Liseuse (1877). Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French, 1841-1919). Oil on canvas.

The sitter may be Marguerite Legrand. In any case, “this small canvas vibrates with the remembrance of a still moment, of a reflective mood, of a warm feeling, and of a delicate impression" (John Reward, 1960-61). Rewald has noted that the sitter looked “pensive rather than reading,” as her lackadaisical posture suggests that she is not concentrating on the book in her lap.



  • “Freddie Kingston: Professional Sitter” followed by “Is this how you sit?” may be my favorite understated joke in LoLiLo.

  • Freddie confirms what we already suspected: Ben was the one who wanted the No Shenanigans rule.

  • Freddie wants to be a politician. Someday, when she and Peter have put their differences behind them, they’re going to team up and be an unstoppable (but benevolent!) political force.

  • Freddie talking about running is a nice bit of continuity with “RETURNS,” in which she’s just gotten back from a run.

  • Freddie and Ben’s stories of how they came to the flat change slightly every time they tell them, which is a great bit of writing. Here, Ben glosses over the fact that Freddie sprang the lease on him – probably because he’s not arguing with Freddie during that moment.

  • Freddie talks about things in the flat being tense “last semester,” but Ben says he’ll be taking Asian studies “next trimester,” and from what I can gather from off-hand references, it seems like a few of Ben, Peter, and Balthazar’s classes last the entirety of the run of LoLiLo. I know that some New Zealand universities run on a trimester schedule, and some on a semester schedule. Can anyone with more familiarity with New Zealand higher education shed some light on what Elizabeth University’s schedule is supposed to look like?


  • Freddie’s interview is a full two minutes longer than everyone else’s. Now, that may be because it was intended to run earlier in the series than it ended up, and at that time, we didn’t know Freddie as well as we knew the others, so in the one video that was just a direct interview with her, TCW wanted to give her more space to get her character across. Nevertheless, it’s interesting, since so much if it is kind of rambling, and LoLiLo often hides key information in off-hand, rambling dialogue. If Freddie’s interview has any of that, we can’t think of what it is, but it’s probably worth thinking on.

  • Freddie’s interview is way more civil and friendly than Peter’s, but it’s also filled with bickering and competition. There’s the cheese story, the demand for washing powder, a tense recounting of the flat conditions that led to the rules, a whole lot of uneasiness over the camera, and then the whole thing ends on a thumb war. Obviously we already knew about the low-key war between Freddie and Ben, but it’s good to keep an eye on it, because it takes a long break after this. They don’t stop being competitive, but as the Peter-and-Balthazar story develops, and as the rules actually briefly impose a kind of order on the flat, Freddie and Ben’s relationship evens out, and their competitiveness starts to get channeled into the rules.

  • According to Ben, he’s studying history, anthropology, sociology, film and media, gender studies in science fiction, theater, Marlowe, Asian studies, Latin, and I believe Maori studies. That’s ten classes, and they’re not particularly related to each other. Ben obviously has no idea what he wants to do, or why he’s in university. This is also the video where Ben mentions that his parents are both university lecturers, so one gets the sense that there was some pressure for him to go to university – maybe not overt pressure, but at the very least an expectation that this is what he’d do. And now that he’s here, he doesn’t like it very much, it’s not particularly fulfilling, and he has no idea what he’s going to do with it.

  • Ben’s plan for the future: “Get Pedro – Peter – to try tartar sauce.” First, this is a nice indication that Ben does try to get Peter’s name right, even when he’s by himself. I really do think he tries most of the time, he’s just really, really bad at it. Second, I can’t decide if this is just Ben being random, or if “tartar sauce” is a code word for “Balthazar,” or if Ben is just constantly low-level thinking about how to draw Peter out and get him to be social and happy. I lean toward the first and third explanations, possibly in combination, but @marydebenham points out that you can’t really rule out the second. Third, this is another indication that Ben has no real idea what his plans for the future are. The fact that Ben poses the question at all indicates that his future is weighing on his mind – and the fact that he talks about tartar sauce instead of his career, passions, or relationships indicates that he doesn’t have a good answer.

“You where so close to him Eden!”

“I know I was.” I said and the smile on my face grew. 

‘But you say nothing is going on between you two? Why do you have to lie to me?” Cyndi fake pouted 

“Because there is nothing going on between us.” I said “We are just friends.”

“But the thing on the beach! THE THING!” 

“He doesn’t know how I feel about him yet.” I admitted quietly. Shocking myself at those words. I hadn’t even admitted it to myself yet. But here I was.

“You totally have a crush on him.” Cyndi teased and I felt the fluttering in my stomach again. There was no denying it anymore. I had feelings for my ex baby sitter.

“Yeah….I suppose I do.” I admitted, both to Cyndi and to myself. 

sunshinebabyf1 asked:

[1/2] Caso Ronzulli. Tra l'altro non capisco che cosa ci sia di femminista e di "empowering"(?) se una donna rinuncia al congedo di maternità che dovrebbe spettarle di diritto. E soprattutto mi chiedo perché per un/a bambino/a di poche settimane dovrebbe essere meglio trascorrere una giornata intera in parlamento piuttosto che con una baby-sitter/ con i nonni/ con il padre. O.O Nel senso, anche ammesso che portarsi figli neonati in parlamento fosse "femminista", non mi sembra una ragione valida

[2/2] per portarli in un luogo in cui dubito che possano trovarsi bene. O per caso questo sito ha deciso che, quando una donna decide di diventare madre, i figli anche piccoli per lei devono comunque essere secondari alla social justice, perché altrimenti si lascerebbe soggiogare dal patriarcato?

AH GUARDA CONCORDO PIENAMENTE ma perché devi portare un bimbo in un posto dove non solo non si trovano bene ma dove l’altra gente cerca di lavorare e dove tu non dovresti essere distratto/a? cioè scusa ma con i soldi che ti pagano la baby sitter te la puoi tranquillamente pagare eh, non è che non esistono alternative. Io continuo a non capire che c’è di femminista nella ronzulli tbh, ma che vogliamo farci.

Please fire me. I work as a full time childcare giver and my client thought it would be funny to refer to me as a girl and introduced me to everyone as a girl. Within that week, everyone in the park (other sitters, parents, and even children) thought that I was either gender confused, lesbian, or just a girl. It took three months to clear up the misunderstanding.

Please fire me. I’m a babysitter and a woman texted me recently to ask if I would watch 8 kids at a two hour party for only $40. I told her my rates were normally higher because there are a larger number of kids, so she went to go talk to her husband about my price. She comes back a week later and says they can only give me $50 but that instead of just having 8 kids, they’ll now have 16 there…with only four of them over five years old.

This weird “Bellamy and Clarke make bad decisions when apart” perspective seems really strange to me. Clarke looks to be doing pretty well on her own. She had some sex, prevented a war and got her people peace. Bellamy is the one who is fucking up on his own. He’s his own person just like Clarke is her own person. Not to be rude but she’s not his sitter. What am I missing?

The Littlest Winchester - Angel Sitter

Character(s): Castiel, Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,107

Request:  Since you came back I was wondering if you can do a The Littlest Winchester where Dean and Sam has to go away for a while, maybe three weeks or so and the reader REALLY misses them while Cas babysits. Cas tries to make her better but it doesn’t work


           Castiel doesn’t exactly have any natural instincts to fall back on when it comes to children. Any knowledge he has of interacting with very young humans comes from watching Dean raise his four-year-old daughter, and yet the Winchester trusts his friend’s capability enough to let the angel babysit for extended periods of time.

           Week one has just come to an end. It went by fairly well, the only issues being the two nights the toddler couldn’t sit still long enough to eat dinner or the one time she simply didn’t want to go to bed. At night Dean calls her to let her tell him about her day and remind her to behave for Cass.

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