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I think xxxHolic Rou

was not something CLAMP had ever planned on making. Since xxxHolic and Tsubasa started around the same time, I think that CLAMP meant them to end together. Thus, Watanuki saying he was taking over the store as payment would be the end. (And then CLAMP would probs include a crossover later so people knew more of what was going on because that’s just what they do.)

Honestly, everything after chapter 185 just… doesn’t feel right. It lacked the coherency of plot everything else had before it, because the climax had already happened, and the conflict had been resolved. I think CLAMP was pressured by the magazines to continue serialization, thus Rou was crap on ice.

Of course I could be wrong, but I mean… It was entirely unlike the rest of the series, and gave off a very dragged on feel.

Since I think this was the magazine’s fault and not CLAMP’s, I don’t hate them for the ending. I hate the ending, though. Fo rizzles, it sucked. Chapter 185 would have sufficed as a good CLAMP ending, imo…

Now don’t get me wrong, I love what you’ve done with the place,

I just wish we had a chance to help build it,

Instead of moving into this home of disrepair,

and expected to work,


and then share,

constantly relying on consuming to feel content,

but only cause we lost touch with this home that we’ve spent,

trillions of dollars paying for our wants and not our needs,

and now we’re growing tired of planting there bleary eyed seeds.


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