The Chalk Emerald

The Flamboyant Maharini
The Chalk Emerald was originally owned by the flamboyant Maharani Sita Devi Sahib of Baroda, India. In 1943 Sita Devi married the second wealthiest prince of India and promptly went on a spending spree that lasted forty years.

Seven Days
Legend has it that while on a trip to United States after the Second World War the Maharini spent ten million dollars in seven days. After she divorced her husband in 1956, the Maharini began selling precious jewels of the royal Indian treasury to maintain her jet set lifestyle.

Harry’s Setting
The wealthy jeweler Harry Winston purchased from the Maharini an emerald necklace that was set with an exquisite 38+ carat emerald. Winston re-cut the large emerald, now weighing 37+ carats, and set it in a platinum ring surrounded with fifteen carats of colorless pear-shaped diamonds.

Clair and the Queen
Winston’s emerald ring was purchased by Oscar Roy Chalk, a wealthy New York Entrepreneur, who gave the ring to his wife Clair, who once wore the stunning emerald ring to a state dinner at the White House, in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. During the dinner, however, Mrs Chalk observed that the queen was wearing a less attractive emerald ring. Mrs Chalk discreetly turned her ring around on her finger, so as not to upstage Her Excellency the Queen.

The Chalk Emerald Today
In 1972 Mr and Mrs Chalk donated the fantastic emerald ring to the Smithsonian Institution and is on display in the Gem Gallery at the National Museum of Natural History.

Chapter 11

Sita: Mand, that’s a ridiculous punishment. Appa will suspect if we come in horses. Shru: Then you give them a punishment di. Laks: Rajkumari, please forgive me. I will take any punishment. *kneels down and hands the sword* Shatr: Ram Bhai, what is happening here? Do something. Ram: Sita Devi, you are the oldest here. I know you will make the wisest punishment. We are ready for it. Sita: I think that I’m not.. omg Mila! What are you doing? *all heads turns towards urumila holding the sword and putting it near Lakshman’s neck* Man: Mila! What are you doing?! You’re not that kind of a person. Sita di! Bharat: Laksman Bhai. Please get up! Mila: can you all relax? I’m just in this position, cos I feel powerful. Other than that I won’t do anything to him! If something is happens to him,I’ll lose my life first! *everyone gave the shocked faces except ram* Ram: *smirking* What do you mean Devi? Mila: *gives the ‘OMG I just blurted something save me look to the sisters* Ehh what I meant was.. Sita: Urumila is always against such punishment, and if she herself does it means she will die in humiliation. Right Urumila? Mila: Uh yes yes. Ram: *comes closer to Sita* you’re a very bad liar too. Just like your Sister. Sita: *whispers* I know but please don’t make it obvious. Laks: but I still deserve a punishment. Shru: Tsk this guy! Shatru: Lakshman Bhai. Can you please get up? Rajkumari, the sword is still in position. Mila: Oh I’m sorry. Fine, here’s a punishment. We four sisters need to go for some hunting tmr morning and we don’t have any one following us. So the punishment is, you guys shall be our bodyguards for this hunt. Laks: It’s an order. We will be there tmr. Ram Bhai, so you agree? Ram: yes, we will be there. 3sisters: Mila has gone mad. Pa told us not to tell anyone. Mila: okay then, we will bid goodbye for now. Tmr we will see you guys here, same location. 4brothes: Yes Rajkumari. we will see you four tmr. *walking back home* Sita: Have you gone mad Mila? Mila: No di. We won’t tell them what we are hunting for but we do need some kind of a protection. And moreover your chemistry w that Ram is just exploding. Mand and Shrut: We agree! Sita: Shhh. You are in love w that Lakshman! It’s so obvious and you’re showing it. Mila: I nearly got caught! I couldn’t shut it! Mand: I’m kinda excited for tmr. Shru: for that shatrughan right? Sita: you girls have gone mad. Come, let’s get home quietly.