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Modern day Hamilton characters:

Alexander Hamilton:

- He writes (on paper) a mile in the minute, his handwriting almost illegible. This makes it take much longer to actually be understood. 

- (he may or may not write like that to annoy Burr)

- He would go a week without sleeping if an essay needed writing

- Loud af (New headcanon: only once he gets to know you. When you first meet him, he is really quiet and only thinking about everything he could tell you. He doesn’t want to scare you off. (The headcanon is here.)

John Laurens:

- Freckles (this may not be part of his personality but it’s important) FRECKLES!

- Actual smol child.

- Alters between playing video games, drawing, or reading a book (or through Hamilton’s notes because he likes to see how Alex’s brain works) when he’s bored.

- fandom obsessed like all of us

Aaron Burr:

- Sassy. No more needs to be said.

- He’d be the drunk who sits in the corner, all sad.

- Loves sleep more than life.

George Washington:

- Actual dad

- Like, he is always portrayed as someone in control. Eg: President, Headteacher of a school, a manager, etc.

- I imagine he would be a really fun drunk, though.

- Invite him out to celebrate and try to get him drunk.

- Watch him spill out his heart. The best part about drunk!Washington is that you can tease him about it the next day when he is hungover and grumpy

Marquis de Lafayette:

- He likes to introduce himself as Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette, Marquis de La Fayette

- Will wear whatever the fuck he likes (he looks fuckin amazing in a dress)

- Greatest alcohol tolerance

- Likes to talk to Hamilton (and made it look like they’re laughing at someone when, in reality, they are talking about dogs) in French to annoy John the squad

Hercules Mulligan:

- Probably goes to the gym on Sundays instead of lying in (idk, I just feel like he’s that kinda person)

- laidback af

- “What is flab? Did you mean muscle?”

- Lives on coffee

- has no idea what the hell is going on 90% of the time especially when ham and laf are bouncing ideas off each other

Angelica Schuyler:

- Protective over her sisters

- Sassy (even more than Burr)

- 50% sarcasm, 50% brains

Eliza Schuyler:

- Protective over her sisters

- Easily excitable

- (this isn’t a personality trait but I high-key low-key ship her with Mulligan)

A/N: 1. Feel free to add more on.

2. I made this for writing purposes (because if I have characteristics written down, I would be able to write the characters much easier. Please, add all your headcanons on. It’ll really help.