Bonnie and Ash having a tag battle, Ash coaches Bonnie a bit on battling and with Pikachu’s help her and Dedenne perfect Parabolic Charge and Play Rough. They end up losing to the team of Clemont/Serena in practice but after their training they go on to battle a pretty strong team of trainers, Dedenne and Hawlucha come out as victors. Bonnie thanks Ash for the coaching he gave her and Bonnie is recognized as having a lot of potential from a young age from some major trainer. Bonnie makes it her goal to become the Lumiose Gym Leader when she grows up and also wishes to collect badges in the future. 

Q&A about SitruunaShipping...

Q1: Which couple is socalled “SitruunaShipping”?

A1: As you can just search it here, I’d like to say again and again: Ash & Bonnie.

Q2: Where are they from?

A2: Pallet Town & Lumiose City.

Q3: What means “Sitruuna”?

A3: It means “Lemon” in Finnish (Suomi), see Finnish Wikipedia.

Q4: Ooooops… you guys are a pedophilia.

A4: Say a Chinese: 喜闻乐见 (Pinyin: Xǐwénlèjiàn). There’s also many Shippings that coupled any ≥10s and ≤8s. e.g. AlfShipping - Ash (10) & Max (7)

Q5: Can you give some pictures of SitruunaShipping?

A5: Err… Tooooo many sorrrrry, my PS is not good so I can’t make your dreams true. Please, fell free to follow its tag (to Mainland China people: it’s confirmed as GFWed) or search it.

Q6: Or any articles of it?

A6: If I’ll have free time, then I’d like to try it.

Q7: Its Japanese couple name?

A7: IMO, サトユリ (SatoEure) or ユリサト (EureSato), sounds too hard to spell for me, so I gotta take as サトリーカ (SatoReka) / リーカサト (RekaSato).

Q8: Its Chinese couple name?

A8: Emm… 智尤/尤智?(小智x尤里佳?)

Q9: Is this my OTP?

A9: I SAID, NO. I don’t have any OTPs.

Q10: Its Russian name?

A10: Err… Саторика? (Сатоси и Эврика)

Q11: I have other problems about it?

A11: Just fell free to ask me.