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Sweet offerings

Pairing Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: Barista Steve gives you pastries in an attempt to flirt with you 

Word Count: 1050

Warnings: None.

Prompt: Coffee shop

A/N The beginning of the fic was based on this

This is my entry for @theassetseyeliner ‘s Au writing challenge.

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Players versus DM...... literally.

Same D&D 5e campaign as the one from earlier, which I (DM) have taken to calling the [Fragmented Entelécheia] Campaign. This is the final session of the 1st season, as we all have to prepare for exams during the following weeks.

DM (me) tells players through in-game NPC (BBEG) they will be fighting a Titan (Essentially a Primordial).

Players: “Hey, we’ve had this axe of Titan-slaying since forever! Let’s hack the dumb thing to pieces!”

It seems the dice are on their side tonight, as the majority of them roll quite high on their initiative checks.

Excitedly, the players begin planning who does what and who attacks as the DM finishes setting the table of self-made maps and 2 cm scale origami miniatures (players are about 2 cm, roughly 1 inch, typical D&D stuff).

Players: “Ok, so there’s the BBEG, there’s his bodyguard, this is where we are, at the edge of the table… hey DM, where’s the Titan?”

DM, sitting closer to the other edge of the table then was strictly necessary, straightens his back, puffs his arms out a bit to appear larger then he actually is, and with a VERY slow gesture, indicates his whole body as an evil grin slowly spreads across his face.

Players: “…”

calmly turns on awesomely epic boss battle music…”

Players: “……”

casually looks around the table once “So…”

Players: “…… ……”

turns to first player on the initiative order “…What would you like to do?”


Tricks (Part 1)

Request: Hello! How are you? Could I request a Joker x Reader where the he and his friends are arguing about who the most attractive/best with the ladies is and joker ends up betting he can seduce the reader. They fall in love but then reader finds out it was all a bet. Sort of a ‘10 things I hate about you’ scenario haha Thanks lovie

A/N: I COMPLETELY fell in love with this idea this is cute AS FUCK. Part 1 of ??

Pairing: Joker x reader 

Summary: Joker makes a bet he can seduce the reader but finds out he’s met his match. 

Warnings: Sexual implications? Probably swearing? Joker stuff. 

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Cream & Sugar

Series: Mr. Holland

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Mr. Holland gets to know the reader and her little sister

Warnings: Swearing as always, fluff, triggering if you don’t like people in the hospital

Word Count:3,300+

A/N: I’m building the story so please wait for the smut to happen.

[Reader’s POV]

“Why are you so dressed up today? You’re wearing your look at my ass skirt” Louis smirks before taking a sip of the coffee you made him. You swear his smirk reminded you of the cheshire cat.

“Well Louis I actually have a job now” flipping him off as you slip on your heels. His eyes grow wide as he walks around the kitchen counter.

“A job now? do tell” he sits himself wiggling in the seat getting comfy. Picking up your purse off the dining room table you look inside. Your eyes double checking you had everything you needed. You were up at six this morning to get ready so you can be there by seven.

“I’m a secretary at Holland Industries an-”

“The Holland Industries? the one that’s helping the hospital your sis is at?” He brushes his hair back that fell in front of his face.

“Yes Louis but before you interrupted I was going to say my boss is Mr. Holland himself.. I got to be his secretary!” you do a little dance out of excitement, you really needed this job.

“Is he even more attractive in person? I heard someones hand bled after slapping him cause they hit his jawline! Di-“

“Louis calm your whore-mones okay? I have to go to work.. I’ll see you later for lunch?”

“Text me what sushi you want babe, It’s time to celebrate” getting up he gives you a big hug. Waving good bye you take your keys out of the bowl by the door. Closing the door behind you and locking it. You make your way down the hallway towards the rest of your day.


   Walking into the building you click the power button of your phone. It illuminates showing the time and smiling that you made it an hour early like you wanted to. You had your box of things for your office resting against your hip as you walked. Being early was a good chance for you to personalize your office as well. You didn’t want it to be just an office you wanted it to be a home from homs. In a way you’re like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds with little trinkets you would decorate your desk with.

    Poking the button the elevator door dings open. Walking inside the elevator you see another person walking in right after you. Her hair reminded you of how Arianna Grande wears her ponytails. She pushes her glasses up her nose giving you a small smile.

“What floor?” you ask her pointing at all the buttons. She holds up the number with her hands and then points to her ear shaking her head no.

‘I’m on the same floor’ you sign to her with one hand before pressing the button. Looking back at her she introduces herself and showing you her name sign. Thank god you were trilingual and Sign Language was one of the languages you knew.

‘I feel so alone here, it’s nice someone here knows my language’ she confesses as the two of you walked down the hall. Unlocking your door she walks in with you helping you set your stuff up. She offered to help you since you’re new and she wanted to chat.

‘Is he as mean as they say he is?’

‘you mean Mr. Holland?’ you raise your brows in a question earning a nod from her. Marie sets your organizer down next your iMac.

‘From what people have written to me they say he never keeps a secretary more than a week” she pushes her glasses back up. Glancing down at her watch that lit up she excuses herself saying she needs to go. Waving goodbye she leaves the room, her ponytail bouncing a bit.

    Looking over at the clock you mentally think you should make his tea now. Setting your phone on your desk you walk to the break room. Your heels clicked against the marble flooring as you walked. The lighting wasn’t bright but tolerable because you hated bright lights. Seeing a sign you see in white lettering say “Break Room.”

   Pushing the door open you see a couple of people in there. Smiling you head inside and walk over to a cabinet full of white mugs. There was a small kitchen in here which was nice. There were couches and a table for people to eat at. Thinking more about it there are people that probably stay here overnight to work. Pressing the button down on the electric kettle you patiently wait for it to heat the water. Pulling out two mugs you set them aside. Picking out of the options you pick your tea bag and grab one for Mr. Holland.

   Tearing the package open you set each tea bag into the mugs. Once the water is heated you fill up both of the cups. Grasping the string you circle the bag inside the mug letting the tea disperse in the water. Repeated that to your mug you then locate the sugar and two spoons. Opening the fridge you sea some milk and pull it off the shelf.

   When you’re done you pick up the mugs off the counter. A man waits for you holding the door open. Thanking him you make your way back to your office. Turning the handle down with your elbow you push the door open with your hip. Setting your mug down on your glass coaster. Knocking on your door that connected to his office you wait for a response.

“Come in” His voice sounds through the door making your heart beat a little faster. Grasping the handle you turn it and walk into his office. His head turns looking in your direction. Walking over you see his eyes scan down your body and back up.

“Here’s your tea Mr. Holland” you smile setting a coaster down on his desk. The mug making a small clinking sound as you set it down.

“Did yo-“

“Little cream and sugar, I hope you like it” the nerves inside you were building up. Maybe there would be a new record and he would fire me for not liking the tea I made. What Marie told you earlier made you scared as fuck.

   He lifts the mug up sniffing it smiling a bit. Noted he doesn’t mind that you chose an Earl Grey  tea. Bringing the mug to his lips he takes a sip of it. Raising your hands to your chest you hold your hands together. Silently praying he liked it. He looks over at you chuckling showing his adorable smile.

“You can relax love, I really like the tea.. thank you I really needed that this morning” His smile prominent as he looked up at you.

“Y-You’re welcome Mr. Holland… is there anything else I can do for you?” tilting your head slightly to the side bringing your clasped hands down in front of you. Rubbing his jaw he takes a cursory glance at your skirt then back up to you.

“I don’t have anything till nine.. will you bring your tea in here and join me? I don’t want your tea to get cold” He loosens his tie a bit relaxing in his chair. Halting before you do anything, is this a test.

“No this isn’t a test, go grab your tea I’d love the company this morning” Mr. Holland chuckles at your reaction. Shit you actually said that out loud? Walking to your office you grab your tea and cellphone then head back taking a seat across from him.

“So what did you want to talk about Mr. Holland?” you ask crossing your leg over your knee. Your skirt rising a bit naturally.

“I.. wanted to talk about you communicating with one of my Deaf employees” his eyes glued to your legs made the blood rush to your cheeks.

“She’s a lovely woman Mr. Holland, I had a lovely chat with her while setting up my office” smiling at one of the stories she told you. Marie is quite a funny girl.

“How do you know the language, I read in you’re trilingual?” sipping his coffee he looks at you waiting for an answer.

“I learned Spanish when I studied abroad but I know Sign Language cause I’m a CODA” you explain taking another sip of your tea before setting it down.

“If you don’t mind me asking what’s a CODA?”

“Oh a CODA is a child or children of Deaf adults, my parents and sister are Deaf, my older brother and I are hearing” shifting nervously in your seat from the stare he had on your body.

“No wonder you looked like a natural, I’m glad you’re here then so she can feel more comfortable.. the last Deaf employee I had got transferred to the states since they moved there.. I had them work for Jacobs building in the states while Harrison and I take care of things across the pond” you notice how his smile lights up when he talked about The Holy Trinity Foundation.

“I talked to my sister the other day, she told me to say thank you for hiring me but also thank you for the help because now the hospital is getting better too..” Looking down at your hands you smile remembering how happy she was. You sat with her while she got chemo treatment to hold her hand through it. She hated being alone when she got treatment. Both of our parents were working extra so we could pay for her treatment.

“Love are you alright? your smiles gone..” Mr. Holland’s finger tilts your chin up making you look at him. He was standing in front of you leaning against his desk. God you’re an emotional wreck sometimes and can’ t control it.

“I’m sorry, I think it’s just best I don’t talk about her” you stand up walking past him to your office. Your body is stopped by a hand grabbing onto your wrist. Mr. Holland pulls you back to him making your body almost collide into his.

“Please tell me about her, is there something I can do?”

“I don’t need your pity Mr. Holl-“

“Tom.. please call me Tom” looking up at him you let out a defeated sigh. The look in his eyes reminded of you of a puppy.. you love puppies.

“Okay.. Tom, my sister is going through expensive treatment and it’s hard seeing her go through it.. her smile is disappearing slowly the longer she stays in there.. funny thing is she loves all of your Spider-Man movies you made in the past” His hand feeling warm and soothing around your wrist. Tom’s thumb rubbed slowly up and down your wrist.

“I have an idea of something to bring a smile to her face.. let me make a call” letting go of your wrist he pulls out his phone. A minute goes by of him talking to someone on the phone. Tom hangs up his phone putting it back in his pocket.

    Grabbing your hand he pulls you out of his office. You ask him what’s going on but he tells you to trust him. Complying you follow him then realize he’s holding your hand. Looking around you see some people whispering as he pulls you towards the elevator. Looking back down at your hands, yes this definitely doesn’t look right.

    Taking your hand out of his grasp once inside the elevator you keep your eyes locked to the floor. You held the Tom Hollands hand. The thought made your cheeks flush and heart flutter. Tom tilts your chin up gliding his thumb against your jaw. It felt like sparks flew underneath his touch.

“Alright lets go” he lets go of your chin walking out of the elevator.


“What’s her room number?” Tom asks as the two of you walk down the hallway. Your heels clicking in the quiet hallway of the hospital.

“396” you say pointing towards the child wing of the hospital. The hallway went from boring to fun as it connected to that part of the hospital.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes okay? Harrison is bringing me something” Tom smiles at you before you walk through the doors. Looking down you see the colored tiles and Alice in Wonderland themed decorations hanging. Every three months they change the theme in here.

    One of the nurses who knows you tells you she just got settled into her room. Apparently your sister was in the playroom for most of the day due to the new toys they put in there. Sliding the door open you see your sister laying in her bed. She had a one of your knit beanies on her head. A tube sticking into her nose that connected to a bag.  Your heart hurting at the sight.

    Flickering the light on and off you get her attention once you peep your head past the curtain. Her eyes looking up meeting yours, a smile immediately appearing on her face. She winces when she tries to get up. Signing to her you tell her to stay and not move. Pouting she sits back down and crosses her arms.

‘Jaelynn don’t cross your arms’ she huffs out signing fine exaggeratedly. Her little hands flying as she signed quickly to you. She told you how she wants you here instead of her interpreter. The woman dressed in black shifts awkwardly in her seat.

“I’m sorry, uhh I’ll be here for about an hour? why don’t you take a break and go grab something to eat, I’m sure you need a small break before Neil comes in”

“Thank you, I’ll be back within the hour, see you later Jaelynn” Claudia signs and talks at the same time waving to Jaelynn. She waves quickly then putting her hands in her lap.

‘I know this treatment makes you cranky but you need to be nice to Claudia, she comes here to help you’ your facial expressions stern as you sign to her. Emphasizing on being nice to Claudia and pointing to her name sign she made for Claudia.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t want to be here” her little brows furrow together as she pouts. Reaching over you pinch her nose making her giggle. Her face not being scrunched up in a pout.

“Jaelynn we have a surprise for you..” Turning to the side you see Harrison holding a camera. Jaelynn asks what’s going on and you sign you don’t know. Fingerspelling Harrison’s name you tell her that’s who’s behind the camera. Harrison walks by then aiming the camera at the curtain.

   All of a sudden Spider-Man does a flip landing landing in the empty spot next to Harrison. A smile on Harrison’s face as he captured Jaelynn’s reaction. Her little mouth formed an O as she saw Spider-Man stand up. Her little hands signing as you watched.

“Wow! it’s Spider-Man!! he’s here look look” you voice for her smiling over at the masked hero. He reaches up pulling his mask off. Tom shakes his head making his curls fall back in place. Your eyes going down his suited body that clung to his muscles.

“I’m Spider-Man but you may know me as Peter Parker right?” His Queens accent sounding so natural, your hands moving along as he talked. Her eyes watching you then she signs back to you with a smile.

“Of course who doesn’t know about Spider-Man!” you voice excitedly loving the smile that was on her face. Her little hands acting like she was shooting webs.

“How bout we make a Spider-Man pact yeah?” you sign raising your eyebrows at her so she knows it’s a question. She tilts her head before signing  quickly to you.

“Spider-Man pact? I’m a sick kid” your smile dropping after what you just interpreted. Tom sits on the side of her bed. Her hands reaching for his web shooters. She points to his web shooters and starts signing to you.

“You’re Spider-Man, you have web shooters that catch the bad people” Tom laughs at her excitement of his suit from the movies. Jae holds his hand looking at it closely tracing her fingers over the black detailing.

“Of course you are! your powers are fighting against the medicine you have..I talked to Mr. Stark and he wants to pay for your treatment so that you can get the best care” you were shocked at how natural he sounded with his Queens accent. She looks at you watching your hands as you interpreted what he was telling her. Noticing her eyes shining and a smile on her face. It was beaming which brought tears to your eyes.

“So you know the hand shape I make is actually the same shape as I Love You in ASL right?” Her eyes look at her hand and mouth opens in shock. Nodding her head at Tom she raises her hand saying I love you.

“What does that mean?” you ask for her as she looks at Tom who sets his mask down on the bed. Her face held confusion as she looks at you waiting for you to interpret.

“It means that we can make our superhero bond.. I’ll show you”

   He takes her little hand forming it into the I Love You sign making sure her palm is facing down and he places that onto of his hand in that shape. He points with his left hand showing how the signs point to each other. She signs with her free hand letting out a little laugh.

“Spider-Man what do you mean by that!” you say looking over at Tom who was smiling down at Jaelynn.

“It means that there is love everywhere and love beats anything.. That’s why Spider-Man is so much cooler than any other Superhero cause on top of fighting the bad guys I get to spread love to the world. I get to spread the love now through the pact to help stop those bad guys inside you so you don’t have to do this alone…” tears formed in her eyes as she took in everything you signed. She looked down at their hands connected smiling. Getting up slowly she wraps her arms around Tom’s neck.

“Thank you Tom” you whisper wiping the tears from your eyes as they fell down your cheeks. Jaelynn lets go of Tom handing him back his mask. Her hands move in little quick movements.

“When will you be back Spider-Man?”

“I have to see when Mr. Stark needs me for another mission but I’ll definitely stop by to check on my Spider-Man pact friend” He reaches up fixing her beanie that was about to fall off. Claudia enters the room  setting her purse down on the counter as she walks in. Her eyes looking at the whole scene in front of her.

‘He came to see Jae don’t worry, we’ll be leaving now’

‘I’ll come by tomorrow okay? Mom and Dad are busy for the next week’ you sign to Jae before giving her forehead a kiss. She waves to the both of you as we leave the room. Tom goes to the bathroom with a bag and comes out minutes later dressed in his work suit.

“C’mon lets get back to the office and start rescheduling appointments, and Harrison please edit that and upload it to the foundations website” the three of you make your way out of the hospital together. Harrison gives you and Tom a hug goodbye as he takes off to his car.

    The drive back to the office was full of conversation. Mainly you thanking Tom for even thinking of using his suit to surprise you sister. You haven’t seen her smile like that for over six months. Her smile today was all thanks to him. He told you he would start a campaign to help raise funds for Jaelynn. Maybe Marie was wrong, he doesn’t seem cold from how she described him…

“Love, can you make me some tea again with cream and sugar?You made it perfectly the last time..” He hands you his empty mug picking up a file with his other hand. Your fingers brush against his making him look at your hand then back up to you. Tom’s gaze captivating yours almost pulling you towards him just by the look in his eyes.

“Yes Mr. Holland,cream and sugar.. just how you like it” you whisper before turning around and walking out of his office. You could feel his stare burning into your back as you sauntered out down the hall. 

I love these shoes oml

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an au (inspired by this post) in which Annabeth is a mob boss and Percy is her ocean photographer boyfriend. Shout out to Hannah for being the best beta ever and for headcanoning this au with me pretty much non stop for the last few days. 

The fluorescent lights of the interrogation room flicker, giving it a strange glow that makes Percy’s eyes hurt. His fingers tap the beat of some pop song that had played on the radio earlier today onto the metal table that sits in front of him. The table is cool to the touch despite the warm, stale air that hangs in the room, and the accompanying metal chair is starting to make his butt numb despite it only having been here ten minutes.

Shuffling sounds begin emanating from the door in the corner of the room across from Percy, and soon it creaks open. First to step through is a tall blonde man with piercing blue eyes. His athletic build fills up the doorway as he pauses briefly to appraise Percy. Percy appraises him right back, noticing a scar on the corner of the detective’s lip and half of a tattoo that peaks out from under the cuff of his sleeve.

As soon as the detective steps into the room, another enters behind him. Her posture is impeccable and she walks with her head held high like she’s a warrior entering battle. That can’t be good, Percy thinks afterwards. She has on a royal purple blouse that pops against her brown skin, and her black hair is pulled into a braid that cascades over her shoulder.

“Hello, Mr. Jackson,” starts the blonde detective. “I’m Detective Grace and this is my partner Detective Arellano. Thanks so much for agreeing to come down to the station today to talk to us today.”

Percy smiles with a calm confidence, “Of course. Always happy to do my civic duty.”

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Context: our warlock is actually female, but because her player is a guy, most of us have forgotten that. Also, this is in the middle of a boss battle.

Warlock: I cast Eldritch Blast! *rolls a 3*

DM: Your staff lets out some sparks, but otherwise nothing happens.

Warlock: What the -?!

Paladin, OOC: Don’t worry, it happens to every guy at some point.

*everyone sitting at the table just loses it*

Warlock: But I’M NOT A GUY!

Trust nobody | Pt. 1

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader, feat. all of BTS 
Genre: Smut/ Angst
Words: 5,4k
Summary: The first thing someone should know about you is that you’re an escort. Yes, you have fucked for money. One day your boss made you an offer you couldn’t say no to. One year - seven boys. One rule: never fall in love.
Chapters: 1 / 2

The air felt heavy, filled with loneliness on a cold december morning. Sometimes you dont even remember who you were before you came here. Who you were before you took on this job, this life, this world – but this was you now. Your heels clicked on the sidewalk as you rushed through the winter morning in Seoul. You were on your way to get a coffee before you headed off to your meeting. A meeting – was that even the right word to describe it? You laughed to yourself, letting your warm breath hit the cold air forming a cloud of vapour.

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it’s friday afternoon and they’re not going out later, not going to any party. they’re back at isak’s place after school and getting changed into something more comfortable, even picking something from one of isak’s drawers. and when isak takes his shirt off, even calls him “hey, isak!” and isak looks up and even pokes his belly button and isak jerks back, half gasping, half laughing and he says “oh, really?” and even wiggles his eyebrows and tries to reach for his belly button again, but this time isak is quick to make a step back, and another one when even tries to reach him again, and he asks “is this war?” and even shrugs, an amused smile on his face and he replies “maybe”. and that’s how even ends up capturing isak with his arms just a minuter later, that’s how they end up on isak’s bed, that’s how they end up kissing and laughing and kissing again 

after a little while, even asks isak “i haven’t seen eskild in a bit, what’s up with that?” and isak tells him “oh, yeah. one of his co-worker has been sick this week or something so he had to fill in for him. he’s like, been working non-stop” and even seems to think for a second before he says “i think we should do something nice for him. like, food and clean up a little? what do you think?” and isak looks up at him, his chin resting on even’s chest, a small smile across his lips and he says “you know you’re like the best person i know?” and he means it, from the bottom of his heart 

“i think eskild became a vegetarian a few weeks ago, so we have to make something without meat. pasta?” even lets out a chuckle, tells isak “we’re not making pasta isak, that’s all you guys eat around here” and isak replies “that’s not true!” and then he also lets out a chuckle, adds “i mean, it’s a little true.” even opens the fridge and looks around. “hmm, you know, once i had this tofu stir-fry with veggies, it was goooood” and isak says “sounds fancy. i trust your judgment” and even gives him a peck on the cheek, replies “you better”. and then they go to the grocery store, because there’s no tofu in the fridge, and the only vegetable they have is half a head of broccoli. isak puts a bag of chips and a bag of sweets in the cart, says “i mean, eskild loves chips and candies. plus, they’re vegetarian” and evens laughs and shakes his head. “i’m sure eskild will appreciate the thought” 

and so they make the stir fry. isak cuts the vegetables and the tofu into cubes, poking at the tofu, a questioning look on his face and he says “i’ve never had tofu before” and even tells him “it can be really yummy when cooked right.” even starts cooking, tosses the food around in the pan a couple of times, like he’s done this hundreds of times. when the food is done, he grads a fork, picks a piece of tofu and red pepper, gently blows on it and brings it to isak’s mouth. and isak eats the bite and nods in approval. “’ery ‘ood”. and then they quickly do the dishes, and at some point isak places his wet and slightly cold hand under even’s shirt, on the small of his back, and even starts a little in surprise, and isak tells him teasingly “revenge for earlier”

they put three plates on the table, the pan in the middle, and eskild arrives soon later, they hear him open the door. they also hear him walk toward the kitchen and say “oh wow, it smells good in here” and when eskild peaks his head into the kitchen, isak exclaim “tadaaa!” gesturing toward the table with his arms extended wide. and eskild simply stands there, and it takes him a second before he says “oh my god, you made this?” and isak tells him “well, even made this” and even wraps his arm around isak’s waist, says “isak totally helped me, it was teamwork”. and eskild looks a little tired but his smile is totally sincere and then he walks toward them, wraps an arm around each of them and they both hug him back and eskild sighs and says “you boys are the best” and isak tells him “well, you’re pretty great, too” and eskild ruffles his hair as he says “well thank you, baby jesus”

and they all sit and eat diner, and isak and even are holding hands on the table as eskild tells them about his day, about this cute guy he met at work and his annoying boss. he asks them about their week, says “i feel like i haven’t seen you guys in a week. i mean, i think i literally haven’t seen you guys in a week” and he lets out a little laugh and yawns. after a short while he ends up looking at his watch and saying “i think my wild and young days are over, i’m going to go to bed at nine on a friday night” he stands up and stretches out his limbs, and then gives each of them a long kiss on the cheek, says “thank you, thank you again. appreciate this a lot, boys” and isak laughs and wipes his cheek, says “you’re welcome, eskild, good night, sleep well”. and when eskild goes to his room, isak takes even’s hand and brings it to his face, plants little kisses on his palm and on each of his fingers, asks “dishes, then movie in my room?” and even smiles and nods, repeats “dishes, then movie in your room”

Songbird-Ch. 5

Mystic Messenger Mafia AU 


Word Count: 2,407


~A/N: I was going to add the smut in this chapter but I decided I would separate it into it’s own, that way people that don’t want to read the NSFW can just skip it! Sorry it’s been soooo long, guys! My life is just hectic so it’s hard for me rn but I hope you enjoy this chapter! 

     "I heard you the first time, Saeyoung,” V spoke softly, his hand gripping the head of his cane as he sat unmoving in the chair.

     “Y’know, a good way to indicate you’ve heard someone is to actually reply. Just a tip,” Saeyoung snapped. “You’re being alarmingly calm about this, considering the shit storm that’s decided to roll it’s way through us.”

     V sighed, though his vacant gaze was unwavering. “I’m anything but calm. However… acting out in hysterics isn’t going to solve our problem. Talking like adults…deciding our next course of action. That’s what gets things done. Point a finger at me again, Saeyoung, and I’ll pop you in the mouth myself.”

     Though they both knew he would never, but still Saeyoung slumped down in the nearest chair with a sour face. V could barely make it out, but he knew the expression well. It had been the same since he was a child. The corners of his mouth pulled down and his brow pinched together with fury, like it’s the last face he’ll ever make, and V tried to hold back a fond smile.

     “Do you have any inkling on who it might be?” Jumin finally spoke up.

     “If I did, I wouldn’t be here talking to you, now, would I?” Saeyoung huffed, not bothering to hide his annoyance.

     “Sorry to interrupt,” an unexpected voice found its way into the room.

     “Jaehee, what is it?” Jumin straightened up as she closed the door behind her.

     Her face held hesitancy and she cleared her throat before finally speaking.

     “It’s about the latest bootleg shipment. Apparently, it’s gone missing,” she reported.

     “What the fuck do you mean, missing?” Saeyoung sat up from his chair.

     “I don’t know how to make it any more clear…” she made a quick glance at Saeyoung before returning her eyes to V. “The truck never made it to the drop point. No one has seen it or heard from the driver.”

     “This is not good,” Jumin hinted.

     “No shit,” Saeyoung said, the look on his face making it clear that his gears were turning.

     The room was silent as a church, everyones eyes on each other as if thinking the same thoughts. They were in good standing with the neighboring families. Everyone knew their territories and happily stuck to them. Plenty of police force names lined their payroll…so why now?

     “It could be the coppers,” Saeyoung said with a serious face.

     “It could,” said V, “it could be a number of things.” Jumin nodded in agreement. “ First things first. Jaehee, bring me more info on this missing shipment. I don’t care if you have to knock down the drivers’ mothers’ door, I want info. Find Frank, see if he’s heard of any recent booze busts.”

     “Of course,” Jaehee nodded and left the room as quickly as she could.

     “Saeyoung,” V continued, “you know what to do. I have my hands full as it is with this wedding situation.”

     “Oh yeah,” Saeyoung peeked through the blinds onto the courtyard. A crew of men were still setting up tents and tables in preparation. “Is this really the best time for this?”

     “It’s Marcos daughter, of course it’s a good time. When things get rough…that’s when we need celebration. There’s no better time to boost morale. Besides, he’s one of our best, and I seem to remember him saving your ass from a pinch more than a few times,” V smiled.

     Jumin decided to chime in. “Like his first soup job?” Both V and Jumin gave a hearty laugh. “Driving around the whole damned city with the safe in the struggle buggy,” Jumin continued, “before Marco showed up to save your ass. And how much did you end up cracking for, again?”

     “You know damn well how much,” Saeyoung sneered.

     “Then there’s no reason you can’t say it. Go ahead, hot shot. Remind us how much you swiped.”

     Saeyoung’s face turned sour, like the words were bile in his throat. “…Ten dollars,” he finally barked.

     Both of the men roared with laughter for a moment at the memory, so much so that Jumin seemed to wipe a tear from his eye.

     “Okay, okay,” V breathed in deeply when he stood from his chair, “leave the poor kid alone. Come on, let’s get some dinner.”

     He began to trail behind Jumin but paused for a moment, placing his hand firmly on the shoulder of Saeyoung and squeezing just once. His body was stiff and serious.

     “I’m trusting in you, Saeyoung. Find that son of a bitch,” V’s voice was almost a whisper, and as quickly as he had faced him he was now turned around, satisfied with his message.

     Saeyoung watched as they left, taking note of the fact that V seemed to be favoring his cane a lot more in the last few days. The weight of what that could mean fixed heavily on his shoulders, but his body remained stiff and strong with his resolve.


     There were joyous smiles all around as the sound of Zen’s singing filled the tent. Suddenly everyone was a hoofer, even the tough burly men could be found rolling up their sleeves and dancing with their gals to the music. It was strange to see the cities most dangerous criminals laughing and jabber-jawing, seemingly carefree. You had to admit, even you couldn’t help but get out there, taking Yoosung for a time as your partner. Now you took a break, fondly overlooking the bride with her done-up chestnut hair, her and her groom with goofy smiles as he spun her around.

     “How about that food,” Jaehee walked up beside you.

     “Look at you, all dolled up!” you smiled as you grabbed at the lace of her dress, “is it because…” you gestured with your eyes to Zen.

     “It’s a wedding,” she huffed but a pink tint spread on her face, “last I heard, you were supposed to dress nice,” she said matter-of-factly. “Besides, you don’t look half bad yourself.”

     You gave her a shy thanks before she thrust a bottle into your hands.

     “Say, do me a favor and bring that bottle to my table? They’re dry but…I wanna sit and listen to the rest of this song,” she mused.

     “Whatever you say, boss.”

     The table was half empty, two women you didn’t recognize and a guy you’d seen before on various jobs. He was portly with a kind face, practically jumping for joy when you placed the bottle on the table.

     “Join us, have a drink!” he shouted and poured you a glass quickly, sliding it in front of you as you sat.

     “I’m Betty,” the blonde girl to your left produced a perfect smile. “Isn’t this party just swanky? I’d love to get a look inside that house,” she sighed, sloshing the liquid in her glass before taking a sip.

     “She means inside the bedroom, particularly,” the brunette piped up. She had quite a bit of rouge on, or perhaps she was just that drunk, you couldn’t quite tell. The waves of her hair pressed neatly against her oval face.

     “Will you quit razzing me, already,” the blonde stuck her tongue out.


     The source of the voice was none other than Saeyoung. He and two other men approached the table in earnest.

     “Boss,” Anthony stood from his seat at once.

     Saeyoung gave him a few enthusiastic taps on the cheek as a greeting.

     “You haven’t come to say hi! Now I see why,” he laughed and winked at the ladies sitting in their seats, their bodies leaning in interest at the exchange.

     Saeyoung snatched the glass from Anthony’s hand, draining the contents into his mouth with one solid gulp. He gave an immediate look of disgust, shaking his head as he placed the cup on the table.

     “How can you drink this foot juice,” he pat the man’s broad back, “come on. I got the good stuff inside. You don’t mind if I steal him away, do you, ladies?”

     “Rhatz! No…go ahead,” they both nodded despite their pouty expressions. They were clearly hoping to be invited.  

     “Excuse me, then,” Anthony remarked before being led off by the men.

     Saeyoung tipped his hat to you before joining the other three in a laugh about something you hadn’t quite heard, their voices trailing as they made their way to the house. Something about the way that went made you feel cold. You’d never seen them interact much before. So, while everyone got lined up, occupied with giving their gifts to the happy couple, you decided to sneak off and see what they were up to. You couldn’t miss and opportunity to hear important information, and if anyone caught you, you’d just say you were looking for the powder room.

     Sure you had seen them go around this exact corner, but the grounds among the house were vast and confusing. You’d been here less than a handful of times, and never were you allowed to just wander around V’s house. The sounds of the music and chatter faded more and more, until you found a door slightly ajar.

     Your chest tightened with adrenaline and you stilled your breathing before peeking in the crack. The first thing you saw was Anthony, bloody faced and curled over on the floor, followed by a low hum of voices. A swift kick landed on his chest, the foot belonging to none other than Saeyoung.

     “It’s just like I said,” Antony hacked between his words, “the c-cop is my neighbor…our…our daughters play together…that’s all,” his hand gripped at his chest and his large frame began to shiver with pain. “I don’t know n-nothin about-“

     Saeyoung cut him off, bending down and grabbing Anthony by the collar.

     “You know what I think? I think you’re a fucking liar. I think you know a lot of things, things you might have told that cop friend of yours. And I just can’t have that,” he puffed a heavy breath of air before bringing his fist down thrice on the side of the mans face. “You fucked with my money.”

     It was a pain like no other creeping inside of you. Watching another person get beat, knowing it could be…should be you, instead. The guilt of it all was too much to handle. This man had a wife…a daughter. Sickness threatened to rise up and spill from your mouth.

     Saeyoung pulled a gun, his fingers readying it with a harsh click. Piss soiled the front of Anthony’s pants, streams of pleading words jumbled together through tears. However, the gun pointed swiftly towards the door. Towards you. All you could manage was a gasp before the trigger was pulled.

     The bullet blast through the door just above your head, raining shards of wood into your hair. After taking a moment to remember how to breathe, you kicked the door open, letting your rage take over.

     “Did you seriously just fucking shoot at me?!” you let out an exasperated scream.

     “Depends,” he stood up, dropping a now passed out Anthony back onto the floor and facing you with a calm expression, “did you seriously just fucking eavesdrop.”

     “Are you out of your fucking mind?” you said shakily.

     “Relax,” he drew the word out in a joking manner, “it’s not like I hit you,” he said casually, shrugging his shoulders.

     “She’s right,” another man spoke up, “what if V heard…we’d be in a shit load of-“

     “Ugh,” Saeyoung groaned, “you guys are too serious. No one heard, the music is too loud and they’re all drunk anyway.”

     He nudged at Anthony with his foot, the body still limp and unmoving.

     “Get him out of here and finish him, he smells like piss,” Saeyoung said.

     The two men each carried an end, hastily removing him from the room. And then it was silent for a moment.

     “Are you gunna keep staring at me or you gunna say what you wanna say?” Saeyoung broke the silence.

     “You have blood on your sleeves,” you quietly pointed out.

     Saeyoung inspected his arms. “So I do,” he rolled them up to conceal the stains before grabbing a towel to wipe his knuckles.

     More silence hung heavy in the room.

     “What if you’re wrong?”

     “About?” Saeyoung replied curtly.

     “Anthony. What if you’re wrong…won’t you feel bad?”

     “Now why would I go and feel something like that?” he smiled quizzically.

     “You can’t possibly be that cruel.”

     “And how do you know what I’m like,” he threw the towel before turning to you. “One mans life means nothing in comparison to what we have built. I’ll do what I have to to keep us alive.”

     “Even if that means killing the innocent?”

     “Doll, none of us are innocent.”

     That may be true, but it didn’t mean someone deserved to die. Laws are in place for a reason. The way they operated was barbaric, but of course you couldn’t say that. Not unless you wanted to end up in the same body bag as Anthony.

     “You’re too trusting. That’s how you end up dead, don’t forget that. Why do you care so much how I feel, anyway?” Saeyoung asked, stepping a bit closer to you.

     “I…I don’t know,” you admitted.

     Why did you care? You had a desperate need to know he had some good in him. Something about his character drew you in. Sometimes, when you were together, you could even forget that you both were on opposing sides.

     “Why are you here?” his voice was bold, his feet carrying him even closer to you.

     “I don’t know,” you said once again.

     His hand brushed the soft skin of your cheek, wiping at the rouge. “Are you stuck on me?”

     His face softened and the corners of his mouth formed a small smile. He held still, waiting for you to say something, anything. As much as you wanted to deny it, you couldn’t ignore the rapid beating of your heart at his touch. The look on your face must have said it all.

     Ever so slowly he pressed his lips against yours into a surprisingly gentle kiss. When you didn’t pull away, each kiss became rougher, all the built up tension releasing into this single act. He pressed himself against you and you moaned softly, realizing you had wrapped your hands around his neck at some point and pulled him closer.

Helping Hand (Part 2)

(Namjoon’s embarrassing encounter with you ends up making for an exciting first date.)

Warning: Masturbation, exhibitionism

It was 3:15pm.  Namjoon had left your apartment about 10 minutes earlier.  

An hour ago, you had never even considered dating Namjoon.  But right now you were prancing about your apartment like a giddy school girl.  You had been on plenty of dates before, but it had been a long time since you were this excited.  When he told you he liked you, it felt like the first time you had received a boy’s confession – back when you were shocked to find out that any boy liked you, let alone one as cool as Namjoon.

You skipped to your bedroom to start thinking about what you would wear tonight.  You had less than four hours to make yourself beautiful, might as well use every minute.  As you scoured your closet to find just the right look, you heard a phone ringing in the living room.  You looked at your bedside table to see your own phone sitting there silently.

You followed the sound to find Namjoon’s phone, half hidden behind a sofa cushion.  You noticed a missed call from someone called Boss-nim.  Figuring it could be an important work call, you headed over to return the phone to as quickly as possible.  As you approached, you saw Jin coming out of the apartment and closing the door quickly behind him.  You called out to get Jin’s attention.

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Cake Surprise

Summary: Being pleasantly surprised that Sebastian Stan shows up at the restaurant you work at, you take the extra step forward to make his birthday special.

Word Count: 2,063.

A/N: Before we start things off, I just wanted to say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ALIVE, SEBASTIAN STAN. And of course, a very special thank you to my great friend, @galaxayy for coming thru with a cute idea!! Hope you guys enjoy <3 (ps: im a slut for feedback, k thx)

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The Tale of Lodane the wolf Warrior

For context : I was DMing a group of four players composed of a Paladin, a druid, a female barbarian and a female ranger. Their objective was to find the creatures that were causing trouble in a nearby village. They quickly discovered that those creatures weren’t like anything they’ve seen in the region and that their presence was not natural. Indeed, it was caused by a magic artifact that ended up recently in the forest, creating them. So they fight their way to the cave where the artifact is and they end up fighting the Alpha of the creatures…or well, they try. Because, one by one, they’re taken down to 0 hp and rendered unconscious. In the end there is only one of them left against a mid life boss and one of their offspring : Lodane, the female wolf companion of the druid

[DM] Me : [Paladin] you collapse, after you feel the claws of the beast pulled back of your chest. Your vision is blurred and slowly drifting towards the darkness of unconsciousness. You were the last of your party still holding your ground, but now, you can only pray to your Merciful God as you feel like this could be your end…

*A pause, I’m looking at all the players*

…as your fate now rest in the paws of Lodane.

Paladin : I pray to the God of Light to give strength to that canine, our last hope

DM : You hope that your god has heard your plea, before everything around you just become darkness.

Ranger (OOC) : Pffff, it’s over guys, no way this wolf is gonna do anything against the boss.

Druid (OOC) : Well she still got all of her HP.

Paladin (OOC) : Only the God of Dices can save us now…and her.

Barbarian (OOC) : It was a good run guys, we’ll just have to be more careful next time

At this point, both my players and I think it’s over, that the group is going to be wiped out, so I continue, all the while thinking about the boss and starting to wonder if I made it too hard.

Me : As she see the Paladin falling to the ground, the beast clawing at his now broken armor, the wolf stops and let go of the dead offspring’s neck…

*Roll a will dice to see what her reaction would be. Result is 18*

Me : Even if she now see you’re all to the ground, the wolf isn’t intimidated. Without hesitating, she charges the last of the offspring and jump on it, aiming for the neck of the poor thing.

*Rolls a nat 20. Rolls maximum damage.*

Me (A bit surprised) : Her jaw literally snap as her fangs easily pierces the soft skin of the creature’s neck, that dies almost instantly, it’s carotid in utter ruin, letting a quick shriek of agony. However, it’s not of the likes of the Alpha, that promptly turn around before launching it’s huge claws at Lodane.

*Rolls a 2, it’s not enough to touch the wolf*

Paladin (OOC) : Wow, my prayer actually did something?

Me : But the swing is far too slow for the wolf. She graciously avoid it before jumping on the right and jumping unto the beast back, trying to bite it.

*Rolls a nat 20, at this point the players are both stunned and laughing as I’m looking at the magic happening in front of my eyes with both surprise and amusement. Then I roll maximum damage, again.*

Barbarian (OOC) : That’s not a wolf, that’s a warrior in disguise!

Druid (OOC) : My god I didn’t know I had a pet that was more badass than me!

Paladin (OOC) : It’s a warrior? It’s a wolf? It’s both! It’s WARRIOOOOOR LODANE! ♫

Me (Having trouble continuing as I’m nearly laughing because of their reaction and those dices) : She bite the beast at top of it’s left paw, taking a good chunk of pale skin and flesh. The beast emits a deep growl of anger before trying to bite her back.

*Rolls a 8. It’s not touching. The players are going crazy as they start to chant “Warriooooor Lodane!” like a super-hero theme of the eighties. I continue, tears in my eyes.*

Me : So, to no avail, the beast tries. But Lodane is too swift, Lodane is too strong. As soon as it was going to get her, she jumps down, before immediately turning and jumping to the Beast’s neck.

*Rolls a nat 20, for the third time in a row. Now they’re just shouting and laughing while the Paladin is still chanting, louder, Warrior Lodane’s Theme. Then I roll nearly maximum damage. She just took down the boss to a few hp and she is not even scraped*

Me : Lodane’s leap at it’s neck with ferocity and might! She manages to pierce it’s skin, but it’s not enough to take down the beast that is now howling madly, making sounds straight out of nightmares. It opens it’s mouth and tries to bit at that incredibly strong wolf.

*This time, the beast rolls enough to damage Lodane, who is now taken down at 2 hp. The table gasps and they stop as I continue*

Me : Lodane tries to escape it’s fury, alas! It’s teeth sinks into the poor wolf’s hide as it swiftly swing it. Lodane rolls to the ground…slowly, she is standing up again, growling menacingly. With what strength she have left, she charges. The beast is doing the same. It’s the final clash…they run, and run, and Lodan’s jump, her jaw wide open, ready to pierce through it’s neck and into it’s throat to finish what you all and she started. 

*I roll the dice. It’s enough to touch. But I look at my players, looking at me, tense, waiting.*

Me (Not narrating) : In order to kill it, she have to do maximum damage.

*I roll the dice for the damage…it’s slowly goes and goes…and it stops. And then, it’s a little silence, a magical silence. I’m nearly crying and my forehead on the table when I’m continuing* 

Me : Okay so…okay. Lodane leaps at her prey, and her fangs finally goes through the whole thing’s throat, god, it’s a mess. Never has the forest see such fury and might inside an animal, any animal, but here she is, putting down a beast twice her size to the ground while it’s roaring in agony. The beast is shaking, for a few seconds, before she literally snap her powerful jaw. There is a cracking sound, before the beast just stops….it’s dead. Lodane let it go…and she jumps unto it’s corpse before sitting down on it, majestic as all hell, victorious…….her, the killer of beasts. Her….the Warrior.

The whole table (In an explosion of joy while I’m just here smiling with tears in my eyes, both upset at this wolf that killed my boss and utterly literally trying not to laugh or join the players) : Warrioooooooor Lodane! ♫ 

And that’s how a wolf managed to save the party from a complete wipe. After this incredible feat, they slowly came to their senses with 1 hp, looking at the carnage Lodane had done. She was looking at her druid master with wide eyes and her tail was showing signs of immense joy. Needless to say, she was treated like no other pet after that day, and she was so impressive that I gave her a boost in stats. Because now she wasn’t any wolf anymore. 

She was Lodane, the killer of beasts.

Warrior Lodane.

Sanders Sides fic Exchange

I have written for @nightmaresandpasta with the mashing of two prompts : slow burn prinxiety and anything fluffy (^u^)
Hope you enjoy~

((I’m so sorry for being late, there were some technical difficulties but it should be fixed now))

Prinxiety, Logicality, Human!au, mentions of a head cold
Word count: 3,293

“Come on Pat, you’ve been staring at the screen 30 minutes.”

Well, technically, they both have been. But Patton did volunteer to type in everything they needed himself, so, there’s that.

The usually energetic man, stares intently at the ordering page for custom made pizzas, biting his lip.

He sighs (dreamily?worriedly?), “What if he delivers the pizza?”

Virgil pulls the laptop closer, pointing to his face. “You see this face? It’s unimpressed.” He smirks at the resulting pout,moving on. “You want a medium?”

Patton gets up and bounces to the other end of the room, pulling the first movie of their weekly marathon up on Netflix. “Yep! With sausage?”

His eyes flicker away from the screen to meet his eyes for a moment. “ Of course. Anything else?”

“Nope” He says, popping the p.

“Alrighty then.” Eyes trailing to the special requests box on the form, an idea pops into his head.


Angling the screen discreetly away from the other, he fills it in, and finally hits send.

“Should be here in 15.”


The doorbell rings, 15 minutes on the dot.

Virgil motions Patton to the door, nodding his head in encouragement.

Shakily, he steps up and looks through the peephole, before promptly opening his mouth in a silent scream, repeatedly pointing at the door.

Virgil raises a brow, “You gonna open it?”

Calming down and acting ‘natural’, Patton opens the door to reveal the pizza being offered to him, focusing with special attention to the man holding it. Or, more specifically, his expression.

A quickly deepening blush took over the man’s face, and he fidgeted with his glasses. Carefully completing the payment process, he finally hands the box over.

Patton’s usual sunny smile takes over his face as the other turns to leave, “Thanks Logan! See you in class.”

“Wait.” He bites his lip, carding his fingers through his hair. “Did you want me to say it?”

Patton tilts his head, “Say it?”

Logan glances past his shoulder and sees Virgil lounging on the couch with the laptop. He looks up and makes the ‘go on’ gesture.

He takes a deep breath.

“You’re pretty.”

Staring dumbfounded between Logan and Virgil, Patton hurries to put the pizza on the table, then rushes out the door to join Logan, shutting the door firmly behind him.


Virgil chuckles, as Patton reaches out to rub his fingers over the number scrawled in precise handwriting on the top of the pizza box later that night.


Here they were again, a week later, Netflix pulled up and the laptop pulled out.

With the addition of Logan.

They had all actually gotten so engrossed in their analyses of what was going on so far that they didn’t even take the time to order pizza until their stomachs spoke up.

“You up for it Patton?”, Virgil asked, standing up to stretch while gesturing to the laptop.

“Sure thing sport.” Logan pulls it closer to the both of them, as he heads to the bathroom. “Hey Logan?”

“Hmm? Yes?” He looks up to see a mischievous glint in his eye.

Typing out a special request, he points to the screen, “Will your work do this?”

Logan quickly scans the screen, “Knowing my associates? Absolutely.”


And then Virgil answers the door, to see a man dramatically presenting the pizza to him. Faltering for less than a moment when he’d seen him open the door. For a second, he slightly regrets setting up Patton via the request box.


Patton was smart, he knew how to get ‘revenge’. He also knew for a fact that he’s had a crush on Roman since freshman year of college.

He’d always encouraged him to ask him out, but Virgil had been adamant about where he stood. He didn’t have a chance. So, like a logical human being, he appreciated subtle observances of his butt from afar and left it at that.

Except, this wasn’t “from afar”.

This was less than three feet apart.

With pizza.

“As per request, Big Ricos has sent their cutest deliverer,” Roman says cheekily, winking before proceeding with the transaction.

“I don’t doubt it,” he replies casually, signing the receipt. He smirks, handing it back, when he sees a light dusting of red find its way across his cheeks.

And then Patton comes up to wind an arm around his shoulder. “Hey Roman.”

“Hey Pat.” He glances at his arm. “You finish your paper yet?”

Patton shrugs, laughing good-naturedly. “I’ll start eventually. You?”

He sighs in relief, “Yes, early this morning.” His face scrunches in confusion. “Ah? You remember it’s due by midnight tonight, right?”

Patton blinks. Taking a step back while absentmindedly gesturing them inside, he faces Logan, starting to panic.

Luckily, Logan quickly gathers everything they need and begins ushering them out the door. “It’s okay, there’s coffee and a quiet place for you to finish where we’re going.” He turns to Virgil, “Patton invited him to view the movie marathon with us,” addressing them both, he says, “My apologies for leaving you two in such a haste.”

And then he’s out the door, shutting it firmly behind him in much the same way that Patton had only a week ago.

They stand silently, staring at the door. Roman breaking the silence first.

“I hope he is able to finish on time.”

Virgil hums his agreement, “I know him though. He’ll pull through.”

He flashes him a smile, “I have the utmost faith in your boyfriend. He has proven himself many a times to be quite capable in our shared class.”

Virgil blinks, “Ah-right. But, uh, we’re not boyfriends?”

Well this was weird.

Talking about your non relationship status with your crush. Time to change the subject.

“So your boss is okay with letting you have a movie marathon instead of working?” Perfect.

“Well, I’m pretty sure the answer is no. It just so happens that you were my last delivery.”

Speaking of which, Virgil sets the pizza box down on the coffee table, turning to set up the tv.

“I hope you like disney,” he says over his shoulder.

Roman immediately lights up, practically running his way over to sit on the couch. “I love disney.”

Virgil smiles softly, relaxing minutely. “Me too.”

“I especially love the amazing messages every film tells.”

Virgil smirks, walking towards the couch, “Buddy. Have I got news for you.”


Just like that, the four of them hanging out together became a regular thing.

Movie marathons, study sessions, lunch breaks, and generally just… enjoying each other’s company.

Of course, there were times when Logan and Patton would break off to go have a bit of alone time together.

Those times would often lead to Roman and Virgil hanging out at cafés, the library, the mall.


As friends (regardless of how much Patton wiggled his eyebrows behind Romans back whenever he was around) thank you very much.

But it was fine, because now Virgil actually knew him.

He knew that he loved to sing, knew that he was always looking for a grand adventure, and that he was quite the writer. He knew that he was ridiculous and loved to give out nicknames, that he was very much aware of the state of his butt, that he was selfless and constantly trying to help someone and- he was amazing.

And they were friends.

It was cool.


“How am I just hearing now that you’re majoring in art?” Roman says, practically kicking in the door, waving a black flyer back and forth.

Patton looks up from the stove, “He tends to keep it on the down low,” he looks pointedly to Virgil, who’d come out of his bedroom groggily.

“You never did ask.”

Roman slaps a hand to his face, moaning incoherently about how he should have figured it out, that they’ve known each other for months now. The clues were all there, right in front of him the entire time, etc. etc.

Patton pours Virgil a cup of coffee, ruffling his hair as he passes to sit with Roman at the little dining table, where he’d gone oddly silent.

“Virgil taps him with his foot, slumping into the empty seat across from him, “S’okay Ro, you didn’t know.” He muffles a wide yawn with the back of his hand, smirking slightly, “You aren’t exactly,” he glances at Patton briefly before finishing with a whisper, “Sherlock Holmes.”

Roman shrugs, setting the flyer, on the table top, saying wistfully, “I’m observant enough.” He looks up to see him cover another wide yawn, and smiles fondly, “Especially enough to notice that, for whatever reason, you’re still tired at two in the afternoon.”

He taps the flyer, “Tell me about this.”

Virgil waves his hand dismissively, “It’s just a showcasing of some of my work for a class grade. Paintings mostly, a couple loose sketches that my professor approved of from my sketchbook.”

“Would you mind if I went?”

Virgil stares at him carefully, searching for something in his expression, before nodding his head thoughtfully. “Like I said, it’s not a big deal.” He smirks, “Would you like me to give you the grand tour?”

“I would be delighted,” he says sincerely.


It was a large room, each piece hanging an equal distance apart. It had a clean, almost clinical feel to the place, due to the white walls, but.

The lighting was soft, and the people viewing everything spoke in calm tones. Roman felt relaxed, being lead from piece to piece, Virgil’s running commentary providing context for what he was looking at.

And then they’d made it to the final piece.

Virgil let’s out a defeated sigh, “Look. If I really had to choose a favorite? This wouldn’t be it. But, it does… mean alot to me.”

Roman scans it intently.

Two planted flowers sit in relative proximity. One a luscious rose, and the other a wilting forget-me-not. The petals of the dying flower falling onto the dirt just around the dirt of the rose, each individual petal in various stages of decay.
Giving the rose life.

He looks to the name.


“Yeah. Real original, I know.”

Oh, he’d read it aloud?

For lack of anything to say at all, Roman links their hands together, squeezing gently.

Virgil squeezes back.


“I really do wish you’d just tell us what you were wearing so that we could all hang out together,” Patton sighs out, adjusting his own mask, “Well, almost all of us. Roman is a bit sick, I don’t know if he’ll make it.”

Virgil nods in understanding, then smirks, “You want us to reveal our identities? Now where’s the school spirit in that? It’s supposed to be part of the fun, not knowing who everyone is. I really thought you would be more into this masquerade thing.”

Patton checks the time then heads to the door, “The heart wants what the heart wants Verge, and what my heart wants is to see you later.”

He rolls his eyes fondly,“If you can find me, you will.”


Virgil doubted that he would see Patton later, not that that would necessarily be a bad thing.

He’d spent last year’s masquerade, relatively alone, save the few dances he’d done when asked. The entire school really went all out every year, dressing in the gaudiest outfits, decorations lavish and, honestly, not that bad.

There was a fun faux air of nobility, and everybody got into it.

Admittedly, so did Virgil. The casual anonymous feel of the entire event helped him feel more relaxed, knowing that most everybody was in the same boat as he was (discounting people like Patton who bent the rules slightly when it came to identity).

He straightens his tie, tucks his bangs back, and looks into the mirror. He didn’t look too terrible at least. You could never really go wrong with an all black suit.

He takes a quick breath, and puts his mask in place.


Making his way into the ballroom with a wave of people, Virgil is met with the sight of a dancing crowd and a live orchestra playing in the corner of the large room, plenty of balconies to look at the hundreds of dancing couples from the upper levels.

Staying on the edges of the milling crowd, he climbs the stairs and makes his way to an empty bench near a large window, just in time to view the sun setting.

And then a hand smacks into the glass.

He jumps up, then steps forward, opening it to see a man in white and red, climbing up the thick vines growing along the wall. He’d made it to the fifth floor.

Shrugging, he offers the stranger a hand up.

“You do know that they keep a tight ship around here, right?”

Once the man steadies himself, he coughs lightly into the crook of his arm.

“Thank you for your assistance, I am much obliged. As for the security? Well…” he trails off, smiling slightly. “They’ve already caught me, and are no doubt sending someone up to apprehend me, but, I had to come here.”

Virgil quirks a brow, tilting his head in confusion, “Why?”

He fidgets with the gloves on his hands, “To tell you the truth, it was really just a point of pride. I wanted to be here, so I tried the first grand idea that came to mind when I came too late. I am nothing, if not a man up to a good challenge.”

“The security guard?”


And that makes Virgil laugh. Gesturing to the open bar, the two walk, and begin to talk.

And talk.

And talk.

And talk.

He does not ask his name, and he is not asked. Maybe they flirt a little bit. It’s a little surreal that this attractive stranger was with him, especially for this long.

And then the man’s eyes catch on the crowd of dancing couples hopefully, and Virgil understands that, now, he will leave him. He accepts it.

But when the man stands, he offers him a hand as well, “Would you like to dance?”

“I’m not really much of a dancer.”

He takes his hand anyway.


Having been lead to the floor, a slower song begins to play and, sure, Virgil can manage these simple steps without hurting anyone.

And then he’s being held closer to a broad chest and- oh.

This was rather nice.

One dance.

Two dances.

Three dances.


And then they’re walking back to rest near the window that the man in white had climbed through.

Outside, the night sky had filled with dark clouds, pouring out a steady stream of rain.

“This has-”, the man tenses, indicating an approaching security guard.

He takes both of Virgil’s hands in his own, speaking in a rush, “This has been a wonderful night, one of the best of my life and it’s all thanks to you.”

The rain outside falls harder.

The security guard comes closer.

The man glances towards the window he’d come in from. “I have a terribly awful grand idea.”

Getting to know this man for only a night, Virgil had the sense that he could do anything. So he links their hands together properly, giving them a gentle squeeze.

“Good luck.”

He opens the window, and clambers out into the rain, gripping the frame.

For a second, he waits, and gestures Virgil to lean in.

Confused, he obliges, and then-

Soft lips catch his own by surprise, making him gasp, before reciprocating enthusiastically.

Just as quickly he stops, lips trailing up his jaw, stopping next to his ear to whisper one final time, “Thank you.”

And the security guard was getting close but this man was closer, and Virgil realizes that he may never see him again.

As he pulls back, Virgil reaches for his hand, but.

He’s too late.

He catches the edge of his fingers, accidentally taking his glove.

And then the guard is leaning over the edge, yelling uselessly after the man in white, as he begins to run off into the rain.

The sound of his euphoric laughter just making its way to Virgil’s ears.


“I’m telling you Virgil, somehow Romans gotten worse since I’ve seen him yesterday. He said he’d had a headache, but now he’s got the cold and-”

Virgil takes the soup delivery from him, “He’ll be alright Patton. Especially with all of us making sure he’s doing what he’s supposed to do to take care of himself.”

“I still worry though,” he says with a sigh.

“I know you do,” he fixes him with a kind smile, “It’ll be okay.”


Opening Romans door was second nature after knowing him for this long. Heading inside, Virgil makes his way to his bedroom.

He knocks on the closed door.

“Patton I told you I was fine, you didn’t-”

Virgil opens the door, “I come bearing the gift that is Patton’s soup. Broth based because Logan was against giving you something cream based.”

Roman sighs tiredly, albeit fondly from his place on the bed, “Alright. Thank you for bringing it to me. I’ll be sure to thank Patton in person when I see him again. Make sure you leave soon.”

“Aww, and here I thought you liked me,” he teases.

“Oh hush you, you know it’s not that. This is just a 24 hour bug that I caught in the rain, and I don’t want you to needlessly put yourself in a position to catch it.”

Virgil nods in understanding, stepping forward to set the soup on top of his little side table. “It’s still hot, so if you’re up for it, try to eat a few spoonfuls once in awhile.” He straightens his blankets, satisfied that he was comfortable.

“Call if you need anything.”

“Yes dad.”

Virgil rolls his eyes, closing his bedroom door, ready to leave.


Something flashes out of the corners of his eyes.

He heads towards the balcony, and, there was an all white suit hang drying.



“Patton. What am I supposed to do?” Virgil, felt oddly calm about this revelation, though his shaking hands hadn’t gotten the memo.

He squeezes the glove he’d taken from the man- Roman.

“Do you want to tell him who you are? That you know who he was?”

He takes a deep breath.

And then another.


Roman had been correct when, he’d guessed that he’d only be sick for 24 hours. When he’d come around to hang out, and thank Patton for his suit, Virgil had coincidentally been out.

Again and again.

After telling Patton everything (almost, that kiss was for Virgil to remember and cherish,Roman too if he really wanted to. He hoped he wanted to.) Virgil had made up his mind.

“It’s just like ripping off a band-aid.”

Glove in hand, he rushes to go see Roman.


He can’t bring himself to just step inside, as he’d done so many times before.

He knocks on the door.

It opens to reveal a surprised looking Roman, and then his face turns to guilt.

“Look, I don’t know what I did to make you mad at me, but I am so so sorry, please just tell me what I did wrong-”

Virgil thrusts the glove out to him, stopping him short.

“It was one of the best nights of my life too.”

And then Roman is slamming into him, picking him up and spinning him around, and he can’t help but to laugh for the rush of joy coursing through him.

Roman sets him down gently, looking at him with shining eyes, and Virgil can’t not tell him.

“I love you.”

It was as simple as that.

And it meant so much.

And then it had meant so much more when he’d replied, “I love you too.”


Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted anything. I’ve been working on the story for several weeks, but I wouldn’t finish it without my dear petal, @little-black-dress-24. It all happened thanks to your idea, your patience with me constantly tormenting you to read this stuff. So, huge thank you, E. And E, I’m really sorry for my dramatic, aesthetic, perfectionist ass. Luv yeh. xx

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to comment, share or at least like, if you fancy my work. 

Harry is a lawyer and he is faced with the challenge of cooperating with his new boss. The boss turns out to be a beautiful woman. 
Word count: 9,500-ish

You were sitting in a comfortable armchair with a cappuccino in a white coffee cup, right in front of you on a coffee table. You took a deeper breath from time to time to relax your tense body. You weren’t scared but you were nervous, in a good way. Finally, you achieved one of your career goals. You applied for your dream job in one of the best prospering law companies in the UK. You were determined to achieve your goal and so it happened. You were the first and the youngest woman to become a CEO in the company.

It was your first day and you were waiting for one of the Board Members to officially introduce you to the team. Your head was full of ideas on how to expand and develop the company. You were very excited about the job to a point where you couldn’t sleep at night because you were so full of energy and excitement for the new things to come.

You looked at a golden chain watch on your wrist and realised you should have been called inside about 10 minutes ago. You were tapping your fingers on your knees in excitement when you heard a man shouting in the office you were about to enter in the next couple of minutes.

‘You promised me this job and you lied to me, John! You know very well that it’s me who should have been given this job, I worked my ass off and I deserve it!’ you heard.

Hearing this, you felt an uncomfortable cramp in your stomach and a wide smile disappeared from your face immediately. Is someone getting fired because you got this job? That certainly wasn’t a good start, you thought. Several seconds later, the door to the office opened with force and a man stormed out from the inside. He was tall, very lean, dressed in a tailor-made navy-blue suit, white shirt and a black tie. His face was furious; eyebrows frowned, lips pursed in anger. When he noticed you sitting next to the door, his eyes lingered on you for several seconds as he was walking by, like he was examining you, wondering who you might be. Then he laughed sarcastically, spitting a silent ‘Obviously…’ under his nose. He disappeared behind the door and you were called in by Mr. Stevens as it was your turn to meet in his office.

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I'm The Boss

Request: I was thinking of a jerome x reader. Like maybe you’re part of the Maniax with him and you get in an argument with him during a job that gets a little rough. Maybe he pushes you against a wall or something? Maybe an “i’ll deal with you later” and so on and so forth. Sorry it’s so short!! I was having some blocking!! ——–

I hop down the steps and open the door to the jumping into my seat with excitement running through my veins. “Someone’s cheer.” Jerome says in the driver’s seat. “Well why wouldn’t I be? King and Queen of Gotham! What could be better?” I laugh kissing Jerome on the cheek. “I think I’m going to be sick.” Greenwood says rolling his eyes. “Oh don’t be jealous. She’s not as sweet as her blood smells.” Greenwood smirks and bites at me. “Don’t tempt me lover boy.”

As the team rolls along I look outside the window. “Where are we even going?” I ask resting my head back. “A rich kids birthday party.” Aaron says in his monotone voice. “Ah. So scare, rob, then kill. Got it.” Jerome looks over at me with a glare. “You don’t make the plan. I do.” I shrug my shoulders and roll my eyes.

We pull up to a big building and I can already hear the children’s laughter and the parents gossip. I reach to open the door and stride in, but Jerome pushes me out of the way and steps in front of me.

We near the room filled with people and once the doors are open the sound soon becomes quiet. You could hear a needle drop in that place. “Well that’s a good response!” I say laughing. And walking over to get a cupcake.

Jerome slaps the treat out of my hand and turns to the people. “Hello! One and all! Small and old! I assure you all… This will be a party you won’t forget!” He laughs and the people start to panic trying to get out.

I climb onto a table and shoot my gun in the air. “HEY! EVERYONE SIT DOWN! EVERYTHING OF VALUE ON THE TABLE!” Slowly they all listen and place their money and jewelry on the white clothed tables. I giggle and go collect the prizes.

As I reach for a stack of money a hand wraps around my neck and I’m slammed into a wall. I look up to see Jerome. He glares at me and leans close. “I’m the boss. You don’t call the shots. I do! Got it?” I nod a little scared. He’s never acted this way to me before.

I shove his arm off me and walk away. I hear his laughter behind me and I turn to look at him shaking his head. “You’re going to get it later doll. Just you wait.”

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Clueless (ft. BTS’ Yoongi)

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Genre: Pure fluff

Pairing: YoongixReader

Summary: Yoongi tries to celebrate your birthday with you for the first time since you started dating less than a year ago, but he realizes that even after spending so much time with you he was still so clueless.

Words: 1,774 (did not proofread)

You set down your bag on chair as you shrugged off your jacket, eyeing Yoongi’s back as he frantically stirred a small pot of soup and stabbed the sizzling steak with a kitchen thermometer that you didn’t even think he had in his apartment. You chortled, the telltale sign of your incoming snarky remarks. “What IS up, Min Yoongi-ssi? Why the candles and this—you’re cooking for me?”

“Sh-Shut up, you’re the one who kept on whining about how I can cook for Jimin and not for you.” And you would have wholeheartedly agreed with him if he hadn’t stuttered. Instead, you laughed in response and hovered behind him, trying to peek over his back until he finally turned to you with an annoyed look on his face. “Why are you here so early anyway?”

You shrugged, looking at the full sink before proceeding to arrange the pile of dishes at the very least. “It’s my birthday. If I hadn’t been stubborn, my boss would’ve given me the day off.”

“Ya, ya stop that. Go sit down on the table.” He scolded, distressed by the fact that you were trying to help him.

“Can I at least light the candles and pour some wine?” you sneered and he rolled his eyes all while carefully scooping soup into bowls. “Where did my flowers-are-such-a-waste-of-money Yoongi go?”

“I know it’s cheesy, don’t rub it in. I’m trying to be nice.” He scolded, walking in to find you struggling with the corkscrew. He wordlessly took it from you and before you could protest, he was already unscrewing the cork ‘til it came off with a pop. He poured wine into the glasses before returning to the kitchen to assemble the steak. You began lighting the tealights with a kitchen lighter.

“I didn’t date you because you were nice, love.” You remarked so nonchalantly that you didn’t even see Yoongi’s bright red ears. “But thank you, I appreciate that you’re making an effort. I hope this is not because it’s the first time?”

“It is because it’s the first time. Don’t expect to get any special treatment next year.” He grumbled as he finally came in with his finished plate. You were about to tease him by asking about how is he so sure that you’ll still be together by your next birthday, but he set the food down in front of you and you immediately gasped.

The steak looked scrumptious with perfectly cooked shrimp on top and asparagus on the side. “Are you sure you cooked this and not just heated it up?”

He gave you a bored look and you laughed. “I’m kidding! Christ, but you do know that…” you hesitated, your now less playful gaze looking at the shrimp on your plate and then his curious eyes. “…I’m kinda allergic to shrimp, right?”

If Yoongi had been paying any less attention, he would have dropped his knife and fork. “What?”

“I told you this! Remember when we went to Palawan and the boys kept wanting to eat seafood? I told you that my lips swell when I eat too much.” You laughed it off, placing a piece of shrimp in your mouth as if to prove a point. You chewed gleefully, the garlicky taste bouncing off your palates.

“I… It slipped my mind, I guess. You’re gonna be okay?” he asked, looking at you eating another piece.

“There’re like four pieces of shrimp on my plate. I can honestly eat more.” You blabbered while cutting your steak. “Oooh… medium rare! The best way to eat steak’—“ Yoongi was already hiding a proud smile until you said, “or so they say, I like my steak medium well though.” You held up a hand and said, “I know, yuck, but I like steak period. I’m pretty sure I could eat it rare.”

If you hadn’t noticed Yoongi pouting from before, you could see it clearly now. “Don’t pout, sweetie. You did well!”

“Please tell me you at least like the wine.” He muttered dejectedly.

You sigh. “I don’t want to upset you, but I know you don’t like lying… I’m not a huge fan of red wine. I like white wine better.”

He was quiet, only the sound of you two cutting up the food was heard in the air, and you were afraid you spoiled the mood. “Your doenjang jjigae is a killer though!” You slurped the soup in a very unladylike manner and let out a subdued squeal as the warm soup trickled down your throat.

Now, it was his turn to sigh. You reached over the table to place your hand in his. “Are you sulking?”


You laughed hysterically and Yoongi couldn’t help lighten up because of your infectious aura. Yoongi let himself get distracted by you animatedly describing how you caught your co-workers trying to decorate your desk for your birthday and he, in turn, told you that he got this whole idea from BTS’ resident cheesy couple, Jin and Namjoon. Before you knew it, he was already clearing the plates from the table and you were blowing out the tealights.

You watched him trying very hard to discreetly take the cake out from the fridge and light the candle on it but ultimately failing because you teased him, “I want my cake. Can’t you go any faster, grandpa?”

Yoongi sighed exasperatedly, giving up on trying to hide the chocolate cake from you. “Go change in the room or something first.”

Without thinking much, you went into his room, which was practically yours too because of the sheer amount of time you spend in his apartment, to grab some clothes and wash your face but then you saw the array of things placed on his bed.

Yoongi heard you scream and he rushed into his room, cake knife still in hand.

“Did you get me all of these?” you gestured wildly at the vast merchandise.

He was genuinely confused at your reaction before nodding slowly, “…yeah?”


“It’s your birthday.”

“So your best idea for a gift is… everything?” you were doing the math in your head because you were pretty sure you saw a new iPhone, a Gucci box and three make-up palettes at first glance. Not to mention the huge teddy bear sitting on a different chair and all the other things that filled up almost his whole bed.

He spoke after a long minute, finally confessing, “I… didn’t know what to get you, so I got everything.”

“This… This is too much, Yoongi!” you exclaimed, disbelief coming out of your mouth in the form of laughter. “I don’t need all of these. I know you’re rich as fuck, but… I just don’t want you spending your money on me like this.”

He was pouting again, so you stepped closer and took his free hand. “Promise me you’ll let me return some of these stuff?”

Though it was embarrassing to concede on his end, he just nodded just because he was fully convinced that the night can’t go any worse. You brought a hand up to caress his cheek, before giving him a peck on the lips. “Thank you. Now, go get me my cake. I’m just going to wash my face. You won’t run when you see my bare face again, right?”

“You wouldn’t even see me.” He smirked before turning around. Even though he didn’t see, you rolled your eyes and changed into an oversized shirt and shorts before washing your face.

When you went into living room and dining area again, everything was dark save from the tealights and candles on the cake.  You grabbed the seat so that you could sit right beside him. You nudged his shoulders and then his thighs with yours, silently teasing him for the cheesy gesture.

“I’m too into this whole plan already to back out, so might as well see it through.” He removed his cap and ruffled through his hair, finally turning to you to look you properly in the eye. The warm lighting from the flickering candles softened his features, any harsh lines that might have been there before were all blended into this soft picture. He smiled, tucking a stray lock of hair behind your ear and said sincerely, raspy voice and all, “Happy birthday, Y/N.”

You returned his smile, silently rejoicing that the dim lighting somewhat hid your stained cheeks. “Thank you.” You murmured before blowing the candles out on your cake.

Immediately after, with only the tealights guiding you, you tugged Yoongi’s shirt and crashed your lips with his. He was caught off guard and you smirked because that was your intention, but he immediately regained control. He traced your arm from the fist that grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled you so that you were sitting on his lap. Your knuckles relaxed as you sighed into the kiss, opening your mouth for him and wrapping your arms around his neck. His tongue pushed past your lips and clashed with yours, exploring you, tasting you as he pulled you closer with one arm around your waist and the other around your shoulders. He continued kissing you languidly, only pulling away when he finally earned a whimper from you.

You pressed your forehead against his, his breath mingling with your soft pants. “I guess your wish came true.” He whispered against your ear.

You giggled, belatedly realizing how cutesy you sounded, “You wish, you arrogant prick. I wished for something else.”

Yoongi pulled away to look at you. “What more can you possibly want?”

“I wished for my clueless boyfriend to actually know who I am and what I really want.” You answered with a pacifying tone.

“Well, what do you want?” You could almost hear the words, ’I’m offended’ from his question.

“You. I already have you. You’re the biggest give that life has given me, what more can I possibly want?” you smiled, finally indulging him with a genuine remark.

You saw the familiar smirk spread on his lips until it escalated to a proud grin that he can no longer hide. “Good.”

“I actually want one more thing.”


“But you see… The bed is occupied.”

A/N: Happy fucking birthday, Robyn/pumcakes/my daughter/stalker/follower (literally). @cdr-dameron this should be enough dontchu think? HAHAHHAHA

Save Me

[ Mafia AU ] 

Growing up you were thought of nothing more than a pretty face. Your only aspirations were chosen for you. Your job would be to become a token. You were the only daughter of a mafia boss.

You were to marry someone of your father’s choosing because after his death it would be up to you and your husband to continue his work. The only problem was you already had a boyfriend.

Kim Young Woo, he was an extremely handsome and capable man. He had money, power, and the leadership that allowed him to command a group even larger than that of your fathers.

To be exact… he was your father’s rival.

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Get Off My Desk Part 3

A/N: I think I am going to post this daily, maybe??

Word count: Just over 1,000

Warnings: None


“Welcome to Paris, Sweet Cheek!” Bucky said, a smile on his face as he swept his arm out, gesturing to the airport, causing you to roll your eyes.

This was going to be a long trip after all.

 Part 2 | Part 4 | Series Masterlist

You and Bucky had found your luggage after 15 minutes and went to look for the person who was going to drive you to the Airbnb that Tony had rented for the two of you.

You saw a friendly looking man holding up a sign with both of your last names written on it, causing you to wave to him as the two of you walked over.

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Don’t know what’s going on but I am in a writing mood lately, don’t mind me! I was in the mood for some needy Shawn coming back from touring, so here ya go! This is also inspired by Dua Lipa’s song ‘Homesick’.

Warning: Smut ahead!

You give me a reason, something to believe in
I know, I know, I know
You give me a meaning, something I can breathe in
I know, I know, I know
It’s a bittersweet feeling
Longing, and I’m leaving
I go, I go, I go
But I wish I was there with you
Oh, I wish I was there with you

“I’ve missed you so much,” Shawn mumbled, breathing against my neck, while pressing my back closer against his hard chest. 

We were sitting on the floor in his new Toronto apartment, Shawn leaning against the sofa, his long legs spread wide so that I could sit between them, leaning against him.

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