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Hello! For the Emmys do you know which episode they submitted for consideration for Cillian or does that come out later? Thanks!

Episodes 1-3 were included in the For Your Consideration dvd’s that Netflix sent to academy members last month:

for consideration in these award categories

Nominees will be announced on July 14th and the awards ceremony takes place in September.

On the topic of awards,, a site that focuses on award show predictions, is doing a live online interview with Cillian about Peaky Blinders S3 on Friday. You can stream it live on youtube tomorrow -

He did this one with them exactly a year ago from his hotel room in Brighton during the Free Fire shoot, thus the 70s pornstache.

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Everyone, please vote for Shoot in the E!online poll!

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We need more people voting and people voting more actively so please join us if you support Root and Shaw!

Remember, the site will give an award to the actresses and we will likely get an interview with them. This will be a great promotion for Shoot as well as a great send off. They’re often ignored by the media so let’s give them this!