Today I am grateful for these little fellas. I am incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country and be trusted and asked by so many neighbours to feed/look after their dogs/cats when they need to go away or out for the day. Even on the darkest of days, some good old pet therapy can make a real difference.

I’ve sorted my job to where I’m finished in time to meet the girls when they come home from preschool each day. This means I don’t have an excuse to hire a babysitter to take Sandy (and Clem unless I hired 2 sitters) to the foster agency for visits twice a week.

So yesterday- foster agency. Today, playground, mud and now playing in the hose on the roof, inventing a truck wash and chasing imaginary tree frogs. Tomorrow, back to the foster agency- where childhood goes to die.

I know, I know, dramatic much? But if you lived it, you’d agree. No windows, no choices, forced kisses, fighting, people inspecting your body for abuse asking questions about every mark, kids crying everywhere. It’s hell. It needs to stop.

Foster care is suppose to be temporary.


Court lasted 3 hours this morning. Which meant that I was later getting home than I anticipated. Which meant that Husband was pissed because I was late getting him to the airport. Which meant that I was late getting kids ready for the transport worker. Husband hadn’t packed a diaper bag and Baby Boy wasn’t even wearing pants. I threw things in a bag and ran it over to their visit. House is a mess. I have to work from home this afternoon and then a sitter is coming later tonight (which I hate, given that they have a visit today, but I have limited options). Somewhere in the meantime I need to pick up before the sitter comes, and maybe, just maybe I’ll have time for a good cry. There’s no change on our end for now. Goals are still the same. ICPC is being expedited. All the feelings.



I created this list. It is my ABC’s of being an Asian American writer, and like most things there is an asterisk to this. These are my ABC’s and everyone has their own alphabet so I don’t expect this to be entirely universal, so I hope at least some of this is relatable.

So, I will start with “A,” which is for Ann M. Martin. She was the first author who introduced me to a three-dimensional, complex Asian American teenage girl in a book. And, I think that Claudia Kishi, the vice president of the Baby-Sitters Club, is probably the most complex mainstream depiction of an Asian American girl and I’m still holding out for her — one as good as her.

And then there’s “B,” which is for buddhas and chopsticks, which are two things that make me cringe when I see them on the cover of certain books and this long list includes everything from bowls of rice to dragon silhouettes to koi ponds.

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[ image descriptions: (1) a title card displaying the words “MY ABC’S of BEING AN ASIAN AMERICAN WRITER” / (2) the text “A IS FOR ANN M. MARTIN” to the left of a drawing of a Baby-Sitters Club cover / (3) “B AND C IS FOR BUDDHAS AND CHOPSTICKS” overlaying animated buddha, chopsticks, cherry blossom tree branch, lotus flower, rice bowl, koi fish, and dragon head silhouette falling down / (4) “KATE GAVINO” flipping upside down and rightside up ]

Contemporary Commissions


It has not been easy to pick the final shots for this brief. The Business School wanted us to shoot their students on placement. We ended up with just two of these students to work with. All our other sitters have come from aspects of the Business school, that technically down fit the brief but we have included as a result of the woeful cooperation of the school has left us with no other options.

My favorite triptychs have come from our meeting with the people from the Business Solutions Centre. I combined some test shots taken on 120mm film, with some landscape shots I had taken using 35mm film.

Azmat from the Business Solutions Centre. Portait taken with a Bronica SQ with 120mm Ilford film. Landscape taken with a Canon EOS 5 and Eastman XX 35mm film.

Martina from the Business Solutions Centre. Portait taken with a Bronica SQ with 120mm Ilford film. Landscape taken with a Canon EOS 5 and Eastman XX 35mm film.

Yash from the Business Solutions Centre. Portait taken with a Bronica SQ with 120mm Ilford film. Landscape taken with a Canon EOS 5 and Eastman XX 35mm film.

I really liked this set of triptychs. I also liked how they looked as a set of nine. The problem for me was the combination of self developed 25mm and 120mm formats, with what I felt was a quite complicated edit put me off using these for my final images. Instead I chose to use my images of Simon Powell and the skylight. 

Simon Powell. Managing Director of Fit 2 Trip, and a member of the Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme.

Having had two lots of test strips printed and visited The Printspace to get three sample images for the submission. I have decided to use Giclee print onto the German Etching paper, and the images will be sized to 20x24in. They will be mounted onto MDF with a black edge.

So I should probably write up what happened yesterday (don’t worry, it was awesome). 

I went to work, worked, my favorite customer ( came in at the end of my shirt, we talked for a while in the parking lot. I went grocery shopping with @theskullqueen

I went home, changed out of work clothes, and went over to my neighbors’ house. They’re married lesbians who rescue animals and need a menagerie-sitter while they go stay in DC for Pride in June. They have several dogs with fear aggresion issues, so I’m coming over a bunch of times so we can get familiar with each other. 

So I went over, spent two hours playing with wonderful, energetic dogs and cats. Then we went out to a Mexican restaurant a few blocks away, they paid for my dinner and continually bought me awesome margaritas. One of them, the significantly more femme, is a former Marine. The significantly more butch lady is kind of hilariously less hardcore/experienced. They’re around 50. 

The femme lady and I talked had a LOT more in common than I expected, and as more margaritas were ordered we got into trauma, therapy, public nudity, self love…. and the funniest fucking thing was the lady who presents as a very masculine badass realizing that those things were waaaay more badass than sticking to masculine presentation as a shield.

By the end of the night we were all laughing our asses off, having an amazing time, barely made it back to the house (the lady driving was fine, but loading in, putting the roof back on the jeep, etc was a hilarious drunken comedy with the butch lady and I having a belly fully of margaritas and nachos).  

Please fire me. I work as a full time childcare giver and my client thought it would be funny to refer to me as a girl and introduced me to everyone as a girl. Within that week, everyone in the park (other sitters, parents, and even children) thought that I was either gender confused, lesbian, or just a girl. It took three months to clear up the misunderstanding.

Please fire me. I’m a babysitter and a woman texted me recently to ask if I would watch 8 kids at a two hour party for only $40. I told her my rates were normally higher because there are a larger number of kids, so she went to go talk to her husband about my price. She comes back a week later and says they can only give me $50 but that instead of just having 8 kids, they’ll now have 16 there…with only four of them over five years old.

The Littlest Winchester - Angel Sitter

Character(s): Castiel, Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,107

Request:  Since you came back I was wondering if you can do a The Littlest Winchester where Dean and Sam has to go away for a while, maybe three weeks or so and the reader REALLY misses them while Cas babysits. Cas tries to make her better but it doesn’t work


           Castiel doesn’t exactly have any natural instincts to fall back on when it comes to children. Any knowledge he has of interacting with very young humans comes from watching Dean raise his four-year-old daughter, and yet the Winchester trusts his friend’s capability enough to let the angel babysit for extended periods of time.

           Week one has just come to an end. It went by fairly well, the only issues being the two nights the toddler couldn’t sit still long enough to eat dinner or the one time she simply didn’t want to go to bed. At night Dean calls her to let her tell him about her day and remind her to behave for Cass.

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DPH: Rules for your sitter

1. Stay with them at all times

2. Stay very calm. Your friend will be dealing with a lot of paranoia.

3. Do not let them go outside unless it’s an emergency.

4. Don’t bother trying to convince them that they’re hallucinating unless they’re panicking. It will only confuse them further.

5. Your friend will have brief moments of lucidity. Do not be fooled, they are NOT sober. Stay with them for at least eight hours.

6. Don’t try to mess with them. If they panic they may do something stupid.

7. Before they take the pills, ask them to empty their pockets and hand everything to you. Make sure there is plenty of water for them and hold onto it yourself. They may want something and forget where they left it.

8. If you see them smoking a phantom cigarette leave them be. They might burn themselves by accident with a real cigarette. However, if they’re drinking from a phantom water bottle, hand them a real one.

9. This trip will last a long time and your friend will be very lethargic. Bring something to entertain yourself that will allow you to keep an eye on your friend.

10. Your friend will likely talk to you. If they ask you a question about if something is real, feel free to tell them the truth. Keep in mind that they will hallucinate you speaking to them.

10. If they begin to panic, remind them that what they’re seeing isn’t real.

11. Your friend may become increasingly irritated at you for not letting them drive or go outside once they start to feel sober. Don’t give in, they could seriously hurt themselves.

12. Feel free to keep a log of everything they say or do that’s out of the ordinary. This will help jog your friend’s memory. They will likely forget almost everything that happened.