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Hoe when you're not a hoe

So, there’s a lot y'all don’t know about me. Some things you’re just never gonna no. But let me let you in on this: I am shy as hell, awkward, and this is a post on how to hoe when you’re not a hoe.

Maybe you wanna experiment? Maybe you wanna be a hoe? Maybe you’re ready to hoe but too shy? Maybe you wanna look like a bad bitch? Or maybe you’re a hoe but you’re not but you are but you’re not- either way. I gotchu.

Confidence is key

Of course, the first one I add is on confidence you think. No, but seriously, confidence.

  •  If you don’t have conidence, fake it till you make it. If you pretend like you’re a bad bitch, you will eventually be a bad bitch.
  • Change your walk. yes, your walk. There’s a walk that will not only make you look like a bad bitch, but will make you feel like a bad bitch. Shoulders back, head high (? straight basically) and let your boobs lead the way. You want your arms swinging by your side casually and your hips doing it too, make it look casual. So don’t overdo it.
  • Tell yourself how much you love you every day.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel sexy. For me it’s a variety of things, but put me in skinny jeans, a tank top, adidas and let me put on some highlighter && I’ll be ready for anything.
  • Work  on yourself. Improve constantly. Instead of just being upset about your flaws, write them down and figure outhow to solve them. 

Ways to hoe

This all depends and such, but here you go. You may wanna be a sneaky hoe, a cute hoe, a obvious hoe. It doesn’t matter, these should help in some way.  So you can get that ish.

  • Learn the art of seduction. Seducing is a skill. If you want to seduce someone you should learn it. You can find tons of things online, everywhere. There’s sites with ways to seduce, give blow jobs, eat girls out…etc. Learn. Practice your expressions with random people (not forcing them into anything sexually, yall, just lots of eye contact…etc)  but do it in a way that you seem innocent. Gauge their reactions.
  • Sexting. Alright, this is for those that want to feel good sexually. This is for the one’s that are too shy to do anything up close and personal, but want to hoe. Or anyone, tbh. Sexting is a very common thing. If you want to sext, do your research. Don’t show your face…etc. You can always fake your confidence with sexting.
  • Hoeing that isn’t exactly hoeing. Maybe you like the aesthetic but don’t want dick. Maybe you want to wear racy things and flirt, but not fuck. I gotchu. Your goal is to wear something sexy. I mean sexy. Buy lingerie and wear it every chance you get. Mini skirts are your best friend. Flrit with body language, not just words.
  • Be your best. Be confident. If you want to wear makeup, do it. Girl ya highlighter is poppin.
  • Clubs & parties. Do I need to explain this one? Fuck who you want, boo!
  • The other options, are different. I won’t “recommend” them but I also won’t tell you not to do them. I’m not recommending them because of the struggle…etc. I’ve seen off of just this site alone. You could be an escort, a sugar baby, a stripper, a cam girl…etc But if you even consider this shit. Do your fucking research. Be of a legal age. Know what you’re doing before you go into it. And if you do go into it, have fun, baby.


I mean that. Don’t let ANYONE put you down for what you wear, do, or want to do. You do you. You wear what you want, do what you want, and take what you want. If they try to pull some bullshit, show them that you are a queen.

To look like a bad bitch:

Wear what makes you confident. But here’s some things I’ve just noticed as I see a lot of them or something.  In general:

  • Get your eyebrows done
  • Make sure your eyeliner & shadow is matching 
  • Highliiigghhhttt, highlight, highlight more highlight yes
  • Matte lips are common
  • So are glossy lips though
  • Chic/baddie/badass clothes
  • Coconut oil ur hair
  • Look at all the clear skin posts yall
  • Shave your legs
  • Smell good
  • Thigh high boot/heels are p common
  • Bbodycon happens a bit
  • But tbh wear what you wanna weat && love yourself

Please remember to be safe doing any of the things. Watch out for allergies when you read hoe tip posts, don’t follow everything you see, carry a self defense weapon, learn some self defense. Get it, boo.

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Fixing Misinformation Hurts

I’m seeing a lot of drawn out arguments pop up lately.
While I’m glad that it’s not on this blog for once, I think that these discussions are necessary, and yes, unpleasant. 
Correcting the fakelore and misinformation that has pervaded this community for so long is difficult and it causes a lot of stir. So many people claim to want to learn, but get angry if the new knowledge doesn’t follow their old knowledge. In truth, new knowledge should make you question what you’ve known before. 

As far as witchcraft goes, the misinformation on this site alone is appalling. One bit of misinformation can be spread quickly simply if it’s worded well or if it fits the popular view. When in fact, so many of the people who use the word ‘witch’ have absolutely no indication of that word’s past, meanings, and cultural contexts. It’s a word thrown about and used when talking about things that really have no correlation to the topic at hand. What’s more, they are resistant to learn the history and the perspectives that exist beneath the more popular modern ones. 
Discussions about history and folklore are difficult enough, simply because they don’t support what so many modern witches have been taught. When we get into conversations about praxis, it makes it even more complex. Then we have to compare perspectives on witchcraft, magic, power, history, tradition, etc. It’s a difficult conversation, but it is entirely necessary. Why? Because this is the history of witchcraft in the making. 

Perhaps it’s a harsh truth, but so many of the educated folks within the Occult community look down at modern witch movements and the sites that are rife with them. Yes, it is in part due to the praxis that so many have adopted. It’s also because of how severely uneducated and misinformed the communities are. My own opinion is that if you are informed, you can do as you please because you’re making the decision to practice that way consciously and not out of misinformation. If you know the history of modern witchcraft, its movements, that even though it has separated from Wicca it’s still heavily Wiccan, etc. then you are able to hold informed discussions with people about the thing that it is you do. Learn theories of magic. Learn the anthropological distinction between witchcraft and magic. Learn about how the word ‘witch’ was changed in modern movements. Learn theories that challenge other theories. Just learn. 

For the people who are putting out knowledge and correcting misinformation, job well done to you. It’s tough. Plenty of fights are started and kept up simply because you want to see people informed. I know the feeling well. Though there are plenty who are more than willing to fight rather than read, there are some who are soaking up the information and truly learning. They’re not always the most visible among the sea of arguments, but they’re there. Just keep it up.