NaNo Prep: Giving Your Hero a Reason to Heal

NaNo Prep season is here! Whether you’re already planning your novel, searching for inspiration, or planning not to plan your novel, we’ll be providing insights, tips, and writer fuel to help you hit the ground running in November. Today, author Alan Sitomer shares how you can give your protagonists drive—and find healing:

To have a great story you must have a great hero. And to have a great hero, you must beat the crud out of them.

Totally serious. Great heroes, over the course of great stories will have been dragged through the mud physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Maybe not in that order, but it will have happened. Each hurt should be wrenching, vivid and altering (if not downright scarring).

Indeed, to become a successful writer you must love your hero and hurt your hero. Why? Because readers love it! Why do they love it? Because the more formidable the challenge, the deeper down the hero must reach in order to achieve their goal and heal.

Over the course of a good story, the reader will come to experience a couple primary hurts:

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