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Becky should have two assists though high key, idk how Alex fucking missed that sitter. I think she hit it off her shoulder

Becky should have goals and assists and everything good in the world tbh.


so the comic

Please fire me. I work as a full time childcare giver and my client thought it would be funny to refer to me as a girl and introduced me to everyone as a girl. Within that week, everyone in the park (other sitters, parents, and even children) thought that I was either gender confused, lesbian, or just a girl. It took three months to clear up the misunderstanding.

Please fire me. I’m a babysitter and a woman texted me recently to ask if I would watch 8 kids at a two hour party for only $40. I told her my rates were normally higher because there are a larger number of kids, so she went to go talk to her husband about my price. She comes back a week later and says they can only give me $50 but that instead of just having 8 kids, they’ll now have 16 there…with only four of them over five years old.

The Littlest Winchester - Angel Sitter

Character(s): Castiel, Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,107

Request:  Since you came back I was wondering if you can do a The Littlest Winchester where Dean and Sam has to go away for a while, maybe three weeks or so and the reader REALLY misses them while Cas babysits. Cas tries to make her better but it doesn’t work


           Castiel doesn’t exactly have any natural instincts to fall back on when it comes to children. Any knowledge he has of interacting with very young humans comes from watching Dean raise his four-year-old daughter, and yet the Winchester trusts his friend’s capability enough to let the angel babysit for extended periods of time.

           Week one has just come to an end. It went by fairly well, the only issues being the two nights the toddler couldn’t sit still long enough to eat dinner or the one time she simply didn’t want to go to bed. At night Dean calls her to let her tell him about her day and remind her to behave for Cass.

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DPH: Rules for your sitter

1. Stay with them at all times

2. Stay very calm. Your friend will be dealing with a lot of paranoia.

3. Do not let them go outside unless it’s an emergency.

4. Don’t bother trying to convince them that they’re hallucinating unless they’re panicking. It will only confuse them further.

5. Your friend will have brief moments of lucidity. Do not be fooled, they are NOT sober. Stay with them for at least eight hours.

6. Don’t try to mess with them. If they panic they may do something stupid.

7. Before they take the pills, ask them to empty their pockets and hand everything to you. Make sure there is plenty of water for them and hold onto it yourself. They may want something and forget where they left it.

8. If you see them smoking a phantom cigarette leave them be. They might burn themselves by accident with a real cigarette. However, if they’re drinking from a phantom water bottle, hand them a real one.

9. This trip will last a long time and your friend will be very lethargic. Bring something to entertain yourself that will allow you to keep an eye on your friend.

10. Your friend will likely talk to you. If they ask you a question about if something is real, feel free to tell them the truth. Keep in mind that they will hallucinate you speaking to them.

10. If they begin to panic, remind them that what they’re seeing isn’t real.

11. Your friend may become increasingly irritated at you for not letting them drive or go outside once they start to feel sober. Don’t give in, they could seriously hurt themselves.

12. Feel free to keep a log of everything they say or do that’s out of the ordinary. This will help jog your friend’s memory. They will likely forget almost everything that happened.

One day, one rhyme- Day 374

“They’re good kids really”, said Aunt Peet
Waving to the babysitter,
Then made sure she was down the street
Ere the sitter became bitter.
A quick escape, that was her plan!
Be gone before juvenile war
And swinging from the ceiling fan
And skating on the hardwood floor.