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Hey yo guys I’ve been thinking about soulmate AU prompts post that I made a while back. I’m completely floored! I didn’t know that so many in the fandom were thirsty for Rickmorty soulmate AUs like me XD

Since you guys loved the last one so much, and I’ve got too many ideas rattling around in my head, I’ve decided to sit down and write a brand new batch of AUs for you guys :’) Hopefully it’ll get people’s creative juices flowing! Here it is, Rickmorty soulmate AU prompts, part the second:

·Soulmate AU where the first name of your soulmate is inscribed on the inside of your wrist. Rick’s wrist reads a simple “Morty.” He dates people named Morty, loves them, only to be heartbroken when he finds out that many of them used him and his name wasn’t on any of their wrists. Rick swears off Mortys, hides the name on his wrist, and moves on when he gets lied to one too many times. He’s shocked to discover years later that his grandson was named Morty and had the name “Rick” on his wrist.

·Soulmate AU where soulmates are predestined and revealed to you by an oracle/psychic. Imagine the family’s shock and outrage when they take Morty to the oracle and it points to Rick as his true soulmate. Imagine the family trying to force them apart, but fate is too strong to overcome and weird situations always bring the two back together. Imagine Rick going to the oracle in his younger years and knowing Morty was his soulmate this whole time, and that’s why he was gone from Beth’s life for so long.

·Soulmate AU where everyone dies at the same time as their soulmate. Imagine Rick hating himself and being so guilty for being born decades before Morty. Imagine Rick thinking he was technically murdering Morty because he’d inevitably die before his grandson reaches old age. Imagine that his greatest fear was dying too early, and the last sight he’d see was his grandson dying alongside him. So Rick searches desperately for a way to extend his own life.

·Soulmate AU where people stop aging when they reach the age of 18 and don’t start aging again until they meet their soulmates. Rick’s been frozen at this age for a long time, and he’s definitely seen it all. But after centuries of seeing terrible things and enduring mind-numbing boredom, Rick wonders if he even has a soulmate, and he starts dreading the idea of being immortal. Until he meets one of his descendants, Morty Smith, and he sees gray hairs form on his head.

·Soulmate AU where you share your dreams with your soulmate at random. Imagine Rick and Morty sharing a dreamscape with each other and using it to do and say all sorts of things that would be unthinkable to them if they were awake. The catch? Rick and Morty think they’re just ordinary dreams, and they were too ashamed to bring them up to the other.

·Soulmate AU where you gain a new tally mark on your arm for every person you fall deeply in love with. Everyone thinks Rick has several tally marks on account of how promiscuous he was. They think he hides his arms because it isn’t socially acceptable to have more than a few tallies. But Rick doesn’t hide his arms because he had too many: he hides it because he has none. Until he wakes up with his first tally mark on the day after he realizes he fell for Morty, that is.

·Soulmate AU where you share all your pain with your soulmate, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or otherwise. Imagine Rick gritting his teeth and trying to ignore his own pain when Morty gets injured so he could tend to the boy better. Imagine Rick trying to quit his alcohol addiction because he knew how much his hangovers affected his grandson. Imagine Morty sensing Rick’s anguish and self-hatred, then promptly hugging Rick and calling out his bullshit when he tries to lie about feeling okay.

·Soulmate AU where only a tiny fraction of the population can see soulmate marks or know if people are soulbonded. Imagine if either Rick or Morty had this gift, but the other didn’t. Imagine their confusion when they see that the other was their soulmate. Imagine the pain they feel as they try to hide their gift and pretend they didn’t know about it, but continue to fall in love anyways.

·Soulmate AU with a reincarnation twist. Soulmates are destined to be together in every life until the end of time. Rick remembers each and every past life he had with Morty, but he wishes he didn’t: fate was never kind to them and their lives together always ended in tragedy or death. This life was especially painful: not only does Morty not remember him, the boy was actually Rick’s grandson.

·Soulmate AU where soulbonding is a choice. Rick never believed in soulbonding and has gone his entire life without a soulmate. But when Morty falls ill to soulsickness and needs a soulmate, Rick is forced to take the matter in his own hands and bond with his grandson.

Like last time, feel free to add any more if you have ideas! And do with these prompts as you please~

Btw– friggin’ huge shoutout to @rnm-bin for inspiring me to make this part two! Your jaw-dropping soulmate AU comics have wrecked me for life! Look what you did lmao this entire post exists because of you! This is all your fault, I hope you’re happy! X’)

10 seconds || Dan Howell

A/N: this is a little idea I had, it’s something I guess. 

Word Count: 1.2K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by danteko

Keeping a relationship a secret is a good idea, right?

No, not at all.

‘Can’t wait to see you tonight, baby.’

I read Dan’s text message with a huge smile as I stood in front of my closet, trying to figure out what to wear. There were so many options and at the same time there were none.

Dan and I had been dating-ish for two months now without telling anybody. We were afraid of how people would react since nobody would have ever expected us two to get together. We wanted to be sure about this before we told somebody else.

It was a Friday night and Dan’s friends were throwing a party. He invited me to come with him, not as his date though. I was worried about who to talk to tonight since none of my close friends were going and I also didn’t know about how to interact with Dan in public.

I had to park my car a little further away from the house where the party was held at because all of the good parking spots were taken already, signalizing that a lot of people came.

As I walked into the big house so late that Dan must have arrived an hour ago, I immediately spotted him drinking beer with his friends. They were joking about something and laughing out loud from time to time. Since Dan and his friends were by far the most popular and attractive guys in our town a lot of females were surrounding them, trying to start a conversation.

I had to stop myself from smiling at Dan who noticed me the second I walked into the room. He was clearly checking me out in my dress that wasn’t too fancy but he seemed to like it anyway. I also had to stop myself from telling those girls to back off my boyfriend.

Sweaty bodies were dancing to music that was shitty and way too loud. There was alcohol everywhere and people were flirting with strangers while getting drunk. A typical teenager party therefore. Some people just live for weekends like this.

I talked to a few girls that I knew from school. They were updating me on all the recent gossip since I wasn’t good with stuff like that. I never hung out with the ‘cool and scandalous kids’.

“I heard Tiffany tell her friends at school today that she wants to get with Dan tonight.” Jessica, one of the girls I had chemistry class with told me under her breath. I nearly chocked on my drink at her words.

“Dan as in Dan Howell?” I asked her, gritting my teeth while trying to not sound too interested.

“What other Dan is there?” She wanted to know, indirectly answering my question.

Great. Miss Popular was after my guy not knowing that he was already taken. By me!

“Let’s play Truth or Dare” Somebody shouted in between two songs. The response was quite diverse. Some people seemed to really hate the game while others seemed to love it.

“C’mon let’s play.” Jessica excitedly exclaimed, grabbed my arm and dragged me along with her.

“I really don’t wan-“ I was in the middle of saying as she made me sit down on the floor where everybody who was playing was already gathered in a circle.

My eyes suddenly landed on Dan who was sat right opposite me. He didn’t look that comfortable either and I could clearly hear his friend Jason tell him “I bet it will be fun, don’t be so boring!”

There was a little twinkle in Dan’s eyes as he saw me and he raised his eyebrow surprised to see me here. He was looking as handsome as ever. His hair was a little bit curly and he was wearing the black leather jacket that I loved so much on him.  

A guy I had never seen around before started spinning an empty glass bottle and it landed right on Jason, making Dan smirk.

“Truth or Dare” the guy asked Jason. He obviously said ‘Dare’ since he was an outgoing guy and up for almost any challenge.

“I dare you to knock on the neighbour’s door in just your underwear and ask him if you can borrow a jar of peanut butter.”

“What the fuck, mate?!” Jason shouted as everybody laughed and some girls giggled.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked the guy who dared him to do this as he started to take off his shirt, revealing his toned chest.

People started to whistle as Jason walked to the door and opened it wearing nothing but his boxers.

“It’s freezing outside!” he complained as he wrapped his arms around his own body for warmth, shielding his nipples from the cold air of the night.

He quickly ran across the street, as he saw that no car was in sight. The neighbour, a 50 year old man, was not too pleased to see Jason.

“I’m going to call the cops, you dumb pack of teenagers!” he shouted after Jason as he sprinted back into the house after he was obviously denied some peanut butter.

We were laughing our butts off while Jason’s cheeks were bright red from running and embarrassment.

“It will be fun, right?” Dan asked Jason, making me giggle.

We continued playing and after a few rounds the bottle still hadn’t landed on me or Dan. One of Tiffany’s friends was just dared by a guy to take her shirt off was now spinning the bottle in a pink Victoria Secrets bra.

It landed on the devil herself, Tiffany.

“Dare” she said and I already had a weird feeling in my stomach region.

“I dare you to kiss Dan for at least 10 seconds.”

My mouth hung open as I tried to suppress a gasp.

Tiffany was seductively smirking at my boyfriend whose eyes had grown wide in shock. He was taking a quick glance at me. His face spoke of panic as Tiffany said, “A dare is a dare, right?”

With that being said she pressed her lips onto my boyfriend’s, making my heart sink. And those 10 seconds were the hardest 10 seconds of my life.


I swallowed hard although my mouth was completely dry


I tried looking away, but I couldn’t 


My blood started to boil as I watched Tiffany eagerly kiss my boyfriend


My cheeks grew bright red as anger filled every inch of my body


I wanted to rip my heart out just so it wouldn’t hurt that much


I wanted to yell for them to stop but I had to sit here in silence


My hands started to shake with anger as they were clenched into fists


My eyes got watery and the first tears were about to spill


I decided to get up and leave, not being able to bear this anymore


I lef-

Dan pushed Tiffany off his body right before I could get up to leave.

“Y/N is my girlfriend!” he shouted and all eyes suddenly landed on me.

Strangers No More

“Friendship arises out of mere Companionship when two or more of the companions discover that they have in common some insight or interest or even taste which the others do not share and which, till that moment, each believed to be his own unique treasure (or burden). The typical expression of opening Friendship would be something like, “What? You too? I thought I was the only one.”
… It is when two such persons discover one another, when, whether with immense difficulties and semi-articulate fumblings or with what would seem to us amazing and elliptical speed, they share their vision - it is then that Friendship is born. And instantly they stand together in an immense solitude.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

For those who don’t know, a little history…

@caitcrumbcake was the second Tumblr blogger I ever made contact with. She was here for the SamCait ship (a Cait passenger for the most part) back in the very early days of innocent tomfoolery. She was funny, I thought, and wrote some fun fanfic. Most importantly, she was the one still awake and on Tumblr late at night when I couldn’t sleep. I needed a friend and I found one. There are times in life when what you need most is a stranger with a strange perspective and it was one of those times for me in life. We got along quite well. 

As things around here got more and more ridiculous, she stopped playing in the fandom. Also she relocated to Bum Fuck, other side of planet Earth. I’m not kidding. Literally. Other side of the planet. 16 hour time difference in the winter. It became quite a challenge to stay in touch. But stay in touch we did. We have made the effort. 

So yesterday….

I woke up and shared my coffee with crumbcake. In person. She was sitting in my ladies’ lounge and we chatted while her wee bairn played on the floor. We talked like we always do about everything and nothing. I made her oatmeal for breakfast. 

While I was waiting for my bath to run, I pulled up Tumblr to see what was on the agenda for the day. I saw the ridiculous post. I laughed. I rolled my eyes. I said hey to eternity and then went about my day. Crumbcake and I didn’t waste a second discussing that picture. I didn’t bring it up. I didn’t know if she’d seen it or not, but in my mind that is for Tumblr. 

What happens on Tumblr, stays on Tumblr. Usually. Sometimes though…..

What happens on Tumblr is that someone flies 8000 miles to attend a family wedding with three small children in tow and then drives 600 miles out of thier way just to spend 24 hours hanging out with you. 600 miles! That’s insane! I still can’t believe she did that. 

I see so many friendships on here amongst the bloggers and everyone says that’s why they stick around. What are you guys waiting for? Go meet your crumbcakes! 


Okay, so I try to get all these things together. I write them down to remember them later, because I am seriously totally out of order right now… 🙈
I just need to say first: This evening would have been NOTHING without my friends who helped me so very much. Words can’t describe how grateful I am…

Photo 1:
Raúl and Melissa walking right past us to do press photos. He already went past us earlier, but he was in such a hurry that non of us even noticed!! 😄
So we waited at the stairs to be left in the hall and they came out of their dressing rooms to do the press photos.

This is when Photo 2 and 3 happened.
The AMAZING Jen just went to him and told him I come from Germany and then they had to kinda push me towards him, because I was SO DAMN NERVOUS!!! And I gave him the book with all my drawings and the original Winter Chilton. He told me stuff abt some characters and told me his fave SVU photo. And he hugged me so tight! My knees got week and he caught me, holding me even closer. I swear, I almost died… After that Melissa Errico saw us. She was like “OMG that’s the girl I talked to on twitter, come here babe!” And she posed with me and Raúl. And ALL the people and press guys standing there took photos! I felt so weird 🙈😄 So, it was right before the show so ofc they were in a hurry. Raúl was just like “can I keep all these??” and “See you afterwards!”

Show started. I cried. It was just SO MANY EMOTIONS. Raúl and Melissa did their AMAZING number from Sunday In The Park With George (posting video later).
Show went on, Raúl comes out a second time. Flirting with the audience, being funny and started to sing Marry Me A Little. And you won’t believe it, but he FORGOT HIS LINES!! 😄 And it was just so cute and amazing and (I’m gonna send a video of that too) just talked it away with all his charm and sweetness. This man is a GIFT to the world! And he looked at me during the song like whole 20 seconds or so, till I had tears in my eyes.

So, after the show I had an emotional breakdown. And you won’t believe it, but Melissa Errico saw me sitting on the stairs. She sat down and talked to me. Held my hands, calmed me down. She is like the most AMAZING and heartwarming person I’ve ever met. She said she’s a mom, she understands. She told me I’m her friend now 😄 and she would do everything to help me. She talked to Raúl about me (he saw me sitting on the stairs too, but everyone wanted sth from him, so he was too busy) and he said he’ll come to us again. Till then, Melissa and I took photos 4, 5 and 6. And my amazing friends got stuff signed and talked to her as well.

Then Raúl came back. He was so nice to me. Just stressed, coz everyone wanted sth. But I got to tell him again how much it ment to me to be here. Coming all the way from Germany, and how awesome the people in this fandom are for supporting me SO MUCH!! He also signed two things for me (show you later). And then we took the selfies (photos 7 and 8) and he just kept coming at me, cheek to cheek. I was like OMG 🙈
And then I said: “You have to pose for me, for a drawing!” And he said “Oh yes!!” And then he did (Photos 9 and 10).

I swear, this was the NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!
Someone (Idk who) told me Melissa talked to a NY Times guy abt me? Idk if I remember that correctly and Raúl answered all of our questions and he introduced me to the producer of Tick Tick Boom! He said “Oh you have to meet … (forgot his name lol)” And I just said “I listen to TTB every day” and he said “ME TOO! 😂” We laughed so hard. We went to leave then. Melissa gave me huge hug and a kiss and I got another hug from Raúl too. When I turned to leave, he touched my arm saying “Thank you for everything”

Well, I am sure the others tell you their stories too, but this is mine. And I will keep it in my heart as long as I live. And I thank @clowchan @justraulesparza Jennifer and Melissa so very much for making this the NIGHT OF MY LIFE. ❤❤❤❤
And I thank EVERYONE who sent me lovely messages and comments. I hope you understand when it takes time to answer.

And ofc all my love to Raúl Esparza and Melissa Errico who are the most AMAZING people ever!!

Southside Girl - Part 2 - FP Jones x Andrews!Reader

SO her it is! Sorry for such a long wait but I was hit with a wall of writers block which I hope I have now managed to get over fully. I do hope you guys like this and I wanted to surprise you guys with making this a mini series! Thank you to all them Anons that got in touch! I hope you like and requests are open- especially for my new fandom The 100.


Part 1

Originally posted by jordank95

Neither of you planned to be woken up so abruptly that morning, least alone by Jughead . “What the fuck?” the two of you had been awake already, you sat leant against FP’s chest but Jughead’s voice cut through your comfortable silence clear and painfully.
“Jughead, what are you doing here?” FP asked confused but you continued to look at Jughead, sitting up abruptly and moving away from his dad, your eyes never leaving one another’s,
“What is she doing here?”
“Look, we told Fred and Archie last night, it’s no big deal…"
"No big deal! Dad, you’re fucking Archie’s sister."
"It’s not like that, Jughead.” You tried to intervene but Jughead’s glare and hurt face didn’t falter, “We’ve been dating, for months now, I was kicked out last night so stayed here.” You said quietly watching as Jughead scoffed and ran a hand over his face,
"And it makes it better that a girl I was friends with, at school, who used to tutor me is now dating my father who may I point out is old enough to be hers.“
"I know and that makes no difference to me.” You said defiantly as your hand found FP’s beside you, tangled in the sheets.
“I need to clear my head.” Jughead turned to storm out,
“Jug, wait!” FP had shouted, getting up and attempting to stop him leaving but when you heard the trailer door slamming closed, you knew it had failed.
“What do you think he will do?”
“Probably shut himself off for a bit. Shit, I was meant to be fixing everything for him.” FP sighed and ran a hand through his hair roughly and pulling in frustration,
“He will come round, you’re his father, he will. ” FP smiled at you slightly before leaving the room again and entering the kitchen to make you some coffee.

“Why the hell didn’t you tell me?” Jughead’s voice broke the gangs muffled chatter into silence as he shouted at Archie.
“Wait, what?” 
"About my dad and your sister.“ Jughead seethed ad the others paled, "Let me guess, you all know too?” he accused Betty and Veronica as they nodded warily,
“We were just figuring out a way to tell you…” she said quietly,
“Yeah, well too bloody late.” Betty slid over on the bench and let Jughead sit as Pop brought him over a milkshake,
“Look, Jughead, I only found out last night myself, they were in the bar when I went in asking about them thugs,”
“When I told you not too?” Jughead pointed out harshly, “Surprised you didn’t bring up the fact my dad runs the serpents.” he spat but Archie ignored it he didn’t fail to see Betty flinch a little at the mention of it,
“I was going to tell you but I didn’t know how. My dad kicked her out last night and I couldn’t deal, that is why I didn’t text you and then, well, I had to tell someone to figure out how to tell you. You’re not the only one wrapped up in all of this you know.” Archie pointed out and Jughead seemed to visibly deflate,
“How did you guys take it?” he asked looking to Betty and Veronica. The girls exchanged glances before Betty spoke carefully, as if she had scripted it,
“Well, it is a little strange and slightly unorthodox but they’re both consenting adults and if it is what they want then that is up to them. I don’t believe there is anything we can or even should do.” Jughead just smirked sardonically and shook his head,
“Of course you think that. Let me guess, you agree with all this too?” he asked Archie and the boy stuttered a little, “What the fuck you do?” Jughead shouted and tried to stand but Veronica placed a hand on his arm gently and pulled him back down,
“No, Jug. Of course I don’t! It’s disgusting, how she could turn herself into one of them and go off with a guy like that I don’t know…” Archie fell silent when he had realised what had said.
“A guy ‘like that’?” Jughead asked quietly, seething beneath the surface, “‘One of them’?”
“Jughead I didn’t mean…” 
“I get it Archie. I really do. Sure, (y/n) could have better, she could have done better in general - she’s smart, pretty but really, my dad, low as he may be, and the Serpents are still people, still my family whether you like it or not and they are not just scum who you can walk all over and I really don’t want to know what you think of them or of her anymore. Not now.” With that he left, storming out and letting the others just watch, Archies distressed face and clenched fists couldn’t stop that. 

You watched as FP tried to be normal. He tried to act as if nothing had been uncovered about the two of you and that when he wakes up tomorrow you will both be back to sneaking around but he knew that wasn’t the case and it was getting harder and harder to act like it was. He was struggling, pacing up and down the var on occasion and getting angry for no particular reason at people who didn’t need it. You didn’t like this version of him, not one bit and neither did he,
“What’s wrong?” you had asked quietly, your hand resting on his arm as you moved him to face you and away from the guy he was about to punch. FP’s heavy sigh worried you as he glance around,
“Let’s get out of here.” he mumbled and this time his hand found a light grip on yours, pulling you from the bar and out the back into the now light alleyway.
“FP, What is going on?” you pleaded as his eyes seemed to show a thousand emotions that he would never seem to normally express.
“I got you kicked out. I got you shunned by your friends and my own son. He was right, they were all right. I am old enough to be your dad, shit you could be Juhead’s sister and at this rate your more like a mother and that shit aint right.”
“Wait,” you panicked, flicking from his grip, “what are you trying to say here?”
“That I have, like I have done many times before, royal fucked up someone else life and I can’t have that again. Not with you.” He took a step back and wiped his face with his hand briefly, trying once again to hide his emotions,
“You can’t be saying this,” you breathed in disbelief, “not after what has happened.” You felt your face grow hot but you couldn’t cry,
“Go home, (y/n). Fix things with your dad, you friends and figure yourself out.”

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alexandrite-orchid  asked:

I want to know what each heathers ship would call each other in a romantic way in your opinion

okay, so I’ve been sitting on this ask, cause I wasn’t sure if you meant Heathers ships as in, the Heathers, or all ships from the fandom, so I eventually went with Heathers meaning THE Heathers and not all the ships, and their cutesy nicknames. if I got that wrong, I apologise…. anyways, here they are….

chandlmara: Chandler to McNamara: cutie pie, bunny, fuzzy bee, sweetie pie, honeybun, ducky, love bun, and macky wacky. McNamara to Chandler: red hot, hot bod, queen bee (normally after Chandler calls her fuzzy bee), my queen, chandy candy, cutie patootie, and snuggly wuggly Heather poo.

dukesaw: Duke to Veronica: nerd, bookworm, dork, geek, dweeb, loser, ronica, cootie squad, greasy nobody, and occasionally when no one else is around, roni-ron, ron bon, or sweet kisses. Veronica to Duke: cutie, sugar lumps, sweet cheeks, sweetie, hershey kisses, kitten, sugar lips, pumpkin, sweet thang, baby bear, dumpling, pudding pop, and whatever she can come up with on the spot to fluster her.

chanduke: Chandler to Duke: bitch face, asshat, cunt licker, fuckling, bitch lips, dog fucker, and when she’s feeling affectionate, duckers, cutie booty, or smooshy wooshy. Duke to Chandler: ass licker, red rocket, cum guzzler, sperm dumpster, and when no one else is around, chandy, candy cheeks, and can-can.

mcduke: McNamara to Duke: cutie wootie, fuzzy duckling, cuddle bun, sweet pea, Dukey wookey, duckie wuckie, snuggle bug, and DeeDee. Duke to McNamara: goody two shoes, needy weedy (normally when McNamara calls her Dukey wookey), honey, honeycomb, macaroni, cheesy butt, mar mar, ra-ra, and Future Mrs. Heather Duke.

mcnamawyer:Veronica to McNamara: fuzzy wuzzy, sunset, sunflower, cuddle bug, cutie butt, love bug, honey bee, bumble bee, sugar cubes, lovey wovey, maccy, nam-nam, baby girl, angel, lil princess, buttercup, sunshine, and mcnam. McNamara to Veronica: ron-ron, ronnie, lovey wovey, cutie rootie, love dove, snuggle butt, kissy face, pupper, and kissy wissy missy.

chansaw: Veronica to Chandler: babe, hot thing, angel lips, rose kisses, dream girl, kink queen, lil devil, candy chandy, muffin, elegant rose, pookie wookie, doll face, and little girl. Chandler to Veronica: bubble butt, sexy, blueberry kisses, kitty cat, Roni, squishy wishy, liquor lips, and V-Ron.

jduke: Duke to JD: poser, wannabe, walking disaster, bad boy, casanova, and daredevil. JD to Duke: cactus, succubus, wicked witch of the west, miss pouty, sweet envy, and number one.

trenchcoatscrunchie/chandean: Chandler to JD: lover boy, red dawn, wonder boy, honey badger, and kingy. JD to Chandler: head bitch, boner killer, ladybug, wonder woman, panda bear, and queenie.

jd x mcnamara: McNamara to JD: boo boo bear, fire cracker, binky, tough guy, bunny wunny, cutie booty, snuggle butt, and jason wason. JD to McNamara: squeaky toy, mac nam, doodle bug, mac mac, and cuddle butt.

if y'all want other ships not here,or if I missed any, lemme know??? and I’ll come up with some more.

I am so sick of setlist bitching. I am so sick of setlist bitching. I. Am so sick. Of setLIST BITCHING

– spoken as someone who should probably stop visiting the boards and following certain accounts on twitter, but HONESTLY I’m seeing, like twelve posts about HERES HOW TO MAKE THE SETLIST BETTER;  how about sit DOWN? “21 SONGS? HOW LAZY????”


You know who it wasnt tired for? This sad little Australian who had never heard it played live and had been waiting all her life to hear it played live. You best believe I cried my ass off. And god, don’t even get me started on my reaction to Fade to Black. DON’T EVEN GO THERE.

But enough about Metallica, because you know who is happy with U2’s setlists? The thousands upon thousands of fans who have likely never seen them live or have but it might have been years ago, or it might have even been recent but still they’re going into these concerts thinking God when I hear them play One I’m going to cry, I know I am–because that song means the world to them–or God if they play SBS it will be chilling… I’ve been waiting ALL MY LIFE TO HEAR SBS LIVE IMAGINE FINALLY HEARING IT IN PERSON     PLAYED BY FUCKING U2 …that’s what they might be thinking. Maybe not that aggressivelike, but you know …

These concerts aren’t just for you, they who complain on forums after seeing your bands perform live oh so many times. They are for all of the audience. SO SIT DOWN, have a nice cup of chill your shit, and stop making countless threads about HERE’S WHAT U2 NEEDS TO DO TO FIX THEIR SHIT because you know, at this stage in their lives, I really do not think U2 need such helpful guidance. They’re doing juuuuuuust fine.

Also while we’re at it, lets stop talking shit about how MU-U-U-U-U-U-UCH Bono has aged in the past couple of years oh my god, hush the shit up, he looks great, and bitch even if he didn’t, you try breaking half your body in a devastating accident and see how you end up on the other side, after all that stress and pain and heartache you silly little wanks.

(this is not directed at anyone on here, you know I love you all, but I am tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired of hateraters)

MMFD Fic: “I'm Waking Up to Ash and Dust”

Hi MMFD fandom, how’s it going? Anyone home? ;)
I’ve been sitting on this one for ages and ages, thinking I’d write more parts, then I suddenly asked myself - why? Just post what you got. so here you go.

Much much thanks and love to the bestest beta of all time - @madfatty
and to my dear @how-ardently for the constant encouragement. If I write at all, it’s because of you two.

Story titles are from lyrics by R.E.M and Imagine Dragons.

“She’d spent the majority of her life feeling huge and cumbersome. Always awkward, never graceful. And look at her now, she’s practically athletic. And all it took was the end of the world.”  
This is story 1 of 2 in an extreme AU reality where things went horribly wrong after Finn went to Leeds…

It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Part 1 - “I’m Waking Up to Ash and Dust”

Rae Earl is running.

Down the street and through a broken fence, into the yard of the former textile factory, zigging and zagging between the fallen beams and rubble. Behind her she can hear them shouting to each other, arguing, trying to figure out which way she’d turned.

She’s good at running. Also climbing, and leaping. She tightens her grip on the two backpacks on her back, and jumps over a fallen piece of wall. Two steps and she finds a sunken hole behind some bricks, a dark spot, hidden from view. She crouches down and waits, trying to control her breathing. Her cheek feels like it’s on fire. It’s already swelling up, and will probably turn purple soon. Fucker took a serious swing at her face while trying to snatch her bags.

Despite the pain in her cheek and the uncomfortable position behind the rubble, Rae is quiet and still. She’s good at stealth and is an excellent hider as well.

The irony is not lost on her. She’d spent the majority of her life feeling huge and cumbersome. Always awkward, never graceful. And look at her now, she’s practically athletic. And all it took was the end of the world.

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Drawn That Way

So I started this fic a loooooong time ago.  Some time after Age of Ultron came out, which is the timeline for the fic as well, if you’re wondering.  Then it wasn’t going so well and I was writing other things for fests that were more time sensitive, and it got sidelined for a bit.  Then it spent an even longer time sitting in my notebook only half typed, because I was lazy and didn’t want to type anything.  But it’s done now, and beta’ed, so here you have it.

This really started from a post I remember seeing somewhere around the time I was first getting into the marvel fandom, of an artist complaining about how fic writers always have Steve drawing on paper, when so many artists now use a digital medium.  And Steve, while old fashioned, does pick up on technology pretty quick.  I have no idea who originally posted it, but artist, here is a fic for you of Steve using a tablet to draw.  Really though, this fic is for all the fanartists on tumblr, because you guys deserve lots of love.  Also, it’s for my followers who for some reason, stuck around this long.  Thanks for staying.

Thanks to @canolacrush for the beta, who tells me this is almost, but not quite, a character study.  No real warnings on this one, aside from Steve finding out about tumblr, the hard way sometimes.  

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Sometimes when one of my stories doesn’t get a lot of notes I tell myself that it’s totally cool. I’m not exactly a Big Name Fan nor am I really fandom famous like some people. Fanfiction doesn’t typically get lots of reblogs and while that’s sad to me it’s pretty typical. 

Then a post crosses my dash and it’s literally nothing more than a photograph of a cloud and that shit’s got over 6000 notes and I just sit here like

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y’all put the effort in for a gotdamn cloud but not for works that writers put their heart and soul and time in to creating? People


ok so the building i work in is like, old as fuck and ~historical~ whatever and it was used several years ago as a set in a Big movie with some Big names, that was before my time here but anyway. today this little ten year old kid and his grandfather were up here walking around our floor (it’s all public) and my co-worker kinda heard them whispering and went out and asked if he could help and it turns out this kid is like, Fandom Mania for this movie which is hilarious because like, it was a Big movie but it wasn’t like, popular, it didn’t last in any significant way, but he’s super duper into it and his granddad drove him all the way here across the state to this tiny small town to see our building, so my co-worker and i took the kid around and showed him all the places they filmed in and he was just so excited, and then my co-worker, who was in the movie, was showing him around and said told him “oh ya know this is where i sat, do you want to try it? go ahead, sit here” and this kid was so excited he just about had a heart attack, and then my coworker thought, oh god, hold on, so he runs out and gets from his office some kind of like, orange camera screen or whatever that was left behind, and gives it to the kid and the kid just about bursts into tears he’s so excited to have this from the movie, anyway long story short we got to make someone’s fandom day happy and good and this kid’s granddad was so cute and thankful and told us all about how they’d been driving all over the state checking out the filming sites and everything, like go you grandpa you adorable supportive nerd you, go you kid get that fandom experience, live ya dreams!! 

Ushijima is an antagonist, not a villain.

I’m posting this as a reply to this post by @kuroroo because my reply got really long, and I didn’t want the post to become endless by reblogging it and adding onto it. That’s why you should read it first to understand the following, but basically, it’s about Ushijima hate and against Ushijima’s defenders and why they’re wrong, and I’m going to tell you why I disagree:

[Approx. 1k words under the cut]

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Break the Zone - Challenge 1 Masterpost

Here is a complete list of the first challenge’s fics!

The guidelines for this round were to include the quote “Literally everything about this is illegal” and keep the fic under 1k.

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Those of you who haven’t posted yet, be sure and tag me when you do so I can add your fic!  And if you have a title that you can tease here before you post, send it my way! :) 

I finally got my Covenant novelisation btw and I’m sitting here wondering about the word “allgegenvartig”

Does it really exist in the English language? because the internet doesn’t know it. Or did they just take a German word and mispell it? Or is it from Yiddish?

Like I googled it but one of the first hits is…the Covenant novel. What is this?