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Things BTS needs to bubble wrap for their own safety like OMG

* The Dorm

* Music Video Shooting Sites

* Practice Rooms

* Any hotel room they’ll ever be in

* Interview rooms

* Their own shoes

* Their face masks

* Their in-ears

* Their shirts

* Their pants

* Staff

* Staff’s shirts

* Staff’s pants

* Ryan

* Mario

* Gucci HQ

* Puma

* Vlive

* Twitter

* Their phones

* Their hands

* Their feet

* Their heads

* Can we get them helmets?

* Themselves tbh like???


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Guests keep leaving reviews on our hotel site saying we need to renovate. We have signs posted everywhere saying we are in the middle of renovation. We tell our guests we are renovating. My favorite are the ones who complain directly about the renovation ("the water was off for an hour" "loud sawing and hammering" "i saw sawdust!") in their review... and then still leave a comment that we need to renovate.

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Headcannons for the main 3 + Phichit going to the Disney parks with a s/o who's never been or is just very excited. Like, what kind of rides would they get on, who'd be the one to book an on-site hotel room?


-Buys all the merch and spends a shitton of money on it in general (Includes booking a book on-site)

-Tries to be cool and go on all the scary rides, but ends up throwing up

-He sticks to those cup thingies for the rest of the stay


-He’d really, really love to go on the scary rides with s/o, but he’s just too scared

-He’d rather go to the tame ones, and will be very happy if s/o’s okay with that

-Gets a bit overexcited about the food


-When he sees s/o buying fake mouse ears he almost falls over

-Tries to refuse them, but s/o wins

-The things he does for s/o…


-Almost as excited as s/o!

-He’ll go on so many different rides over and over again

-Don’t tell anyone, but as a kid, he was really scared of them and went on so many to get rid of the fear. He now adores them, somehow.

Original quote from Jeff :

When I started writing “Ghost,” the song that goes [he sings] “Ghost ghost I know you live within me,” we thought we had a ghost living in the house, in the bathroom. So I locked the door and started to sing to the ghost in the bathroom. But that was sort of like singing about the ghost who we thought was whistling in the other room, and that kept waking me up, and then also a ghost that may or may not live within me. And it ended up being a reference to Anne Frank, too. A lot of the songs on this record are about Anne Frank.

“Hey, what’s this green stuff?”

@stanchez-sloppy-seconds ‘ Rick janitors, C-382 and C-594, are on cleanup duty after a Rick bites it in a creepy hotel. On site to investigate the death is my guard Rick, C-883

I couldn’t settle on a colour scheme so now it’s CRT-coloured in red, green, and blue…! Drawing Citadel Ricks is unexpectedly fun. D: <3

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Do you have any tips for international students who want to study abroad? I really want to study in Canada, but financially I am torn. I feel terrible. I'm a junior at the moment.

Hi love!! Here are my financial tips for students wanting to study abroad. :) 

  • Use Skyscanner Price Alert. This tool takes your desired flight and sends you alerts when the price changes. It also does the same for hotels! 
  • Use Airbnb or stay in hostels rather than other, pricier alternatives. 
  • Consider alternative modes of transportation. Taking taxis and planes can add up to a lot of money quickly. Rome2Rio will help you compare your trip with the prices of different modes of transportation - bus, ferry, plane, taxi, etc. 
  • Find student discounts. I know for a fact that some airlines and Eurail offer discounts for students. Eurail even offers a whopping 35% discount. 
  • Couchsurfing lets you stay on someone’s couch. 
  • Keep in mind a lot of ATMs charge more abroad than in the USA. Some even charge you $5 to take out cash, so I recommend taking out a good amount of cash at once. 
  • Cut the costs of international calls by using Skype, FaceTime, etc! 
  • Figure out what you’ll need to buy in your new country, but figure it out before you arrive there. Plan for what you’ll need to buy in your budget. 
  • Make a financial plan and start saving! $20 weekly builds up quickly. 
  • Consider cancelling your cable to slash those costs. Netflix and Hulu aren’t extremely expensive! 
  • Donate plasma before you go abroad. The first three times I went to donate plasma, I got $150 each time! 
  • Ask for gift cards for hotels, airlines, and gas stations for your birthday or for holidays. 
  • Invest in a coffee maker if you’re a coffee drinker. Those $4 lattes really can add up. 
  • According to FareCompare, flights are cheapest on Tuesdays at 3pm. 
  • Get a credit card with cash-back options or travel rewards. 
  • Use GasBuddy to compare the prices of gas in your area. 
  • StudentUniverse gives discounts on airfare. 
  • Try applying for some scholarships! This should help with tuition costs. 
  • Avoid eating out some nights by preparing your own food. 
  • Set up a monthly budget for after you arrive abroad. 
  • has hotels and hostels with NO payment when you book and free cancellations!!! I ALWAYS use this site when I book hotels. 
  • Make sure you understand the cost of living in your destination. 
  • Look at the currency exchange rates in your destination. Study how they’ve changed. 
  • allows you to volunteer in order to pay off student loans! 
  • Don’t hesitate to talk to your school’s financial aid advisor. 
  • Consider starting a fundraiser through YouCaring or GoFundMe. Keep in mind, GoFundMe does take a portion of every donation. YouCaring does NOT. 
  • Tutor others through or TutorCare. You’ll get paid and it seems like some pretty easy money. 

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Prompt: You and Greg are both in the force, unrequited love situation- oh so you think, you guys have a fight, so you leave the force and get a job in Stockholm- and you don't tell him- carry on the story PLEASE WRITE A GREGXREADER FIC, PLEASE YOUR WRITING TRUMPS EVERYONE ELSES

A/N: Firstly thank you for the request, I hope you like it! And secondly uhhh THANK YOU! 😭❤️ that’s so sweet of you to say that about my writing! It’s made my week so thank you so so so much!

P.s. It’s a tad long (I got carried away)


You couldn’t help but look behind your shoulder hearing a light laugh echoing around you. You caught yourself smiling, it disappeared before anyone else could notice. You looked down to your gun and loaded it, trying to focus on something else other than the man behind you.

“You okay?”

Your focus vanished.

You turned on the spot to face Greg “Yeah, I’m fine. How are you?”

Greg smiled, you were the only one to ask him how he was feeling “I’m alright. You know the plan of attack?”

“Do you think I’m an amateur?” You teased “Course I know.” He nodded with a small smirk before talking off. You let out a sigh and placed your gun in your holder. You couldn’t help but feel that the feelings you felt for Greg were one sided. You had been crushing on him for years.

You got into position, waiting for the signal to go and as soon it was given, you stealthy manoeuvred around the building in attempts to find the suspect. You caught Greg out of the corner of your eyes and smiled to yourself again.

But you let your guard down and the suspect took advantage of that.

His towering figure knocked you to the ground causing you to whack your head off the concrete.

You looked up and saw him run off until one of the other officers grabbed him and managed to cuff him. You rubbed the spot that hit off the ground, it was warm and wet. You pulled your fingers back and let out a groan seeing the blood on your hand.

“Y/N?” You looked up and saw Anderson “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” you grumbled as he helped you up “Where’s-” you cut yourself off as your eyes caught onto Greg who was chatting and laughing away with one of the female officers.

“Where’s who?” Anderson asked and you snapped back into reality.

“No one, it doesn’t matter…” You huffed out and held onto your head as you started walking. You cursed yourself for being so stupid, letting him of all people distract you with his stupid perfect face and his stupid perfect smile, those stupid perfect things caused you to get hurt in the first place. In more ways than just the cut on your head.

You walked to your car, constantly wiping away the blood that was dripping down the side of your face.

“Hey!” You felt a hand grab on to your wrist “You’re in no fit state to drive home!”

“I’m fine, Greg!” You spoke through gritted teeth and tugged your hand out of his grip.


You cut him off “Oh Greg will you just fuck off!” His eyes widened at your sudden outburst “Stop pretending you care about me!” You screamed, capturing everyone’s attention.

“Stop shouting and I’ll take you home!” He snapped.

“Just leave me alone…I can get home myself, you can get back to that young officer you were attempting to chat up earlier.” You walked away from him and got into your car, despite greg calling you back dozens of times.

You didn’t know how you managed to get home in one piece, the blood loss was making you dizzy. You cleaned up your wound and put a plaster over it, luckily it wasn’t as bad as you initially thought. You sat yourself down on the couch and grabbed your laptop. You thought checking over your emails would help clear your mind a little.

Instead-one email in particular- made your mind whirl even more. A friend who had moved to Sweden about a year ago had sent you an email describing her adventures in great detail and attaching photos of where she had visited.

At the end of the email she had wrote; ‘You’re welcome to visit me (and Stockholm) anytime! Hope to see you soon x’

Your fingers twitched over the keyboard, you were about to reply but your fingers took you elsewhere, to various airline sights and hotel sites. Then you found yourself looking at long term rentals, then more permanent homes. The more you looked the more you felt a pull to move. You checked out the website that had information about the police force in Stockholm. It would be fairly simple to get in, you could fast track your application and be accepted within a week.

So you filled out the application form.

You had been stuck with DI Dimmock all week which you were half thankful for. At least you hadn’t seen Greg although Dimmock constantly brought up what happened the week prior.

“He just wants to talk to you yanno,” Dimmock told you, again, and you rolled your eyes, again.

“I don’t want to talk to him.” You uttered out and slumped in the seat of the police car you were stuck in with him.

“You’ve always been stubborn,” he laughed “I remember the day you first joined. You argued with the HR department all day, asking them to move your desk because you didn’t want to sit across from Anderson.” Dimmock giggled away in his seat.

“Can you blame me?” You asked raising a brow and before you knew it he had parked up beside your front door “Thanks for the lift home.”

You reached to open the door and grab your bag but froze when he said “See you Monday!”

You turned to him with a fake smile “Sure! See you then.” You grabbed your bag and made sure the letter you had written had intentionally fell out “Bye Dimmock.”

You shut the door over only to open another, your front door. You smiled at the bags that were lying beside it. You wouldn’t see Dimmock on Monday. You’d be in Stockholm.

‘I quit.’

After two years Greg was still heartbroken with your two worded letter. He felt like it was his fault you had left. Greg had no idea where you had went, it was as if you had vanished into thin air.

He always regretted how that day had turned out, he wanted nothing more than to make sure you were alright, hug you all night and take care of you until your head was better…he’d even continue to take care of you after you had healed.

But what you said stuck with him; ‘Stop pretending you care about me!’

Greg did care. Couldn’t you tell? He tried his very best to try and let his feelings to be known to you but you were oblivious, and Greg didn’t exactly try his best. Nerves always got the better of him.

Greg sighed and mindlessly played with his pencil that was lying on his desk. That was until Donovan barged in with a panicked expression “Sir! Turn on the news!”

You glanced down at your watch and let out a sigh at how long it was taken you to make a simple deposit at the bank. There was only two people in front of you as well.

You feet began to involuntary tap in attempts to pass the time but you jumped when you heard a cashier scream. You sent wide eyed and saw the man in front of you point a gun at the woman.

The man standing in front of you made an attempt to run but the gunman turned around and shot him in front of you eyes “Get down!” He screamed at you, looking clearly distraught at what he was doing and at what he had just did “I said get down!” He pointed the gun at you and it took you a few moments to register the situation you were in. You put your hands up and lay on the ground. The shooter told the woman behind the desk to come out and she did, lying beside you.

“It’s okay,” you tried to soothe the sobbing woman, you knew it wouldn’t be much use but you tried. “What do you want?” You calmly asked the gunman who was pacing anxiously on the tiles “Money?”

“It’s too late for money!” He screamed at you and pressed the gun to your head.

“Okay!” You whispered out, trying to remain calm “Okay what do you want?”

“I lost everything!” He screamed and wiped away a tear with his palm while holding the gun-shakily-in his other hand. “I lost my wife, I lost my child, my home all because this place wouldn’t give me a loan.”

“Okay…” you slowly spoke and held your hands up in defence “I’m sure we can help you.”

“No you can’t!” He roared and you lightly shut your eyes.

“Well I can try but in order for me to try you have to let the woman beside me go…” he raised a brow at your request “There isn’t much point of her being here if I’m the one helping you.” He was about to speak again but was cut off my police sirens. The woman had obviously pressed an alarm.
“Let her out now. I can help you. I can talk to the police.” You tried to convince him and you had barely managed to.

He let her go.

Shortly after he was dragging you to a phone, you could see all the police officers outside with guns, some of them your friends and colleagues. You picked up the phone that rang “Hello?” You answered, conscious of the gun being pointed to the back of your neck. You had a conversation with your superintendent “Do not shoot on any account.” You firmly demanded “And why the hell are news crews so close? Tell them to get back! Listen I’ll be-” the gunman cut the line.

“Sit on the floor now.”

“Can you get a flight so soon?” Donovan asked as Greg ran out of the office.

He saw you on TV with a gun pointed to your head, he wasn’t going to just sit about. It did surprise him to learn where you had been all this time.

“I don’t care if it costs ten grand I’m getting on the next flight!”

You pressed your head to the wall as your captor sat across from you with his gun still firmly in his grip.

“What’s your name…?” You softly asked. You received silence “I’ll tell you mine, it’s Y/N.”

“Why are you telling me this?” He sneered.

“Passing the time…” you trailed off and glanced up to the clock. Five hours had dragged in.

“Adrian,” he uttered.

You smiled at him. Not because you learned his name but because an idea popped into your mind. You had studied the infamous ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ before. Funny how you had ended up in the same predicament as those people did in the 1970’s. You could do your best to act like you trusted him with your life and maybe then you could convince him to let you go.

“It’s a nice name. I know you mean good by this situation…”

“What makes you say that?” His voice lightened.

You shrugged “You want justice. I admire that.”

You saw him smile to himself. He was beginning to believe that you trusted him.

Greg made it to the scene, police officers had to restrain him back before he showed them his badge “I know her!” He said “She’s my-” he cut himself off, not quite sure what you were to him now. He knew what he wanted you to be. He passed through the guards and saw you sitting crossed leg across from your captor…smiling?

He saw your lips move, he was certain you spoke his name.

If he was in there he would have realised that he was right.

“So who was this Greg to you?” Adrian asked.

“He was someone I loved. A part of me still loves him. I don’t think he ever felt the same…” you trailed off with a sad smile and Adrian looked to the floor.

You looked over and saw the dead body that had been lying for almost nine hours now. It was getting dark outside but in the bank the lights were bright and harsh, making your eyes constant squint to adjust to the brightness.

“What will happen if we leave?” Adrian asked in a whisper.

You went wide eyed and sat up a bit straighter “I won’t let anything bad happen to you. I’ll make sure you are okay.”

“Okay…” he reached his hand out for you to take, the other still held the gun.

You slowly walked out with him, he was holding you close. Your eyes caught onto a silver haired figure “Greg…?” You whispered out and Adrian heard you.

“That’s him?” He asked and you nodded, barely noticing the hundreds of gunmen around you “He must really love you if he came here.”

You blinked and tore away your gaze from Greg to look at Adrian “I miss my love…” the gunman sadly smiled and attempted to shoot himself but you quickly grabbed onto his whist and twisted it causing him to drop the gun before you tackled him to the ground.

“I can’t let you do that,” your breaths were rugged “I can’t.” Officers came in and arrested Adrian, he let out soft wails as they did. Another officer took you to a ambulance, you had lost sight of Greg in the crowd. You almost thought that you dreamt of him. A twisted hallucination.

“Why do they keep putting a blanket on me ?” You grumbled to yourself and tossed it off your shoulders.

“You’re in shock…” you turned and saw Greg standing there with his hands in his pockets.

“Where have I heard that before?” You smirked and looked away.

Greg walked up to you and stood in front of your knees “Why did you just leave so suddenly?”

“Honestly?” You raised your head “Jealously got the better of me…” you whispered.

“That woman on the scene two years ago, the one where you bumped your head….I was asking her a question,” you raised a brow “About you,” your brow raised even further. Greg continued talking “I was asking her for advice on how to ask you out on a date. Everything after that just exploded and happened so quickly and before I knew it you had suddenly disappeared? To Sweden of all places!” He halfheartedly laughed.

“You could have just asked me on a date…maybe then none of this would have happened.” You felt a hand slip into yours, Greg squeezed it gently. You looked up to him with a smile before leaning up to gently kiss him.

You pulled away when you realised he wasn’t kissing you back “Sorry, I didn’t-” you were cut off by lips crashing against yours. You smiled as he placed a hand to the back of your neck, deepening the kiss.

“Come back with me,” Greg asked “You’ll get your job back.”

“I’ll come back on one condition,” you whispered.

“Anything,” Greg peppered kisses around your mouth.

You pulled away and bit down on your bottom lip “Take me on a date.”

You both let out a giggle and Greg kissed you again. You took that as a yes.

Spacedogs - Eclipse fluff

This whole eclipse thing had me thinking about what Nigel would do for Adam.

Adam would talk about the whole eclipse thing months in advance and about how cool and unique it is. Basically being Adam about space.

Nigel just listens to him and looks at him like Adam are the stars and then goes on a huge hunt for the best solar glasses, best place to look at the eclipse, how to get there, etc.

Then when it gets closer Nigel takes Adam on a huge trip where the drive to the hotel/viewing site.

Nigel makes a day of it. The location is some out of the way place that’s away from all the huge crowds of people. When they get to the spot Nigel pulls out picnic blankets and pillows covered in spacey stuff and all of Adam’s fav foods.

Then they sit and watch the eclipse and Adam is so excited and happy and just rambles on and on excitedly about solar and lunar eclipse and how wonderful they are.

The whole time Nigel’s been looking at Adam, how happy he is and just melts inside. Then Adam asks Nigel if it’s the “most beautiful/wonderful/amazing/etc. thing he’s ever seen?!”

And Nigel just has this dopey/sappy/lovesick smile and with out looking away from Adam for a second responds “Yeah, it’s the most fucking gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen”

I just want super happy/excited Adam and love sick/sappy Nigel who just wants to give his star everything.

Juvet Landscape Hotel, Jensen and Skodvin, 2013.


Nathan’s contemporary alpine residence is actually a boutique landscape hotel, sited on a river bank in Valldal, West Norway.

Juvet Landscape Hotel, Jensen and Skodvin, 2013.


Nathan’s contemporary alpine residence is actually a boutique landscape hotel, sited on a river bank in Valldal, West Norway. (Image: Jiri Havran)

murphydjones replied to your post “Welp My cousin who lives in Seattle just got a job in NOT Seattle. So…”

i can ask the ppl going from my school if there’ll be any room in the hotels they’re getting if you want- no guarantee, but there’s a chance at least!

Thanks! GSA has a pretty good-sized list on their site of hotels, with pretty good rates. So I could probably find a hotel room? I just can’t afford to stay in one the whole time unless I’m splitting the bill with someone.