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I guess I’m going to go out on a limb here and request that all my Toronto followers and friends spread the word:

I am looking for a roommate to rent out a room in my apartment for June-ish. Rent is $645 a month. This includes utilities but not internet, there’s on site washers and driers, as well as a foster cat and an xBox. MUST be queer friendly. I already posted something on Facebook without that part (too scared with family on there), and I’m getting responses from not queer friendly people that I don’t want to live with. 



706 380 9381 [txt only] 


I’m one queer trans guy with one sweet older cat. He or they pronouns. (Mine, that is; doubt the cat cares much.) We’re looking to move ASAP; Feb 1st 2015 being ideal. I have a steady full-time job, and can afford around $650 combined rent and utilities. I’m able to pay first/last/deposit upon move-in.

I’m looking for a room in a safe, stable, queer- and cat-friendly home. MARTA-adjacency is necessary, as is an on-site washer/dryer; everything else in terms of location and amenities is just gravy (albeit, gravy of varying levels of tastiness). So: a location in East Atlanta, Little 5 Points, or Decatur would be ideal, as would AC. I’m fairly clean and quiet and friendly, and my cat doesn’t take up much space. Smoker (but not inside); cool with and practitioner of reasonable substance use. 

Ultimately, I’m looking to stay somewhere for at least a year, but a good temporary situation while I look for something longer-term could be useful, too. I will need to be on some kind of lease or sublet documentation so I can work on getting my paperwork in order and have a good shared baseline of understanding with any roommates and landlords involved.

Thank you for reading, and please contact me if you have any information about an upcoming opening.


706 380 9381 [txt only]