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Barney Stinson, thank you. Thank you for the gags, for being an amazing friend, for being smart, funny, for the catchphrases, for the legend- wait for it- dary, for the laser tag, thank you for the jokes, for the jokes about Canada, for the naked man, the lemon law, the possimpible, the plabook, the suits, the dance numbers, brover, the ducky tie, the slaps (well, I have to thank Marshall), the bro code, the rehearsal dinner, for desperation day, for haaaave you met Ted?, for “challenge accepted”, but most of all…thank you for THE ROBIN.

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This might be irrelevant but I just wanted to share it. So I don't know how this happened but all my family is watching hwarang with me and this is what they call each character: -The dog -The king -BTS -The diva -Ban Ryu -Ban Ryu's enemy

I love how Ban Ryu is the only one who is called by his name. I wonder what your family calls the other characters.

is achievement hunter even real though? They really are like a sitcom cast of characters.

You have:

Geoff, a military journalist turned tech support guy turned internet personality who is drunk 98% of the time and covered in tattoos who’s also probably the biggest softy you’d ever see

Jack, a radio dj turned disney land worker turned, again, internet personality, who, despite his awkwardness and peoples’ inclination to bag on him (IDIOTS) is the kindest and most generous person ever omg

Gavin, a grocery store worker turned cinematographer who is simultaneously the dumbest and smartest person on the planet, who also uprooted his life to move halfway around the world for his job, which includes shows and movies and he and his american girlfriend half a british flag and american flag pillow on their respective sides of their bed okay ugh (cuties)

Michael, an electrician who gave up his entire life on a chance and moved halfway across the US for it and became a movie star like…??? oh and met his now-wife because of it like aww

and Ryan, an every day dad with a veterinarian wife and 2 kids who also happens to be a pseudo psychopath and really super crazy smart about the most random stuff ever??

  • My Psychosis: Dude... ur feet ain't real
  • Me: No, they are right there, i can see them!
  • My psychosis: Yeah,but listen
  • My psychosis: what if...
  • My psychosis: ur feet aint real
  • Me: ... holly fuck youre right
  • My psychosis: heck yeah im always right

mlp:fim exists as this very peculiar mix of children’s fairy tales and fairly realistic, sitcom-esque character writing and it usually works well, but there are some things about this mix that are… odd

i think the weirdest thing about this is how lots of intelligent species in the mlp world other than ponies “don’t believe in friendship”, especially in later seasons. this would be right at home in a fable–like sure, make 99% of the dragons and griffons and whatnot mean for the sake of the story, why not? but when the ponies are mostly written like realistic, three-dimensional people with regular problems rather than fairy tale characters, having a whole city of asshole griffons who “don’t DO friendship” and need to be taught the value of not being an asshole is. weird

Mercy Street morning musing

Putting aside the general consensus about the loathsomeness of Frank Stringfellow, the pointless and nauseating Bullen storyline (is he the first immortal? Why can’t he die?) and the only slightly more appealing than a rogue squid (the squid would be smarter) Jimmy Green, my frustration is with Clayton McBurney, a character who could have been truly frightening, struggling with madness he tries to conceal, skilled in enough ways that we see his utility as an officer, a real alternative to undisciplined, brilliant Jed, lackadaisical Summers whose management style now seems more effective, dogged, workman Hale. Instead, we get a guy who ricochets around popular lay conceptions of a variety of mental illnesses in ways that are largely derogatory and who is so identified with wacky humor that we don’t get a moment of grief/disbelief when his *friend* (mentor?) dies on the operating table. What a waste.

In which flame boy gets cold feet <3

I’m not dead guys! No longer coughing up blood, go me. Well enough to sit up and sketch a little something lol. I blame watching many sitcoms in which characters escape their weddings so have a little groomsmen Percy and Jason! AU wedding yaaay… I’m on the LAST BOOK. No spoilers!


positive lady characters meme - sitcoms + women of color

Helios hits such a totally different set of points of AI characterization for me than Hera does that I’m suddenly super curious about how I would have reacted to the character’s entire storyline with Robin in the role instead of Michaela.

One of the best TV characters from one of the best TV shows.
-Dr Perry Jesus H. Cox ❤️

idk how many of yall went In on the office but im at the end of a rewatch rn and yknow andy? ed helms’ character? how he will sometimes do accents or sing songy voices? just randomly in sentences ? or like imagine this is any ridiculous sitcom character who has a gimmicky trait of a vocal quirk they do a lot. that’s ben except his vocal quirk is like….doing a very small very very gay voice. and at first i thought that was just him doing a voice whenever he needed to be a different person in an anecdote but he just……does it…..naturally….while just….chillin and talking about stuff….i love it so much