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We recently did the new visual identity for Skatteetaten, The Norwegian Tax Administration. Other than having to keep their old symbol, we gave Skatteetaten a complete make-over. 

Paying taxes isn´t considered fun. With Skatteetaten´s new identity we aren´t trying to convince people it is, but we´re trying to visualize the fact that your taxes contribute to a greater good. 

When looking into Skatteetaten we found surveys that showed people had negative connotations to their old pie chart logo with the detatched piece. Of course, paying taxes isn´t the government taking a chunk of your money. It´s your contribution to the welfare state. And that´s the story we wanted to tell. We created a set of illustrations using pie charts as a center, with pieces of the pie enlarged to become much larger than the pie it self. These illustrations are meant to show that the small part of your “pie” you pay in taxes, is part of something much bigger than the pie. It´s what runs the country. 

These playful illustrations in a warm colour palette combined with a tight typographic system, creates a visual identity that´s serious and coorporate, but not dry and boring.

The Web is packed with some of the most amazing, inspiring, and downright cool projects that you’ll ever see. And thanks to the fantastic web design community

The Doughnut Effect:

The doughnut effect is the name given to the effect on a city of the planned movement of commercial industry from the C.B.D. (Central Business District) to the outskirts (rural-urban fringe) of the cities. Viewed from a European perspective, the Doughnut City is a phenomenon that goes against nature. If in the cities of the Old Continent proximity to the centre means an added value, in the Doughnut City quite the reverse is true: the most eligible urban areas are on the final periphery.

– The Dictionary of Urbanism

Dublin, Ireland. Highlighted is the M50 peripheral motorway and industrial belt and identified areas of what Leon Krier calls the “incorrect zoning of large scale employment”. He was a fun guy, Krier.

Thesis 2014,