sitting in the middle of the tress

I promise

Imagine: cuddling with Haldir in front of a fire/ Imagine Haldir scolding you for going outside without wearing a Jacket… 

         He ran his large calloused hands up my cold arms gently. His head laying on my shoulder, body warming my trembling one as he muttered quietly.

“Why did you do that, meleth? The cloaks are right next to the door.”

“It was snowing and I didn’t have time too.”

“I know that is no the truth, you had plenty of time if you had waited.” He nuzzled my neck with his nose sensually and I shrugged him off, attempting to step away but he grabbed my wrist.

“Stay…” he quietly spoke in his brassy tone.

“I’m cold…” I complained softly, the fire crackling and popping in the background. He pulled me close, a smirk on his lips.

“Allow me to help…”

I rolled my eyes as he dipped his head and kissed me softly. Obviously I reciprocated, you don’t just get kissed by a marchwarden and ignore him. Haldir grabbed both of my hands and held them before he pulled away gently.

“Come…” he said quietly, leading me to the sofa in the middle of the room, making me sit as he went to spark the fire up a bit. When he returned, he laid down and I voluntarily straddled his waist, laying my head on his chest before bowing my back to press closer to him. Haldir hesitated, much like he always did, before reached his hand to rub my back gently. All the way down, right before my bum, then all the way back up, across my shoulder blades and I sighed. My fingers wandered into his long blonde tresses and he sighed with me as I played gently with his hair. He loved that. 

With the impending war and his leaving to lead Lothlorien’s armies to Helm’s deep, we were both tense and nervous about it. Lothlorien was safe because of Lady Galadriel’s powers guarding it but Haldir was leaving and going to war to keep us safe.

“Are you thinking about it again?” He asked softly and I nodded. “Well please do not… I will return to you…”

And in the light of the fire, no sound except for our soft breathing and the fires quiet popping Haldir whispered, “That I promise.”

(It’s kind of short but oh well xD) 

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Huckleberry & the Blonde Beauty

Author: sciallydias (was thomasbrodlesangster)

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Pleaseeee make a short story of Lucas and Maya confessing their feelings for each other while everyone is watching, including Shawn. And then Shawn being jelly and not trusting Lucas because “he was a boy once and he knows how they think when it comes to girls” pleaseeee

Author’s note: Hope y'all like it! Plus, I added a little something from Girl Meets Texas part 2. 

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