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Some early previews for the Dragon.
Gosh this base gave me so much trouble, from colour leaks to lineart trouble to layer issues. This is not final. I guess I’m just posting here now for a bit of a break and for my own sanity lmao. Unicorn is next!

I should mention, I am hoping for the creature images to have the dimensions of 845 x 670 on the website. Tumblr scales and blurs these previews down considerably, but if you click the images then you can get an idea of how they’ll look.

Keen to hear your opinions as always! :V


A few tests for the Griffin breed.

My goal is to have 4 separate color areas for all creatures. Base color, Underbelly color (eg: belly, paws, under wing) Top color (eg: mane feathers, tail feathers, arm feathers) and Specialty color (eg: ocelot)  

Specialty colors are not always visible. They may be obtainable via breeding or other means. 

This base for the Griffin is not final. It was mostly a test for myself to see how I can make bases for Octavo easy and efficiently. I think I got it ovo Just gotta see how I easily can add mutations to the mix now. .. . tomorrow ahaa imsotired

Tiger emojis, rated

A nice boy with good fur, on the prowl 9/10

WHOAH!!!!! ACTION MAN ON THE LOOSE!!!!!!!!! 23/10

Thickly, very orange, but still fluff. A hard 7/10

I would never body shame a tiger but that is why I suspect this is a leopard, or cheetah. a tragic disgrace but still a very stalwart lady 2/10

out of focus but points for complex stripes 4/10

where’s her eyes?? is her tail ok? I think this is just a bad guess at a tabby cat 2/10

This is just a tabby cat recolor. this is like a virtual pet site where you can ‘color’ your pets in a blatant rip off of neopets, and one of the choices was ‘jungle’ or something. Cute, but not a tiger 0/10

wow! those eyes, that look, perfect stripes, you know she’s walking and KNOWS where she’s going! 10/10

A sad body, a sad tail, 0/10

A courageous warrior cat from river clan 8/10

The sass! That angle! So different, so natural. Confusing angle on the body but points for cheek fuzz. He disapproves of me 9/10

Well folks, that’s just plain a tiger 10/10

I managed to get really lucky today and find a nocturne scroll in one of my chests! So, let’s keep the luck going and give it away!


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Araknea Thornstalker- You’re going to need a bigger book….

Araknea Moonward- seen as an ill omen to both dragons and other beast clans. These araknea are raised from birth to be the personal elite guard of the Swarm Queen and rarely leave her side.

Might try recoloring them later *tilts head*, but the males are done for now. Hey I didn’t forget their jewelry this time! For reference, Araknea are the size of….. eeeh…………… Mirrors or Wildclaws? Around 5M.