sitting by the beach

Everything I said about Yuuri Katsuki being worried about grand displays of wealth aside–there are people in the world who can’t decide who they hate more:

Yuuri Katsuki, who landed himself five-time gold medalist, Forbes’ thirty under thirty sports star millionaire Viktor Nikiforov who is to figure skating what Pavarotti was to opera 

Or Viktor Nikiforov, who landed himself Japan’s Ace, the Phoenix who rose from the ashes to sports glory, the literal prodigal son who took not two, not three, but four world championships back to Japan–and, aside from that, beautiful Katsuki Yuuri with his big eyes and dark lashes and high cheeks and full lips and aloof demeanor and–

And sometimes Yuuri finds himself sitting on the beach and trying to decide which Instagram filter says my husband owns a beach house in Spain, because haters are gonna hate and Yuuri was never good at starving out the trolls.

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2,6 for yuri on ice

(lmao i already wrote a bodyswap fic tho so… i guess this is slightly a followup to it?)

no 2: bodyswap & no 6: secretly a virgin

Viktor Nikiforov is here.

Yuuri isn’t sure whether he’s still dreaming.

They’re sitting on the beach in the dark, watching the sea glitter bright silver under the moonlight. The sound of the waves crash against the shore, and even at this time of the night there’s the odd gull cry high above. The beach still needs cleaning in parts – there’s still debris from the earthquake and the tsunami, but right now Yuuri has his knees drawn up, his body keenly aware of Viktor’s warmth beside him. 

“I’m so glad you’re here,” says Viktor. His voice is thick with emotion, his eyes sparkling with unshed tears. Yuuri feels a responding lump in his own throat; he swallows down hard and hunches over a little tighter. 

“I… I’m sorry you went to so much trouble for me,” he says, because what else can he say? He barely remembers any of it – waking up after the waves to find himself in Viktor’s body, racing through Ice Castle, that brief moment of contact before he was suddenly in his own body again – it’s all a strange, surreal dream that probably seems all the stranger to Viktor. But Viktor smiles, and his warmth inches just a little closer to Yuuri. 

“I felt like I had to do something when I – when I first found out,” he says. “I felt like the universe had done a great wrong that I had to fix. What – what happened in April shouldn’t have taken you from the world, but it almost did.”

There must be a lifetime where Viktor never came to Hasetsu, Yuuri thinks. A lifetime where I am dead and he is lonely. He worries at his lip, suddenly finding it hard to turn and look at Viktor, wonderful Viktor, who has done so much for this town without anyone’s knowledge, who did it out of love for someone he both knows and doesn’t know. 

“Do you think we’ll switch again?” he wonders. Viktor makes a confused noise, and Yuuri nods, settling back into the space between his knees. He’s at a bit of a loss for words – after all, what can you say to someone who knows you (and who you know) more intimately than anyone else, and yet is also a complete stranger?

“I have a question,” Viktor says even later, as Yuuri curls up beside him on the sand, the stars wheeling overhead. “Christophe. Did you ever…?”

Yuuri shakes his head. Viktor raises an eyebrow at him.

“Then why did you… when you were in my body?” He pauses. “Not that I’m complaining, necessarily. I just thought… I mean, if you had experience…”

He’s sure Yuuri is flushing, but he can’t quite tell from here, in this light. “I just thought you two already were, you know.” Yuuri fumbles with his fingers. “He was so friendly. He thought you were cute when I was, you know, in your body. And I guess I played along too well.”

Viktor chuckles. “Chris and I have been good friends since he debuted in Seniors, Yuuri. But it was never like that until you came along.”

“I’m sorry,” says Yuuri. “I’m not experienced. I didn’t know.”

Viktor reaches for him, entangles their fingers. The sand is warm, and he knows he’ll regret it come morning when it’s all over his hair and body, but in this moment it doesn’t matter. He presses gentle kisses to Yuuri’s finger pads, hoping in the half-light of the moon that his smile is still visible.

“It’s all right,” he says. “But I think I’d prefer my future experiences to be with you.”

And he can’t help his laughter when Yuuri’s dark flush shows up in the glow of the moon.

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best friend grayson

when you first realized your best friend, grayson, had a crush on you, you didn’t think anything of it mainly out of fear. you were friends with both twins and you didn’t want to get involved with one and ruin your friendships. you would notice his attempts to get your attention but always brush it off as him being friendly. as time went on, all he wanted was to be able to call you his girl. he would start to push the boundaries of how you act together without being official. he would wanna spend so much more time with you because you’re all that’s ever on his mind. If you were watching netflix, going to the beach, studying, reading, or even just sitting relaxing, he would want to be in your presence. grayson loved hearing you speak, whether you were ranting about your favorite tv show, gushing over food, it didn’t matter. he would find himself smiling and admiring you. he would become extra physical, he’d stand behind you and wrap his arms around your waist and rest his head on yours while you scrolled through twitter, other times he would just put his arm over your shoulder because he towers over you so much but his favorite thing was to intertwine his fingers in yours. during movie night you would fall asleep and gray being a good “friend” would carry you to your bed and would start cuddling you more often than usual. waking up to his light snore while being wrapped up in his arms and your guys legs tangled, was the best. you figured after making him wait for so long, you would make the first move. 

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Do you know why wrestlers (Cena and Cesaro) got so mad at the beach balls? I just don't understand...

Bc it’s fuckin disrespectful as all hell to pay however fuckin much you pay to go to these things, upwards of $100 depending on where you sit/how many tickets you buy, just to fuckin toss around a goddamn beach ball while these people are in the ring literally putting their lives on the line every night. It’s disrespectful as all hell.

the players as little everyday things


  • sitting on the beach and watching fireworks 
  • going out to a diner or cafe with friends 
  • putting on makeup even if you’re not very good
  • long runs in the park
  • getting good in an exam for once and feeling like you’ve won the world


  • staring up at the ceiling at bed and trying to remember the last time you slept well
  • the crack of someone’s voice just before they break into tears
  • listening to a sad song on a rainy night
  • the empty feeling you get after crying for a long time
  • eyes welling up after staring at a screen for too long
  • all nighters with far too much coffee and tears
  • wanting to fade away 


  • trying to talk to your crush before your friends come over and mock you
  • listening to a loud song with a lot of drums and bass and feeling infinite
  • looking back and relishing how far you’ve come
  • tying your hair back and laughing 
  • licking your teeth and lips just for the sake of being edgy
  • getting over someone you never dated


  • eating your own food and tasting your own cooking
  • waking up early and breathing in the morning air
  • hearing the birds chirp outside
  • watching a disney movie even though you know you’re too old
  • making a bouquet for someone you love


  • reading a good book next to the window inside on a cold winter day with a hot drink
  • loving someone for what they are inside, not forgetting their flaws but instead loving them as well
  • the first snowflake in early december or late november
  • wearing black and pink at the same time
  • not talking for a long time and not realizing it


  • liking an animal more than a person
  • giggling over a pun you know is terrible
  • having ice cream in autumn
  • watching dumb cat videos even though you’re allergic to cats


  • sing in the shower even though you know you’re not very good
  • listening to ocean waves for a really long time
  • feeling the sand underneath your feet and scrunching up your toes
  • riding a car at night and watching the street lamps flick past 
  • cooking even though you’re not good
  • punching something and feeling the satisfaction even though it hurts your knuckles


  • yelling for the sake of yelling
  • the teenage joy of walking into a hot topic
  • wearing your favourite sweatshirt
  • mean expressions in the mirror and feeling like a fucking master
  • licking your own blood off a wound and relishing the coppery taste
  • enjoying how smoothly you can curse


  • wearing a fancy new outfit 
  • hot baths and disco balls
  • posting snarky comments on social media
  • smelling money
  • walking with your head raised high and not giving a shit


  • winging your eyeliner just right
  • moving on but not forgetting
  • mirror selfies
  • wearing a black dress
  • putting on black nail polish
  • blowing out smoke
  • the reflection of spiny trees in a dark green lake
  • the first leaf to fall on an early autumn morning


  • pouring a glass of milk and noticing the pure whiteness
  • looking at your hands and the length of each of your fingers and how each of them are unique
  •  sitting down and meditating for a while
  • soft, dreamless sleep
  • new paper


  • long walks in the woods
  • early autumn days: crisp, but not cold 
  • smelling the cold off of someone coming home
  • not laughing often but laughing really hard when you do
  • dares you know are stupid but will do anyways
  • reading a book for the billionth time and not getting sick of it
  • tucking your hair into a hat
  • denim jackets and worn converses

in which I edit beautiful black sails caps (part III)

“Until all that remains of any of it are stories bearing only a passing resemblance to the world the rest of us lived in.”

The definition of Fast Friends

I have already spewed endlessly on how much I love Yuri on Ice and the way they present their narrative. What I love most is their theme of mirroring and contrasting certain elements. 

I’m not sure if this particular point has been brought to attention yet. I think in establishing Yuri and Otabek’s friendship, what the creators want to show is how close they got in an immense short span of time. What I have noticed in the imagery is the following.

Take note of how Yuuri and Victor first sit together at the beginning of their story arch: 

They sit apart, indicating that they have to grow towards each other. This of course has to do with Yuuri’s character development: learning to accept help from others and in his turn place trust in himself and his abilities. 

Compare this to how Otabek and Yuri sit together on the beach in Barcelona, about two days into their friendship:

There’s literally no space between them. What this implies is how willing Yuri was to accept Otabek into his life as a friend. Whereas Yuuri is hesitant to let people near because of his self-doubt, Yuri is pretty much desperate for a friend; a peer who will understand him in the way he wants to be seen. It’s why Yuri is so clingy. I think he feels completely understood by Otabek from the very beginning and things in their (platonic) relationship happen at lightening speed. There is immediate trust, because Yuri (and Otabek too, for that matter) are so willing. They are the definition of fast friends.

And I got all of that just by how they are sitting on a bench, which shows how well the YOI creators think out their characterization. 

concept: it’s 2 am and we ride our bikes to the nearest beach. we sit on a rock, our toes in the water, and we talk about the meaning of life. your arms around me, my head on your chest, tracing hearts with my fingees. the full moon is out, and it shines on us the most.