Hey Cecil, it’s me again. I’m going to be working all night at the restaurant today, but I got a baby sitter for Rodger for tomorrow. Want to maybe catch a movie or do another cooking segment?

The baby sitter came highly recommended and it’s only for one afternoon. Plus he seemed so nice! And very good with kids. I think his name was Kevin? Anyway, text me when you get this message. The kitchen is howling now, I better go.

Please fire me. I’m a babysitter and a woman texted me recently to ask if I would watch 8 kids at a two hour party for only $40. I told her my rates were normally higher because there are a larger number of kids, so she went to go talk to her husband about my price. She comes back a week later and says they can only give me $50 but that instead of just having 8 kids, they’ll now have 16 there…with only four of them over five years old.

Please fire me. I work as a full time childcare giver and my client thought it would be funny to refer to me as a girl and introduced me to everyone as a girl. Within that week, everyone in the park (other sitters, parents, and even children) thought that I was either gender confused, lesbian, or just a girl. It took three months to clear up the misunderstanding.