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wait help i was asleep all day what was the discourse™

super vague shit about someone allegedly outing an unnamed nhl player on social media but like

a. there are no details. Like this is the vaguest discourse because nobody’s outwardly saying who either party is (though I’m pretty sure who/what its about)

b. clearly if anyone in the league were truly outed, it would be pretty significant news 

c. believing some rando on tumblr is dating an nhl player without any legitimate evidence is gullible as fuck and no matter what said rando says about the player, it’s probably not a threat to their career lmao

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Relationship status: lmao single

Favorite color: maybe like a dark purple? nice and fancy

Pets: (not with me at the dorms) but I have a puggle named Belle

Last song I listened to: Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford & Sons

Favorite TV show: does critrole count? I don’t watch much TV lol

First Fandom: probably pokemon honestly. That and Hawksong. First tumblr fandom was FMA though

Hobbies: literally all I do is play d&d and video games thats it

Books I’m reading: ummm nothing new currently. rereading Warbreaker and probably going to reread Hawksong for the billionth time tonight. I need new books…

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"Real" People

Beware of surrounding yourself only with people who share the majority of your views and opinions. As soon as you insulate yourself against different points of view, you begin to see only those like you as “real” people, and other people as less valid.

“Real” bloggers. “Real” gamers. “Real” (insert political party). “Real” (insert nationality). “Real” (insert religion.) These notions are inherently flawed and destructive.

EVERY person is a “Real” person. Look beyond your own perspective and priorities, and learn to recognize that people who see the world differently are just as valid as you are.

Stay safe

Hey, registration, cool! But reg windows also come with risks, so stay safe y'alls.

Newbies, take caution with deals and make sure you aren’t getting ripped off! Also, check out your flight subforums for giveaways and help with the site.

Older players, keep an eye out for any odd gem sellers or buyers out there! Look at the join dates and make sure they match up to items offered (ex. a 2015 newbie would be unlikely to have any sprites).

If you ever have an experience you’d like to share with others, good or bad, please submit to here! This blog relies on the activities of others to stay reliable.

Important Announcement

Hi folks,

Due to some messages we’ve received on tumblr regarding bullying and hate blogs, we would like to make a statement while this website is still young. Please be advised that we will aggressively respond to, in any and all legal avenues, any method of attempting to tarnish our brand by attacking players with off-site player bullying. In pet site communities, this is commonly seen with “hate blogs” that attack and target game players.

Clanheart would caution you against participating in, creating, or engaging in any off-site bullying in any connection to Clanheart. We can and will hold those who do so legally responsible for the use of our brand, any of our brand images, or any other Clanheart content in connection with off-site bullying.

Clanheart Staff do not care if you want to vent or discuss your opinions about the game itself or the game features, but we will not tolerate attacking players in any capacity.

Thank you for understanding.