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hey, fellow animator! i saw ur cypher pt.3 amv and i was :00000 and i got inspired. i was just wondering if i tried it in a different style? i saw u went for a kinda retro style, and i wanted to do a mortal kombat style (close quarters, a lot of quick movements ygm???) (dw i wouldnt butcher it ik what im doin) but i didnt want ppl saying "AH YOU COPYCAT" or smthing like that. great work!

oh yeah go for it!! I was planning on doing something p similar but having a movement component (resetting idle cycles, composition, blocking) just added too much for me to track, if you want a go try it out~

If you finish. I’d appreciate a link in the description just so people know where you got the concept from, esp if it’s similar-ish you know??

Thank you for asking~ I’m glad I inspired you (。•̀ᴗ-)✧


Been drawing these over the last few days for my bf, based on stuff we’ve been talking about throughout the day (I draw one cheeb a day~), be it headcanons, shenanigans or simply fluffy shipping stuff <33

Figured I could share the first bunch, seeing how there will be more~ uvu
Don’t take these too serious, though dfjöasdf There are some crack ships that we enjoy regardless of them making sense or not, we just wanna have fun :’3

My fave has to be “Bling Bling” cuz we love gold and pretty much turned everything in our games gold XD

i am a whiny personal blog masquerading around as a fandom/bandom blog and y’all should just unfollow now because i don’t know how to be good anymore 

hoseok is literally staying up till 4 AM for this mixtape i swear to god if yall dont hype the release and talk about it for the rest of the year we finna have a little talk,,

“We should… get to dinner. Drack said he was making—”
“I heard. And I would rather stay here, like this.”

i had the opportunity to commission @lonicera-caprifolium, and i have to say that i couldn’t be more pleased with the result. i mean, c’mon! you can see how fluffy and perfect oberon looks. they were such a sweetheart, and honestly, i can’t wait to commission them again! pls go check out their work. ♡