just came home from our yearly wonderful cabin trip in ålo. 

i always look forward to this every year now for 4 years running. i really, really hope it’s gonna continue forever. i know maren is working so hard to make us all feel welcome and happy and relaxed, and i hope she knows that i appreciate it so incredibly much. i try to tell her that a lot, but i think it should be made public =) it’s not a simple task to arrange such a great gettogether for so many people every year (and i know something about gettogethers ;) )

anyway i will always be back <3

as for what is going on with my life, it’s very weird, but i have plans and things going on. i am currently trying to live through a strange apartment situation and on top of it all, i am working a lot and we have to move, and i’m going to italy next week and i’m not really sure how i can be social in the midst of it all, but i am sure that everything will be great =) this is a strange summer. or a strange year indeed.