‘Fühlen is Heilen:’ To Feel Is To Heal. Dietmar Busse at 'The Photography Show.’

Last Thursday, I left work and got in the subway at Rockefeller Center to see ‘The Photography Show,’ presented by The Committee and AKArt at Site/109 on Norfolk Street. (The show will be on view until Saturday, December 20th at 6 p.m.)

Little did I know I would be stuck in the subway for an hour and a half, as there was a smoke condition on West 4th Street and the orange line stalled when electricity was turned off at that station.

After emerging, I hurried on to the gallery. I said hello to Dietmar, who already knew what had happened as Sara had heard about the train trouble and told him what happened.

I greeted Runn and Van and took my coat off, revealing a t-shirt that Dietmar had gifted me…one he had embroidered months earlier, with motifs that appear on his latest works.

On the back of the t-shirt, Dietmar had embroidered the expression ‘Fühlen is Heilen,’ which means ‘to feel is to heal.’ I was so moved when he gave me the t-shirt months ago…I decided I would first wear it to his next opening. (I completed the look with my favorite A.P.C. New Petit Standard jeans and rubber Gucci loafers.)

After looking at Dietmar’s work, I checked out the rest of the exhibit with Runn, and then Dietmar and I posed for photos in front of his work, as we like to do back in his studio.

Dietmar’s latest ouevre incorporates layers of photography and drawing. Photographic images are veiled by meticulously drawn motifs in ink. Their mysterious quality draws the viewer in, radiating an emotional richness.

I felt honored because a portrait Dietmar had taken of me was featured in the premiere issue of “The Excellent People" magazine, which is available at the show. I looked at the publication and held it in front of me; Dietmar took my photo showing it in meta fashion. 

After the show, I headed on with Van, Runn and his friend Simon to the Castillo de Jagua, and we had a lovely meal.