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it doesn’t matter how many people reblog this post, I am writing down Every. Single. Url and each individual one will be left on a slip of paper somewhere inside sitc

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hey i just wanted to say that i am the phil trash #2 girl if anyone wants to fight over the title (especially louise lol)

I JUST WANTED TO SAY i hugged them (DANS CHEST I MADE AN ‘OOF’ NOISE, PHILS BACK MY HAND FIT INTO HIS SHOULDER BLADES SO WELL WTF) and was shaking with the papers and dan said ‘do you want us to sign something’ and i turned them over and dan was grinning and i said really quietly ‘no can we hold it in the photo?’

AND PHIL REACHED OUT FOR THE PAPERS BECAUSE I HAD JUST TURNED THEM AND HE WAS CONFUSED so dan went ‘NO NO NO PHIL’ in that voice he does and put his hand out 'THAT ISN’T FOR YOU’ and took the #1 so fast

so i gave phil my ipad and he said he was confused by my ipad and his arm was too weak bless my angel
BUT THEN DAN TOOK MY IPAD AND ROLLED HIS EYES AND SAID 'how about i be a PRO phil and take the photo while holding the sign’ and he wiggled the sign

the funny thing is dan squinted at my ipad and went 'did i take a photo’ and he hadn’t HE ISN’T A PRO AT ALL

but best day of my life :)

Dan’s Livestream // 8.11.15

He almost sneezed 

His hashtag is #memes


Two words how you’re feeling

“Dil will woohoo who and when he’s ready.”

Went to Cologne for the BBC documentary

Talked a bit about the app

Amazingphil #spon

Talked about how insanely busy they’ve been 

He feels like he’s taken on a bit too much this year

He thanked us all for supporting the app

“Who’s calling me? My grandma. Not now!” 

They want to make an android version as soon as possible

There are lots of things they still want to do to the app

“Your Guild Wars shrine is amazing. Thank you. More concerning.”

“People saying that they hate it makes me love it more.”

Cat’s staying at their house before sitc

Talked about the montage video and how scared they were someone might spill the beans

Mark’s 7sc was his favorite

“He’s so buff.” about Markiplier 

“There’s no time to fuck around people, this is the 7 second challenge.” about his running

Got the same challenge as Phil and talked about Phil’s squid noise

They’re about to add loads more challenges

Played the 7 second challenge

He got “crawl between my legs” 

“My name is Doge Man and I just go “wow” and everyone just terms flat into a meme.”

“I just did that live on camera. And everyone’s really disappointed. I was about to blame Phil.” 

“Phil came up with this one you little shit.”

“You can actually see the existential crisis as it happened.”


His favorite P!ATD song is probably off of Pretty Odd

Talked a bit on Dr. Dre’s and Eminem’s song

Pewdiepie’s video

“I know some of you might be in Youtuber X Defense Squad, but he’s just joking.”

“Get a house and a dog. Probably one day. Inevitable, I’d like to think.”

Talked about their new video with Cat

The song from the 7sc app got stuck in his head

“The fighting is going on. Me and you in the middle of the expo hall. Only one of us is leaving alive.” when someone said to fight him at sitc

Talked about Gamescon (there were about 400,000 people)

He loves Germany

He said Bernie Sanders seems like the best candidate as an uneducated brit

Talked about him and Phil in the new asdf movie

Explained why they made the app paid 

“Phil, being trash, used to watch a lot of Big Brother.”

Talked about watching the US BB with Cat

“Isn’t Australia Big Brother the one where everyone gets naked?”

“Cracking nuts is just such a pain in the butt.”

Nut discussion

Talked about his veganing adventure


Apparently there will be something funny at sitc concerning them and their book?

Talked about larping

He had loads of fun working with Oscar’s Hotel and said its going to be amazing

His zombie apocalypse survival plan is an island

He’s really excited for AHS

“I went on a bit of a pop diva binge.”

 He saw Max Chilton on his plane

“It would be hard for me to say that this has not been the best year of my life so far.”

Doge vs Pepe

Talked about US presidential candidates

Phil voice somewhere in the background

“Are you shouting at me?” in response to Phil’s noise

Very intense talk about Bake Wars

“Am I preventing Cat and Phil from eating dinner?”

“Where is Haru? What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He left because Jenny in the chat needs to poop 

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |


“Because of the relationship youtubers have with their fans, they are moving from success on Youtube into success on other things. Whether it’s Dan and Phil with the BBC Radio 1 show, Zoella releasing a book this autumn, what you see here is the strength of feeling in the same way that you see it for popstars or movie stars or sport stars.” - Ben McOwen Wilson [x]