On the way to the sitter’s house this morning, my 4yo was giving me her thoughts on the TMNT Season 4 finale.

Transcript and video contain spoilers:

K: “Instead of taking off Shredder’s head, you can just give Donnie… Donnie can just make a poison ‘Beh-speriment’ (experiment).”

And what would he do with that?

K: “And him will put it on Shredder and him will be killed.”

Instead of doing what?

K: “Instead of pulling off Shredder’s head.”

That’s a good idea, I like it. Do you have any other things about the finale?

K: “Instead of Leo um, has to pull off him’s thing, (cut off his head), you can just ask him nicely to…to stop doing this.”

That’s true, he is pretty mean, huh? Maybe if they ask him nicely?

K: “Yes. instead of kill- killing him!”

Yeah. I mean he did just kill Sensei though.

K: “Yeah.”

can you believe in the middle of all of this louis had the wherewithal to ask steve to record a song with him and he managed to write something uplifting and heartwarming in dedication of his mother? that he was able to pour his love into a song that he gets to sing, and that steve is right there for him even though as far as we know they only met this year. that they managed to keep this private and process in peace. that this is how he chose to honor her and that he’s allowing us to be part of it; that he’s gotten to choose what he’s sharing, and that this is what he’s sharing with us. 


so the comic

Inspired by Elenothar’s fic where Graves became the designated creature sitter for Newt but they follow him to work and he secretly loves it even though he grumps and huffs about it. Yes its as good as it sounds now go read it and squeal. I also notice the occamy scarf thing as a rather popular inclusion in fics so I decided to see if an occamy can actually pass off as a rather colourful scarf. As you can see I guess it is possible if you don’t mind the shining purple glittering hissing of fabulous. I also thought wouldn’t an occamy just expand inside the Woolworth building and just about bring the whole thing down and then I remembered Newt saying they only do that when stressed so there you go Graves feel stressless he emits calmness his aura is so peaceful an occamy stayed in its small coil. That’s because these are by extension his babies as well Graves is so head over heels for Newt at this point and I think I better stop here I’m beginning to sound maniacal. Again people do not stay up till 2am to draw. 

For however wants it. :P (Why on earth does this little gif that isnt even mine have 1,480 notes? You people must really like gifs)

The Littlest Winchester - Angel Sitter

Character(s): Castiel, Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,107

Request:  Since you came back I was wondering if you can do a The Littlest Winchester where Dean and Sam has to go away for a while, maybe three weeks or so and the reader REALLY misses them while Cas babysits. Cas tries to make her better but it doesn’t work


           Castiel doesn’t exactly have any natural instincts to fall back on when it comes to children. Any knowledge he has of interacting with very young humans comes from watching Dean raise his four-year-old daughter, and yet the Winchester trusts his friend’s capability enough to let the angel babysit for extended periods of time.

           Week one has just come to an end. It went by fairly well, the only issues being the two nights the toddler couldn’t sit still long enough to eat dinner or the one time she simply didn’t want to go to bed. At night Dean calls her to let her tell him about her day and remind her to behave for Cass.

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Trip Report: 25/2/17

Took a stamp which was 200mgs around 8pm. Bought it off a stereotypical acid dealer who looked like an ancient time lord who was descended from owls.
I started to come up on the train, things looked a bit wavy, had a monstrous smile on my face which like in past trips I could hear and it was deafening. I felt a bit anxious so I started drawing things that went by alongside the train.
Get to my friends house and her pictures around the house were like the ones in Harry potter, moving, life like. At this point everything was hilarious and my smile got bigger and bigger which at the same time really annoyed me and made me feel more and more anxious.
My trip sitter friend started smoking joints and we decided to start calling people to come over. (My idea, never let Acid make plans.)
A few minutes went by which felt like a lifetime and I started getting worried because they hadn’t arrived yet. My vision now was very fish eyed and rooms seemed endless.
I decided to walk towards the people who were coming as acid outside is much more fun. Did I go the right way? No, of course not.
The road I was walking on seemed extremely long and I felt like talking to everybody who went by while also feeling nervous about being murdered and how loud my smile and breathing both were. Walking by a house I saw two people arguing inside. I wasn’t sure if they were really there and I was tripping but I wanted a closer look so what does acid do? It stands right on front of their window, yep they noticed.
Right then, my trip sitter called me to come back to the house because the people arrived, I realized where I was standing and ran “back to the house” the wrong way.
After many phone calls I got back. I was confused as to why more people were there, it was my idea but why? They weren’t the type of people who drink or experiment with drugs like acid. At this point I started feeling sick and everything I looked at made me really dizzy and confused. I kept asking people to count the stars because I wasn’t sure if I was seeing a lot or tripping a lot.
Everyone started smoking joints and I felt like the acid was ready to come down (This was just over an hour in, I hadn’t even peaked yet.) so of course I joined in on that.
Afterwards I stood in the back garden against the wall looking at the stars and feeling like I should never leave that one spot for as long as I live.
I went back inside to an awkward atmosphere, the only talking was shadey stoner talk, no one felt like they should be there. At this point I was reaching my peak and everytime I looked at someone the room melted around them, cornering them. They weren’t speaking languages anymore. I tried drawing again but forgot how to hold a pencil for a while, eventually I got the hang of it and couldnt stop drawing glasses, no matter how hard I tried to draw something it’d end up being glasses. I felt awkward, extremely awkward and forgot how to speak so I sat behind a sofa and went into a short lived ego death, forgetting who everyone was, who I was, where I should be, what I was doing. Everything in the room was about to attack me, the walls were flashing different patterns and colours.
I looked over to one friend, the blinds behind her started waving around extremely fast and became rainbows of colour while she looked like a painting with edgy grunge filters over it.
I couldn’t look at one thing for more than a few seconds or else I’d feel extremely sick.
My speech was slurred and echoed really loud while the noise of silence from everyone elses voices was terrifying.
I wouldnt shut up trying to speak, the more I socialized the better the trip went and the less sick I felt.
At 1am the people left and it was just me and my trip sitter.
We went to watch a movie, (I do not recommend Hot tub time machine on acid, it sounds like a good idea but nope blood blood blood)
The movie wasnt in any language again, I wanted to sleep but I also couldn’t. I kept feeling sick and great over and over and continued to draw which was my only safety net. I felt too out of place to communicate with my trip sitter who fell asleep.
The acid started to come down and I went for a smoke out the window. While rolling a smoke, it appeared to be a rat which I thought was normal and continued to smoke it. Halfway through my smoke, a cat outside meowed at me, which became a taxi, back to a cat which looked like it was cut out of space, it fucking shot star bullets at me and I fell back nearly burning down the house from my unfinished smoke.
I started drawing again and eventually fell asleep, on acid.
Woke up fine.

DPH: Rules for your sitter

1. Stay with them at all times

2. Stay very calm. Your friend will be dealing with a lot of paranoia.

3. Do not let them go outside unless it’s an emergency.

4. Don’t bother trying to convince them that they’re hallucinating unless they’re panicking. It will only confuse them further.

5. Your friend will have brief moments of lucidity. Do not be fooled, they are NOT sober. Stay with them for at least eight hours.

6. Don’t try to mess with them. If they panic they may do something stupid.

7. Before they take the pills, ask them to empty their pockets and hand everything to you. Make sure there is plenty of water for them and hold onto it yourself. They may want something and forget where they left it.

8. If you see them smoking a phantom cigarette leave them be. They might burn themselves by accident with a real cigarette. However, if they’re drinking from a phantom water bottle, hand them a real one.

9. This trip will last a long time and your friend will be very lethargic. Bring something to entertain yourself that will allow you to keep an eye on your friend.

10. Your friend will likely talk to you. If they ask you a question about if something is real, feel free to tell them the truth. Keep in mind that they will hallucinate you speaking to them.

10. If they begin to panic, remind them that what they’re seeing isn’t real.

11. Your friend may become increasingly irritated at you for not letting them drive or go outside once they start to feel sober. Don’t give in, they could seriously hurt themselves.

12. Feel free to keep a log of everything they say or do that’s out of the ordinary. This will help jog your friend’s memory. They will likely forget almost everything that happened.