UMMM!!!! This couple just won the cutest couple award…. in my book! and their photography is really crazy awesome! They recently launched their new SiteHouse website design with SHOWITand it looks killa! Manstrom Photography . Give em a high five… or a like or somethin!

They used BOXLIGHT which can be found here:

HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS! This feature comes to you via Briana Moore Photography who has a DARLING site… you HAVE TO see it! I love how she changed up the color palette 

She used Statement which can be found here:

Click through to check out the rest of Briana’s SUUUUPER cute and witty site!


Write all your website content before you start designing or implementing your site. This will ensure that your website is communicating what you need it to. Your website exists as a communication piece first and foremost so the wording and information is MOST important. You want to make sure you are designing the site around the content rather than creating the content around the design. Does that make sense? Create a doc (with any program) and include all the wording you need for your site before you jump in designing. Below are some helpful tips/questions for writing your content.

1// Besides a home page, about page, and contact page what other pages do you need for YOUR business specifically? List these out. For example: info page, services, FAQ, reviews page, featured in page, etc. ONLY include pages that you NEED to have. You can always add more fluffy entertaining pages later, but first start with the bare bones. This will also help you focus on whats TRULY important for your business.

2 // Create a focal point. What in your business are you most confident in? Make THAT shine on the website. For example: If you have KILLER chemistry with your clients and a TON of rave reviews about it then FEATURE it!! Don’t even bother with the “featured in” page because maybe you only have a couple of features. Emphasize your really strong points and let the other stuff go. That will help you stand out and remain true to yourself.