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If you ever wanted to know what a Dinosaur looks like when it moved, this a great example of one. 

The Roadrunner is a very common animal in the Mojave and other deserts of the American South West. They get their name from being most visible on roads because they’re smaller birds that are very hard to see in the brush. They’re quick little things that are very active hunters and will run down and kill prey.

Their diet consists of lizards, mice, snakes and anything else they can kill and swallow. They have been observed stomping on the heads of snakes then lancing them with their beaks. 

The Roadrunner is a pretty active predator and they are usually solitary animals but they have even been seen taking small fish or frogs from streams and ponds. 

They can fly but much as a Pheasant they tend to only fly short distances. They are much more suited for running than flying. 

The old cartoon where the Roadrunner outruns the Coyote is false. While the Roadrunner is fast, the Coyote is faster in reality. 

True story

I was reading a Malec smut like normal person.All of a sudden my friend snatched my phone out of my hand.She was trying to read it while running.You talking about someone ran so fast they turned into a real life roadrunner.My adrenaline was so high I didn’t feel I was tired until after I got my phone back. I literally felt
like a shadowhunter on a speed and stamina rune.I chased her to the other side of the school.I got my phone back too and she only got to read a word.


1970 Plymouth Roadrunner by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
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