sitting at a table with my boss

I worked in a small but expensive Chinese restaurant in rich & old town, Naples fl. Well the first story I have is about my boss who owns the business. I was a hostess and I would also bust tables and occasionally help with drinks and food as well as taking reservations and scheduling layout of tables. We only had so many booths and they were the most popular. If you wanted a booth, you would request on for reservations. One night it was extremely busy and I had a group of four people asking for the booth, but I had it reserved for a party who was supposed to be there in 5 minutes. My boss comes over as I’m trying to work out a table for these people and she sits them in the booth. Five minutes later, the customers who requested the booth show up and complain that there isn’t a booth and I tried to explain what happened and they were angry and asked to see my manager. So my boss comes over, checks out the problem and WHILE the man is speaking to her and complaining about their situation, she checks her phone and walks away. I apologized greatly and they left the restaurant.

There were so many pissy costumers there it was terrible but one night a table of 13 older women come in early, just after 5pm. They were incredibly sweet and just happy talkers. The bartender helped them at first since they were placed near the bar. The waiter was a 21 yr old who was just trying to get through college and near the end of their meal, I was helping him bust a table outside when he says to me that their bill came to $500. I was amazed and we joked about the tip and I was like “what if they gave you 100% tip?” And he was like I would kiss their feet. Not 15 minutes later in the back he gets face to face with me and goes “You’re not gonna believe it” and I was like “try me”
They gave him $200 on the card and $300 cash as well as a tip directly to the bartender. Those are the best people ever

Christmas Vacation After all the test, homework, exams, and boring ass lectures I was glad to be home. I could finally relax and not stress. I’d been home for almost a week now and mom, dad, and Sammy acted like it was completely normal for me to walk around the house in only a t-shirt and boxers. They never asked me to change only to make sure I ate and showered. Sam would often come in and ask what college life is like, I’d tell him it’s fun, full of parties and hot chicks, but also stressful because of the work load from the professors. He’s always get a smile on his face.
I mostly stayed in my room unless I was hungry. I walked down to the kitchen, mom and dad were sitting at the table drinking coffee. “Morning.” I said as I kissed moms cheek. “Afternoon Dean. My boss and her family are coming over so I need you to get dressed tomorrow I have..” her voice began trailing off as I stopped listening. I dug through the fridge looking for left overs. “Yeah mom. I’ll do it.” I said when she stopped talking. “Thank you sweetie.” She kissed my cheek and ruffled my hair. “Yeah yeah.” I mumbled as I walked back to my room.
It was late in the afternoon when I woke up. I threw on the first shirt I seen. I stretched and heard my name being called from downstairs, I sighed and threw open my door. “You know how college kids are when they come home.” I heard mom say jokingly to someone. “Lazy. Yes. After exams I deserve to be.” I said as I made it to the last three steps. There were three extra people in the house, I’m guessing it’s mom’s boss and her family. Moms eyes narrowed at me and she gave me her you’re-in-so-much-trouble stare before her eyes widened. I stood on the steps looking at everyone. No one said anything and I had no idea why. “Hey.” The guy standing next to mine boss said. He had bright blue eyes and dark hair. All eyes turned to him, he just shrugged his shoulders. “There goes six years of planning down the drain.” His parents face went white, I had no clue what was going on till I looked at my shirt. “Oh crap. I’m so sorry.” The words rushed from my mouth, he shrugged. “It’s ok. I planned on telling them for Christmas anyway but I couldn’t resist your shirt.” I felt heat rush to my cheeks. “I’m sorry. I’ll just go to my room now.” I practically ran to my room, I flipped down on my bed and buried my face in my pillow.
I could t believe I was so careless to not pay attention to what mom said and for that I could’ve ruined that kids life, made his parents hate him, made my parents hate me. The tears welled up as I continued to beat myself up. Moments passed when a soft knock on the door stirred me from my thought. “Yeah, come in.” I said as I sat up. “Are you sure it’s ok for me to come in.” The guy from downstairs asked poking his head in. “Yeah.” He walked in and closed the door. “My name’s Cas by the way.” He said standing by my door nervous. “You can sit down anywhere you like Cas.” I said as I watched him walk over and sat by me. “I just wanted to say thanks for helping me tell my parents and that you didn’t ruin my life or anything.” I stared at him in shock, he chuckled and look me dead in the eye. “I could see it on your face when I walked in. And to be honest, that was better than what I had planned.” I smiled a bit and patted his shoulder. “You’re welcome. Must suck trying to think of how to come out to your family. I don’t think I could ever do anything like that. You got balls Cas.” He placed his hand over mine sending a chill through my body. “You can. I’ve seen you at school with other guys.” He got bashful and looked away. “Nothing ever happened with this guys, they’re all just friends.” He nodded his head, I pulled his face up so our eyes met. “Ok… so, then would you be mad if I did something?” He asked looking everywhere but me. “Sure.”
As soon as that last syllable left my mouth his was on mine in a sweet, quick kiss. He pulled back and stood up immediately. “I’m sorry. I should’ve asked first.” I grabbed his hand before he would walk away. “Don’t apologize. Just stay here a little longer.” He smiled at me and sat back down.

My film professor worked with Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton.

(This will be my first post where I talk in depth about my slow baptism into the film world.)

Last Thursday as my cinema class was coming to an end my professor told our class that he had once worked with Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton. It was for a cartoon TV show in the 80s titled Family Dog, and my professor was one of the screenwriters for the show.

Every Monday at 10AM by film professor would go and sit around a small table with Steven, Tim, and his boss. Most of the time my professor kept quiet because he said it was simply amazing to sit back and hear the three talk. He was young at the time, in his early thirties, and this was an amazing experience. 

But one time he did perk up and speak. Steven and Tim had run into an issue where they somehow needed the character of the dog get locked into a car during the summer. They needed to do this without running into animal activists problems. So my film professor raised his hand and said, “Why not have the (character of the) son want to take the dog on a walk, but not understand that he can’t drive and can’t leave a dog in a car?” Steven then pointed at my professor and said, “Brilliant! We’re using that!”

My professor also dated the main actress who voiced the mom in the show. 

I then asked if Tim and Steven were nice in person, because I know that some people in the film world give off fake personas in front of a camera. He said that Steven and Tim were some of the nicest guys he’s ever met- calling Steven one of the smartest people he’s ever come into contact with. 

@pettypingpongpaddle my buddy my guy you have come to the right place because i have like 12 drabbles sitting in my notebooks about exactly this and its one of my all time favourite things.

Like… man i have THOUGHTS. So consider; An au in which touko is a 1st grade teacher.

In her class is little Natsume whom she adores and worries about a great deal when she realises the family hes with obviously doesnt care much for him.

Theres also lil kita and Nishi, friends their whole lives who are no longer alowed to sit at the same table in class because they can’t be trusted together. Also Sasada who lives near them and bosses them around constantly but shes basically like a sister to them.

Taki is the energetic girl who always gets picked up from school by her strange grandpa she tells lots of scary stories and draws cute cats on all her worksheets.

Tanuma is Shy and his dad shows up un the first day with an actual page full of notes on how to take care of him (hes allergic to dust and some types of grass so don’t let him touch them also he cant eat too much sugar or he’ll feel sick. Dont let him leave class without his coat he always forgets it and if he says hes not feeling well call imediately and ill come get him)

And of course they become very good friends and have lots of fun times and its great and everyone is happy.

So I work in a family owned deli. There’s only 8 people employed so most of us are entirely overworked. We get really busy at lunch time and sometimes it drags until 2. Well Friday was one of those days. It was crazy busy as soon as my first shift started, 11:30, and it didn’t even let up enough so that I could get a drink of water. Well I was supposed to go home at 1:30 because I had to be back for my second shift (5pm-10/11pm closing), but my boss asked if I would stay an extra half hour just to help catch up after the rush. One of my coworkers answered a call-in phone and put a lady on hold. Well I didn’t realize until like 5 minutes later that she never came back to take the lady’s order (probably because it slipped her mind and she had to hurry and clean tables so more people could sit). I quickly picked the phone up, apologized profusely and asked her what she would like to order. She yelled that she was already in the parking lot and she was just coming inside to order then hung the phone up on me. Whatever. So she comes in and gives me a shitty look then yells that she was the lady on the phone. So I, being overworked and over this lady’s attitude, said sorry in a deadpan way. She then fired her order at me (only an order of fries and a can of coke) and I asked her (using the same tone of voice) if she wanted ice for her coke. All of a sudden she stopped, acted like I killed her damn cat and yelled at me to cancel her order. After she left she called again and another coworker answered. The lady said she was on hold for 10 minutes (lie) and that she could understand her wait if we were actually busy. So this lady hangs up on me, comes in to yell at me, the person who didn’t even put her on hold, acts like I should apologize even more and tries to tell us, people that work there, that we weren’t busy.


Boss’s Niece pt.3 *Cristiano Ronaldo X Sergio Ramos *


As I stared down at Cristiano he smiled, and after a while I pushed his arms off my legs causing him to go under water before resurfacing. He chuckled, “So how about tomorrow?” He said as I’d walked away

I shook my head, “How about you get someone else to go with you” I said

Cristiano’s laugh rung throughout the yard, I sat down once again at the table. And it didn’t take even five seconds for someone to sit down in the other chair opposite to me. When I looked over it was Sergio, I sighed which caused him to chuckle. “Don’t worry I’m not here to pester you about a date” He said

I smiled, “Thank you” 

“I’m just here to talk” 

“Oh boy” I said 

Sergio chuckled, “So are you going to stick around the Bernabeu? “ He asked 

I nodded, “I think so, I like it here” 

He smiled, “I hope you do stay here” He said

“Hey!Hey! Don’t be getting to comfortable you two” Cristiano said getting out of the pool

I rolled my eyes, “And why can’t they get comfortable?” My Uncle asked walking through the gate

I chuckled, and got up giving him a hand with the groceries he’d just bought. “Because what if she choose’s him instead of me?” Cristiano asked

I stared at him and shook my head, “Choose’s you for what exactly?” He asked turning towards me

I sighed, “I asked her on a date-”

“To which she hasn’t said yes to” Sergio interrupted

“Yes, thank you Mr.Petty. And if they get close then she might go on the date with him instead” Cristiano explained

My uncle looked between me and the two men and shook his head, “I’m not going to get in the middle of this” He said walking into the kitchen

My mouth dropped as I followed him inside, “Uncle you can’t be serious, I’m your favorite niece. Heck I’m your only niece” I said 

He chuckled, “And that’s why I love you” 

I sighed as I put the bag down, “Can’t you tell them to stop or something, technically you’re their boss” I said pointing towards him

My uncle nodded, “That’s true but if I control who get’s to date you then your father would get mad” He said

I groaned, “Honey why are you groaning you know that’s not very ladylike” My aunt said walking into the kitchen

I turned towards her, “Tante please talk to Uncle he’s saying ridiculous stuff” I said

She came over and looked between us, “ Zinedine, she’s your only niece” Tante said

I smiled, “Thank you”I said

And just on que all the men came inside, Cristiano and Sergio sat on either side of me. “Coach who do you think would be a better fit?” Marcelo asked

My uncle turned around and shrugged, “Either one looks great” He said

“I vote Sergio” Enzo said

“What? We’re not doing a vote” I said

Tante chuckled, “Y/N, honey I think you’d look good with Sergio”She said

My head turned towards her, “I thought you were on my side”

She shrugged, and it went on like that for a little while. Everyone voting on who I would look best with, in the end it ended with a tie and they looked at me. “So Y/N who do you think you’ll look good with?” Marcelo asked

I looked at him and then Sergio and Cristiano, “I’ll good with myself” I said 

They all chuckled, and moved on to another subject. “Y/N can you check in the fridge outside and see if you could make space for something” My uncle asked

I nodded getting up and going outside glad to be out of the space between Cristiano and Sergio. When I was outside, I looked in the fridge and after a little while i was joined by someone else. 

I turned around to see Sergio, “Need help?” He asked

I shrugged, “I don’t think so” 

He nodded and sat down on the chair next to me, “Y/N can I ask you something?” 

I looked a him a smile playing at my lips, “You technically just did” I said

We both laughed, and he smiled, “Okay another one”

I nodded, “Sure shoot your shot”I said

Sergio cleared his throat, “I was wondering if you would actually want to go on a date sometime, you could choose the place whenever you’re free?” He said

I thought about it for a little bit, and pulled my head out from the fridge. “You have your phone on you?” I asked

He nodded, “Yeah why?”

I motioned for him to give it to me, and when he did I went to the contacts inputting my number. When I was finished I gave it back closing the fridge, I smiled, “Text me later tonight and I’ll let you know when I’m free” I said


I nodded, “Really” 

someone give me two people who loath each other so much, like literally cannot stand each other and muse a moves away for college, partly to get away from muse b’s ass. 10 years later, muse a is trying to get this big promotion she’s been working hella hard for and all the potential candidates are sitting around the conference room table waiting to hear who will be getting the promotion only for her boss to inform them that they hired someone to take the position and in strolls muse b in a tailored suit looking all yummy. of course she then falls under muse b, having to work for and answer to him, but wow your eyes still make my heart skip a beat and why do you always smell so good?? and angst and sexual tension and asdfghjkl;’ someone give this to me asap!!
BONUS:: if it’s goodgirl/badboy

Stir Crazy

The night is finally here. I can’t seem to pinch myself quite enough to grasp that I’m actually sitting, basically, front row at WWE’s Raw show. I’m seated to the left the commentator’s table, first chair on the bottom right. This seat took the biggest blow to my bank account, but they really are worth it. Unfortunately, I am here alone since my best friend’s boss decided to hold her captive for the night. Regardless, I’m enjoying myself. Everyone is geared up with their favorite wrestler’s face or catch phrase on the front, kids have their faces painted like The Usos, signs are waving to and fro, and the air is filled with the smell of beer and salty popcorn. People’s voices are lapping over each other’s all around me, definitely making it hard to focus on the announcer and the match going on.

I push through the voices. I am here to see one person only. Roman Reigns is who I have my heart set on for the night. If I can get him to look my way just once, my life will be complete. Adjusting my Roman Reigns t-shirt, my hands freeze when his song pours through the arena. I search high and low, trying to spot which set of steps he’s blessing tonight.

“Roman! Oh my god, Roman!” The group of girls behind me shriek to the top of their lungs.

Jeez. I turn to face them, understanding why the girls are losing their minds. It’s our row that Roman is coming down. I immediately stand. With his intense eyes focused straight ahead, his wet hair flowing down his thick neck and broad shoulders, he stalks through the hands grabbing at him. He gives quick high-fives to a select few, mostly the little ones. As he gets closer to me, my heart feels like it jumped into my throat. You’re always told that you never realize how big these men are until you’re face to face with them. I’ve always thought people were exaggerating… but Roman is less than a yard away and he towers over everyone, dominating the small space around him.

If I hold my hand out, I can graze his silky smooth skin right before he jumps over the padding. I raise my arm, hoping to even touch one of his inky black locks. Something. He steps in front of me and my hand crashes into his hand. A current of, what could only be described as, fireworks shoot throughout my entire body. I go deaf.

Roman freezes, turning his focus to me. His face softens as his beautiful, and mysterious, gray eyes glance down to me. I can tell he broke out of character. My breathing is clouding my hearing and my knees feel like jelly. His long, strong fingers curl around my small hand, squeezing lightly. I feel them slowly uncurl, and even slower, rake against my skin until they’re no longer touching me at all. His hands are larger and softer than I imagined. He takes a step forward, his eyes still locked onto mine and he does his signature jump over the padding. My hearing returns, although I wish it hadn’t. 

The chants of “Roman Reigns!” and “Let’s go Roman!” fill my ears once more.

How long were we standing still? Did I just imagine that? Am I that far gone that I literally hallucinated the Roman Reigns fixated on me? Get it together, Callie. Clearly, I’m delusional.

I plop back down into my seat, and turn my attention to the ring. When I look over to Roman in the corner, I find his eyes locked on me. I wasn’t imagining it… This is actually happening. Shit. I’m not delusional. His gaze is soft, yet stoic and a tad unreadable. I can’t tell what he’s thinking. But if we’re anything alike, he’s trying to figure out why time practically stood still when his hand clashed with mine. My breath leaves me in a rush when a smile forms on his face. My goodness, he is even more beautiful in person.

A little over twenty minutes later, Roman is still up against another wrestler I don’t know much about. I didn’t bother paying attention to his introduction either. My focus is all on Roman, with his focus all on me. Not the best idea on his end, considering he’s getting hurt. The other guy hovers over an already extremely tall Roman, carries him and throws him over the top rope. The sound of Roman’s head clang against the metal set of steps beside the ring, makes me cringe. Before I know it, I’m running over to him. I don’t remember jumping over the padding or past any sort of security, but I do hear the table of three losing their minds and asking who I am and what the hell I’m doing.

Trying as best as I can, I grab onto Roman’s vest and flip him on his side. My lord, he is heavy. His forehead has a small gash, barely any blood, but he still looks to be in pain. His eyes flutter open. No longer playful, something clicks when he spots me kneeling over him. Within an instant, he’s up and tossing me over his shoulder. The crowd is rowdier than I’ve ever heard before and the table of three is spitting out questions faster than I can contemplate them in my head. Realizing my head is swinging so far from the ground, I hold onto his wide hips for support. Roman flips me back to the other side of the padding, not at all smiling at me.

Don’t do that!” He roars. It makes me feel tiny, him towering over me, chastising me. “Stick around.” And then he’s gone, back to the ring.

My stomach flips. Did he just tell me to stick around? What for? When? A million and one questions flood my brain. The women behind me are whispering and suddenly, hundreds of eyes are on me. I settle back into my seat, covering my now red ears with my hair and attempt to recollect my breathing.

With his signature Superman Punch and then a Spear, Roman pins his opponent, and climbs to the ropes. Everyone chants his name while he roars. Except for me. I keep myself glued to my seat to not further make a fool of myself tonight. I watch him, basking in the feel of his adoring fans. His eyes scan the arena once and then fall to me. My breath catches in my throat. His perfectly shaped, pink lips, mouth something in my direction.

“What?” I mutter, disbelieving that he’s actually talking to me.
“Stick around,” he mouths perfectly.
I nod eagerly, nervously. Something-ously. I don’t know how to feel or how to react. Stunned, confused, deranged, are only a few words I can think to use to describe myself at the moment.

With a jump down, Roman Reigns leaves the ring and exits behind the regular entrance —I never figured out what the name for that actually is—. Hours later, all the matches are over and I’ve waited as long as I could without having to be escorted out by security.

Reluctantly, I head out to the parking garage across from the arena, sullen and confused. He told me to wait for him… didn’t he? Did I imagine it all? Because I’m starting to think I did… But I felt his hard body against mine when he scooped me over his shoulder. I smelled his hair and his cologne on me when I sat back down. I still smell it on me now. Unlocking the car door, I slip into my seat and close the door. Stupid me to think that he actually wanted to talk to me. I trace my right hand with my fingers, over the spots his fingers grazed, and it reminds me of the sparks that shot through me. The way he broke out of character. Even if it was only for a split second, it happened.

A knock on my window startles me. Panic grows in me. Slowly, I reach above me and switch on the lights. A husky man, in a hoodie is staring down at me. All I can see is his short beard and pouty lips against the moonlight.

“I thought I told you to stick around.” His voice is low and rugged, muffled by the car window. A smile splays across his lips, exposing the tiny gap in his two front teeth. He pulls back his hood, revealing himself.
My panic turns to mush. I lower the window. “Just to be clear, I didn’t ruin your career or anything, right?”
“With your little ring-side stunt?” He laughs. “Nah. If anything you made me the talk of tonight. That’s never a bad thing.”
I lower my head, chuckling nervously. I’m actually more nervous than I’ve ever been in my life. “Okay. That’s good.”
“You know my name… What’s yours?”
My head shoots back up to his gaze. His large hand is extended, reaching for mine. “Callie,” I whisper as I place my hand in his.

As soon as his skin touches mine, the spark rushes through me again. Leaving no curve of my body untouched. With a mind of it’s own, my hand slips out of his, bringing me back down to earth. What is that? And why does it keep happening?

The black Range Rover behind Roman pulls out of its spot. The light shines over him, making his mysterious eyes glow briefly. He kinda looks like he could be a werewolf. I watch him take a few steps back, lie his suitcase down on the floor and the duffle bag on top. Sitting down, he places his elbows on his knees. Even crouched down, he’s bigger than life.

“So tell me, Callie… How on earth did you manage to jump over the padding?”
The way he says my name gives me goose bumps. The grin on his face…does other things to my body. My head falls in complete embarrassment.
“I don’t actually remember jumping over. It felt like I blinked and was by your side. I can officially label myself as one of the fans that go a little stir-crazy.”
He laughs, loud and throatily. “That was definitely one for the books.”

He looks like a happy little kid when he laughs. His eyes crinkle at the sides, his head falls back and he almost snorts. It makes me smile so hard my cheeks hurt. I open the car door and turn my body to face him. We are perfectly at eye level. He’s just close enough for the breeze to carry his scent heavily into my nose but too far to lean over and kiss him. Which is what I really want to do… But I contain myself.

“Come on! There has to be some fans out there who are crazier than I am.” I cock my head.
“Hm. There was this one girl that kind of caressed my ass. But you take the cake. You’re right above her.” He looks up for emphasis, giving me the perfect view of his thick neck and Adam’s apple.
Jesus. “Fine! I’ll admit it. I’m your craziest fan. Happy?”
“Very happy.” He smiles wide, showcasing his million-dollar smile.
My throat goes dry. I clear it, steeling myself. “Do you need a ride? I don’t have anywhere to be.”
His impeccably chiseled jaw clenches, doing that thing that turns women into complete goop. “I wish I did. My car is on the other side of the garage.”
“Oh… That sucks.”  I inwardly roll my eyes at the fact that he brought his car, then again for being too forward. And then again for being mad at the fact that he has a car. I’m a mess.
“It does,” he admits, taking me by surprise. “Listen, I’ll be in town until Wednesday night. Any chance you’re willing to have dinner with me before then?”

He leans closer to me. If I was ballsy enough, this time, I actually could just grab him by the strings of his hood and kiss him. But I’m not.

“You sure you want to go out in public with your craziest fan?” My voice is small, and even I can hear the anxiety behind it. Why on earth would Roman Reigns want to have dinner with plain old me? I would pinch myself to be sure I’m not dreaming if he wasn’t staring at me.
“I’m positive. After your little stunt, something tells me life is gonna be a little more interesting with you around.”
A snort rips through me. I cover my mouth trying to gain control of it. “That was incredibly cheesy!”
“It was, wasn’t it?” He laughs, lowering his head. “I can’t believe that came out of my mouth.”
“I can’t believe my short legs allowed me to jump over the padding, but look at where that got us.” I shrug with, what I’m sure is a goofy, smile plastered across my face.
“My cheesy line levels us out. Deal?” He holds out his pinky.
“Deal!” I link my pinky with his, almost popping right out of my seat.

We talk and laugh for what seems like hours. The garage is almost completely empty now. Surely we look like a couple. It makes me laugh again.

“Is taking you out for dinner still an option?” He asks.
“Definitely.” I pull my phone out of my back pocket to take down his number, only to find it dead. “Just my luck.” I face my phone towards him.
He hands me his phone instead. “I’ll be sure to call you. First thing in the morning.”

I add myself to his contacts, all the while wondering how sexy his sleepy, morning voice must sound. Images of him lying in bed, shirtless and being the first thought on his mind flash through mine. Control yourself, Callie. I hand him his phone back.

“Callie,” he reads my name softly. “It’s certainly been a pleasure meeting you.”
“Same here, Leati.” I bite my lip.
“Usually, I prefer Joe, but I like the way you say Leati. We’ll keep it like that.”
He reaches forward, grazing my chin with his velvety fingers, tugging my bottom lip free from my teeth. Leaning over, he presses a small, chaste kiss to my cheek. His lips are soft and warm against my skin. My heart all but lands on my lap.

“First thing in the morning. Don’t forget to charge your phone.”

He leisurely gets back up and collects his luggage. Striding away on his long, thick legs, to the other side of the garage. My hand flies to my cheek, as if the kiss would grow legs and hop right off my face. As cheesy as it was, he was right… Life did just get a whole lot more interesting.

Where the Line Blurs: The Burglar (Chapter 1)


Since getting out of my car felt the alarms go off in my head to signal something was off. As I made my way to my front door I glanced around and took note how quiet the street was. It was as if someone had stopped by to clear them. I. I opened the door to my condo and pulled my gun out from behind me noticing my land line was no longer in the outlet next to the end table in the entry way but ripped out of the wall. Silently I put down my backpack and I stalked into the living room with my gun drawn.

I noticed a figure sitting in my living room by seeing his shadow on the wall behind him. “You make one wrong move I will drop your body where you sit. Who are you and why are you here?” I asked the figure that sat in the chair across from me. Moving myself into me pre-practiced position in case this scenario arose.

“Agent Y/L/N.” A masculine voice a recognized said. “That would be abundantly rude since I am your boss.”

You had got to be kidding me! Of all the people to break into my house it had to be this asshole. “Jesus. You do realize I was going kill you, right Coulson?” I lowered my gun away from his head. “And for the record you are not my boss. Never were. Besides there is no S.H.I.E.L.D. Remember?”

He chuckled. “I hope you don’t mind I grabbed a drink. ”

I nodded and slipped my gun back in its sheath before taking a seat on my couch opposite of him. “No. You never answered the why Coulson. What do you want?” I felt my irradiation spike at the fact that he made himself at home. Offering a drink to me in my own house? I tapped down on the urge to roll my eyes and focused on getting the reason why he was in my house.

He smiled. “I was wondering if you wanted to join S.H.I.E.L.D. again. We are rebuilding and could use someone with your skill set.”

I laughed. I was the last person on earth Coulson would trust. “Romanof, too busy?” I joked relaxing against my couch and closing my eyes. This had to be a joke.

“Didn’t offer her a position, she’s too much of a loose cannon.” He joked back. “She’s currently busy with cleaning up her own mess after the Hydra scandal.

I opened one eye to look at him. “And I am not?” I sat thinking back on how we meet. “I was a bloody mercenary Coulson at least Natasha was a spy. I’ve got my own battle to fight.” I say darkly. What exactly was this man playing at? I knew with the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D that Fury had given him the reins and told him to rebuild. Why would he want me to join?

He nodded at the acknowledgement of my past. “You’re not alone Y/N.

I shook my head at him. No one seemed to understand that while Natasha poured out the secrets of Hydra and S.H.E.I.L.D she also opened a tunnel that went straight to hell. A hell I left years ago. A hell I had spent years running from and somehow when I saw the light I was ripped back into the darkness.“ I did things I could live with and they weren’t always good things. Knowing the world knows s-“

“Exactly the reason I am offering you the job. You don’t always do the good thing Y/N. You make a call and choose what you believe is right.” He said standing and heading towards my front door. “Let me know your decision soon and thanks for the drink Y/N.” He said as he walked out of my living room.

I groaned and glanced around me I was definitely not ready to be pitted against Hydra but I wasn’t one to sit idly by. If there was going to be a war against Hydra I was going to need to be prepared. “I’ll take the job on a couple conditions.” I shouted at Coulson. This was not going to end well. I thought to myself.

“Brief is on the kitchen counter.” I heard his voice approaching the back of the couch.

I laughed. “I figured but I still have some conditions.” I stood from my spot on the couch and turned towards him. If I was willingly going to climb into the Hydra rabbit hole I was going to do it on my terms.

Coulson extended his arm and extracted another file. “You want to know what happened to Rumlow.”

“Yes.” I said knowing that was only one of the things I wanted to know. I needed to know what happened to the bastard but that was not the only thing I wanted intelligence on.

“Why?” He said handing me the file the thick file.

I quirked an eyebrow at him, “We go back Coulson. We-Have a very complicated history.” I said choosing my choice of words carefully. No way in hell I was going to tell him how much I knew about Rumlow that would be dangerous.

Coulson narrowed his eyes at me. “Did you kn-“

I gave him a small smile. “Know Hydra was in S.H.I.E.L.D. and running the place? No, but I did know they were still around.” I say honestly to him. I was not stupid, that was one of the reason I was a world class mercenary. I was perceptive and usually more intelligent than those that I went up against.

Coulson stared at me in shock.

I inwardly smirked at the stunned expression on his face. “Don’t look so shocked. I was trained at the time by what I thought were mercenaries. Turns out it was Hydra.”

“Why didn’t yo-“

“I was a kid when I was trained just like Romanoff the only differences between us is that I am American and I got paid to do the jobs I took. I walked away when a lot of other people didn’t. ” I say in a flat voice. “By the time I put the pieces together it was too late.” That much was true but it was not like I knew who was Hydra or who was S.H.I.E.L.D so I could not tell any one.

“Did Fury know that they trained you?” He asked carefully while watching me read some of Rumlow’s file

I shrugged. “Not my place to say so you’ll have to ask him that yourself.”

“He’s de-“

I laughed opening the file up. “I know he’s not. I’ve seen him.” I say watching his face.

Coulson sighed and seemed confused by my words. “Why would he come see you? Why are you so curious about Rumlow? Are you working for Hydra?”

I glanced up at him. “ First off Fury came to see me because he trusts me. He made the decision for me to join S.H.I.E.L.D. Second I’m curious because Rumlow works for Hydra still and for a time he was my friend.” I said while returning my gaze at the file in my hands and began to skim the pages. “He just disappeared from the hospital? No one was guarding him? Shouldn’t he have been on the FBI’s and the CIA’s most wanted list?” I questioned him.

Coulson shrugged. “Hydra apparently believes that he is still an asset. Hydra must have extracted him“

I glanced at the photographs inside of the file. He was burnt from head to toe. He would either have had to have extensive surgery or robotics just to be able to have some sort of motor activity. “Jesus. Well I guess vanity will no longer be an issue for him.”

“Y/N…” Coulson said reaching for the file.

“I appreciate the file Coulson. Any clue where the winter soldier is?” I said guardedly. No way in hell was I going to show this man my cards. From the last ten minutes I picked up on the signals that I was not trusted the only question was why did he not trust me?

Coulson narrowed his eyes at me in suspicion. “The wh-“

“You and I both know what I am talking about, sorry it’s more of a who.” The man was not going to pull one over on me no matter how hard he tried.

“No. My turn how do you know about him?” Coulson menaced.

I gave him a bitter smile. “We also have a history. Let me know what you get on him.” I said while rolling my shoulders. “Thanks for the file and I’ll read the brief and meet you at the address. I’m sure you know the way out. Have a good night Coulson.” I said before heading to my kitchen for a drink before Coulson could bother to ask me more questions.

As I heard the door behind me close I made my way to my bed room. Agent Coulson was definitely not the one who cut the line. Pulling my gun out for the second time I swung up my bedroom door and saw a trail of blood. Holy shit. Putting my gun away I followed the trail to my bathroom to find the slumped form of one of my only friends who I wasn’t sure would remember me or not.

I knelt down only to see him lift his head to look at me. I froze seeing how worn he was but I suppose this is what happens when Hydra controls you. I moved closer but was far enough away should he feel like he had been cornered. “Do you know who I am?” I asked softly.

The once controlled blue eyes seemed to moisten at my words. “Y/N…”

Holy shit! He remembered my name. I stood there stunned.

He let out a raspy chuckle. “Don’t look so surprised. You’re the only person I trust. Your friend leave?” He adjusted his body to give me a full view of the ragged scars that graced his body.

I gasped at how bad he looked. What the hell happened to him after DC? “Good to see you’re in good spirits. For your information, he is not my friend. Since you know who I am do you know who you are?” I asked carefully going to the bathroom counter to get the medical supplies. Tread carefully, I scolded myself, no need to scare him off.

“Bucky.” He chuckles again. “I know who I am Y/N. Glimpse of who I was but I know who I am now.”

I sighed as I continued grabbing stuff to patch him up with. “Then why come to me? You could go to-” I questioned but stop. Steve would kill me if he knew Bucky was here. Then again Steve Rogers and I never really saw eye to eye.

He sticks out his metal arm for me to take. “You know me. He knew me there is a large difference.”

I shook my head and grabbed my basket full of supplies and put my hand in his. “Bu-“

“Don’t. You helped me when no one else did. You almost died for me. You know both sides of me in a way he doesn’t, and wouldn’t understand.” He said coldly.

“You’re the only person I trust too.” I said giving him a smile. Kneeling down I made quick work of the deep wounds. “How much do you remember?” I asked while cleansing the wounds out.

He leaned his head back against the tub. “Bits and pieces before I meet you but I at least remember the last ten years, or the parts I wasn’t froze.” He sighed. “The thi-“

I stopped stitching a deep wound on his shoulder and put my hand on his cheek. “Don’t. They were in your head. They used your skills against you Buck. Whatever happened, what they made you do, that’s on them not you.” I say before returning to patching him up.

He chuckled. “You know I thought there was another reason I came to see you.”

I laughed as I finished stitching up the last deep gash. “Glad you find this funny, all done there Frankenstein.”

I stood up. “Your arms damaged.” I said nonchalantly.

He groaned. “Sucks that the only people who can fix it I’m on the run from.” He says giving me a ghost smile.

I laughed before putting away all of the medical supplies. “That’s not entirely true.”

I said as I leaned against the counter.

He quirked his eyebrow at me before wincing in pain, “What do you mean?”

“You remember Prague?” I asked.

“Yeah…My arm was pretty busted so the mission was aborted and you screamed at the scientist for not teaching you how to fix It because it was such a waste of your time. I also distinctly remember you saying you didn’t get paid enough for this shit.” His eyes went dark as if he remembered something. “They taught you how to fix it.”

“ Good thing. I have a kit, which is pretty high tech if you ask me, that will let me do it.” I said ignoring his look of anger. “And stop looking at me like that. I can’t change what happened. Besides, I wouldn’t want to anyway.”

“They almost killed you. Yo-“

I walked out of the bathroom ignoring his rant about what Hydra almost did. “They didn’t.” As I retrieved my kit I felt his eyes on me. “Buc-“

“No Y/N. The-“

I rolled my eyes turning towards him. “They didn’t. Even when they wiped you they didn’t. No matter how many time I helped you escape. They couldn’t even get you to do it so stop looking at me like someone ran over your puppy.”

He growled at me.

I put my hand on my hip. “You don’t scare me.” I point out. It was comical since most espionage agencies were afraid of him since they dubbed the Winter Soldier including Nat and Barton. Not that any of them would know the truth about Bucky or my life, only the bits and pieces that have been circled around.

“I should.” He growls out at me.

I rolled my eyes. “You wouldn’t hurt me.”


“Believe me I do. Even when wiped you still protected me. It’s what family does.” It was true Bucky in all the years we have known each other never hurt me. Well, except the time he threw me out the window, but he was excused since he saved my life by doing so. He protected me and I failed at protecting him but that was not something I wanted to think about at this point.

“You stayed because of me.” He sighed out slumping as he sat down on my bed. “You could have left long before.”

I opened my kit and began to look at the circuit areas of the arm. “I also left because of you. Buck someone’s got to save you.” That’s why I joined up with S.H.I.E.L.D I had to figure a way out to save the one thing that saved me year after year.

He laughed before extending his arm “Alright fix my arm. Then we sleep.”

“Good thing you’ll want the floor.” I joked.

He laughed. “Yeah your bed’s like sleeping on clouds.”

After fixing his arm. I closed the kit and stashed it back in its hiding place before turning back to Bucky.

He rotated his arm and rolled his shoulder to make sure the arm was functioning properly. He then stood and looked up at me. “You can’t tell any one Y/N…”

I laughed before turning back around and grabbing some blankets and pillows from my closet. “I honestly don’t have anyone to tell. You’re my only friend Bucky.”

He laughed before taking the blankets from my arms and laying them on the ground how he wanted. “Good.”

I snorted throwing the pillow at his back. “Don’t be a jackass.”

He chuckled before retrieving the pillow and laid down on his make shift bed. “You wonder why I am your only friend.”

I rolled my eyes before heading to my dress to slip my t-shirt on. Bucky seeing me change was nothing new, we were practically siblings, I stripped quickly and tugged on my shirt. I turned around to see Bucky dead asleep. I laughed to myself before crawling into my bed and falling asleep.

The Office - Part 5

Requested by: lovetoheadbang, xxcherrxx, l0serlike-me, theelishad, huntingthetardisat221b, sweet-candii42 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Summary: The reader and Dean are in a relationship now, but they still keep it silent. While in a business meeting, the reader decides to distract Dean. Also, Dean’s wife comes around and causes some more trouble…

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warnings: smut, swearing

Words: 1200

A/N: Please, please, tell me what you think of it! It really means a lot to me!

Dean had gathered the whole team for a meeting. We were all sitting around a large, wooden, black table, steaming coffee cups in front of us. 

I sat right next to my boss, who also happened to be my lover. Nobody knew about it yet, even though it’d been weeks since he moved in. He had planned on finding himself an apartment soon, but I didn’t mind having him around. I didn’t mind waking up next to his beautiful face every morning. I didn’t mind him touching me whenever he could – when I got out of the shower, when I was getting dressed, when I was making breakfast or dinner…

We finally had a relationship. And I loved it.

But he was still afraid of telling everyone about it, he was afraid of making it official. So we still kept it secret at work, shooting each other loving gazes and subtly touching when no one was watching.

“So, you probably wonder why I asked you to come together,” Dean said, his voice mature and dark. I crossed my legs, tried to look casual, while my mind was imagining all kinds of filthy pleasures that I wanted to make him feel. He looked unforgivingly good in his perfect fitting suit and him being my boss was just such a turn on. Some things would never change. His white shirt embraced his beautifully formed body, he looked so strong, so manly. I bit my lip. This man had me going crazy. 

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"Winding Down"

“I’m home babe!” I hear the door slam as Evan comes in. Half asleep, I wave at him. “Rough day at work, huh?” “Yeah.” I sigh, “Boss asked me to stay late today.” Evan kisses my forehead. “How about some tea?” “That’d be amazing.” Not long after, Evan puts 2 mugs of tea on the coffee table and a blanket on the couch. He sits next to me and covers us both with the blanket. He hands me my tea as he drinks his own. After we’ve finished our tea, Evan puts our mugs in the kitchen. “Let’s watch a movie.” “Yeah. What about Dear John?” Evan knows that’s my favorite. I nod. He puts the movie on and I snuggle up into Evan’s chest as he plays with my hair and steals kisses on my head every so often. I doze off about halfway into the movie, no matter how hard I tried to stay awake. In the morning I wake up on the couch with a still sleeping Evan.

(sorry that one was so short.)

A Soryu Fanfic

So thought I’d finally edit this Soryu fanfic I had written not long ago. Hope you guys like it :)

A Soryu Proposal

After coming home from work one day, I could feel the difference in atmosphere in the house as soon as I came through the door. I saw Soryu sitting at the table with Ryosuke and Samejima on either side of him, I knew they were waiting for me. This didn’t look good.

I had been with Soryu for coming up to two years now, and we were living in Dubai while he worked as the big boss man for the gang the Ice Dragons. I was more than happy with my job at the Tres Spades hotel, just a few minutes’ walk from our gorgeous house, but I always knew this was a dangerous life. I didn’t care though, I loved Soryu way too much to let him go now. A little part of me knew things had been too quiet and easy recently, so coming home to this wasn’t too much of a shock.

“Can I help you all?” I asked as I put my bag down.
“We have to talk Heather” Soryu said.

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So today I accidentally went free-styling. I left my vanilla job early to go meet my girls for pedi’s and drinks! (Babes if you’re ever in the Atl please go to the jasmine spa in EmoryPoint/Buckhead best nail shop ever)! Anywho after the nail shop we went to Octane for lunch and drinks.

There was an older guy sitting alone- mid 30s maybe; eating doing work on his Mac. When I tell you we was fine he was FIONE. So NOT thinking my dumb ass just stares at him through his soul “I wonder who he works for?” “Is that suit Hugo Boss?” “How many cars does he have?” “Can he get me a credit card?” “He probably has a wife- agh who cares!” Is what I was thinking the whole time.

Our table and his table both have the same waitress- he stops the waitress before leaving, by this time I am glaring at the valet exit to see what type of car he drives, oblivious to the fact that he’s actually about to leave. 😭

Our waitress returns and says “Mr. White has it covered ladies” BITCH WHET? Still oblivious my girlfriend’s are like “who?” The waitress says “Mr. White; he’s a regular- he eats here every week.”

Turns out he’s a Real Estate Broker.

WORLD STOP- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Carry on!

Okay so anyway. Our waitress is blabbing about how he seems to be a player and has brought a lot of women there to eat. Chile he can bring my mama- I just want the money babe, I just want the money!!! Before we leave, our waitress lets me know that I have an “invitation” to call Mr. White- that is the dumbest………….whatever so I take the number. I text him and he CALLS- omg why would he do that. I wasn’t ready omgosh PINEAPPLES. We talk briefly and I thank him for buying us lunch. He talked about his kid, and career and how he wants a friend that would turn into a spoiled girlfriend. My stomping grounds are the sugar baby sand box, so I am a bit taken back. He had to go to a meeting so we hang up and text. He asked to meet; and I’m excited like a little kid 😭

I thought I’d never have a fairytale story/situation like the ones I hear about. I’ve been sugaring for 4 years and this is the funniest encounter to date! More to come!

“Mr. White will see you now” 😏

Mr Irwin (Ashton irwin smut)

I sat in the waiting room with nerves taking over my body I was going to an interview for one of the biggest companies in London and Mr Irwin was the big boss man. “Y/N Y/L/N” my head shot up to see a small old lady “This way miss Y/L/N” she lead me to a big conference room where Mr Irwin himself was sitting at the end of the table she lead me to the seat that was two away from him. “Ah last but certainly not least Miss Y/N Y/L/N, please have a seat” I sat down in the seat and handed him my resume. “Very impressive Miss Y/L/N” he said and then continued to ask me questions personal and professional. After about 30 minutes he said he would get in touch if I had go the job. I went home and went to bed after having a very stressful day.

About a week later I got a phone call from Mr Irwin, so handed in my notice and left my boring accountant job to go be the assistant to Mr Ashton Irwin multi millionaire.

It was Monday the first day of my new job and I was super nervous. When I got the building the old lady from before showed me my new desk and office and then gave me the brief on this mornings meeting. I went through to Mr Irwin’s office to ask him if he wanted a coffee or tea or needed me to do anything but when I was just about to knock on the door I could he was on the phone “Man I’m telling she’s so fucking hot and she’s super fucking smart I want to show her so much” i just ignored it because it was never going to be about me so I proceeded to knock on the door, “hold on Luke there’s someone at the door…come in” I walked in and right away Mr Irwin was checking me out. “Mr Irwin do you need anything, tea or coffee?” Yeah I black tea would be nice Y/N" he said politely and then went back to his phone call but just as I go out the door I hear him say “yeah man that was her jesus she looks great… She’s in a tight pencil skirt that stops before the knee and a tight white blouse” he paused “I know man I have to” I had turned bright red at this point and then quickly ran to get his tea along with some of my own. I took it through to Mr Irwin when he said “Y/N I need you to stay after hours there’s a lot of stuff we have to go through I hope that’s okay” shit working overtime I better get paid more, “yeah that’s fine Mr Irwin” “oh please call me Ashton” “okay Ashton I said in the sexiest voice I could.

It was 4, I should be heading home by now I thought. Never the less this meant more time with Ashton which was a huge bonus. I knocked on the door when I see Ashton on his computer and lots of paper work around him. Because I had previously been an accountant he wanted me to help with the finance even though we had a department for that. It was 9 now we had been working for 5 hours straight and had gone through about 7 coffees each and every single person in the building had gone home so now it was just me and him. "I need a break Y/N, I think we deserve it,and I want to show you something” “okay just let me finish this one thing. I finished and Ashton had lead me to the book case in his office, he pressed a button behind it and then the book case opened "holy shit” I said under my breath it was a room full of whips and chains like a sexual torture chamber “I like different things than other people when it comes to sex” he said in a low tone, I had shivers running down my back and I felt my panties get wet. “I still don’t understand why you showing me this” I said batting my lashes “oh I think you understand fully, I know you heard my conversation baby doll” he said now taking his suit jacket off and loosening his tie “undress for me” he said like I was just going to do it “excuse me but I don’t think this is appropriate” “come on baby doll give me a show” he said “you know if you don’t listen to me you gonna have to be punished” I was socking at this point so I listened to him and gave a show, I was now only in my red lacy bra and panties. “No wait baby doll I want to take them off” he came over to my and pulled my hair in to a make shift pony tail and started to kiss my neck until he found my sweet spot “uhh Mr Irwin please do something” “lie down over there baby doll” I did what I was told and went to sit in the big black leather chair. He tied my wrists to the arms and my feet to the legs “now stay still baby doll” he said as he put a blind fold over my eyes. It was not at the point where I want to scream for him to do something but I was told not to make a sound and if I did I would be punished “keep quite and this will be easy for you make noise and I’ll make sure it’s not so easy ” he said with a growl. All of a sudden I heard a buzz and then felt an overwhelming sensation on my cunt, he had got out a vibrator and was using it on my cunt “OH GOD” I shouted before I had thought about what I had just done I was untied from the chair and held of his lap where he took a leather whip and started to spank me harder and harder “ count” I counted to 6 before he stopped “now that’s what happens when you speak with out my permission okay” I just nodded. Ashton put me down on the then that was in this secret room and spread my legs “are you okay baby doll” “yes Mr Irwin” “and you okay with this right?” “Yes Mr Irwin” “good” he said before he put his cock in me. “You can speak baby doll” “oh god Mr Irwin it feels so good” “oh Y/N you feel fucking amazing” “harder Mr Irwin faster” he started to pound into me as hard and fast as he could. I had never felt so good in my whole life, “Mr Irwin I’m close” “me to baby doll hold on for one more minute” a minute later there was screams through out the room “OH GOD MR IRWIN RIGHT THERE YES YES YES” “YES Y/N OH GOD YOH FEEL AMAZING” we came down from our high and he took the blind fold of my face and let me get dressed. “Well thanks for your help Miss Y/L/N see you tomorrow” he said with a smirk. I walked out of the room wondering wtf had just happened.

AN: sorry this one is shit as well I’m writing these on my phone because my laptop is broke so that’s why it’s short and the grammar is shit sorry. Hope you like it anon I know it’s not really like 50 shades of grey but I haven’t read it so it was never gonna be that good sorry but I did my best. Requests are open and please like and follow x

this is self-indulgent lirry proposal fluff. liam is very much in love and harry is very much the one liam wants to spend his life with. featuring a ring hidden in athletic socks. 

Liam is sitting at the kitchen table, typing up reports. He’s been typing for hours and his whole face is starting to feel a bit numb, but he needs to get these done tonight, or his boss will have his head.

Harry is sitting across from him, reading some Bukowski novel, because Harry refuses to go to bed if Liam is still up working. He’s shirtless in his maroon boxers, swallows stark against his collarbones in the dim light of the kitchen. His hair is just barely brushing his shoulders, tangled around his face, and his lips are bitten red. Harry always picks at them when he’s reading. Liam can see that Harry’s eyes are starting to droop, and he keeps snuffling like he always does when he’s tired. The kitchen is quiet except for the constant drip of their leaky faucet, the click of Liam’s keyboard, and Harry’s breathing. Harry hasn’t turned the page of his book for at least five minutes.

“Go to bed, Haz,” Liam says softly, his fingers stopping on the keyboard. Harry looks up from his book, unfocused, and Liam can tell that he had been staring at the page without seeing the words.

Harry shakes his head and runs his fingers through his hair. Liam’s eyes track the thick, silver rings on Harry’s fingers. “No,” Harry says quietly, voice rough with exhaustion. “Waiting for you.”

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So I went out to work dinner and drinks with… like… sixteen plumbers today (because I work at a plumbing company atm) and I have the cutest story

We were supposed to meet at this hidden, underground sort of bar and my boss and I were just sitting there wondering if people would be able to find it, why they were taking so long, whether they got lost, etc

then about twenty minutes after the time people were supposed to turn up this giant bunch of about ten grown men ranging in age from 23 ~ 40 stumble into the bar and we’re just like ‘oh you’re finally here! Did you get lost?’ 

and about half of them turn in mock-anger to the other half of the group like ‘Well, we would’ve got here a lot sooner if these morons weren’t walking around on their phones like they knew where they were going! We walked twice around the block before one of us thought to ask them ‘hey, are we going in the right direction?’, and turns out they were playing goddamn pokemon go!”

And one of them says sheepishly “someone set a lure out around here”

And they all sat down and proceeded to talk about Pokemon Go for the next half an hour it was adorable 


Today’s adventures-

My first board meeting went well. There were 5 of us sitting at a table on the board president’s patio overlooking the ocean (photo 1). My boss was a bit anxious, because she had new budget proposals and had to ask them to increase dues by 20% and give us a 3% increase. They voted unanimously to approve the new budget and told her how much they appreciated her hard work.

Since we were in Laguna Beach, we decided to have lunch. We came across a South African style restaurant (with exotic birds and chairs in the elevator), and we split a sampler platter and a Portuguese hot butter pudding for dessert.

It was a pretty great day.

Now Nick and I are headed out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Have a safe and happy Saturday night, everyone!

19:00 pm

I sat on the couch comfortably, waiting for Luke to get home while I changed the tv channel over and over. I checked my phone again, for what It seemed like the thousandth time. It was 18:40 pm. My favorite tv show always starts at seven, and Luke’s always at home by six to watch it with me.. I guess things were rough in the studio today. I shrugged, and waited for the show to begin while I watched cake boss on my laptop… when it finally did I put the laptop on the coffe table, getting slightly excited to see the new episode. I heard the front door open and close the exact same time I mentally prepared myself, looking over the couch, I saw that it was only Luke, taking his shoes off and walking towards me on the comfy sofa, all snuggled up and wrapped around my comforter. “hi” he spoke softly, sitting down beside me on the couch, and giving me a sweet kiss on the cheek “hi” I smiled a little. All of a sudden, I was watching discovery channel with a frown on my face… looking over at Luke, he grinned smugly with the remote control in his hand. “Luuuuke. I was watching my show!” I grunted “sorry if I was out all day and now I wanted to watch a bit of tv before going to bed” I approached him on the tiny couch, compared to his size, wrapping my arms around his waist and burying my face in his neck. He smelled a mixture of perfume and mint, and I loved it. Pouting, I whispered against his jaw “I thought you liked watching my show?” “yeah but I’m tired and I won’t be able to concentrate” “bullshit. I’m tired too, I was working until six pm today… I, too, have the right to relax and watch tv” “then watch it with me” I snorted, shooking my head like a child “no. Gimme it” I tried to catch the remote from his hand, as he raised it higher. I almost climbed on his body, with my boobs on his face as we fighted over the stupid remote “gimme it, dammit Luke!” he laughed and rolled on top of me, almost letting me fall off the couch… wrapping my legs around his waist, I bit his arm a little, getting his full attention now. Still on top of me. “I think I’m gonna lay here for a while” “you’re crushing me” “more like crushing on you” I laughed, kissing his soft, plump lips “you’re the worst”


Story Time: My “Trophy” Gun.

My predecessor had this Brazilian double barrel sitting in my bosses’ safe for the longest damn time. He was originally going to SBS it and had just been lazy and never paid my boss for the shotgun.

When he got fired and I got promoted, my first question was what was my boss going to do with it? He shrugged and said put it up at the tables at a gunshow (this was before we had a storefront) and I asked if I could buy it.

Naturally he asked me why, and I told him “I took his job, I’m taking his gun too” and that’s how I got a nice little Brazilian 12ga for $140. I’ve only shot it once and I don’t really need it, but I’ll sure as hell never get rid of it.