for every person, and while there is a lot of information out there that helps a lot of people, I’ve yet to find something that works well for me.


Valentina Parrish’s perfect, polished life, to quite simply put it, is unraveling at the seams.

She dumped her boyfriend on the night of their one year anniversary (not that she’s particularly sad about that), she may have a drinking problem, and work on her next New York Times Bestseller novel has come to a complete halt (for two years, but that’s really not important).

Inspiration is lacking these days.

The last thing she needs is a distraction, so when she meets Special FBI Agent Harry Styles in a crowded bar one night, she really starts to question why the man upstairs wants to make her life a living hell. But it seems as though Harry Styles could be her saving grace. After a secret little rendezvous in a rundown motel, Valentina finally thinks she finds the inspiration that can get her out of the damn writer’s block she’s been stuck in for 24 months.

As expected, she falls hard and fast. With Harry’s tan skin, dimples, tattoos, and charming personality, it’s hard not to fall under his spell. And it’s as he’s sitting beside her in his rusty car with his feet on the dash, the Stones playing softly on the radio, and a cigarette hanging from his bubblegum pink lips, that Valentina comes to the hard realization that Harry would have to pull his gun out of his holster and shoot her dead before she would ever stop loving him. And that’s what terrifies her the most.

a rhapsody in blue - an fbi / writer au 

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