sitting in this car i've realized

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This gorgeous girl I've had a crush on for years showed me your music while we were sitting in my car one night. We developed the most amazing relationship ever since. And she ended up kissing me that night. I just recently bought her the "I EXIST" shirt and i hope she realizes how much she means to me. Thank You for creating such amazing music and being the connection between us.

wow that’s actually really cute. i’m really interested in this whole being in a seemingly healthy relationship with someone you really care about thing you got goin’ on. tell me how to do that.

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I feel like I feel too much. I feel every bit of sadness in the world, even that of complete strangers or the slightest feelings of tension within my own family. And some things make me so happy that I feel on top of the world, like I'm a new person. But that happiness is exhausting and the sadness equally so. And lately I've been realizing that in response to this I've let myself become numb to everything to the point that I've started to ignore things that make me happy. How can I fix this?

I’m the same as you. You can’t pick and choose what you feel. Push one away, you lose them all. You’ve just got to allow yourself to feel it all again. When you get overwhelmed by things, slow down and take a break. It’s okay to step away. Funerals are overwhelming, sex is overwhelming, sitting in a car with a sad person is overwhelming, beautifully vibin’ concerts are overwhelming…this is life! And it’s a blessing, to feel so much. You’ll see that. You’ve just got to embrace it. And eventually you’ll learn how to separate yourself from things and strangers and learn not to take everything home with you. I went into myself for a while after being so overwhelmed and I was awfully numb. When I realized that, it was like everything I kept inside for that year just spilled out nonstop for months. You’ve just got to let it flow and not hold on to anything.