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After reading your version of Johnny, I’m really curious on your take on Ben Grimm. Also your latest comic was awesome!

The main thing that offsets people about Ben Grimm’s appearance is the sharp indents where his eyes should be. He used to attempt to maintain the shape of eyes, but it proved too difficult, and too painful. He doesn’t need them anyway - he sees with his entire form, now. 

Ben’s body is a rapidly growing mineral that continues to reseal itself if he doesn’t make the effort to keep his shape. He has a different set of cracks on different days, depending on how much he’s moved around, and on his mood. On good days, the cracks spread across his cheeks in big rocky crow’s feet. On bad days, he’s notably statuesque. On the worst days, you may walk past his room and see a shapeless boulder, sitting motionless and alone.

After the accident, he was quick in learning to reshape his hands, so Sue taught him how to sign, to make it easier for him to communicate with the team. But when he’s out in public, he will always make the effort to speak, in his rumbling, grinding voice. And when he speaks, he will always make the effort to say something kind. Life is too short and bizarre for harsh words.

However, he is ready and willing to pull his weight in a fight. The longer he fights, the more he breaks apart. But that makes it easier to move, and helps him remember what it was like before. There’s no joy quite like clobberin’ for old Ben Grimm.

Hope you like him :) And glad you dug the latest comic!

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Haha, I keep sending in requests, but they are SO GOOD!! Reddie, with Richie and Eddie coming out to the Loser's Club (accidental or on purpose), and being really nervous/freaked out about their reactions?

No worries at all! Sorry I was so slow to get this one written! <3 <3 <3 This ended up not really being exactly what you asked for and I’m sorry about that! I hope it’s still okay. also i felt like also adding in some backstory about how they got together so there’s a bonus haha. This is semi-canon compliant? Except that none of them leave Derry except to go to College/no one forgets each other.

requests are open!

- Eddie realizes his feelings for Richie pretty early on (around age 12 probably) but doesn’t dare say anything to anyone

- he’s really struggling with his sexuality and doesn’t really start to feel comfortable with the fact that he’s gay until after he finishes high school, and leaves Derry lbr

- Richie is fucking oblivious. his feelings for Eddie start around 8th grade but he doesn’t realize what they are until they’re like 16 years old.

- when he does realize he is kind of a mess tbh. he loves Eds so much but doesn’t know how to tell him and mostly doesn’t want to bc whenever the topic of dating comes up Eddie’s reaction is always something along the lines of how kissing is so unsanitary and he doesn’t want to date anyone ever.

- obviously that’s a total lie, Eddie has been daydreaming about kissing Richie since they were kids, but he doesn’t want anyone ever to know so they spend the rest of high school pining after each other but not saying anything about it.

- Richie dates a few girls publicly in high school (and hooks up with a few guys in secret), and seeing Richie dating those girls is all Eddie needs to see before he decides that his feelings are totally hopeless

- Beverly is the only one who knows about Richie’s experiences with guys; he told her once when they were high and begged her not to tell anyone and of course she didn’t. she just hugged him and told him it was okay and that she still loves him (she also tells him that she thinks she might be bi too).

- this is also how she finds out about his feelings for Eddie in their senior year and she has suspicions that his feelings are reciprocated but doesn’t push it when Richie insists that it’s hopeless.

- Richie takes some girl to the prom. when Eddie finds out, he refuses to go, but Bev convinces him to come with her and Ben. She doesn’t tell Eddie that she knows what’s going on; she knows he would just be defensive and upset and that’s not what he needs right now.

- Richie’s date isn’t stupid either and can tell right away that she doesn’t have anywhere near Richie’s full attention that night and yells at him in the hallway that if he was going to spend the whole night staring at Eddie, maybe he should have just taken him to prom instead of wasting her time.

- Richie is feeling very unlucky because when she walks away, Eddie is right there in the doorway to the gymnasium where the prom is being held having left to get away from all the loud noise and flashing lights and had of course seen the whole exchange.

- long story short, they spend the rest of the night sitting alone out on the steps outside the school fumbling through the most awkward conversation they’ve ever had like “so…do you…” “i don’t know! do you?” “ugh you’re impossible!” “what? i didn’t even say anything!” “that’s the problem, trashmouth!”

- Eddie get’s so frustrated that he just grabs Richie’s face and kisses him hard (but his aim is terrible and he lands on Richie’s chin instead of his mouth)

- Richie is s h o o k and is totally speechless for long enough that Eddie starts getting really pissed off and right before he’s about to be like “you know what fuck you”, Richie lunges back to him and kisses him back (it’s a much better kiss this time)

- anyway they spend the rest of the summer secretly dating behind the rest of the losers’ backs. Richie really wants to tell them - at least Bev, but Eddie is still not super comfortable with his sexuality and is afraid.

- Richie tries to explain that he’s sure Beverly won’t care, and Bill and Mike and Ben are all so sappy and shit and it won’t matter to them, and Stan won’t give a fuck either, but none of it makes Eddie feel any better.

- He can still remember the lepers taunts about how everyone will hate him and when Richie pushes it a little too far, Eddie freaks out and doesn’t talk to hm for a week.

- Richie lets it go, wanting to just enjoy the time they have left before he goes off to LA for college while Eddie is going to NY.

- Eddie leaves first and they spend their last night in town lying in the bed of Richie’s truck, kissing and looking at the stars, and Richie jokingly makes Eddie swear not to meet some cute nerd in NY and leave Richie for him. Eddie (less jokingly) makes Richie swear not to meet some hot blonde girl and run off with her.

- They write to each other the entire first semester and after meeting more gay people and starting to finally feel more confident in his sexuality and writes to Richie that he wants to tell the rest of their friends when they come back to Derry for Thanksgiving break

- Richie is ecstatic and even though he insists it will be fine if they just wing it, he goes along with Eddie’s extensively detailed plan about how it’s going to happen.

- Richie is the last person to arrive in Derry and Eddie plans to pick Richie up from the airport in Richie’s car, and brings the rest of the losers along to surprise him.

- but this was a terrible idea because as soon as Richie is out of the gate and sees Eddie he runs right up and grabs him and kisses him so hard he takes Eddie’s breath away, not even noticing the rest of the losers that are hanging back behind Eddie waiting to surprise him.

- Eddie melts into the kiss at first but then his eyes go wide when he realizes the rest of their friends are right there, but just before Eddie can shove Richie off of him, Beverly lets out a supportive cat call, and the rest of the losers join her right after

- Eddie makes sure Richie knows how pissed he is that Richie blew their plan, but is secretly pleased because all their friends surge them and pile onto them in a big group hug and tell them how much they love them, and are happy for them.

- Bev waits until later on to tell Eddie she had seen it coming for years, and he blushes as she ruffles his hair and walks away.


most time i think people don’t really understand how deep is richie’s character. he’s sort of that empty kid that sits all alone at the cafeteria, just with a bunch of depressing songs feeling like nothing at all.

i think he does all those stupid and sexual jokes to cover that emptyness he has always had at the bottom of his heart.

also, he really loves his friends and whenever one of them gets mad at him, he acts like ev'rything’s okay but in facts he’s crying and sobbing at his stupidity because he feels bad about one of the losers “hating” him.

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Aaron Hotchner!Father Figure X Spencer Reid

Word Count: 359

Requested: Anon

Request: Idk if we’re allowed to submit two requests but if so can I get a CM imagine with Reid and Hotch (not slash more like a father figure and son) just smth fluffy set in earlier season like 1&2

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Everyone had a soft spot for the boy genius of the BAU, his inability to understand social situation or behaviour passed an analytical standpoint meant that most people treated him like a child when explaining it, he never really thought that was a bad thing and often thanked his team for being patient but that was something that he never understood, how everyone could be so patient with him, no one seemed to get hurt or upset when he never understood the reason behind an action or the right things to say and that was why he was sitting alone today staring at the table frown deeply set on his face.

Hotch looked out for every member of his team but Reid well he needed to make sure that he was okay, it was harder for him to understand people and newer people were often offended for and he knew that could cause a problem for the younger agent, so when he saw that he was the only one still at the office he had to go over and speak to him. “Reid?” Hotch asked and the boy looked up.
“Oh Sorry I was-”
“Are you okay?” He asked and Reid looked up at him surprised.
“Well really… I was wondering what made everyone so patient with me, I know that some people find me annoying and infuriating but everyone here they are so nice.” Reid finally said and Hotch smiled softly to himself.
“Everyone is a little infuriating,” Hotch answered but Reid shook his head.
“No that’s different.” He decided.
“How so?” He asked.
“Well that normal but I’m not normal,” Reid answered.
“No but that’s the point, you different, you help because your different and the people here are understanding and you might need some time to learn but everyone is willing to wait and to help,” Hotch answered, “we always will help because you are part of the team, you are part of the family.”
“Thanks.” Reid smiled softly.
“See you tomorrow Reid.” Hotch smiled.
“See you tomorrow sir,” Reid answered before gathering his stuff and putting it all in his bag and leaving the office.

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that terf is a child that doesnt know what the fuck they're talking about- i almost felt bad reading their response tbh because you gotta be a miserable ass person to be that blatantly, unapologetically rude to someone. I hope something good happens to you soon deary, have a good night!

some crusty ass terf is sitting alone in the dark on a 10 year old Dell laptop feverishly tapping the refresh key on my blog waiting for me to say something vaguely trans positive so they can lunge out and sink their fangs into it so their 20 followers think they’re cool or someth

When you trust your own wonderful human imagination; 

When you can sit quietly all alone, asking help of no one; 

And really believe that your imaginal act is a created fact; 

And that in the interval of time necessary it is going to externalize itself;

And become a reality in your world;

You’re on the verge of rebirth.

Neville Goddard

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Help :c what should I do... The only friend I have got a new friend and she is a total bitch. I can't stand her but she is now everywhere with my friend and I am alone sitting there doing nothing.

Aww noo, I’m sorry to hear that.
I think you should try to talk to your only friend about the new one.
I’m going to assume that your only friend has been friends with you for a little while and that you’re able to speak to them about this matter.
I would try to talk to them and let them know that their new friend doesn’t seem to be a good person. If they disagree with you then its a little difficult because that might mean your only friend is blind to their bitchy-ness or is okay with it or something.

This is a tough situation because you might lose a friendship or be stuck with someone who makes you uncomfortable.
Weigh your options! Do what makes you the most happy in the end and if you end up by yourself for a little while, know that its okay! Because friends come and go. I’d rather be alone than stuck with people I hate just because I wanted friends.

Just think about it first (maybe make a pros and cons list) I wish you luck in your decision making and hopefully things turn out okay :))) let me know how things turn out Anon.

PS: noooo sweet summer child, you’re not a bother at all. :3

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Iris was all alone in dealing with the whole Francine and Wally situation. I know she was keeping it to herself, but watching her sit on the steps alone was a big no-no. It took for her to shed tears in front of Barry for him to notice something's wrong.

They did his character no favors.

*Shepard and Garrus both return from a mission*

Shepard: That was a rough one, I don’t think I’ve ever been so filthy in my life. Can’t wait to wash off.

Garrus: Yeah definitely.

Shepard: You know…..I have a really nice personal shower. Nice and private. And it’s big too. Very accommodating if more than one person wanted to use it at the same time for….whatever reason.

Garrus: I’ll bet.

Shepard: Especially since sometimes I have a hard time reaching certain places….and I’m really dirty. Sure would be nice if someone could come up to my room and help me out. In the Shower. Right now.

Garrus: Yeah…..Alright, well I’ll leave you to it then. See you later!

Shepard: …..

*two hours later*