One year after Parks And Recreation’s finale, we look back at 10 episodes that made it a comedy classic.

Including: “Flu Season,” “The Fight,” “The Comeback Kid,” “Win, Lose, Or Draw,” “Leslie And Ron,” and more

We love you and we like you, Parks And Rec. And we really, REALLY miss you.

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Dan and Phil's lives would make a great sitcom

Think about it. Two best friends living and working together. Getting into humorous situations. Uh-oh! Another crazy person has run into Phil again! Some slapstick humor because of general clumsiness. Heart warming lessons about accepting yourself and the value of friendship. Cuteness. It would have the cheesiest theme song and I would watch the hell out of it.


Every year, my grandfather would dress up as belsnickel at Christmas. He was…okay at it. I am great. You know how they say some people were born to be bad? Well, I was born to be belsnickel.


Here’s what happens when you let a computer write a Friends episode

Comic artist Andy Herd is creating a Friends reunion of his own: He fed all 236 of the sitcom’s scripts into a computer program and started generating brand-new episodes. As if Monica and Ross kissing wasn’t odd enough, things get really weird when Van Damme shows up.

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