Rose-ringed Parakeet, syn. Kingston Parakeet ~ Halsbandsittich, Syn. Kleiner Alexandersittich ~ Psittacula krameri

One of the chestnut leaves looked so surprised and so very, very different. :-) 

Oh yes, it is a parakeet, one of a feral population in London that counts at least 6,000 individuals (some estimates say 50,000 individuals). There are several theories and one suggests that Jimi Hendrix could be responsible for the introdution of this bird species to Great Britain.

At Kew Gardens, they were happily breeding in natural tree holes or woodpecker cavities, so there will be more leaves with eyes and beaks soon. :-) 

There is a lot of discussion and research going on to determine whether this protected bird species can be considered invasive (i. e. if they have a negative impact on native bird populations).

Kew Gardens, London, UK

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