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Miranda Hart appreciation post.

I seriously don’t know why Miranda’s sitcom wasn’t more popular on tumblr! I mean it has:


Gay marriage

Body confidence (but also lack of)

Failing at new year’s resolutions

Failing at job interviews and generally being an adult

Social awkwardness

And the occasional existential crisis

Not to mention feminism and bad jokes! Seriously, if any of this applies to you, you should check it out!

Why I am, really and truly, happy for “One Big Happy.” (And happy to get to watch again tonight. You should, too.)

Here’s the thing, “One Big Happy” is extraordinary for its ordinariness. It’s not edgy even though it has that most rare of television unicorns, a lesbian protagonist. It’s aimed right down the center, down to its CBS-worthy multi-camera format. It’s saying, “Hey, you on the couch, you like big, friendly comedies that make you feel comfortable and smile and maybe even do a little of the laughing for you? Come on down. Sit, enjoy.” 

This is not an insult; this is an observation. “The Big Bang Theory,” “Two and A Half Men,” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” are/were all shows that basically follow that formula and are/were hugely, hugely popular. That a show about a single pregnant lesbian and her male best friend/baby daddy who has unexpectedly married a large-bosomed English woman he just met is following that path is in a way very encouraging. This is not niche programming, this is as mainstream as comedies get. It’s basically “Three’s Company” but with more interesting – and honest – sexual politics.

Three episodes in and it’s getting better, I swear. Read my whole review here.