Just little sensory-pleasing things about lab~ add your own!
  • the sound of tips clinking into a glass beaker
  • the magnetic click of the nanodrop
  • the cold smell of the -80 freezer
  • the slightly burnt smell of the autoclave when it’s doing plastics
  • the oat-y smell of the mouse food bin
  • the feel and smell of the ice machine
  • small crunchy ice pieces
  • making gels with the nice thin smooth pieces of glass
  • cracking open a pre-cast gel
  • tiny smooth smooth glass coverslips
  • the little test tubes with the push down lids that are nice to press
  • the sound, sight, and feel of aspirating anything
The dangers of a chem lab

As you know I work in a Natural Products research lab and today something unexpected happened.

Me and the others researchers assistants were cleaning up some glasswares and we found a beaker of 500ml (if I’m not wrong) with some extract (we thought it was an extract but it didn’t have a label). When we started to wash the person that was washing realized that the texture and the color was very strange, it was a bright orange. In the time, I thought it could be some substance with chromate. We weren’t expecting this because we don’t work with chromate. We asked a professor that was in the lab and he thought it really was chromate. We panic! We weren’t using gloves and masks because it wasn’t supposed to be anything dangerous in the sink. 

After we separated and labeled the chromate we texted our Ph.D. to inform what happened. She told us to wash our clothes, take a shower and drink much water when we arrived at home.

Well, it was an irresponsibility of the person that used the chromate not label the glassware, putting everybody in a complicated situation.

Anyway, a tip that I could give to everyone who works in a lab is to be careful in manipulating some substance that you don’t know what it is.