Just little sensory-pleasing things about lab~ add your own!
  • the sound of tips clinking into a glass beaker
  • the magnetic click of the nanodrop
  • the cold smell of the -80 freezer
  • the slightly burnt smell of the autoclave when it’s doing plastics
  • the oat-y smell of the mouse food bin
  • the feel and smell of the ice machine
  • small crunchy ice pieces
  • making gels with the nice thin smooth pieces of glass
  • cracking open a pre-cast gel
  • tiny smooth smooth glass coverslips
  • the little test tubes with the push down lids that are nice to press
  • the sound, sight, and feel of aspirating anything

Traditional ink drawing I did back on International Women’s Day this year. Based off of a quote from WIlliam Golding about how women are given something and return it as something greater.

I got the idea to make up line based off of this quote for Undertale’s main ladies. Here’s Alphys’s. I’ll post Undyne’s tomorrow.