noo but wrt that line in 8x08 i hadn’t even thought about how a weekend in vermont is always an explicitly romantic get away in nyc based sitcoms. i know seinfeld, king of queens, and everybody loves raymond had eps about vermont weekends as well. i think the seinfeld and everybody loves raymond ones were at bed & breakfasts too. i don’t watch friends but that’s like… 4 major sitcoms all where vermont = romantic. 

so i finally hit my next k and i thought i should do a follow forever bc ya’ll are great. i probably left out like half of you im sorry i feel like such a dick ily all. italicized are my favs/crushes and bolded are people 2 cool 4 words

420calum ★ 5secondsofsaturatedfat ★ 5secondsoftechnicaldifficulties  ★ acidcxlum ★ acoustic-cal ★ albinoclifford ★ ashton2k14 ★ assholuke baessists ★ bigbootyhood ★ blamecalumblowcalum ★ bonerlucas bottomcal ★ calcobain ★ calmeatsix ★ calsbutt ★ calumsfuckineyes ★ cliffordsrsly dankmichael ★ fakeasain ★ flukenluke ★ frondswithbenefits geordiegrays hufcal ★ illuminatilukeirwinsecure ★ irwong lattelucas ★ lukesextme ★ masturbassist ★ metaphoricashton nirvanicalum officialcalumthomashood ★ pizzacal ★ pizzamuke ★ pizzarocknrolls ★ punk-roque ★ shatteredcal ★ stopitcalum ★ stupidcal ★ topcal ★ vintagelucas ★ watermalumwestsidecalum ★ wreckmehemmingsyolucas ★

and a special shout out to these 4 amazing people who make my day brighter just by talking to them

irwiz; J A C K H E M M I N G S S Q U A D pleAse ashley you are one of my favourite people on this website you are sososossO nice and we used to talk heaps but we always have gr8 conversations i love you to the moon

irwinbangme; bologna baby you are my sunshine you make me hate that i love you bc you’re such a smartass baby it kiLls me how pretty you are i am so in love w you its unreal

pastelmikey; gracey (fuk u) we just started talking but i just want to say i love you more than you love my brother n michael clifford

the-craic-of-irwin; beth you are the light of my life we are my brotp you make me smile so fuckin hard m8 idk what to say without getting extremely mushy you are my ride or die you’ve been #1 in my heart for nearly 2 years and i am so incredibly in love with you, you are my best friend man i am so excited to film our sitcom