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The Signs As Jedi Knights & Sith Lords
  • Aries Jedi: Increased physical ability, gets into trouble quickly, likes solving problems using action rather than word
  • Aries Sith: Extremely powerful, prefers lightsaber combat over using the force, rash and prone to anger
  • Taurus Jedi: Significantly force-sensitive and wouldn't know it, likes using the force for silly things, prefers to get others to do their work
  • Taurus Sith: Very bossy, likes force-choking people for fun
  • Gemini Jedi: Prefers to avoid conflict by thinking on their feet, adept diplomat and keen user of mind tricks
  • Gemini Sith: Sweet-talker who gets what they want through trickery, extremely lucky, can dual wield but rarely does
  • Cancer Jedi: Wants to protect people, good at finding problems due to being an empath, prefers force over saber
  • Cancer Sith: Succumbs to emotions quickly, vengeful, keeps a backup lightsaber, can be manipulative and cruel if necessary
  • Leo Jedi: Respects honor and rarely uses the force, tries to get the job done quickly, but not necessarily well
  • Leo Sith: Full of pride and likes taunting opponents, likes throwing their lightsaber
  • Virgo Jedi: Systematic doing work, can often see ahead and plan accordingly, prefers the force over lightsaber combat
  • Virgo Sith: Emotional but not noticeable, uses force lightning often
  • Libra Jedi: Strives for balance in all things, prefers diplomacy over combat entirely, equally adept in lightsaber and force techniques
  • Libra Sith: Understands the balances between the light and dark side, uses a double-sided lightsaber, uses superior tactics to gain an edge, master-strategist
  • Scorpio Jedi: Mainly does undercover work, master of mind tricks and mind reading, has a lightsaber shoto (dagger)
  • Scorpio Sith: Loves and strives for power, prefers to imprison and exhort rather than to kill indiscriminately
  • Sagittarius Jedi: Became a Jedi to explore, very good pilot, very flashy lightsaber style, relies on luck
  • Sagittarius Sith: Very exploitative, prefers to have subordinates do work for them, prone to restlessness
  • Capricorn Jedi: Lone wolf, doesn't like fighting but will bring the pain if provoked, good with telekinesis
  • Capricorn Sith: Cold and unforgiving, merciless, and kills with impunity, uses two lightsabers
  • Aquarius Jedi: Strives for peace, does not have a preference between diplomacy and combat, will do whatever it takes to complete a job
  • Aquarius Sith: Screws around a lot and gets into trouble often, likes the adrenaline rush, has force lightning
  • Pisces Jedi: Loves to help people and desires to be diplomatic but solves problems with mind tricks and combat more often, very force-sensitive
  • Pisces Sith: Very secretive and unpredictable, wise, wields lightsaber in reverse
Jedi vs Sith

*Check Saturn and Mars too*

Jedi: Libra, Taurus,Leo, Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer

Sith: Aries, Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio