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The species announced for Project Octavo thus far! From left to right - Dragons, Quetzals, Griffins, Hippogriffs, Unicorns, Kirins.

Three more hybrids are being created at the moment and more to still yet come. But these will be kept secret until the game is ready.. 

I will have some more exciting things to share soon!

Project Octavo has an official name!
Welcome to Mythaura!

After weeks of to-and-fro and constant nagging for feedback from my incredibly patient peers, the once Project Octavo now has graduated from it’s project name and is now sitting comfortably in its new permanent title, Mythaura.

The name has obvious elements from its mythological beast theme, and importance to the world Mythaura resides in. I hope to shed more light on the lore in the coming weeks, for now it needs a little more polish. I also have a couple more things to complete before launching the Patreon.

A new Twitter and Facebook page have been created for anyone who wants to follow on anything besides Tumblr.

Thank you all for your kind words, support and feedback thus far! They have been so invaluable to me and I can’t thank you all enough.  Exciting times ahead!

Hello everyone! Since we have some new front end devs hard at work on Dappervolk, we’re going to go ahead and open up Alpha Testing Applications!
If you want to apply to be an Alpha Tester, read our requirements, fill out the form below, and email it to us at!

Send all applications to!

Name or alias:
Most used email:
Country & Timezone:

What are some qualities that you think will make you a good Alpha Tester? 
What are your main interests when playing a pet/avatar site?
Extra: Anything else you’d like to mention, such as special hobbies/skills, etc.

Hello everyone, we’ve sent out about 100 emails to all selected alpha testers! Thanks so much to everyone who applied, it was a lot to read through but we got so many nicely written apps. We’re hoping to get Alpha Testing started in a week or two, and it will last 2-4 weeks! I’ll be streaming some gameplay on our twitch server as well.

If you didn’t get in, beta should be much easier to get into as long as you sign up within the open registration windows! We’re planning to start up beta after the kickstarter, so most likely around June.

In other news, we’ll be releasing a Support Bundle during Alpha that you guys can buy with usd. This should supplement our budget pre-kickstarter and help a great deal with site development. Anyone who purchases a bundle will receive an email with an item redeem code that they can use in Alpha, Beta, and the Official Launch (3 times? That’s because account information will be wiped after each testing phase, but the codes will still work). Stay tuned for image previews and pricing for the bundle once Alpha testing rolls around!

Tiger emojis, rated

A nice boy with good fur, on the prowl 9/10

WHOAH!!!!! ACTION MAN ON THE LOOSE!!!!!!!!! 23/10

Thickly, very orange, but still fluff. A hard 7/10

I would never body shame a tiger but that is why I suspect this is a leopard, or cheetah. a tragic disgrace but still a very stalwart lady 2/10

out of focus but points for complex stripes 4/10

where’s her eyes?? is her tail ok? I think this is just a bad guess at a tabby cat 2/10

This is just a tabby cat recolor. this is like a virtual pet site where you can ‘color’ your pets in a blatant rip off of neopets, and one of the choices was ‘jungle’ or something. Cute, but not a tiger 0/10

wow! those eyes, that look, perfect stripes, you know she’s walking and KNOWS where she’s going! 10/10

A sad body, a sad tail, 0/10

A courageous warrior cat from river clan 8/10

The sass! That angle! So different, so natural. Confusing angle on the body but points for cheek fuzz. He disapproves of me 9/10

Well folks, that’s just plain a tiger 10/10


A small selection of random of Dragon color combinations with the Ocelot marking! 4 parts of a beasts color can be modified through breeding and offspring - Base, Under, Top and Special. In the Dragons case that would mean Body, Belly, Wings and back, Ocelot.

 Though players will not be limited to one Special, they can be mixed and matched to a maximum of 3. These customization options can lead to some pretty unique beasts. Hopefully this will all make more sense once a creation demo is released! Check out the color possibilities from this post here.

I snuck out to take a super quick shower while she was still asleep and she took my warm spot. At least she’s shuffling around some on her own now.