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In this Filipino variant of Lilliput and the Lilliputians…Dwarfina falls in love with a Human, but their great difference in size makes any type of relationship almost impossible.  Her friends, who specialize in magic, create a magic potion that Dwarfina drinks to grow giant (human size).  The potion is much stronger than expected and Dwarfina doubles in size to a bit over 10 feet!  Now she’s much too tall for her love interest and sticking out like a sore thumb, she hides in the back of a trailer, the only thing big enough to conceal her.  Her friends arrive with an antidote to the potion that will hopefully shrink her back down to Lilliputian size.  It backfires…and she quickly begins to grow again, expanding to well over 30 feet tall!  Dwarfina now very frustrated and triple her previous size, is now too big even for the trailer!  She hears and sees a giant man, close to her own size off the distance behind the trees.  She stomps off to meet this man, feeling she might not be the only 30 foot tall giant in the area.  Shes saddened to find this giant man is actually a billboard with a couple of workers setting it up, who then run in fear of the gigantic Dwarfina towering over them.  Her tiny friends manage to catch up to her and administer an effective antidote and she promptly shrivels up and shrinks to her Lilliputian size.