sitting in the cart

I wanna fall in love with a dork. A dork that I can have random squirt gun fights with, someone I can watch movies with then throw a grape at their face and have them pretend to get angry and tackle me. I want to both go to the grocery store and sit in the cart while we push each other around, or throw things in it and pretend it’s a basketball hoop. I want to fall in love with someone that I can have fun with not for a day, but for my entire life. I want someone I can stumble through life with, while laughing the whole time.

Creeping Like Frost

There is a wonderful possible easter egg that has been bugging me. I always get pulled back to it. In the very few pages that this character is in ACOTAR, she sticks in the back of my mind, creeping like a bit of frost every time I read the book. This is very loosely founded and a theory.

I’m thinking the mercenary is fae. Stick with me here.

And then the unknown: a mountain of a woman sitting on the lip of our broken square fountain, without any cart or stall, but looking like she was holding court nonetheless. –pg 25, ACOTAR

And she probably was a queen in her own right, like Feyre, Nesta and Morrigan.

“How.” Not a question – a command. Perhaps someone who had encountered others who did not see vows as sacred, words as bonds. And had punished them accordingly. –pg 26, ACOTAR

But what really bugged me. No human is going to survive poison from a faerie bite.

Beautiful I thought, even as the horror of it writhed in my gut. Against her tanned skin, the veins were black – solid black, spiderwebbed, and creeping like frost. –pg 29, ACOTAR

But it is the way that Nesta grabs Feyre that really bugs me. And that is when I remember, that Nesta can see through glamour (pg 264, ACOTAR).

“They’re dangerous,” Nesta hissed, her fingers digging into my arm as she continued to pull me from the mercenary. “Don’t go near them again.” – I couldn’t remember the last time Nesta tried to warn me about anything. – pg30, ACOTAR

What I don’t understand is a mercenary that seemed to travel light, stayed in their little town, for a week. Almost waiting for Nesta.

She was the only one who seemed like she would believe me. –pg 265, ACOTAR

Feyre describes eyes, a lot, in a way I think that she can see through the individual’s soul, but that is just theory. However I have found that she describes older fae’s eyes differently, I am providing a few examples:

Amren: The silver in Amren’s eye seemed to swirl like smoke under glass. –pg 161, ACOMAF

The Suriel: Swirling pits of milky white. –pg 127, ACOTAR

Bone Carver: Those eyes guttered with cobalt fire. –pg 200, ACOMAF

Mercenary: Such interesting eyes – not just one shade of black, but … many, with hints of brown that glimmered amongst the shadows. –pg 25, ACOTAR

Recap: So we have this “human” mountain of a woman that has been poisoned by a faerie, lived through the attacks of faeries. Nesta thinks she is dangerous to warn Feyre against, but after the beast took her, she hires her to get her over the wall. Her eyes are describes in the same fashion of other fae that Feyre has encountered. I have a hefty suspicion there is a little more to this mercenary. 


Foreshadowing (Easter Eggs):
Feyre’s Prescience
Sleeping Giants
The Story of Prythian
Amren and the King of Hybern
The Bonds that Haunt Us


Batbros at the amusement park 2

-Eventually they compromise and create a sort of list of the order they’ll go on rides
-Dick does get first pick because they decided that it was his idea in the first place and it’s a silent test of whether they’d enjoy this whole experience
-they start on the Tilt-a-whirl (basically a spinny car thing. It’s probs my favourite and the most amazing) and they are immediately regretting this decision.
-the carts they sit in are barely, just barely, big enough for the four of them to squeeze into but they manage to fit
-the order is Dick on one end, Damian next to him, Tim on Damian’s right, and Jason on the other end
-luckily for Tim they’re squeezed together so tight that Damian can’t make an attempt to hurt him
-with their combined weight this cart is spinning faster than imaginable. They’re a blur and are literally plastered to the back of the seats with the sheer force
-they get off and nearly fall over because everything is spinning until Jason starts dragging them off to the next ride-his pick-a towering ride that spun upside down and left you hanging in the sky
-Dick and Damian sit across from one another and Dick makes faces at Damian while trying not to accidentally kick him because his legs are too long for the gap between them
-Jason and Tim sit across from one another and Jason keeps joking (maybe) that he’ll spit at Tim as they’re spinning (“you won’t even be able to tell. It’s like a raindrop” “Jason it’s 85 degrees and sunny. There’s no rain and if you spit on me I swear to all things holy”)
-Jason did not spit on Tim but Dick did accidentally kick Damian
-Damian picks a calming ride that’s basically a giant swing set. It offers a scenic view of the fairgrounds and is overall enjoyable (“now we know the escape routes if necessary.” “Dami it’s a day off we don’t need escape routes” “that’s what you think Grayson”)
-Tim keeps reapplying sunscreen and cursing the others for being naturally more resilient to the sun
-for lunch they stop at a pizza stand and sit at a rickety picnic table that Damian insists is not sanitary at all (Tim agrees)
-Jason buys a massive fried dough that’s so covered in sugar it could give an elephant diabetes
-he shares it (mostly). Dick gets powdered sugar everywhere and when the boys laugh at him he pulls them into a bear hug that ends up getting them covered in sugar too
-when they go on the teacups Jason warns Tim and Damian to go in a different cup and takes Dick with him
-if they were going fast on the Tilt-a-whirl, they rivalled Wally on speed right now
-Dick legitimately needed five minutes to breathe and not puke. Jason needed five minutes to catch his breath from laughing too hard
-Dick and Tim realise that the coloured lights are amazing for selfies and getting so many amazing photos
-adorable batbro selfies where they’re all grinning or half smiling (Damian is trying to maintain his reputation and Jason is 2 Cool 4 Smiling but does the typical ‘I have to smile to be polite and not hurt people’s feelings’ smile)
-basically just all of them being happy and brotherly and everyone is getting along and being a family


“When ur sitting in a shopping cart and u hear a song that reminds u of ur ex“

just some headcanons about our fave raven gang

  • they go grocery shopping and adam and blue sit in the carts while gansey and ronan push them. it’s definitely a race and more often than not ronan wins because he gives up running and just like kICK S the cart as hard as he can and adam rolls his way to victory
  • ronan starts wearing pink? WHO REALLY KNOWS WHY?? probably because of blue and adam tbh but like no one actually knows why and everyone just kind of is confused and meanwhile hes there with his bright pink hat or light pink shirt and hes all fucking dangerous and adam just grins and kisses him on the cheek “you look good” ronan wants to maul him anyway
  • blue and piggyback rides? she is always on henry or ganseys back. she also occasionally wears ronan’s pink cap
  • henry is a vlogger lmao and oddly its ronan who teams up with him sometimes (because he doesnt like actually being in it) and when ronan steals the camera its all “dicK WHERE’D YOU PUT THE FRIDGE” or “thats adam look hes the worst person” *turns the camera off* “just kidding babe you know i love you”
  • when henry vlogs its obviously the most aesthetic thing in the world like he does all these beautiful shots and says all these lovely things
  • maybe one time adam took it and was taping ronan and ronan tried to get it back and maybe they ended up tumbling around and maybe fucking and maybe theres an accidental sex tape
  • gansey with the camera is awful its all “isnt adam the most beautiful thing youve ever seen” or “ronan no dont put my journal on the fan. RONAN NO!” or “blue you beautiful lovely little mouse” or “henry you prince you god, you-” then ronan in the back “GANSEY SHUT UP”
  • MUSIC FESTIVALS. ronan convinces them all to go to his music festivals that he loves and he even lets blue dress him up and put a flower crown on him and she puts on on her head too. they hold hands and blue is often on his back and everyone who sees them thinks theyre dating until ronan grabs adam by his collar and pulls him in for a kiss
  • gansey and henry and blue all hold hands. gansey and henry constantly make out. blue and henry and blue and gansey i love my polygamous children
connverse hc i made in july

- connie kills the bugs but regrets doing it when steven finds out and cries
- when they’re married and go shopping Steven sits in the shopping cart and grabs all the candy he can while Connies not looking
- Connies reads to Steven a lot and he LOVES it when she does different voices for speaking characters
- Steven won’t stop asking connie to take aesthetic photos of him
- when they both have a day off they go on a long road trip and watch the sunset in the middle of nowhere
- Connies moves into the suburbs at some point and they sit on the roof in the morning to watch the sunrise
- connie boops Stevens nose a lot for some reason
- steven accidentally possesses Connies body and one time she was on her period and he thought she was dying
- sometimes on dates they go to mask island or other gem places
- they’d fuse into stevonnie for stupid but cute reasons like being tall enough for something
- let’s pretend if Rose was still here she would LOVE connie SO MUCH and she’d plan dates for Steven and connie
- they would only go to fairs at night because of the pretty lights

Ever notice this?

Angel stuff: It’s funny how some little kids, like the two-three-four year old set, see right through you to the grace. They know exactly what they’re looking at when they see you, and that sudden shock of nakedly intense ‘I see you’ recognition can be a bit disconcerting when you are accustomed to being more or less incognito to the rest of the world. There you are, walking through a store, and you walk past a kid who’s so young they’re still sitting in the baby seat in the shopping cart - and you feel a kind of shockwave of their intense recognition of you, and the kid just. -Stares-. At you. Yep, kid, blessings to ya, I hope you never 'outgrow’ the ability to pick up on grace like that.

But re-imagine the scene in Blue Lily Lily Blue where Ronan makes Adam get in the shopping cart but this time Opal is with them

  • Ronan finally takes it upon himself to buy Opal some new clothes because he’s tired of seeing her in the same outfit everyday
  • He drags Adam along to the store as well because “How the fuck should I know what dream creatures wear. If Blue was here I would’ve let her fashion something out of an old pair of curtains.”
  • Adam just shakes his head in exasperation
  • So they go to the store and Opal goes with them wearing a pair of welly boots that are far too big but the only thing that will conceal her hooves.
  • She sits in the cart Adam pushes round while Ronan holds up obscure items of clothing that no one in their right mind would ever put on their backs
  • Opal hates the selection of children’s clothing and keeps throwing it out of the cart whenever Adam approves any of Ronan’s suggestions
  • Ronan starts to lose his temper and he’s hissing at Opal
  • But as they go past the men’s jumper aisle Opal starts kerah-ing and reaching out to try and pull the jumpers off their hangers
  • So Adam and Ronan pick out a bunch of jumpers and heap them on top of Opal who finally seems happy 
  • After they’ve paid and made it back out to the parking lot, Ronan snatches the cart from Adam’s grip accidentally brushing his hands against Adam’s ofc and once again orders Adam to get in
  • Adam is like “Do you not remember what happened last time?”
  • And Ronan is all “I’ll kiss it all better if you get scraped up.”
  • And Adam is like “Why are you like this.” but gets in anyway because it’s basically tradition
  • Adam has to sit with Opal squashed between his knees and he’s really uncomfy but he’s laughing and as Ronan starts to run, gaining speed, Opal is kerah-ing at the top of her lungs and Ronan is swearing and they go skidding across the parking lot and people are staring and shaking their heads and muttering something about irresponsible parenting but the boys don’t hear any of it because the wind is in their ears and the wheels are clattering over the tarmac and they scrape past the BMW, just managing to avoid it
  • Of course the cart ends up on it’s side and Opal manages to escape the wreckage unscathed thanks to Adam’s protecting her with his body as they went flying from the cart 
  • Ronan is the first one on his feet and he stands for a minute judging the distance they managed to travel and he’s impressed
  • Then he goes over to where Adam is still laying on the ground, one side of his face bloody and his hands covered in grit
  • Opal has pranced away in her welly boots and is singing what Adam recognises as the Murder Squash Song
  • Ronan looks down at Adam, shielding his eyes against the sun, grinning a wicked grin
  • “You are a terrible parent.” Adam groans
  • “You are a terrible liar.” Ronan spits back
  • And Adam laughs because Ronan’s right. 
  • Opal is unharmed and she’s smiling for once and trying to eat some of the gravel that’s stuck in her hair
  • And then Adam holds out his hand so that Ronan can pull him up which he does, rather violently so that Adam ends up crashing into Ronan’s mouth and they get caught in a triumphant kiss, Adam wincing slightly as Ronan brings his hand up to Adam’s ruined face
  • “I’ll dream you something to fix that up later.” Ronan mutters as he finally pulls away 
  • But Adam shakes his head 
  • “I think you could dream up a better way to distract  me from the pain.”
  • And Adam fucking Parrish pinches Ronan’s ass and then just walks away and gets into the driver’s side of the BMW, slamming the door and revving the engine and Ronan almost forgets to bundle Opal and the shopping bags into the car in his haste to get back to Adam’s little room at St Agnes’

anonymous asked:

Scenario: ENTP has a crush for INTP, so she tells it to her.

Omg I’ve never ever admitted a crush before so this is gonna be interesting. :)

ENTP: Hey, INTP, what’s up?!

INTP: The sky.

ENTP: Aw come on that was my thing! 

INTP: Welp I guess I stole it then.

INTP: Hey ENTP check out my new video game…

ENTP: Is that…is that


ENTP: I can’t believe you actually did it! You created a video game with us both in it!

INTP: Look how cool we look sitting in that cart together.

ENTP: Like we were made to be…

INTP: Huh?

ENTP: Like we were made to be exactly the correct size and shape to sit in the cart, what else did you think? That I was making some lovey dovey remark that we both should get married?


ENTP: Obviously not? That’s weird! Unless you want to get married, I’m okay with that. 


ENTP: Okay fine, I have a crush on you, I admit it.

INTP: Wait what? I was just gonna say that your shoe was untie-

ENTP: Come on INTP, would you go out with me?

INTP: Like…like on a date? 

ENTP: yeah

INTP: Like where we sit in a romantic candlelight dinner in a pretty restaurant sipping wine?

ENTP: It doesn’t have to be like that, I mean I can arrange something more suitab -


ENTP: Huh?

INTP: I will go out with you!


hankering (warren worthington iii x reader)

Title: Hankering

Pairing: Modern!Non-Mutant!Warren Worthington III x Fem!Reader

Warnings: None? Besides a young mother, if thats a warning?

A/N: Based off this. I had absolutely no idea how to end this so it just kinda? (this might be a little ooc since)

Tags: @shayara, @xmenia, @jubxslee

The sounds of people walking, typing on computers, and items dropping into metal carts was all Warren could hear in the shop. 

He stopped to grab something, returning back to his cart, wrapping his hands around the handle and continuing to move forward.

It wasn’t until he grabbed a box of cereal and moving to put it in his cart was he realized, there was a small child sitting in the cart.

The kid was about two or three, a grin plastered on his face, staring at Warren. Warren quickly realized it wasn’t his cart, and in a hurry he ran over to customer service, taking the kid with him.

“Uh, I think I kidnapped someones kid on accident.” He told the person at the desk, before he heard a voice behind him.

That would be mine.” You spoke, your arms crossed around your chest. He turned to you slowly, awkwardly grinning.

“Sorry.” He pushed the cart over to you, letting you pick up the child and holding him in your arms.

“Is he your kid?” Warren blurted out, making you nod. “Yes, yes he his.” 

“You seem a little too young, and not to mention hot, to be a mom.” He spoke. You looked him up and down, a questioning look on your face. “You seem a little too young to be stealing children.” 


You chuckled a little, placing the child back in the cart. 

“You know, maybe I could-” Warren was interrupted by himself, tripping on his own feet, but catching himself.

You laughed,  holding the cart. “You could what? Trip on your feet?” Warren faked laughed at your comment, balancing himself. “I was gonna say take you out, but since you’re being a jerk, maybe not.” 

“Take me out?” You laughed, “Like on a date? You just stole my son and now you want to take me out?” 

He shrugged. “Exactly.” 

You shook your head, walking away. “Maybe some other time. Goodbye, stealing-children-stranger.” 

“You’re not gonna shut up about that, are you?” He yelled after you, and you waved your hand at him. “Not in a million years.”