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Good Morning Sun-Klaine

Waking up had become one of Kurt’s favorite things to do, which was very strange for any teenager. It’s different, though, when you’re sleeping spooned up next to your fiancé though. Especially on weekends like this one. Kurt lifted his head groggily and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table in the room he shared with Blaine. It read 10:00 am-which made Kurt smile. Carole and his father had been gone since eight, and Finn was working until five. Fantastic, he thought, grinning blissfully as he felt the arm wrapped around his waist tighten grip on his body. Blaine was still asleep, his chest rising and falling against Kurt’s back rhythmically, the soft breaths tickling Kurt’s unclothed skin gently.

Kurt nestles into Blaine’s warm embrace once more, sighing in total contentment. His mind was still hazed from sleepiness, his body still slowly awakening. Kurt was usually an earlier riser than today, but he figured it made sense. Blaine had kept him awake, teasing and kissing and making him pant and hiss against the pillows because “Stop, Blaine, please-my dad’s across the hall.” He loved every second of it, but it made sense now as he awoke, a little sore in strange places. It makes him giggle a little, the embarrassment that never ceases to flush his cheeks and make him smile like a lunatic. This is what love feels like, he thinks.

He turns himself around in Blaine’s grip, shifting their bodies. Kurt presses a peck onto his fiance’s forehead, then another on his cheek, on his nose, his eyelid. He loves how soft Blaine’s skin is all over, as their naked bodies press against one another. Kurt knows he’s hard already, biology takes over in the morning, and so does morning breath, but he doesn’t seem to care as he slips one of his hands down to rest on Blaine’s hip, rubbing circles gently into the sacred skin. He thinks about how Blaine’s his, how no one will be able to touch him like this, not ever-if he has anything to say about it. Kurt kisses Blaine’s lips now, coaxing him awake. “Morning, sleepyhead,” he grins, his voice a little rough from sleep. 

Audition Now! More bios coming soon!

After winning their first national title, more then half of the New Directions members graduated and went there separate ways. Now considered underdogs, we will follow the twist and turns of the current members, along with everyone’s favorite graduates as learn what real life is about, and how to make there dreams come true.

So far today:

  • Starter Elliot (Bran) Gryffindor common
  • Starter Nadine (Bran) Divinations classroom
  • Jenna (Monica)
  • Tal (Monica)
  • Gideon (Mary)
  • Starter Sirius (Mary) Flashbacks
  • Starter Peter (Mary) Great Hall

Working on:

  • Nothing

Unstarted replies:

  • Vicky (Belle)
  • Kari (Monica)

Plottage yet undecided/unthreaded:

  • Belle and Elliot – past?
  • Belle and Davey – past?
  • Mary and Lily
  • Mary and Chase
  • Bran and Brogan
  • Bran and Remus
  • Bran and Callie
  • Bran and Sirius
  • Charlie and Molly
  • Charlie and James
  • Charlie and Nora
  • Charlie and Dominique
  • Nicholai’s app
  • (Monica is off the list until she co-operates – I am struggling with the threads I have with her, and no need to add to that right now)


Blaine Anderson needed!

Ten members of the New Directions are about to be tested in a way they could never imagine. They’re told they’re being taken to Indian Island to be on a reality TV show, but learn they are sadly mistaken when they start dropping off dead. Now stuck in a mansion, the killer seems to know each and every one of their dirty secrets. Is the killer among them or is someone actually watching them?

Blaine Anderson|Secret: Up to Player