“…if there’s something that makes you laugh, then every day’s going to be okay.”
~Tom Hanks

I’m disliking how my lab wants me to do the pre-lab, but what can I do but follow their method if I want to pass? (And I WANT to pass.) Thankfully I have The Librarians playing in the background to keep me going. 

So, studyblr community, what TV show do you have playing when you work? Or in general?


Future Guide Dog breed line-up! 

You’ve got your two retrievers, Labrador and Golden. Followed by our two shepherd breeds, Collie and German Shepherd. The only breed I’m currently not working with in my group is the Poodle. 

I hosted my monthly meeting yesterday in Home Depot and we had a rockin’ time experiencing all the loud sounds and machinery. We also did some obedience work and distraction work and practiced stays and recall around other dogs.

Probs the funnest meeting I’ve led in a while.