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anon prompted: “Darren singing ‘Picture Perfect’ to Mia for the first time in private.”

“Can we just have a night in tonight, babe?” Mia asked, lying on Darren’s bed. Her legs were draped over Darren’s lap as he laid down, naming all the things they could do that night.

“Yeah, of course! Is anything wrong?” he asked, sitting up. His fingers were slowly tracing the bones in her ankles. Mia shook her head as she chipped away her nails. “I can tell something is wrong. Talk to me.”

Mia took a deep breath.

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Picture Perfect

Chapter: 1

Author’s Note: This is my first ever AU, so if it sucks I’m so very sorry :o Please don’t yell at me if it’s bad, and the story will get better I promise you.  It’s a bit difficult to write some parts, and you’ll tell which parts those are as you read. 


It’s her first day.  Is it terrible?  Not exactly.  But it wasn’t great either.  Being transferred to a school that’s filled with nothing but a bunch of extremely talented girls makes her feel out of place.  Having to board at this school makes her feel even more alone.  She doesn’t have the support from her family or home friends.

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Darren Criss - Picture Perfect - Silver Spring (6/30/13)

this was the BEST picture perfect girl of the whole tour. fucking adorable.