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Reasons not to Flirt with Strangers - Trevor Collins x Reader

Title: Reasons not to Flirt with Strangers

Pairing: Trevor Collins x Reader

Word Count: 1,224

Author’s Note: This is a commission for the absolutely fantastic @chefgeofframsay. Go thank them by reading their stuff!!!

There are many reasons that you shouldn’t flirt with the stranger that just walked into the Laundromat, but you still feel yourself drawn to him. He is lanky and cute with bleached blonde hair and dark eyes. Your weakness. Still, you know that this is not the time and the Laundromat is not the place. You bite your lip and force yourself to consider the reasons that you should absolutely not flirt with the stranger.

1.       You are in your underwear.

You had counted and re-counted the number of quarters in your pocket as you stood in front of the washing machine. You had enough for either one washer and two dryers or two washers and no dryers. You were only two quarters short of two washers and two dryers. You counted your quarters again and still came up short.

You had originally planned on doing two separate loads of laundry so that you could change into clean clothes and wash the outfit you were wearing for another job interview tomorrow, but it was clear that you didn’t have that option. You glanced around the mostly-empty Laundromat. The only person there was an old woman who was too absorbed in her knitting to care about the world around her.

Fuck it.

You shoved all of your clothes into one washing machine and stripped down to your underwear. They, at least, were clean. (And a set!) You shoved the outfit in with the rest of your clothes and poured your laundry detergent into the machine. If the Laundromat had remained empty, you would have been fine.

Of course, he walked in, and you were not fine.

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I guess I’m going to go out on a limb here and request that all my Toronto followers and friends spread the word:

I am looking for a roommate to rent out a room in my apartment for June-ish. Rent is $645 a month. This includes utilities but not internet, there’s on site washers and driers, as well as a foster cat and an xBox. MUST be queer friendly. I already posted something on Facebook without that part (too scared with family on there), and I’m getting responses from not queer friendly people that I don’t want to live with. 


Hi, my name is Dean and I’m a 19 year old nonbinary person living with my partner (18, also nonbinary) in Chicago, IL. I am Deaf. My partner is also Deaf and uses an assistive device. We’re both art students and we watch bad movies on Netflix. We have a room available for $500/month starting June 1. The room includes a queen size bed, a television, and a shelving unit. 

There is a red, green, and orange line trains are within walking distance. Blue, pink and brown line trains are a bit farther, but still within walking distance. There are several bus stops within walking distance. There are several grocery stores, coffee shops, fast food, and restaurants within walking distance. We are close to several colleges, downtown, and stores. There is also a cleaners on-site. There is a washer, dryer, and dishwasher in unit. The building is accessible (doormen and elevators, low light switches, wide doorways). The kitchen is small, but the living room is open and large. The top level of the building has a lounge with free wi-fi, a party room available for resident use, two hot tubs (one on the roof and one inside), and a sauna.  Alcohol is fine, no smoking or drugs please. If you have any question or are interested, message me at or email me at 



706 380 9381 [txt only] 


I’m one queer trans guy with one sweet older cat. He or they pronouns. (Mine, that is; doubt the cat cares much.) We’re looking to move ASAP; Feb 1st 2015 being ideal. I have a steady full-time job, and can afford around $650 combined rent and utilities. I’m able to pay first/last/deposit upon move-in.

I’m looking for a room in a safe, stable, queer- and cat-friendly home. MARTA-adjacency is necessary, as is an on-site washer/dryer; everything else in terms of location and amenities is just gravy (albeit, gravy of varying levels of tastiness). So: a location in East Atlanta, Little 5 Points, or Decatur would be ideal, as would AC. I’m fairly clean and quiet and friendly, and my cat doesn’t take up much space. Smoker (but not inside); cool with and practitioner of reasonable substance use. 

Ultimately, I’m looking to stay somewhere for at least a year, but a good temporary situation while I look for something longer-term could be useful, too. I will need to be on some kind of lease or sublet documentation so I can work on getting my paperwork in order and have a good shared baseline of understanding with any roommates and landlords involved.

Thank you for reading, and please contact me if you have any information about an upcoming opening.


706 380 9381 [txt only]